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# Today, 19:34 half2me I could format each individually, but I would like the global default to change
# Today, 19:34 half2me Is there a way I can change the default formatting of date/time fields in my entities?
# Today, 18:40 half2me for example, if I know some of its children have changed
# Today, 18:40 half2me is there a way I can tell an entity to manually update its counter-cache?
# Today, 18:37 bravo-kernel @danielfpedro FWIW I just checked my Crud demo api and it produces 404's, respecting CORS
# Today, 18:36 half2me how would I go about updating these?
# Today, 18:36 half2me But when I have a counter-cache on another model which is supposed to reflect how many of my Entites are linked for example…
# Today, 18:34 half2me When I use `$table->link($myEntity, $otherEntities);` Counter-cache is not update :S
# Today, 15:36 pedroseco On Cake\Network\Http\Client is there any method I could use to get a filename from a remote request?
# Today, 15:32 danielfpedro I think you use a rawQuery
# Today, 15:31 spylinux anyone can help me? In book.cake i can't find this...just specify table with letters name, i can't find nothind to find in table with numbers in name, like name_87654
# Today, 15:20 bravo-kernel yeah, I probably misread your intro, apologies
# Today, 15:19 danielfpedro @bravo-kernel I know whats happening but I dont know houw to solve lol... `$routes->resources('Visitas');` map the routes and method so they think "hmm 'wherever/test.json' with OPTIONS method, nothing to do here" and return 404... so I think is not even reaching the CORS allowing part... got it?
# Today, 15:16 bravo-kernel ok
# Today, 15:16 danielfpedro @bravo-kernel I dont think it is because cors is already enabled... Since I dont use `$routes->resources('Visitas');` its all ok including the pre flight request so I think is more a route thing
# Today, 15:15 bravo-kernel that links directly to the instruction
# Today, 15:15 bravo-kernel @danielfpedro http://www.bravo-kernel.com/2017/03/how-to-make-your-cakephp-3-api-produce-jsonapi/#5-Enabling-CORS-middleware
# Today, 15:15 spylinux I cant specify the name table
# Today, 15:15 spylinux I just need to perform a simple Select in a table with nema in this format: table_227364, how can i do a simple find() in this table?
# Today, 15:14 bravo-kernel otherwise you need to configure CORS on the Apache level
# Today, 15:14 bravo-kernel if it's cake the easy way out is using https://github.com/ozee31/cakephp-cors, this opens all CORS headers
# Today, 15:14 danielfpedro xampp
# Today, 15:14 danielfpedro locahost apache
# Today, 15:13 bravo-kernel @danielfpedro seems like CORS headers are not configured (correctly). What sort of webserver does your API run on?
# Today, 15:08 danielfpedro anyone?
# Today, 15:06 digitalfotografen I am installing a cake app on my clients Red Hat server. We are using PHP 7.0.7 and MySQL 5.7 . I don't have sudo permissions. I get this error regarding database connection (both when using CLI and WWW connection) . Please give me som clues on how to solve this. I suspect it is a PHP/Mysql configuration problem Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory in
# Today, 15:06 slackebot1 [/var/www/checkimage/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Database/Driver/PDODriverTrait.php, line 47]
# Today, 15:06 danielfpedro I'm making a REST API and using ::resources to map the routes... I'm getting a 404 error on OPTIONS pre flight wich is obvious but I dont know how to get rid of this... I already tryed some solution that I research but nothing worked
# Today, 15:04 spylinux how can i specify this table in this format: name_number (table_12345)
# Today, 15:04 spylinux i'm new on Cake, i'm using cakephp 3.4, and i want to use an different name of table, like table_11111 (a name plus _number)
# Today, 15:03 danielfpedro guys
# Today, 15:03 spylinux Hi everyone!
# Today, 14:59 Martin` ok :)
# Today, 14:56 chrisso Allright, solved with `$table->schema()`
# Today, 14:49 chrisso I'm creating a ImportBehavior. Should inside the behavior I use `debug( (new TableSchema($table->alias()))->columns() );` and want to get columns of the table, but it return an empty array. Does it return `[]` because it is in a test case with and empty test table?
# Today, 13:46 dereuromark it really depends on the use case, often times the plugin mgirations are too generic or fit to the wrong DB engine etc. then you also want to customize.
# Today, 13:45 elboletaire xd
# Today, 13:45 elboletaire I'll update my deploy scripts then
# Today, 13:45 elboletaire thanks anyway @dereuromark :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 13:44 elboletaire hmmm... I thought plugin migrations had the required basics for that plugin to work. When I need to write migrations for my app related to the plugin I directly write them to my app.
# Today, 13:43 dereuromark elboletaire you are oversimplying the issue. often times one even copies the plugin migrations to project and modifies them. it is dangerous to not explicitly run (and double run) them.
# Today, 13:42 pedroseco not sure I found a param in http client so it works as a destination for $http->get()
# Today, 13:42 elboletaire BTW it should not... unless those plugins communicate between them, it should not be the case
# Today, 13:41 pedroseco hi guys. Should I use Cake\Network\Http\Client to download a remote file or should I jsut stick with Curl?
# Today, 13:41 elboletaire yeah, I know
# Today, 13:41 dereuromark there shouldnt be - this is critical to deploy, and order can matter
# Today, 13:41 elboletaire yeah, but that means update my deploy script every time we add a new plugin, right?
# Today, 13:41 elboletaire one by one? there's no command to run them all?
# Today, 13:41 dereuromark multiple lines in your deploy script :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 13:41 dereuromark you chain them
# Today, 13:40 elboletaire Is there any way to run all plugin migrations at once? It's really needed under a CI/CD environment.
# Today, 13:28 rudy1976s solved: i was asking for an old version that most probbly used to install it in plugins , boh
# Today, 13:14 charolastra hmm, did the input type='range' disapear since 2.x?
# Today, 13:09 rudy1976s I know it is reslly strange
# Today, 13:01 chrisso I use the plugin myself, and it is installed as you would expect.
# Today, 12:39 rudy1976s no I have not forked but only addeed it to my json
# Today, 12:18 chrisso Unless you have forked the repo and required it as vcs
# Today, 12:16 chrisso No
# Today, 12:14 rudy1976s I am trying to install BootstrapUI: is normal that composer install it under Plugin folder instead of vendor/friendsofcake ?
# Today, 12:11 jojomartius Hi, can i somehow we in my before find if its a direct requeset or called because its an association?
# Today, 12:01 chrisso Sublime should render it correctly.
# Today, 12:00 chrisso I didn't read that quote, but I have read about bom and know that some readers/systems can't read UTF-8 without bom.
# Today, 11:53 digitalfotografen In my case it might be that I am testing with a forgiving text editor ;) and don't notice the problem. Have you seen this note in the docs? "Some reader software incorrectly renders UTF-8 encoded files which do not contain byte order mark (BOM) byte sequence. The _bom variable is the one used to add byte order mark (BOM) byte sequence beginning of the generated CSV output stream. See Wikipedia article about byte order mark for more
# Today, 11:46 chrisso Reason I tested bom was that I couldn't get it encoded as UTF-8, but with bom I did.
# Today, 11:45 chrisso Strange thing is that I had this issue several times in different projects and different actions where it has failed.
# Today, 11:45 digitalfotografen @chrisso I must admit that I never tested the BOM-parameters. I use the plugin with default setup.
# Today, 11:43 chrisso Something has to gone wrong earlier.
# Today, 11:42 chrisso @digitalfotografen Strange, now it actually works without bom
# Today, 11:41 aavrug How to get the values from query builder previous row of matching condition?
# Today, 11:40 chrisso Yes, thats the plugin I'm using. If I set _bom to false, and tests the encoding (checking encoding with sublime console), it's no encoding. With bom, I get UTF-8 with BOM
# Today, 11:37 digitalfotografen @chrisso Are You using the FriendsOfCake/cakephp-csvview? Have use this in one project and get utf-8 without bom and no special configuration.
# Today, 11:17 chrisso Does anyone have experience with creating Csv and/or CsvView-plugin? I'm unable to create csv file with utf-8 encoding without setting _bom to true.
# Today, 11:02 aavrug I need to fetch all the row including one previous row in CakePHP3 so I want to add "BETWEEN parent.idstack-1 AND parent.idstack" Where I can add this in query builder?
# Today, 10:46 NeoThermic|Work using UUIDs is simple because no one is going to brute-force a 128-bit int
# Today, 10:45 NeoThermic|Work obfuscation strategies fall apart if enough samples are collected or the method of generation is known.
# Today, 10:34 Neon1024 There are layers inbetween those things
# Today, 10:34 Neon1024 Plus you should not be letting your url structure, and output of your api determine your internal data structure
# Today, 10:34 bravo-kernel I might have remember incorrectly though ;)
# Today, 10:33 bravo-kernel Obfuscating numeric id using one of the strategies would make it near impossible to harvest using url guesses
# Today, 10:33 bravo-kernel I do recall firm statements about not using uuid to not kill performance
# Today, 10:32 bravo-kernel Check
# Today, 10:31 dereuromark bravo: no its not :slightly_smiling_face: it appears to be - which sometimes can be enough
# Today, 10:31 bravo-kernel Imo
# Today, 10:31 bravo-kernel Obfuscation is as secure as it gets
# Today, 10:31 dereuromark if you do, use uuid16 :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 10:30 bravo-kernel Ask @dereuromark, do not use uiid for primary ids
# Today, 10:27 spriz Sneaky :)
# Today, 10:24 NeoThermic|Work e.g (sorry for the function chain, but to get one line): $base36uuid = gmp_strval(gmp_init(str_replace('-', '', CakeText::uuid()), 16) , 36);
# Today, 10:22 NeoThermic|Work doubly so since you can express them as base 36 (once you remove the dashes) for shorter strings in URIs
# Today, 10:21 NeoThermic|Work UUIDs are a great choice
# Today, 10:21 spriz UUID for primary keys <3
# Today, 10:20 NeoThermic|Work I don't suggest muffin/obfuscate if you want any degree of actual secrecy, mind
# Today, 10:20 NeoThermic|Work hmm
# Today, 10:19 birdy247 ah I read as optimal :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 10:19 bravo-kernel Gotta go, gl guys and girls
# Today, 10:18 bravo-kernel Simply put: a must IMHO
# Today, 10:18 bravo-kernel :face_with_rolling_eyes:
# Today, 10:18 bravo-kernel Not optional
# Today, 10:18 birdy247 Not optimal?
# Today, 10:17 bravo-kernel No problem