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# Today, 19:27 adithya Anybody setup cakephp 3 on 000webhost?
# Today, 16:37 rudy1976s I have a question regarding forms : what is the best way for creating different set of form ? I need to be able to have pre defined forms ( contacts - general info etc,) ready to be merged in my cms: I was thinking about cells but I dont know how to manage redirects after submitting thanks in advance
# Today, 16:34 rudy1976s Good afternoon
# Today, 13:47 h.mavisakalian @dereuromarkThanks
# Today, 13:28 dereuromark sure a simple Layout switch inside e.g. a component
# Today, 13:25 h.mavisakalian What I’m asking is what is the correct way to do this, not if it can be done.
# Today, 13:25 h.mavisakalian One question, can I make 2 default.ctp files for the public use and the admin panel?
# Today, 13:24 h.mavisakalian Hi all
# Today, 10:27 turkles Ah, glad you worked it out
# Today, 10:24 loginews I ran "UPDATE vendor SET VENDID=TRIM(VENDID)" and the problem is solved...! The key field was space filled to the end. A space is non-visible to the non-blind.... :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 09:50 turkles another pair of eyes is always good, even if they are blind
# Today, 09:49 loginews I will struggle with it.
# Today, 09:49 loginews you are very kind.
# Today, 09:49 loginews I believe there must have been something wrong with the table structure
# Today, 09:49 loginews thanks a lot
# Today, 09:49 loginews when I replaced the data, now it does not work on both
# Today, 09:48 loginews actually, as I told you it was working on Unix not on Windows
# Today, 09:48 loginews it does :(
# Today, 09:48 turkles providing 'NATU' exists in $data
# Today, 09:48 turkles which would also be fine
# Today, 09:48 loginews okay, for me it is something like 'NATU' that is a string
# Today, 09:47 turkles if 1 is the key to your desired default
# Today, 09:47 turkles echo $this->Form->select('VENDID',$data,['onchange'=>'updvendid()','id'=>'vendid','default' => 1]);
# Today, 09:45 loginews File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U435V89H8/F9R771S0Z/-.txt / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-F9R771S0Z-d6e6e62382 - Where should I add the default option?
# Today, 09:44 turkles The ['default' => 'm'] would work fine, providing of course that 'm' is your index to what you want as default - not the value you want to show
# Today, 09:42 loginews Let me show you the actual cakephp code. Maybe there is a missing [ or something else.
# Today, 09:40 loginews I also tried 'selected'=>'m' and 'value'=>'m' .... in all cases, the generated html code does not contain anything which would allow the select command to display a default option.
# Today, 09:38 loginews yes, I tried that too. When I look at the generated code, it is no different than before.
# Today, 09:36 turkles You mean: echo $this->Form->select('size', $sizes, ['default' => 'm']);
# Today, 09:35 loginews Would there be some additional code I must add in Cake3 for the select('VENDID',$data) to display the default value which is already in the VENDID field?
# Today, 08:32 loginews I have just copied the data from windows to unix. Now the latter does not show the default value either !!! :(
# Today, 08:20 loginews well, no. Maybe I should use that as a hint.
# Today, 08:16 turkles can you confirm $data contains the same data on both?
# Today, 08:10 loginews otherwise the dropdown works fine and saves properly.
# Today, 08:10 loginews merely CHAR(10)
# Today, 08:08 turkles windows does odd stuff to me because php can't handle larger than INT
# Today, 08:08 turkles how big is the value
# Today, 08:02 loginews File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U435V89H8/F9RLB37FD/default_selected_value.txt / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-F9RLB37FD-a2c4ef1351 - $data contains the keyfield and the keyvalue from a "find list". On one server (unix), the default value contained in the field VENDID is shown. On another server (windows), the display value stays blank. Both are cakephp 3. Can anyone give me a fix ?
# Today, 07:15 turkles what is it called when I want to have an index which is the combination of two fields, and is it easily possible in cake
# Today, 07:11 Sigfried84 thanks
# Today, 06:53 admad basic PHP, nothing cake specific
# Today, 06:53 admad someMethod($optional = null, $opt2 = [], $opt3 = 'default')
# Today, 06:23 Sigfried84 anybody awake?
# Today, 06:20 Sigfried84 Good morning! I am creating a custom helper...how can I set optional arguments and avoid warnings in case an argument is missing?
# Today, 00:48 turkles answer: ->indexBy()
# Today, 00:40 turkles how to I get my result set keys to be a specific field?
# Yesterday, 20:46 richellyitalo Hello. How can i do the cake rest make most fast?
# Yesterday, 18:55 dereuromark well, if you google it, you will find a lot of references on that one, but you could look into https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27983/sql-group-by-with-an-order-by (also found via google)
# Yesterday, 18:55 joopm do you have any hint for me please
# Yesterday, 18:55 joopm haha
# Yesterday, 18:55 joopm this does not help me
# Yesterday, 18:55 dereuromark yeah that doesnt work :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 18:54 joopm ->group(['model_id'])->order(['created'=>'DESC'])
# Yesterday, 18:54 joopm i made a query filter it with ->group(['model_id']) i also want that only the last datetime ->order(['created'=>'DESC'])
# Yesterday, 18:52 joopm my problem is a bit more complicated
# Yesterday, 18:52 Rif2007 i dont know if i will be able to help but let others see
# Yesterday, 18:51 Rif2007 what was your problem joopm
# Yesterday, 18:51 Rif2007 ahh... let me reback...
# Yesterday, 18:50 joopm make it composite in mysql and cake will make automatically the associations for you
# Yesterday, 18:49 joopm than dont use 'id' field in the table just the 2 foreing key names
# Yesterday, 18:49 joopm but if you really need using composite keys
# Yesterday, 18:49 joopm yes dont mess with 'id'
# Yesterday, 18:48 dereuromark I agree. Keep things simple. id as only primary key.
# Yesterday, 18:48 Rif2007 yes
# Yesterday, 18:48 Rif2007 Lucky me I am just 3 days old. But how to handle around the association. Yes, I have firsts, seconds as well
# Yesterday, 18:48 joopm and you want to connect them in the thirds
# Yesterday, 18:48 joopm as i suppose you have a firsts,seconds tables too
# Yesterday, 18:47 joopm if you still learn cakephp using composite keys not the best practice
# Yesterday, 18:45 joopm moment
# Yesterday, 18:45 Rif2007 and the table has 3 fields (id [PK], first_id[PK], data3)
# Yesterday, 18:43 Rif2007 sorry for the wired formating
# Yesterday, 18:43 Rif2007 public function view($id = null) { $third = $this->Thirds->get($id, [ 'contain' => ['Firsts'] ]); $this->set('third', $third); }
# Yesterday, 18:42 Rif2007 it exists alright
# Yesterday, 18:42 Rif2007 this is just a fresh bake with a table having a composit primary key
# Yesterday, 18:42 joopm did you check in the database manually if that record exist?
# Yesterday, 18:41 Rif2007 so I have this ----> Record not found in table "thirds" with primary key ['1']
# Yesterday, 18:41 joopm so as i see you have a thirds table
# Yesterday, 18:41 Rif2007 ok, a ray of hope....
# Yesterday, 18:41 Rif2007 oh, so they help
# Yesterday, 18:41 joopm tell me your question first
# Yesterday, 18:40 joopm nou i am not really new here
# Yesterday, 18:40 Rif2007 Lets see what problem you got....
# Yesterday, 18:40 Rif2007 I am new here
# Yesterday, 18:40 Rif2007 no one here seems to help anyone
# Yesterday, 18:40 joopm i face with a little issue
# Yesterday, 18:40 joopm would you help me please
# Yesterday, 18:40 joopm hello
# Yesterday, 18:38 Rif2007 anyone ?
# Yesterday, 18:38 Rif2007 Record not found in table "thirds" with primary key ['1']
# Yesterday, 18:36 Rif2007 anyone with "Record not found in table "thirds" with primary key ['1']"
# Yesterday, 18:33 Rif2007 Need some help
# Yesterday, 18:33 Rif2007 hi guys, this is my first cake bake irc
# Yesterday, 18:01 banna Error: Class 'IntlDateFormatter' not found
# Yesterday, 18:00 banna Where can I find intl.so for php 7.2
# Yesterday, 17:15 bakro.istvan Thank you.
# Yesterday, 17:02 dereuromark You could also do TableRegistry::get('MyJoinedTable')->..() directly
# Yesterday, 17:01 bakro.istvan @dereuromark I found the best possible candidate for this job: https://api.cakephp.org/3.5/source-class-Cake.ORM.Association.BelongsToMany.html#932
# Yesterday, 16:13 jeremyharris but yeah should be fairly straightforward :)
# Yesterday, 16:13 jeremyharris `$date = new FrozenTime($value);` // you’ll need to check/catch failures here, as “not a date” is not a date
# Yesterday, 16:12 jeremyharris yeah