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# Today, 09:41 hmic yeah, i'm in shenzhen right now
# Today, 09:38 birdy247 I hear you have moved?
# Today, 09:38 birdy247 hmic, its been a while
# Today, 09:16 saeideng hi birdy - hmic
# Today, 09:12 hmic moin moin
# Today, 09:09 birdy247 hmic morning :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 09:04 metoyoko Testing
# Today, 06:41 hmic turkels: do you know how a constructor works? Öp
# Today, 04:07 turkles How do I ensure that a newEntity() always has certain properties set?
# Yesterday, 21:41 jasmun Figured it out! The app was incompatible with the php version that was running.
# Yesterday, 21:36 saliak I think i’m having the same issue as https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44518467/cakephp-3-joining-data-across-multiple-databases
# Yesterday, 21:34 saliak I want to establish a hasOne relationship between two models that use different defaultConnections. how do I specify that? currently, cake is using the defaultConnection for the main model
# Yesterday, 19:40 jasmun I'm at a loss as to how to proceed....anyone have any ideas?
# Yesterday, 19:40 jasmun I've updated the PATH, changed all the file permissions and double-checked that the file actually exists. :P
# Yesterday, 19:39 jasmun I'm trying to install a cake app on a windows machine. I've downloaded the repository (which works fine on all other machines) and I keep getting this error: Class Object not found in /lib/Cake/Controller/Controller.php
# Yesterday, 18:24 ra7bi i meant there is no clear example for beginner with plugins
# Yesterday, 18:23 ra7bi I'm having a trouble with understanding the plugin it self , for example i want to create a plugin to change something on the page
# Yesterday, 18:23 savant you can use bake to generate a plugin :)
# Yesterday, 18:23 savant ra7bi: what are you having trouble with exactly?
# Yesterday, 18:02 ra7bi is there any good course teaching me how to create cakephp 3 plugins ? i saw docs but i don't understand clearly how to get started
# Yesterday, 17:47 birdy247 Should I be using ServerRequest or Request?
# Yesterday, 15:44 birdy247 cheers
# Yesterday, 15:44 birdy247 :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 15:44 birdy247 @neon1024 thanks! just saw that
# Yesterday, 15:42 pedroseco :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 15:42 pedroseco thanks
# Yesterday, 15:42 pedroseco ill have to flatten those.
# Yesterday, 15:37 pedroseco as fot the views the data type aspect works great, unfortunatly I can’t seem to find a easy solution other than saving those fields on the database itself
# Yesterday, 15:36 pedroseco so I have the object saved, and after that I can / should have a OR conditions to look for various fields in there.
# Yesterday, 15:36 pedroseco not after the last query no.
# Yesterday, 15:36 lorenzo and is the table you are going to look for also dynamic? you don’t know what the field is named?
# Yesterday, 15:35 pedroseco I would prefet to ahve them as fields yes.
# Yesterday, 15:35 pedroseco because its dynamic fields form a external api
# Yesterday, 15:35 lorenzo no
# Yesterday, 15:35 pedroseco does Mysql JSON_EXTRACT works in a text column?
# Yesterday, 15:35 lorenzo but then again, why do that instead of just storing the field in the table itself?
# Yesterday, 15:34 lorenzo you may want to change the datatype of that field to an actual json column
# Yesterday, 15:34 lorenzo if you have stored it as a string (like in a varchar column, or text) then there is no way to find inside it
# Yesterday, 15:29 pedroseco Im using Data Type Json so the results already come in array format and no tin json.
# Yesterday, 15:29 pedroseco I have a json_encoded object in the database and would like to know what would be the best approuch to do a find() in the model where() a specific field on that json_object.
# Yesterday, 15:28 pedroseco Hi Guys!
# Yesterday, 13:35 neon1024 Assuming you meant ‘exists’
# Yesterday, 13:35 neon1024 Yes, https://github.com/davidyell/CakePHP3-Proffer/blob/master/src/Model/Behavior/ProfferBehavior.php#L59
# Yesterday, 12:31 birdy247 Is it possible to find if a given valitor exits
# Yesterday, 12:08 neon1024 Well it’s not wrong `resource(174) of type (Unknown)`
# Yesterday, 12:05 neon1024 Which might be unrelated
# Yesterday, 12:05 neon1024 ..and a lot of this `PHP Warning: fwrite(): supplied resource is not a valid stream resource in /Users/david/Sites/TelecomsCCA/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Console/ConsoleOutput.php on line 253`
# Yesterday, 12:04 neon1024 Just with a trace and sql errors
# Yesterday, 12:04 neon1024 Currently it spaffs out a HUGE Wall-O-Text
# Yesterday, 12:04 neon1024 I think there could be some improvements made to when Migrations fail to run
# Yesterday, 11:30 lubos @admad thanks for another great plugin, works like a charm
# Yesterday, 11:27 josbeir very nice ux
# Yesterday, 11:27 josbeir @neon1024 that tool is actually very good imo
# Yesterday, 11:20 admad @lubos yes using muffin/orderly
# Yesterday, 11:20 neon1024 Great thanks, I will try and remember that one if I refactor :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 11:19 admad @neon1024 if you want 2.x style default ordering for a table there's my Orderly plugin :)
# Yesterday, 11:16 josbeir bookmarked
# Yesterday, 11:16 josbeir hey that looks nice
# Yesterday, 11:12 neon1024 @josbeir RE: Database design tools. I was curious and had a search to see if an application was event needed. It seems not. https://app.sqldbm.com/MySQL/Draft/
# Yesterday, 10:51 neon1024 Or if you’re using an association, don’t forget you can define the sort in the association as well
# Yesterday, 10:50 neon1024 Or as @dereuromark suggests. Add a field to your Table class and process it with a behaviour which hooks queries and appends the sorting
# Yesterday, 10:49 neon1024 @lubos This is how I’ve tackled it. Not very clean, but it works. I’m sure you can adapt the technique to suit your use-case
# Yesterday, 10:48 neon1024 File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U1BT622HW/FBU6U8G5T/default_ordering_using_crud.sh / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FBU6U8G5T-8efb7797da
# Yesterday, 10:48 hmic sorry, beforeFind
# Yesterday, 10:46 lubos hmic, you said in a beforeFilter call back, that's the controller callback or am I wrong? :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 10:45 asdfgh :D
# Yesterday, 10:45 asdfgh neon1024 too long
# Yesterday, 10:44 neon1024 Just curious asdfgh, why not jkl as well?
# Yesterday, 10:43 hmic asdfgh: return response withBody from the action
# Yesterday, 10:42 hmic lubos: i have not been talking about the controller. both go into zour table
# Yesterday, 10:42 asdfgh guys how can i reply with a string instead creating aview?
# Yesterday, 10:29 dereuromark successor, yes
# Yesterday, 10:28 birdy247 Are Consoles now in favour over Shells
# Yesterday, 10:27 lubos hmic: thanks, wanted to not touch controller at all (using CRUD) and wanted to set it up in model, something like setDisplayField, setOrder :slightly_smiling_face: ... I could overwrite all finder, but thought there is better way
# Yesterday, 10:25 hmic lubos: yes. in a beforeFilter callback, or by overwriting the find() method
# Yesterday, 10:24 lubos I mean in Table
# Yesterday, 10:24 lubos Is it possible to set default order in the model?
# Yesterday, 10:14 josbeir browsing, manipulating over ssh is just quicker
# Yesterday, 10:13 josbeir imo, when designing the db then workbench is probably the better bet, but for day 2 day use i think sqlpro will be more productive
# Yesterday, 10:13 neon1024 I just like MySQL Workbenches ERD diagram builder for helping design a db. Plus I like that I can forward engineer that into an actual db
# Yesterday, 10:12 neon1024 To be fair, the beta build of Sequel Pro can do that, but the build also introduces some other bugs
# Yesterday, 10:12 josbeir not a killer feature for me buts its nice 2 have
# Yesterday, 10:12 neon1024 Yeah, like being able to export and import JSON columns ;)
# Yesterday, 10:10 josbeir its still a hog but it has nice features
# Yesterday, 10:10 josbeir i must admit @neon1024 mysql workbench has come a long way, just tested it again
# Yesterday, 10:10 sheraliqureshi.mhtech @neon1024
# Yesterday, 10:00 josbeir yeah
# Yesterday, 10:00 neon1024 Just in case you miss something in your codebase
# Yesterday, 10:00 neon1024 The foreign key constraints are a nice fallback for data integrity I find
# Yesterday, 10:00 neon1024 Anyway
# Yesterday, 10:00 josbeir beats phpmyadmin in the productivity part
# Yesterday, 10:00 neon1024 It’s the best of a bad bunch
# Yesterday, 10:00 josbeir hmm i dno i'm using it for years now, it sometimes has it quirks but for the most part it just works
# Yesterday, 10:00 neon1024 Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the better tools available, however it’s a solid 4/10 and the others are 2/10
# Yesterday, 09:59 neon1024 Like the drag a tab and the sidebar goes black
# Yesterday, 09:59 neon1024 Or get patches to bug fixes
# Yesterday, 09:59 neon1024 Or see a database refresh
# Yesterday, 09:59 neon1024 Or import JSON
# Yesterday, 09:59 neon1024 Except when you want to export JSON
# Yesterday, 09:59 josbeir thats +1 for me