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# Today, 08:48 neon1024 I guess you could make a table, which stores the table, column and label fields and look the stuff up
# Today, 08:47 neon1024 When I did this, I ended up just writing configuration for it
# Today, 08:47 neon1024 What’s wrong with the column name?
# Today, 08:46 rudy1976s @neon a column, I need a label because I need to generate the code for gri/list view prgramatically and with translations in mind
# Today, 08:45 neon1024 My first thought about putting presentation logic into the database is that it’s dirty
# Today, 08:45 dakota sounds like a job for CrudView :)
# Today, 08:45 neon1024 When you say a field of a table, do you mean a column or a specific row cell?
# Today, 08:43 rudy1976s I have a question that I have already asked some time ago relating to table: I would need to be able to assign a "label" to every field of a table: actually cake does not provide a native method to do such thing, like for example Yii2 does ( iI am working on both so I can check against each other features ) . This would be useful to create a class for generating listViews and gridViews automatically , without the need to write the full mark
# Today, 08:43 slackebot views, perhaps with a helper. have you some idea to achieve such result ?
# Today, 08:27 Antoniossss sleep well
# Today, 08:27 Antoniossss thank you very much!
# Today, 08:27 savant night
# Today, 08:27 savant okay going to bed!
# Today, 08:27 savant I think, at least thats what I’m doing in the plugins site
# Today, 08:27 Antoniossss End of story
# Today, 08:27 savant Antoniossss: Configure::write(‘App.fullBaseUrl’, ‘https://example.com')
# Today, 08:26 Antoniossss as it is resolving to localhost right now
# Today, 08:26 Antoniossss I am sending a templated email after user creation. That is done from CLI. Template uses URL helper to generate activation link. How to set base url for Router in CLI app?
# Today, 08:25 savant night all!
# Today, 08:25 Antoniossss Hey there
# Today, 08:22 sebollson hey there
# Today, 08:14 adriencs fine, thanks alot
# Today, 08:14 savant whichever you prefer
# Today, 08:13 savant but meh
# Today, 08:13 savant i mean its not lazy
# Today, 08:13 savant yeah
# Today, 08:13 adriencs ok, so chaining table is just for lazy*ss who don't what to `$this->loadModel('Jobs')` ? :)
# Today, 08:12 savant has nothing to do with Users other than that you got a references to the `Jobs` table class via Table object chaining
# Today, 08:12 savant thats basically what it generates
# Today, 08:12 savant `select * jobs where herp = 'derp'`
# Today, 08:11 savant `$this->Users->Jobs->find()->where(['herp' => 'derp'])->all()`
# Today, 08:11 adriencs so I can target any `Jobs` not matter the `job_id` of my `Users` ?
# Today, 08:10 savant its just a way for you to get a reference to the other table
# Today, 08:10 savant you’re not actually querying for anything by doing just Table chaining
# Today, 08:10 savant thats just tables being related to each other
# Today, 08:10 savant no
# Today, 08:09 adriencs what's behind this ? it's a kind of autoquery/join ?
# Today, 08:09 savant yes
# Today, 08:09 adriencs `$this->Users->Jobs->...` still exist in 3.X ?
# Today, 08:04 jojomartius haha that looks simple... thanks ;)
# Today, 08:03 savant pretty sure it’ll just treat it as a sequel fragment
# Today, 08:03 savant instead of the array syntax
# Today, 08:03 savant use that
# Today, 08:03 savant “`parent_id = id"`
# Today, 08:03 jojomartius hi all ;) i've a pretty simple cakephp 3 ORM question. How can i search for items where *parent_id* is equals *id*? tried it with ->where(['parent_id'=>'id']); but it seams like now its looking for entries with *parent_id* equals *"id"*.
# Today, 08:00 hmic moin
# Today, 07:55 sathomsen Morning ;)
# Today, 07:47 brettl hey man
# Today, 07:45 dakota Morning
# Today, 07:44 brettl hey dude
# Today, 07:43 neon1024 Morning everyone
# Today, 07:32 brettl the hardest part of coding
# Today, 07:32 brettl documentation is never easy
# Today, 07:32 savant good docs == hard
# Today, 07:32 savant documentation always needs help
# Today, 07:32 savant the core is one place
# Today, 07:32 brettl i really want to get more involved and helping where i can and that is my aim
# Today, 07:32 brettl and that is the way it started
# Today, 07:32 savant so I was like “give me a bit, let me see how hard this is”
# Today, 07:31 savant and I looked, told them no, and they were sad
# Today, 07:31 savant i think someone asked in chat if cakephp supported it
# Today, 07:29 savant the issue was open since 2009
# Today, 07:29 brettl when i was working at Striata, we had a guy who used some weird editor and some how corrupted the line endings and broke our build for the life of me for two days could not figure out why the build broke
# Today, 07:29 savant and I was bored
# Today, 07:28 savant it was an open issue *foreveR*
# Today, 07:28 savant this one was pretty easy: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/pull/8488
# Today, 07:28 savant (active for 3.x dev, tons were still doing 2.x work)
# Today, 07:28 savant like half the active core team lmao
# Today, 07:28 brettl that is always fun a multi merge and then issues
# Today, 07:28 savant also I wasnt even the only one working on it
# Today, 07:27 savant took like 60 commits to get it right
# Today, 07:27 savant https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/pull/4861
# Today, 07:27 savant this one was my favorite
# Today, 07:26 brettl whats the fun of being a developer if you dont break the build at least once
# Today, 07:26 savant :)
# Today, 07:26 savant and then fixed the test
# Today, 07:26 savant and broke the build with my test
# Today, 07:26 savant then added a test
# Today, 07:25 savant then got it merged
# Today, 07:25 savant i fucked up the first one
# Today, 07:25 savant my first set of pull requests: https://cl.ly/2w1s3b151m2Y
# Today, 07:25 brettl lol
# Today, 07:25 savant lmao no
# Today, 07:25 brettl and yet you guys are so good at it @savant
# Today, 07:24 savant writing good frameworks is hard :(
# Today, 07:23 savant because it blows the stack
# Today, 07:23 savant throwing exceptions isnt very user friendly
# Today, 07:23 savant well we also take an `_ids` key
# Today, 07:23 sebollson will fork the repo
# Today, 07:23 sebollson okay
# Today, 07:23 savant and show examples for one piece of data or multiple
# Today, 07:23 sebollson :)
# Today, 07:23 sebollson then why not throw marshalling exception or something
# Today, 07:23 savant yep just write that
# Today, 07:22 sebollson array of arrays
# Today, 07:22 sebollson hasMany requires explicitly array
# Today, 07:22 sebollson IF
# Today, 07:22 sebollson the other way around
# Today, 07:22 sebollson or
# Today, 07:21 slackebot Action: savant goes to eat ice cream