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# Today, 11:10 dereuromark We really have to improve the CLI commands, they really are not at a modern standard yet, feels a bit like steps backward right now. I invite people to contribute ideas: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/12123
# Today, 10:56 neon1024 My first thought for things like that would be a View Cell
# Today, 10:17 cjquinn To clarify this is only for pages that don’t require authentication but the page might be altered if the user is logged in. For example the homepage of the shop shows user recommendations if they are logged in but logged out users can also see the homepage just without any tailored recommendations.
# Today, 10:10 cjquinn File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U1449QQ91/FAULR828J/either_way_this_is_my_current_solution__just_wondering_what_others_approach_was_to_this_problem_.php / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FAULR828J-7642436f47
# Today, 10:09 cjquinn Definitely authentication :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 10:08 cjquinn Yeah not every time just once the session has expired
# Today, 10:08 neon1024 This sounds like confusion of Authentication with Authorisation
# Today, 10:08 neon1024 Why would you need to indentify the user every time?!
# Today, 10:08 neon1024 But but, the Auth info is in the Session usually if you’re using defaults
# Today, 09:54 cjquinn It’s for an e-commerce shop so the majority of the site doesn’t require authentication until they checkout. Would I just call `$this->Auth->identify()` and set the user before each action that doesn’t require authentication or is that a bad idea?
# Today, 09:51 dereuromark "where authentication isn’t required" => you dont here :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 09:50 cjquinn Has anyone implemented cookie/remember me authentication? And if so how do you check for a cookie and login in the user on a route where authentication isn’t required?
# Today, 07:47 k4t yeah
# Today, 07:47 k4t based on this we can create our own Logger I think
# Today, 07:47 admad then write your own log engine, would be pretty simple to change the rotation logic :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 07:47 k4t yeah, I noticed that, but unfortunatelly we need days rotation
# Today, 07:46 admad @k4t file log engine already has log rotation. it's just mb based instead of days
# Today, 07:45 k4t yeah, looksl ike this is the only way
# Today, 07:45 nitishkumardiwakar Ok, but can you provide some hint
# Today, 07:44 neon1024 @nitishkumardiwakar Sorry, I don’t have the patience to help you today.
# Today, 07:44 nitishkumardiwakar @neon1024 As you told yesterday, adding belongsTo will effect in inserting data. I am facing this now. How can I solve this?
# Today, 07:42 neon1024 @k4t You could write your own Logger class for that I would imagine
# Today, 07:39 k4t is it possible with Cake to rotate its logs after X days?
# Today, 07:39 k4t hi
# Today, 07:35 nitishkumardiwakar Somebody please help. I am stucked
# Today, 06:34 nitishkumardiwakar How can I insert id of table2 while inserting form in table1?
# Today, 06:23 nitishkumardiwakar Yes it is hiding when adding belongsTo
# Today, 06:21 tim It makes no sense that the ID would not be in the form data when changing the relations. You need to check the formdata in the browser (in Chrome, use developer tools). If the ID is included there, then you need to check further
# Today, 06:19 nitishkumardiwakar @tim Is there any solution for it?
# Today, 06:18 nitishkumardiwakar without belongs to inner join, is not working, and with belongsTo id of table 2 (sizes) is not inserting in table 1 (products)
# Today, 06:17 nitishkumardiwakar in products table there is (id, name, size_id) and in sizes table there is (id, name)
# Today, 06:15 nitishkumardiwakar belongsTo
# Today, 06:15 tim Whats the relation in the ProductsTable?
# Today, 06:12 nitishkumardiwakar and when I remove belongsTo fields (id of other table) is showing
# Today, 06:12 nitishkumardiwakar I've checked form data. when there is belongsTo added in model, then fields are not showing in (print_r)
# Today, 06:11 nitishkumardiwakar id of another table is inserting if i remove belongsTo, but with belongsTo id of another table is not inserting
# Today, 06:07 tim Check what the value of the options are. They need to be the IDs of the second entity you are inserting. If that's correct, check your form data while submitting
# Today, 06:05 nitishkumardiwakar values are not inserting after belongsTo added in modal
# Today, 05:53 nitishkumardiwakar ?
# Today, 05:08 nitishkumardiwakar how can I insert id of another table from select box? Values are displaying in select box, but their id is not inserting.
# Today, 05:02 nitishkumardiwakar but I am unable to insert id of second table
# Today, 05:01 nitishkumardiwakar yes association is setup. Its working in inner join
# Today, 05:01 dakota What does the data that you are inserting look like, and do you have the associations setup correctly?
# Today, 04:50 nitishkumardiwakar I've two table ('products' and 'sizes') in products tables: ('size_id') and in sizes table there is id and 'name' Now while inserting product 'size_id' is not inserting
# Yesterday, 23:49 mphyu037 File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/UATSXJ69F/FATTDV3UH/error.png / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FATTDV3UH-df651c7bc4
# Yesterday, 23:49 mphyu037 hello everyone,I'm a new member.I have an error to start study cake framework.Pls help me.
# Yesterday, 22:17 joopm is anyone who is more familier with csrf token?
# Yesterday, 22:16 joopm hello
# Yesterday, 21:08 ricksaccous np ;)
# Yesterday, 21:08 itmpls and that would make it far easier if I don't.. checking. ty :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 21:08 itmpls ah yeah, hm I think I needed to preprocess them but I actually might not have to
# Yesterday, 21:07 ricksaccous i'd assume it would automatically work on each record in the entity
# Yesterday, 21:07 ricksaccous @itmpls, https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/validation.html#using-a-different-validation-set-for-associations
# Yesterday, 21:05 ricksaccous i believe once you create an entity there are options you could pass so that associations are validated
# Yesterday, 21:03 itmpls in a foreach
# Yesterday, 21:03 itmpls i'm currently just constructing a time object and catching for invalidity
# Yesterday, 21:03 itmpls is there anyway to access the 'date' built-in validation rule if you're processing on a hasMany - thus multiple elements that have a date (and time, separately) for validation?
# Yesterday, 20:37 camdenbassett ok, that might be the way I need to go. Thanks :)
# Yesterday, 20:37 generitter If you look on github at the Bake library you could find example code.
# Yesterday, 20:36 generitter There are Cake Directory and File objects you could use to scan for Model directories and files.
# Yesterday, 20:36 camdenbassett ok, hmmm... Maybe I can just parse the file names or something.
# Yesterday, 20:35 generitter Right.
# Yesterday, 20:35 camdenbassett ok, cool didn't know that. I'm looking for a way to do it in php though, and cake bake is command line, right?
# Yesterday, 20:33 generitter All the models … hmm. cake bake model still spits out a list for you to pick from.
# Yesterday, 20:32 camdenbassett Is there a way to get a list of all the models in your app?
# Yesterday, 20:32 generitter Oi AssetCompress is not loading the CrudView assets. Dies on missing route. :P
# Yesterday, 19:26 bravo-kernel I can imagine supporting it if Crud can
# Yesterday, 19:25 ksc Ok that's sad. Is this a problem of the crud plugin or the crud-json-api plugin? I think the requests with directly created associations have at least once worked with the normal crud plugin. I will test it later. Is that a feature that would be integrated regardless of the jsonapi specification or should the crud-json-api plugin 1 to 1 map the jsonapi specification?
# Yesterday, 19:21 camdenbassett They wouldn't necessarily all be used at the same time, but I just want to make sure that it won't bring down my site if I have a ton of different cache configurations.
# Yesterday, 19:19 camdenbassett Hello everyone, if I'm using memcached, is there any danger of having too many configurations? Basically I have some code that creates a set of configuration entries for each combination of user and model, so if I had 300 users, 20 models, and 5 different configurations that would be 300 x 20 x 5 = 30,000 different potential configuration entries.
# Yesterday, 19:12 bravo-kernel > posting a document with links present will associate it to the linked resource(s). However, creating multiple entities that are interlinked with a single POST is impossible at the moment.
# Yesterday, 19:11 bravo-kernel https://github.com/json-api/json-api/issues/202
# Yesterday, 19:11 bravo-kernel it's a bit sad but nothing to do but wait for now. Until then, you might want to consider making multiple calls and reading on JSON API sideposting (not supported by the spec yet)
# Yesterday, 19:09 bravo-kernel it could work but like I said, there is not test to support any of this yet so I can't confirm/deny any of it
# Yesterday, 19:07 ksc I didn't find that in the jsonapi specification...
# Yesterday, 19:05 ksc Is this correct?
# Yesterday, 19:05 ksc File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U6XDU1S5A/FAU6JP3PD/-.txt / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FAU6JP3PD-257fdd0479
# Yesterday, 19:05 ksc Okay thank you. I expect a request body to create both (object + related object) just without the id, e.g.
# Yesterday, 18:59 bravo-kernel feel free to help debugging
# Yesterday, 18:59 bravo-kernel you may be able to create `hasMany` related object but the response (view) will probably fail
# Yesterday, 18:57 bravo-kernel working examples of creating a single Resource with (one or multiple) `belongsTo` can be found here https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/crud-json-api/tree/master/tests/Fixture/JsonApiResponseBodies/CreatingResources
# Yesterday, 18:57 bravo-kernel @ksc there seem to be some issues with `hasMany`
# Yesterday, 18:56 ksc Hi, I want to create one object and his related object in one request with the crud-json-api plugin. Does someone have some examples for this use case or in general add or edit objects and their related objects? Or is this out of scope / not wanted e.g. : Users, UserDetails (1:n or 1:1)
# Yesterday, 18:46 rochasmarcelo What is the status of https://github.com/cakephp/authorization? There is any planned date to release a stable version?
# Yesterday, 18:29 edgaras.jan maybe `$date < new Time('-24 hours')`
# Yesterday, 16:04 neon1024 Perhaps `isSameDay()`
# Yesterday, 16:03 neon1024 As `isPast()` will be true almost instantaneously
# Yesterday, 16:03 neon1024 To me it seems that isPast() should default to now and otherwise take a param to determine the now
# Yesterday, 16:02 neon1024 Because `isPast()` is just less than now
# Yesterday, 16:01 neon1024 All Iv’e got is `->isYesterday()`
# Yesterday, 16:01 neon1024 How do i find out if a datetime is older than 24 hours using the built in FrozenTime methods? I can’t find an appropriate method, mostly because the datetime stuff is a total mess
# Yesterday, 15:12 alexmax https://paste.ee/p/onpEW
# Yesterday, 15:11 alexmax I see in the docs where you can use a subquery in a `WHERE`, but not a `FROM`
# Yesterday, 15:11 alexmax Is it possible to use a subquery in a `FROM` statement using the CakePHP ORM?
# Yesterday, 14:51 hiryu85 already tested, same result
# Yesterday, 14:46 dereuromark try also `$response->getBody()->getContents()` etc. not sure what might work
# Yesterday, 14:44 hiryu85 Hello! I have a problem with (string) $response->getBody() (into a middleware) return empty string.. for what reason? If i delete the dd($response->getBody()) into pages i see my JSON object
# Yesterday, 14:33 spriz And :clap: for the API’s
# Yesterday, 14:33 spriz Gotta get them frustrations out
# Yesterday, 14:33 spriz Yeah, I’ll dig further into it at another time! Time for gym now! :)