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# Today, 06:06 challgren https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/01/pear-php-site-breach-lets-hackers-slip-malware-into-official-download/
# Today, 04:10 LobsterBaz ...Answering my own question... I was missing php-dom dependency. Thanks anyway :)
# Today, 03:58 LobsterBaz The autoload.php file is missing from the vendor folder. I followed the tutorial by the letter. What am I missing?
# Today, 03:57 LobsterBaz Unfortunately I get an error when I try to launch the cake server with the command "bin/cake server". PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/my/path/cms/vendor/autoload.php'
# Today, 03:55 LobsterBaz Hello all. I'm new to CakePhp and following my first tutorial ( https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/quickstart.html )
# Yesterday, 21:10 ricksaccous and viewBuilder->getVar doesn't have the magic to get a globally set var set somewhere else
# Yesterday, 21:10 ricksaccous meh, i can never seem to get the viewVars that are set at that point in time for that view probably the viewVar is set in another controller
# Yesterday, 19:58 ricksaccous lol
# Yesterday, 19:58 ricksaccous please help
# Yesterday, 19:58 ricksaccous and can't upgrade to 3.7 which has the method
# Yesterday, 19:58 ricksaccous in 3.6 I want to use a method that is on View but not ViewBuilder
# Yesterday, 19:58 ricksaccous is there a way to get a view class within a controller
# Yesterday, 18:16 yamcomnet i found only limitControl
# Yesterday, 18:15 yamcomnet ?
# Yesterday, 18:15 yamcomnet any ready system for pagination->sort selectbox
# Yesterday, 16:49 neon1024 I guess the hmac changes
# Yesterday, 16:49 neon1024 Which makes matching against a database really really hard
# Yesterday, 16:48 neon1024 Interestingly I’m getting a different encrypted value each time I refresh the page
# Yesterday, 16:40 ricksaccous so yeah it's something that should absolutely be encrypted in all applications
# Yesterday, 16:40 ricksaccous it really is sensitive and people could mess with you if they have it
# Yesterday, 16:40 ricksaccous well here your SSN is like something you use to get a job, to report taxes, etc and you aren't supposed to share it with anyone
# Yesterday, 16:39 ricksaccous lolll
# Yesterday, 16:39 neon1024 Last I heard Trump had resorted to Slavery
# Yesterday, 16:38 neon1024 Does it matter? Are social services even in work? ;)
# Yesterday, 16:37 ricksaccous probably a ton
# Yesterday, 16:37 ricksaccous i wonder how many companies here are not encrypting social security numbers
# Yesterday, 16:31 ricksaccous haha
# Yesterday, 16:31 neon1024 If it was easy we’d all be out of a job:p
# Yesterday, 16:30 neon1024 It is what it is :man-shrugging:
# Yesterday, 16:30 ricksaccous but that is so lame
# Yesterday, 16:30 ricksaccous government should stay out the way, alright enough politics from me
# Yesterday, 16:30 neon1024 Congratulations Mr 371461623914613764
# Yesterday, 16:30 ricksaccous lmaooo
# Yesterday, 16:29 neon1024 Kinda tempted to spit out the encrypted values :P
# Yesterday, 16:29 neon1024 Got reporting tooling to build
# Yesterday, 16:29 neon1024 Oh I have to do that next :P
# Yesterday, 16:29 ricksaccous you can't exactly pull a bunch of names and emails now
# Yesterday, 16:28 ricksaccous makes sense security wise but what if you just want an internal application for a company that needs that data on the fly to be efficient
# Yesterday, 16:28 neon1024 I mean sure, encryption can be broken, but ‘harder’ at least
# Yesterday, 16:28 ricksaccous haha
# Yesterday, 16:28 neon1024 You’d need to get the db, server env and the code!
# Yesterday, 16:28 neon1024 Just so it ties the security to more than the database
# Yesterday, 16:27 ricksaccous maybe it's for the better but making that searchable, easier to index sounds like a pain
# Yesterday, 16:27 neon1024 We’ve done first/last name and email
# Yesterday, 16:27 ricksaccous yikes
# Yesterday, 16:27 neon1024 I believe so
# Yesterday, 16:27 ricksaccous so do you seriously need to encrypt first and last names in your dbs if you want to operate in Europe?
# Yesterday, 16:26 neon1024 You don’t need to be concious
# Yesterday, 16:26 neon1024 That’s the thing thats got me about finger print phone unlocks
# Yesterday, 16:26 ricksaccous haha
# Yesterday, 16:26 neon1024 Well after that FBI vs Apple case, I bet there is!
# Yesterday, 16:26 ricksaccous there are some weird laws regarding encryption in USA
# Yesterday, 16:25 neon1024 Yeah, I agree, although I think services like Netflix have also helped
# Yesterday, 16:25 ricksaccous but yeah, banning encryption is stupid lol
# Yesterday, 16:25 ricksaccous you can still download illegally but they've made it harder over the years
# Yesterday, 16:25 ricksaccous it does make things harder, i mean, i never thought cracking down on torrent sites would work
# Yesterday, 16:24 neon1024 Oh no Fasil we can’t encrypt our plans it’s illegal! :O
# Yesterday, 16:24 neon1024 You think making something illegal will stop them?
# Yesterday, 16:24 neon1024 Terrorists break the rules, that’s kinda their job
# Yesterday, 16:24 neon1024 I’ve always loved the idea that they think banning encryption will work
# Yesterday, 16:24 ricksaccous hehe
# Yesterday, 16:24 neon1024 Then they said they’d outlaw an aspect of it, which basically meant banning Mathematics
# Yesterday, 16:24 ricksaccous they prob already have it XD
# Yesterday, 16:23 neon1024 Yes, a while ago governments wanted backdoors to encryption
# Yesterday, 16:23 ricksaccous pretty sad
# Yesterday, 16:23 ricksaccous there are actually people pushing for regulations on algorithms or at least i read something like that in some clickbait article
# Yesterday, 16:22 neon1024 Well tbh I won’t be European soon either :,(
# Yesterday, 16:22 ricksaccous lolll
# Yesterday, 16:22 neon1024 Lucky you! We had a 2.5h online course, with a quiz you had to pass
# Yesterday, 16:22 ricksaccous I'm not even European
# Yesterday, 16:22 ricksaccous i had to watch a 15 minute video about GDPR for work
# Yesterday, 16:21 neon1024 So some data which could be used either wholly or in part to identify a specific individual
# Yesterday, 16:21 ricksaccous hehe, dangggggg
# Yesterday, 16:21 neon1024 Yeah, part of GDPR. It’s *P*ersonally *I*dentifyable *I*nformation
# Yesterday, 16:20 ricksaccous what is PII data btw, is that related to the EU privacy laws or something
# Yesterday, 16:18 ricksaccous but yeah you'd have to encrypt the search string
# Yesterday, 16:18 neon1024 Yeah, I think you’re right @ricksaccous
# Yesterday, 16:18 ricksaccous you can't really use like or it will prob be nonsensical to do so
# Yesterday, 16:18 ricksaccous i think it will be hard unless you are okay with them searching an exact match
# Yesterday, 16:18 neon1024 Encrypt it an SQL that?
# Yesterday, 16:17 neon1024 Figured filtering I could use the `Search.Callback`, but I don’t know quite how to match against an encrypted string
# Yesterday, 16:17 neon1024 Is this going to make filtering and sorting either hard or impossible?
# Yesterday, 16:17 neon1024 Presumably because ‘neon1024’ doesn’t match the encrypted string in the SQL
# Yesterday, 16:16 neon1024 Sooo, I encrypted the PII data in my database, and now my filtering and sorting doesn’t work
# Yesterday, 15:36 cpierce :-
# Yesterday, 15:36 cpierce n/m i'm on 0.9.2 that's why
# Yesterday, 15:33 cpierce because we use drop()->save(); a bunch in the docs - just makign sure i'm not just doing something stupid
# Yesterday, 15:33 cpierce is that something i need to update in the docs?
# Yesterday, 15:33 cpierce ... drop(); works just fine
# Yesterday, 15:33 cpierce and it's saying it can't save because it doesn't exist
# Yesterday, 15:33 cpierce i'm calling ->drop()->save() in an up migration
# Yesterday, 15:33 cpierce query question about phinx
# Yesterday, 15:22 neon1024 Just need to deploy a release to production
# Yesterday, 15:22 neon1024 @dereuromark No, sorry, I didn’t see it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 15:17 dereuromark @neon1024
# Yesterday, 15:17 dereuromark Did you see my github api dto example? I wanna see you do the alternative, and then we compare
# Yesterday, 13:54 daniel.upshaw That did it for you? I was running into POST fields, seems something different, did solve... thank you though!
# Yesterday, 13:00 neon1024 3.4 was quite a bit, and it seems like 3.7 is a reasonable chunk too
# Yesterday, 12:59 neon1024 It’s good that things are progressing, but occasionally when you update a minor patch version there is quite a bit of work to do
# Yesterday, 12:59 neon1024 It does feel like that in some places