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# Today, 18:58 corey.taylor.fl But, we also have some very rough english in our docs which makes it hard for any non-native speakers to follow.
# Today, 18:58 corey.taylor.fl For localized documents, usually people pay attention to it for a few days and then never again. Even examples are hard to update because you can't just replace the names of classes.
# Today, 18:56 corey.taylor.fl There are not many people working on the portuguese translations. We have one active contributor who is translating new pages in the 3.0 branch. The best we can do is ask other users to review changes.
# Today, 16:23 luizcmarin Have you seen the documentation of the giant https://windev.com? wow !! I read the entire manual of almost 1000 pages in French. I didn't understand half, but the other half was show.
# Today, 16:18 dereuromark We should delete all localized config for 4.x IMO and keep making main docs more meaningful.
# Today, 16:18 dereuromark "examples and tips are lacking, it is not very didactic and there are things that no longer reflect the current reality." That is exactly what should be focused on, and improved.
# Today, 16:15 luizcmarin I don't want to throw a bucket of cold water on the idea of ​​having the documentation translated .... but .... The English documentation also leaves something to be desired ... examples and tips are lacking, it is not very didactic and there are things that no longer reflect the current reality. For us non-English speakers, if we are programmers we are required to live with English terms. It is standard. What we don't understand we
# Today, 16:15 slackebot2 translate with google. That's what I'm doing now to post this message here. If it is well translated I do not know ... the problem of understanding is no longer mine ...;) But back to the point: No feature available in any language is useful if it is not kept up to date. The parts that I had the most difficulty, and still have, have never been translated into Portuguese. I read the entire manual and when I got to the part that interested me most:
# Today, 16:15 slackebot2 only in English. And how sad to see that it refers to documentation 1.1 or 1.2 or 2. Have you considered improving the 4.x documentation to become a standard going forward? Soon they will have 4.1 4.xx and 5.x, 6.x Have you ever imagined the Babylon of confusion that the documentation will turn pointing links to everywhere? So we ended up asking obvious questions in the forums and support: the documentation kills us!
# Today, 15:29 ndm I'd image that would be much more beneficial for the project overall... I mean, if people would then actually go and do that :upside_down_face:
# Today, 15:25 dereuromark instead people should use that time to improve actual docs and stuff.
# Today, 15:24 dereuromark have been saying that for years.
# Today, 15:23 ndm I was never a fan of localized documentations, they _always_ get out of date. _Always_. If it were up to me, I'd delete them and never look back.
# Today, 15:15 luizcmarin hummmm .... until the message above didn't get that big ... I thought it would get worse ...:,)
# Today, 15:13 luizcmarin Hi. I'm working on the portuguese translation. But the current Portuguese translation is somewhat confusing. It is different from the original in English. For example, https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/intro/conventions.html uses "UsersController and ArticleCategoriesController" and "/ users / view maps to view () method of the UsersController" in controller conventions. In documentation 4.x follows the same. Already in Portuguese appears
# Today, 15:13 slackebot2 "PeopleController and LatestArticlesController" and "/ articles / view maps to ArticlesController view () method", which is different: 'People' and 'Users', for Brazilian programmers refer to different things. See another example on the same link, now under the topic "URL Considerations for Controller Names". The first sentence ends with "file name UsersController.php) is accessed from http://example.com/users." in the 3.x and 4.x documentation.
# Today, 15:13 slackebot2 are more things. So I ask, so that my collaboration is not in vain and ends up in a maze that no one else understands anything: how to proceed? I've worked with documentation and text editing, and it was not easy for me to understand cakephp with the documentation that now said one thing then exemplified another ....
# Today, 15:13 slackebot2 But in Portuguese it says: "ApplesController (...‘ ApplesController.php ') is accessed by http://example.com/apples. " Now the example used is 'users' in English, which agrees with the general context. Already in Portuguese we have 'people', 'users' and 'apples'! In addition, the documentation in Portuguese is not following the documentation in English. Compare the following topic "View Conventions" in English and Portuguese. You can see that ther
# Today, 12:18 dereuromark yeah, dev prefix only works with string (non numeric) branch names. thus my recommendation to always call cake4 branches as such, to avoid this confusion
# Today, 11:39 challgren 4.x-dev?
# Today, 11:23 dereuromark The latter is only valid afaik.
# Today, 03:50 challgren THe guide might be too updated
# Today, 03:49 challgren Did you try dev-4.x or 4.x-dev?
# Today, 02:22 niel45 I give up looking for where that dependency is coming from. Guess I'll wait until 4.0.0 final is released ;-)
# Today, 02:01 niel45 ffs. finally get to doing: php composer.phar require --update-with-dependencies "cakephp/cakephp:4.0.*" and it fails because cakephp/bake requires 3.8.*
# Today, 01:41 challgren Thats what I did when it failed
# Today, 01:41 challgren A simple solution is find and replace in the dir
# Today, 01:17 niel45 it SHOULD fix the ones in app code though and it failed at that
# Today, 01:17 challgren It would only throw fatals if its trying to execute the code. Rector I believe doesnt execute the code. But I may be wrong
# Today, 01:17 niel45 it's not. PHP is trowing the fatal error because the classes don't match
# Today, 01:16 challgren Yeah it shouldnt be trying to mess with stuff in vendor
# Today, 01:16 niel45 it's in the dependencies, so it can't really
# Today, 01:15 challgren Ohh well rector should have done that for yah
# Today, 01:09 niel45 yup, just needed a bunch of tests to be updated to have return type added to them.
# Today, 01:02 niel45 fixes look pretty simple
# Today, 00:47 niel45 thanks any way
# Today, 00:43 challgren Im not sure at this point. I’d open an issue with cakephp/upgrade
# Today, 00:42 niel45 yes
# Today, 00:42 challgren Is that the full error?
# Today, 00:40 niel45 yes
# Today, 00:40 challgren Is your original app 3.8?
# Today, 00:39 niel45 not quite. the final path there is slightly different /home/newapp/app/tests
# Today, 00:38 challgren So your running `bin/cake upgrade rector --rules phpunit80 /home/otherapp/tests`
# Today, 00:35 niel45 I'm trying to do this from the instructions: bin/cake upgrade rector --rules phpunit80 <path/to/app/tests>
# Today, 00:35 challgren Whats the command your running?
# Today, 00:35 niel45 no
# Today, 00:34 challgren Are you trying to run your tests?
# Today, 00:34 niel45 .../app/tests isn't it?
# Today, 00:33 challgren Your not running it on the correct path
# Today, 00:32 niel45 it's failing to fix though. crashes with a fatal error: Fatal error: Declaration of Cake\TestSuite\TestCase::setUp() must be compatible with PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase::setUp(): void in /home/niel/dev/www/nzedb-cake/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/TestSuite/TestCase.php on line 35
# Today, 00:31 challgren Rector will try to fix stuff in your vendor if you do /home/otherapp/
# Today, 00:30 challgren it should be only on the src or tests directories
# Today, 00:27 corey.taylor.fl vendor is where the dependencies live so you need them until you're done.
# Today, 00:17 niel45 hmmm apparently not
# Today, 00:10 niel45 is it ok to delete the contents of .../vendor
# Today, 00:09 niel45 damnit. fatal error running rector
# Today, 00:02 challgren Yeah my app didnt have a locales either
# Today, 00:02 challgren Ahh ok, I trashed my 4.x upgrade branch and I did it like 3 days ago so my paths may not be 100% correct
# Today, 00:01 niel45 I see templates in base directory, but not locales
# Today, 00:01 niel45 @corey.taylor.fl good point, but I won't be looking at commiting until its all done and tested
# Today, 00:01 corey.taylor.fl It should be `templates/`
# Today, 00:00 challgren Plus youd see the git changes
# Today, 00:00 challgren Or /home/otherapp/template Im trying to recall off the top of my head
# Today, 00:00 corey.taylor.fl I think the assumption is you'd see them move in git.
# Today, 00:00 challgren the moved from /home/otherapp/src/Templates to /home/otherapp/templates
# Yesterday, 23:59 niel45 only one problem, updating the files doesn't tell you where/if they were moved
# Yesterday, 23:59 challgren Best to do like ROOT . ’/locales/ IMHO
# Yesterday, 23:59 niel45 oops, I do see them. tired eyes at the end of the day :-(
# Yesterday, 23:58 challgren No they do exist if they didn’t we be discussion other issues right now :P
# Yesterday, 23:58 niel45 and if those entries do not exists then I'm fine?
# Yesterday, 23:58 challgren so /home/otherapp/config/app.php
# Yesterday, 23:57 challgren yes
# Yesterday, 23:57 niel45 does "Once you’ve renamed your template and locale files, make sure you update App.paths.locales and App.paths.templates paths to be correct." refer to .../config/app.php entries?
# Yesterday, 23:57 niel45 yup
# Yesterday, 23:55 challgren ok cool if you like bow and arrows I found you :P
# Yesterday, 23:53 niel45 ok. it's plain niel
# Yesterday, 23:53 challgren Was going to tag you in the pull for the docs
# Yesterday, 23:53 niel45 yeah, why?
# Yesterday, 23:53 challgren niel45 you got a github name?
# Yesterday, 23:51 niel45 getting ready for final release
# Yesterday, 23:50 niel45 glad to find it for you ;-) I'm just trying it out on a test repo before I let it near active code :-)
# Yesterday, 23:50 corey.taylor.fl I wonder if console can print out the name of the first argument it can't find so people know it means 'file_name' that didn't match.
# Yesterday, 23:49 challgren But I’ll fix that cd /code/upgrade that is confusing
# Yesterday, 23:49 challgren Well at least I went through the upgrade docs earlier the last 2 would have really messed you up
# Yesterday, 23:48 niel45 always needs someone else's eyyes to see where you screwes up ;-)
# Yesterday, 23:48 challgren Haha ok cool
# Yesterday, 23:48 niel45 ok, no error now. thanks
# Yesterday, 23:47 niel45 oops
# Yesterday, 23:47 challgren not file_name
# Yesterday, 23:47 challgren `file_rename`
# Yesterday, 23:47 niel45 niel@pop-os:~/dev/www/upgrade$ bin/cake upgrade file_name locales ../nzedb-cake/app-cake/
# Yesterday, 23:47 niel45 Error: Received too many arguments. Got 1 but only 1 arguments are defined.
# Yesterday, 23:47 niel45 yup, tried that, didn't work just gave me an error
# Yesterday, 23:46 challgren Ok now run `bin/cake upgrade file_rename locales /home/otherapp/`
# Yesterday, 23:46 niel45 yes
# Yesterday, 23:46 challgren Ahh ok so your in ./upgrade right now?
# Yesterday, 23:46 niel45 no "composer install --no-dev" as per the instructions for installing it
# Yesterday, 23:45 challgren How are you already in the directory when installing? Did you do composer require?
# Yesterday, 23:45 niel45 ok, well then the instructions are confusing "cd ~/code/upgrade" is very specific, and doesn't exist. Not to mention that after installing, we're already in the "upgrade" directory so it is redundant.
# Yesterday, 23:44 challgren Eg `bin/cake upgrade rector --rules phpunit80 /home/otherproject/tests`