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# Yesterday, 20:44 johnpaul5421 any ideas for the form to send the data through the action to the controller? This is without using echo $form->create and echo $form->submit('Save');
# Yesterday, 20:32 johnpaul5421 I still get object not found, The requested URL was not found on this server. error 404.
# Yesterday, 20:26 johnpaul5421 sorry " " > the remainder I forgot to type.
# Yesterday, 20:26 johnpaul5421 e.g. shopping_carts for ShoppingCartsController and the public function name in ShoppingCartsController is add.
# Yesterday, 20:25 johnpaul5421 <form method="post" id="form" action="/shopping_carts/add
# Yesterday, 20:24 johnpaul5421 thanks michaelze, I keep getting this url cannot be found on the server hmm.
# Yesterday, 19:56 michaelze And maybe rethink the "not using the FormHelper" part of your question... :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 19:55 michaelze Just use the URL to your controller action as the form's action. Usually, that's /<controllername>/<action> where <controllername> is the under_scored version of the controller's name (e.g. shopping_carts for ShoppingCartsController. The <action> is just the name of the action function in your controller...
# Yesterday, 19:51 johnpaul5421 Sorry, I just wanted to get some feedback. Using Cakephp 2.0, how can I submit form data from a view class to the controller without using the functions echo $form->create and echo $form->submit('Save'); My Action function is Add in the controller, which then will apply $this->RequestHandler->isAjax() or isPost.
# Yesterday, 18:58 luizcmarin I saw that "file input, Kartik" was added to the cake4 update. Does anyone have any information on how to use it on cake?
# Yesterday, 18:53 devito Has anyone ever used angular as the frontend and cake as the backend? Whats that experience like?
# Yesterday, 18:48 ricksaccous oops wrong window
# Yesterday, 18:48 ricksaccous y
# Yesterday, 17:24 jotpe `$this->get()` seems to work.
# Yesterday, 17:21 jotpe Yes, it's latest 3.x
# Yesterday, 17:19 admad *I don't think
# Yesterday, 17:19 admad i think view vars passed to View class ever populated it's view builder. In 4.x `View` doesn't even have a viewbuilder
# Yesterday, 17:18 admad @jotpe just use $this->get() in the view
# Yesterday, 17:09 dereuromark is that latest 3.x? sounds like the proper delegation is then not yet fixed in 3.x series.
# Yesterday, 17:04 slackebot <jotpe>
# Yesterday, 17:04 jotpe Any ideas why in my custom view I can't access my view Variables via `viewBuilder()->getVar()`?
# Yesterday, 16:09 johnpaul5421 css, is there anyway to redirect this form submitted data to the control, using the Action parameter, so that when I submit the request to the control, then create a function add, $this->RequestHandler->isAjax(). Also is it possible to do this in the view form, without using echo $form->create and echo $form->submit('Save'); echo $form->end(); I just created a big form using the regular html way.
# Yesterday, 15:56 johnpaul5421 Hello everyone,
# Yesterday, 15:28 peppejaripappalardo Hello to everyone, i need a little help for muffin/trash for soft-delete. I have to remove a behavior on UsersTable from a custom class. Is correct to do it with this code? `TableRegistry::get('Users')->removeBehavior('Trash');` ` TableRegistry::get('Users')->addBehavior('Muffin/Trash.Trash', [` ` 'events' => ['Model.beforeFind']` ` ]);`
# Yesterday, 15:28 neon1024 Then you might consider a virtual field
# Yesterday, 15:23 lpj145 thanks @neon1024 but i'm not using a FormHelp, is only for API.
# Yesterday, 15:11 neon1024 Worth bearing in mind, if you overwrote the error structure the form helper would not be able to automatically output the validation errors
# Yesterday, 15:10 neon1024 ..but if you needed to do it I’d write an entity accessor method which wrapped `getErrors()` and returned your custom format
# Yesterday, 15:10 neon1024 Changing the way an entity reports it’s errors seems pointless
# Yesterday, 15:10 neon1024 Errors are keyed by the name of the validation rule
# Yesterday, 14:55 lpj145 without write some logic ?
# Yesterday, 14:55 lpj145 is possible ?
# Yesterday, 14:55 lpj145 i'm think on "errors": [ "nasname": "my custom validation message here"]
# Yesterday, 14:54 lpj145 i'be used this options but, he not alter structure of errors, only, placeholder my message validation.
# Yesterday, 14:34 neon1024 @lpj145 You use the `'message'` option in the validation configuration
# Yesterday, 13:59 lpj145 i think is not a good data structure to verify on client side.
# Yesterday, 13:58 slackebot <lpj145>
# Yesterday, 13:58 slackebot <lpj145>
# Yesterday, 13:58 slackebot <lpj145>
# Yesterday, 13:57 lpj145 Hi friends! is possible to customize validations errors return ?
# Yesterday, 13:43 acosonic irc rocks I hate slack :)
# Yesterday, 13:41 ndm @rsteenge You can modify the validator, but you're probably better off using a separate validation set instead, see https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/orm/validation.html#using-a-different-validation-set
# Yesterday, 13:38 ndm @sam.fry If it's a false positive, then you'll need to teach your tool that. If you believe it's a bug in Chronos, then you should probably open an issue over at GitHub.
# Yesterday, 13:04 rsteenge Is it possible in cakephp 3 to remove validation rules for some fields in the controller?
# Yesterday, 12:57 jotpe Okay, thanks @ndm
# Yesterday, 12:57 sam.fry Because this commit (https://github.com/cakephp/chronos/commit/c46796e761da7a06ad57e8a635ced33ab0cbfb6e) is causing us some issues :c
# Yesterday, 12:55 sam.fry Hi all :wave: is this a good place to get Chronos support?
# Yesterday, 12:52 ndm No, composer doesn't support that (yet). https://github.com/composer/composer/issues/183
# Yesterday, 12:47 jotpe @ndm So simple autoloading the plugin doesn't work?
# Yesterday, 12:46 ndm That only works if your plugin is being required as a composer dependency itself.
# Yesterday, 12:37 jotpe Hey guys, if I have a Cake Plugin which needs a external lib, why can't I specify the composer dependency in the plugin's `composer.json`? (i.e. I have a baked plugin which uses `phpoffice/phpspreadsheet` but for some reason I need to specify the dpendency in the project's composer.json)
# Yesterday, 12:34 luizcmarin good morning I saw that "file input, Kartik" was added to the cake4 update. Does anyone have any information on how to use it on cake?
# Yesterday, 11:49 admad that's most "mall cop"s around the world :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 11:40 challgren Haha!
# Yesterday, 11:32 dereuromark https://twitter.com/rickhanlonii/status/1195738341301522432
# Yesterday, 10:32 neon1024 :thumbsup:
# Yesterday, 10:11 conehead @neon1024 Cheers mate. Seems to be running like a charm. And as fast as I was hoping. Even seems to be running with multiple vue projects!
# Yesterday, 09:39 jotpe Morning :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 09:31 conehead I will have a look. Thank you. Haven't worked with webpack yet
# Yesterday, 09:30 neon1024 `webpack --mode development --watch --info-verbosity verbose --progress --config webpack.config.dev.js`
# Yesterday, 09:30 neon1024 You could still just call webpack directly
# Yesterday, 09:30 neon1024 Although as it’s a script in package.json you can call it whatever you want
# Yesterday, 09:30 neon1024 Not serve, I just use build, but added watch to my webpack config
# Yesterday, 09:29 conehead Okay so you call `npm run serve` and webpack detects changes in your code and compiles the changes to your webroot folder?
# Yesterday, 09:29 neon1024 Would be `yarn run build`
# Yesterday, 09:29 neon1024 https://github.com/davidyell/cakefest-japan-2019/blob/master/package.json#L31
# Yesterday, 09:28 neon1024 @challgren Someone in my office did, but they said there were some issues with it
# Yesterday, 09:28 neon1024 Which is how I call Webpack :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 09:28 neon1024 As `npm run build` is just running a script in your package.json
# Yesterday, 09:27 neon1024 Well, I mean, not without webpack
# Yesterday, 09:27 neon1024 Ah ok, I have not tried that approach
# Yesterday, 09:24 conehead Was not using Webpack at all. Manually calling npm run build
# Yesterday, 09:23 challgren Anyone update to Mac Catalina yet?
# Yesterday, 09:23 javier.villanueva ok I use simply <?= $this->Html->image("logo_company.png", ['fullBase' => true]) ?> and works
# Yesterday, 09:23 neon1024 Perhaps you have a slow Webpack plugin?
# Yesterday, 09:21 conehead That is good to know. I will give it another shot than. Thanks
# Yesterday, 09:20 conehead Okay, must be incorrect setup than
# Yesterday, 09:20 neon1024 Mine compiles in about 1s
# Yesterday, 09:20 neon1024 Thirty seconds?
# Yesterday, 09:20 slackebot <neon1024>
# Yesterday, 09:19 conehead Or does it just perform a normal compile? Takes around 30 seconds every time
# Yesterday, 09:19 neon1024 Not sure why that matters
# Yesterday, 09:19 conehead Ah cool. Is this "fast"?
# Yesterday, 09:18 neon1024 @conehead Yeah webpack supports the ‘watch’ parameter to auto-compile changes
# Yesterday, 09:18 mrfeedback @admad thx! Will do :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 09:18 javier.villanueva but same problem :(
# Yesterday, 09:18 javier.villanueva @admad, ok I use now: ``` WWW_ROOT . 'img' . DS .'logo_company.png' ```
# Yesterday, 09:16 conehead hey @neon1024 I read through your slides about vue and cakephp. Was a cool shot read, wish I could have seen the talk itself. Was just wondering if you were able to `serve ` the app within a normal cake app. Something like "live compile" to the webroot folder. My problem was/is that I only got a single page in my whole cake application that uses vue. Whenever I did changes to the vue code, I had to build it manually to test it within my cake
# Yesterday, 09:16 slackebot app. Did you find a good way to solve this problem? Currently I just import vue and use several js files that I import without compiling at all
# Yesterday, 09:15 admad @mrfeedback in a utility class
# Yesterday, 09:14 admad You need to use file paths, not url
# Yesterday, 09:13 javier.villanueva I am trying to show an image in Emails. ``` $email->setAttachments(['logo_company.png' => [ 'file' => Configure::read('App.imageBaseUrl').'logo_company.png', 'mimetype' => 'image/png', 'contentId' => 'logo_company' ] ``` And in layout ``` src="cid:logo_company" ``` Image exits, but is not shown. Any idea?
# Yesterday, 09:12 mrfeedback if i want to have a piece of reusable code (in my case to generate jpgs from pdf files) where is the best practice place to put such a logic? I dont think that a behavior is the correct place. as this would make several entities out of one source entity, or what do you think?
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# Yesterday, 08:52 admad top of da moin to ye sir!
# Yesterday, 08:52 neon1024 Morning all
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