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# Today, 16:10 steinkel saltlake check https://github.com/CakeDC/users/blob/master/Docs/Documentation/Migration/6.x-7.0.md
# Today, 16:06 saltlake Can anyone answer?
# Today, 16:06 nosmallint type="number"
# Today, 16:05 nosmallint @lorenzo: nope. No regression. If I setup a test project with 2.10.0 and a single testtable with various data types including smallintegers I get correctly "<input name="data[Testtable][col_smallint1]" id="TesttableColSmallint1" type="number">"
# Today, 15:45 saltlake beforeFilder() https://bpaste.net/show/411f960eab98
# Today, 15:44 saltlake for users/loginform
# Today, 15:43 saltlake why this error? https://bpaste.net/show/64ca2a6dcf98
# Today, 15:38 nosmallint switched back to 2.9.9 for debugging this, had the issue in 2.10.0 and latest 2.10.x
# Today, 15:38 lorenzo I believe so
# Today, 15:37 nosmallint @lorenzo: so this is actually a regression and the fault's not on my side?
# Today, 15:37 nosmallint @ itmpls: data type in PostgreSQL is "smallint" :)
# Today, 15:37 saltlake in 3.6
# Today, 15:36 saltlake Is Session a helper or component?
# Today, 15:36 nosmallint uuh
# Today, 15:35 lorenzo nosmallint sounds like a regression in the latest version, unfortunately
# Today, 15:34 itmpls can't you just add type='number' yourself?
# Today, 15:34 itmpls curious* of the db column type. i want to think for me it auto-detected and set number, but i'm probably remembering wrong
# Today, 15:34 nosmallint Using PostgreSQL btw
# Today, 15:34 nosmallint Now the data type is "smallinteger" and the input type is "text".
# Today, 15:33 itmpls just curios
# Today, 15:33 nosmallint The type="text" is the issue, before 2.10.0 the data type was integer, the input type was "number".
# Today, 15:33 itmpls what's the column type in the db?
# Today, 15:32 nosmallint No special $options, contains only "'default' => (int) 0". HTML output is "<input name="data[Mymodule][Myid]" separator="andamp;nbsp;" value="0" id="MymoduleMyid" required="required" type="text">"
# Today, 15:31 itmpls hi saltlake
# Today, 15:30 itmpls @dereuromark would an event be fitting? actually this would be setting it on an associated model though that doesn't change the circumstances
# Today, 15:29 saltlake HI all
# Today, 15:25 itmpls since I started with 3.4
# Today, 15:25 itmpls i've only used ->control mainly
# Today, 15:24 itmpls what are all the options you pass to ->input ?
# Today, 15:23 nosmallint Cakephp was manually updated vie replacing lib/Cake with the new version, then re-baking models, controllers and views.
# Today, 15:22 nosmallint Am I missing something here? Read a lot of changelogs, diff-ed the packages, even tried to debug FormHelper.php
# Today, 15:20 nosmallint I'm using cakephp-2.9.9 without issues. After upgrading to 2.10.0 (which introduced new smallinteger data type) FormHelper->input seems to create all smallinteger input fields with input type 'text' instead of 'number', which effectively disables automatic validation
# Today, 15:19 lorenzo so far so good nosmallint :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 15:18 nosmallint Hello everybody, this is my first time here so if I'm misbehaving somehow please tell me
# Today, 15:18 itmpls i guess i could check for an id there
# Today, 15:17 itmpls i wanted to only bind it by $entity->isNew()
# Today, 15:17 dereuromark you can add it to normal payload patched in ($data array)
# Today, 15:16 dereuromark as the name said there is no entity yet.
# Today, 15:15 itmpls assuming it's by design and maybe there's a better event/way i can do it
# Today, 15:14 itmpls is there a reason i can't access the entity in beforeMarshal? i'm trying to figure out the best place to put a randomly generated password to the entity which is required in validation, thus can't do it in beforesave/aftersave. at the controller level, i'm doing this in 3 areas so i don't want to copy that around
# Today, 14:57 neon1024 As I know we have a few Danes in channel :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 14:57 neon1024 Danish games are on sale! https://store.steampowered.com/sale/gamesfromdenmark/
# Today, 14:18 neon1024 You’ve also forgotten that it might be in /vendor/me/mypackage/src/..
# Today, 14:17 neon1024 If you put a placeholder in, people would literally create something like /plugin/ExamplePlugin and come here saying it doesn’t work
# Today, 14:17 neon1024 If you didn’t put in the plugin name, how would the exception renderer know what it was?
# Today, 14:13 jotpe Confirm you have created the file: Layout/Email/html/test.ctp in *one of the following paths*: xxx/src/Template/Plugin/MassMailer/Layout/Email/html/test.ctp xxx/plugins/MassMailer/src/Template/Layout/Email/html/test.ctp xxx/src/Template/Layout/Email/html/test.ctp
# Today, 14:13 jotpe Maybe it would be good idea to change the Helptext then?
# Today, 14:08 dereuromark fallbacks are usually a bad magic here
# Today, 14:03 jotpe Thought it would be kind fallback when using layouts.
# Today, 14:03 jotpe ah, yeah. Thinking helps :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 14:02 dereuromark as always? :slightly_smiling_face: when dealing with plugin files maybe?
# Today, 14:02 dereuromark setLayout(PluginName.test)?
# Today, 14:01 jotpe I use `->setLayout('test')`. When I place the test.ctp file in `src/Template/Layout/Email/text` it's alright. When I place it in `/plugins/MassMailer/src/Template/Layout/Email/text` it's not recognized. Any ideas?
# Today, 14:00 neon1024 @dereuromark I haven’t, sorry.
# Today, 13:58 jotpe I've got a MissingLayoutException when sending a mit with layout in a plugin.
# Today, 13:57 jotpe hey folks, long time no see.
# Today, 13:32 dereuromark Did anyone face " possibly out of free disk space " in your cakebox vm?
# Today, 13:06 neon1024 Are you all moved to HK already?
# Today, 13:06 neon1024 Oh hey hmic!
# Today, 12:52 lorenzo yay!
# Today, 12:39 unclezoot it works, cheers
# Today, 12:38 unclezoot diffInDays? that sounds good will try thanks!
# Today, 12:38 lorenzo https://api.cakephp.org/chronos/1.1/class-Cake.Chronos.ChronosInterface.html#_diffInDays
# Today, 12:37 unclezoot and adds 'ago'
# Today, 12:37 hmic thats it!
# Today, 12:37 unclezoot that seems to give weeks and days
# Today, 12:37 lorenzo or `diffInDays()`?
# Today, 12:37 hmic timeAgoInDays?
# Today, 12:30 unclezoot i could just export it into Y-m-D then use php's DateTime but that seems a bit silly
# Today, 12:29 unclezoot hi, i have a frozen date and im trying to pull out the number of days ago it was - any ideas? (i just want days, not weeks and days)
# Today, 12:28 eax Worked beautifully! Thanks hmic and lorenzo! :)
# Today, 12:12 hmic ;-)
# Today, 12:12 lorenzo :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 12:12 eax That’s pretty fucking useful! Thanks guys :) Lemme try that out!
# Today, 12:12 hmic which differentiates them from callbacks
# Today, 12:12 eax Hmm, interesting! Thanks!
# Today, 12:11 lorenzo eax you can do $this->MyThings->on(…)
# Today, 12:11 hmic thats one of the nice things of events
# Today, 12:11 hmic in the add action of said controller
# Today, 12:11 hmic just attach it when/where you want it to be
# Today, 12:11 hmic eax: no!
# Today, 12:11 eax That forces it to happen for all instances of the model being used though
# Today, 12:10 lorenzo yeah
# Today, 12:10 hmic lorenzo: i don't think it's neccessary to have crud have it itself, can be attached to the tables event as easy...
# Today, 12:10 lorenzo you can also create you own action class, I often do that for more complex data transformations
# Today, 12:09 lorenzo since in 3.6 you cannot alter the request
# Today, 12:09 hmic but the beforemarshal should work fine, like lorenzo said
# Today, 12:09 lorenzo maybe it should have a beforeMarshal too
# Today, 12:09 lorenzo so it looks to be too late for you
# Today, 12:09 lorenzo unfortunately the beforeSave event in crud already gives you an entity
# Today, 12:08 hmic thats what events are for... crud has it's own events you can tap into
# Today, 12:08 eax hmic: IIRC neither beforeFilter nor startup allows it, but lemme try to see if I’m remembering wrong! :)
# Today, 12:08 hmic eax: set the event up in the controller you want it to be used from (only)?
# Today, 12:07 eax lorenzo: Can I do it at controller level somehow? I have multiple different controllers that write to said Model, and I only need this for some of them :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 12:06 hmic eax: has crud an event to let you manipulate data before it gets saved itself, maybe?
# Today, 12:06 lorenzo the beforeMarshal event in the table
# Today, 12:04 eax Hey folks! I am running CRUD on Cake 3.6.1, I have an add() method that is sent some data, that I want to manipulate before it’s made into an entity. What’s the best way to go about this? I could manipulate $this->request, but since that’s deprecated, that doesn’t seem like a proper solution :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 10:15 neon1024 Morning everyone
# Today, 08:34 joshualuckers If im correct, the default styles are set in cake.css
# Today, 08:20 portilloster Morning guys, I have a problem that is a silly thing but has been anoying me for a while. I want to change the text color of the validation messages. When I inspect the element is pointing to a "scaffolding.less" file on my proyect that I cannot find. Any ideas how to solve this?