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# Today, 12:12 alexdd55976 @birdy247 ask him to write a simple `if` and why he is writing it - says a lot about programmers. then ask him about unit tests and if his `if` was a good or bad idea
# Today, 12:07 alexdd55976 :)
# Today, 12:07 alexdd55976 perfect for a programmer
# Today, 12:01 javier.villanueva maybe he thinks 9 is worse than 1
# Today, 11:51 alexdd55976 our new colleague never used a framework.. from what i heard i would him rate 9/10 too ... so hard to tell
# Today, 11:50 alexdd55976 @birdy247 my experience is that talking about basic stuff and understanding conceptual workflows shows a lot more then code itself.
# Today, 11:37 conehead Or new time instances
# Today, 11:37 conehead And you could ask him how he would handle unit testing times :P
# Today, 11:37 conehead @birdy247 I would ask for Traits as well. Callables and Closures and what the difference is.
# Today, 11:23 jotpe Thanks @ndm, just found this one ;)
# Today, 11:23 javier.villanueva data protection! xD
# Today, 11:23 ndm @jotpe https://github.com/cakephp/authorization/issues/80
# Today, 11:22 javier.villanueva in 10 have hear of Laravel
# Today, 11:22 birdy247 I sent you a snapshot of their CV
# Today, 11:21 birdy247 @neon1024 I would say you are ;)
# Today, 11:21 jotpe Any suggestions? `The request to `/debug-kit/toolbar/c5cf31e3-096a-49b3-88ce-49bb5a8998aa` did not apply any authorization checks.`
# Today, 11:21 neon1024 `$result < 9`
# Today, 11:21 neon1024 Yes, I just did
# Today, 11:21 challgren @neon1024 have you tried reflecting on it? :P
# Today, 11:20 neon1024 @birdy247 I’m not even sure on reflection, if I’d rate myself 9/10
# Today, 11:20 jotpe Btw. I have the same issue with Debigkit
# Today, 11:19 jotpe Really appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 11:19 javier.villanueva Do you offer a good salary birdy? xd
# Today, 11:19 jotpe Thanks for this advice!
# Today, 11:19 jotpe @neon1024 that's it, the policy for Submitters was not correct!
# Today, 11:18 javier.villanueva optimism is a good skill too xD
# Today, 11:18 neon1024 “It’s just PHP”
# Today, 11:17 neon1024 Or if you’re feeling it go with the classic
# Today, 11:17 neon1024 It’s a class bro.
# Today, 11:17 neon1024 Then if you get that “Well that’s all framework code, blah blah”
# Today, 11:17 neon1024 Sounds like a plan
# Today, 11:16 birdy247 How about showing him some cakephp code and asking him to talk us through it
# Today, 11:15 neon1024 If they waffle, you know bullshit
# Today, 11:15 neon1024 Because it’s stupidly simple, but sounds mysterious and complicated
# Today, 11:15 birdy247 Love that
# Today, 11:15 birdy247 null coalesce :)
# Today, 11:15 birdy247 ok, so ask him to explain what they are?
# Today, 11:15 neon1024 Scalar typehints, method return types, and null coalesce operator
# Today, 11:15 birdy247 I am by no means an expert in interviewing
# Today, 11:14 neon1024 I’d run him past classes, inheritance, composition and as @javier.villanueva said SOLID
# Today, 11:14 challgren Check his github/gitlab too
# Today, 11:14 neon1024 It does show a lack of community engagement
# Today, 11:14 birdy247 I was v. suprised he handt heard of laravell
# Today, 11:14 slackebot <challgren>
# Today, 11:14 birdy247 lol
# Today, 11:13 slackebot Command sent from Slack by neon1024:
# Today, 11:13 slackebot !google Urban Dictionary Brogrammer
# Today, 11:13 birdy247 brogrammer?
# Today, 11:13 neon1024 Or 110% Brogrammer
# Today, 11:13 challgren Oh man
# Today, 11:13 neon1024 Don’t even interview, clearly a douché
# Today, 11:12 neon1024 Next!
# Today, 11:12 neon1024 HA. HA. HA.
# Today, 11:12 javier.villanueva xD
# Today, 11:12 neon1024 Haha
# Today, 11:12 birdy247 but rates his ability as 9/10
# Today, 11:12 birdy247 or heard of laravell
# Today, 11:12 birdy247 He has never used cakephp
# Today, 11:11 neon1024 I’d agree with @javier.villanueva discussing OOP concepts is a good place to go also
# Today, 11:10 neon1024 If they’re just reading it or grasping the concept
# Today, 11:10 neon1024 As you can tell how someone talks about code
# Today, 11:10 neon1024 Code review is a good option too though
# Today, 11:09 neon1024 Maybe if you like the candidate, give them a technical test afterwards
# Today, 11:09 javier.villanueva the tipical example with db queries in a foreach xD
# Today, 11:08 neon1024 We give out a technical test to candidates about a week before they interview, and we can discuss their code during the interview
# Today, 11:08 birdy247 Maybe just show them some code and ask to explain?
# Today, 11:08 javier.villanueva talk me about TDD
# Today, 11:08 birdy247 Perhpas not writing
# Today, 11:08 neon1024 How terrifying
# Today, 11:08 neon1024 Eish, I can’t imagine trying to write code in an interview
# Today, 11:08 javier.villanueva talk me about SOLID
# Today, 11:07 birdy247 Technical test first
# Today, 11:07 birdy247 They are coming in at 3pm
# Today, 11:07 neon1024 Didn’t give them a technical test before the interview?
# Today, 11:07 birdy247 Has anyone got any nifty test we can try them on?
# Today, 11:06 birdy247 We want to test their PHP skills
# Today, 11:06 birdy247 They will be working mainly with cakePHP
# Today, 11:06 birdy247 We are interviewing today
# Today, 11:06 birdy247 Hi
# Today, 11:05 javier.villanueva ok thanks all
# Today, 11:04 javier.villanueva yes, is an option
# Today, 11:04 neon1024 ..and wrap it in your own value object perhaps
# Today, 11:04 neon1024 Which only returns the time part
# Today, 11:04 javier.villanueva ok thanks
# Today, 11:04 neon1024 You could always make a custom data type for just time
# Today, 11:04 alexdd55976 @javier.villanueva varchar or datetime... time is a waste of time
# Today, 11:04 javier.villanueva I think that is better for me to use an varchar field for save it
# Today, 11:03 neon1024 Blame PHP :) https://www.php.net/datetime
# Today, 11:02 javier.villanueva :(
# Today, 11:01 neon1024 As there isn’t a Time class
# Today, 11:01 neon1024 I believe so
# Today, 11:00 javier.villanueva when I have a TIME field (mysql) ... and I get this value in cakephp... Its normal that returns an FrozenTime and set today in Date by default?
# Today, 10:55 neon1024 Ahh `\Cake\Http\ForbiddenException` :)
# Today, 10:54 neon1024 @jotpe The entity you’re setting to your form might be missing some fields :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 10:54 neon1024 What’s the 401 exception? When a user fails Authorization
# Today, 10:34 jotpe `[protected] _validator => [ '' => object(Cake\Validation\Validator) {` contains only the validation rules of Talks, not Submitters
# Today, 10:33 jotpe This is weird. I debugged the context, `[protected] _tables => [` contains the TalksTable and SubmittersTable
# Today, 10:21 neon1024 Which is why I asked about the validation :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 10:20 neon1024 https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/View/Form/EntityContext.php#L485
# Today, 10:20 neon1024 Which leads back to here