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# Today, 10:46 Martin` hi :D
# Today, 10:46 conehead yes
# Today, 10:37 cakephp183 ?
# Today, 10:37 cakephp183 there/
# Today, 10:36 cakephp183 hello
# Today, 10:36 cakephp183 hi
# Today, 10:11 dereuromark The readme could also outline this fact a bit more clear, make a PR here.
# Today, 10:10 challgren https://github.com/ADmad/cakephp-jwt-auth/issues/86#issuecomment-568723955 Looks like it wont be upgraded to 4
# Today, 10:09 dereuromark Technically, though, they are both not suitable for stateless session management - https://github.com/ADmad/cakephp-jwt-auth/issues/85 The md5 version of password hashing :P
# Today, 10:09 neon1024 JWT isn’t supposed to be secure
# Today, 10:08 dereuromark if you are using it for auth, you might want to look into Paseto instead (supposed to be secure, compared to jwt)
# Today, 10:07 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/authentication/2/en/identifiers.html#jwt-subject
# Today, 10:06 challgren I think JWT is in the authentication plugin
# Today, 10:00 spriz Great chance to upgrade it :tada:
# Today, 10:00 spriz Does not seem like it @peppejaripappalardo ;) https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/awesome-cakephp#authentication-and-authorization
# Today, 09:47 challgren I think namespaceSplit(string $class)
# Today, 09:41 val Hi, function is used to get the class name stripping the namespace in 3.x?
# Today, 09:41 peppejaripappalardo Hello to everybody, someone know if cakephp 4 support the plugin admad jwt?
# Today, 09:25 challgren Maybe setup your tests to be a bit more smaller
# Today, 08:47 conehead Or lets say...most associations were used by behaviors...and you are able to remove those on the fly
# Today, 08:44 conehead at least for plain functional tests I only need to load the fixtures that are actually used
# Today, 08:44 conehead I take back everything I said. Bad setup of tests and tables
# Today, 08:24 challgren Ouch
# Today, 08:21 conehead So freaking 40 lines every time. I even extended the cake test file to load these fixtures. But this is a real bad solution imho
# Today, 08:20 conehead Yeh, have had a look. Unfortunately random errors showed up for me. Additionally I want to prevent loading all fixtures at all. It is always roughly a total of 40 fixtures I have to load
# Today, 08:18 challgren @conehead did you look at https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/fixturize you still gotta put the fixtures in but it doesnt take as long to setup/teardown
# Today, 08:10 conehead Oh and I ment I have to load all fixtures and create all tables. Instead of loading 11 fixtures I would prefer to load only 1 fixture (which I actually need)
# Today, 08:03 conehead And actually I am not willing to recreate all these tables although I do not need them. Yes, time should not matter when testing. But I prefer to add quite a lot of tests and run them regularly
# Today, 08:02 conehead Is there a way to remove associations? I would like to test a behavior on a given table. This table has about 10 associations. Now every time I run the tests, I have to create all 11 tests, although I just want to create an entity just with an id and a name
# Today, 07:27 damiano good morning
# Today, 06:46 alexdd55976 morning
# Today, 05:58 itamer Hi @markstory - they've got a moodle website that needs to validate against my Cake site. It's more complex than that, but essentially they've said they want LDAP or AzureAD. It'd be much easier if they could just make a REST/API style request.
# Today, 03:03 markstory oauth2 is another approach that can be differently complex to get going. Knowing more about how the clients need to access the users you have will help in deciding whether or not ldap is a good protocol.
# Today, 03:01 markstory @itamer Are the other clients desktop/web or mixed clients?
# Today, 01:11 itamer I've got a cake3 site that another site wants to use to authenticate it's users. It's been suggested that LDAP would be good. Has anyone added a layer over their cake database to allow it to be an LDAP server?
# Yesterday, 21:58 challgren @cake_baker yes
# Yesterday, 21:44 cake_baker Is cake 1.3 considered ancient?
# Yesterday, 19:02 wizardfix I thought perhaps so. :)
# Yesterday, 19:01 ndm No, the `belongsTo` is enough is all you want is read/save the user via result
# Yesterday, 19:00 wizardfix Btw do I actually need both ways associations to make it work?
# Yesterday, 18:59 ndm you're welcome
# Yesterday, 18:58 wizardfix Brilliant, it works! :,) Thanks a mil' @ndm
# Yesterday, 18:57 ndm `added_by` is the foreign key column, not the property name. Unless configured otherwise, the property name for an association is by default the lowercased, underscored variation association alias, either singular (belongsTo/hasOne) or plural (hasMany/belongsToMany), ie `$result->user->name`
# Yesterday, 18:52 wizardfix Hi - Using 3.8... :) I have a `Results` table and a `Users` table. Results have an `added_by` field which is a foreign key referencing Users table. I am trying to set up an association so that I can show the user name in the Results table, not just the user id, so `<td><?= h($result->added_by->name) ?></td>.` I've set up associations in the `ResultsTable`: ```$this->belongsTo('Users') ->setForeignKey('added_by')
# Yesterday, 18:52 slackebot ->setJoinType('INNER');``` and `UsersTable`: ```$this->hasMany('Results', [ 'foreignKey' => 'added_by', ]);``` and included this in my `ResultsController`'s `index()` method: `$this->paginate = ['contain' => ['Users']];` What happens is that I get an error from referring to ``$result->added_by->name`.` If I omit `->name` it works fine but just shows the id. `Notice (8): Trying to get property 'name' of non-object
# Yesterday, 18:52 slackebot [APP/Template/Results/index.ctp, line 55]` Can someone see what I'm missing please? :thinking_face:
# Yesterday, 17:20 ricksaccous oh ok then
# Yesterday, 17:19 flashios09 i know how to do it with cake(just force the response content type to `application/json` )
# Yesterday, 17:18 ricksaccous this is more for cake in general
# Yesterday, 17:18 ricksaccous oh sorry i don't know about the crud plugin
# Yesterday, 17:18 ricksaccous I think
# Yesterday, 17:18 ricksaccous you'd set dataType to json
# Yesterday, 17:18 flashios09 @ricksaccous how ? what is the hook that i have to use ? beforeFilter ? beforeRender ?
# Yesterday, 17:18 ricksaccous if you are using jquery.ajax
# Yesterday, 17:17 ricksaccous @flashios09 yes, just pass the headers in the request and cake will treat it as json
# Yesterday, 15:49 flashios09 will output: ```{ "success": true, "data": {...} }```
# Yesterday, 15:48 flashios09 i mean something like this `http://cakeapi.test/posts/1`
# Yesterday, 15:47 flashios09 is it possible to display the json on the browser without using the `.json` extension ?
# Yesterday, 15:46 flashios09 i’m trying the friendsofcake/crud plugin
# Yesterday, 15:46 flashios09 hi
# Yesterday, 13:48 narendravaghela anyone has faced this issue?
# Yesterday, 13:48 narendravaghela CakePHP 4 - It runs the action twice
# Yesterday, 13:44 admad https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/search/releases/tag/6.0.0-beta
# Yesterday, 13:06 damiano i do not know, admad you are following this plugin, can it be used?
# Yesterday, 13:05 damiano the first do not have ver. 4 branch
# Yesterday, 13:05 damiano pardon i said cakedc/search but it is friendofcake/search, my wrong
# Yesterday, 13:05 damiano i really do not know if it can be used with cake4
# Yesterday, 13:05 damiano Search provides a simple interface to create paginate-able filters for your >>> CakePHP 3.x <<< application.
# Yesterday, 13:04 damiano @admad https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/search/tree/cake-4.x
# Yesterday, 13:03 damiano admad i do not know :) i just found the 4.x branch
# Yesterday, 13:02 admad If it was considered stable there would be a stable release
# Yesterday, 12:38 damiano hello! is the 4.x branch of cakedc/search plugin ready/stable?
# Yesterday, 08:15 christianjohn.gss and I finished it but I experience a problem, thee login does not work with identify();
# Yesterday, 08:15 christianjohn.gss hello so I tried the cms tutorial on cakephp
# Yesterday, 05:00 latenal This is a very simple structure only 2 levels. Is there any plugin for it or something?
# Yesterday, 04:50 admad You can't
# Yesterday, 04:27 latenal The tree is returned corrupted: there are children without parents
# Yesterday, 01:54 latenal What is the right way to paginate `find('threaded')` ?
# Feb 15th, 23:16 rochasmarcelo What do you need exactly in url? You can set a custom url for login
# Feb 15th, 16:57 hippo BodyParserMiddleware was actually included but I put the auth before it, so auth was failing but is was working in other places :thinking_face:
# Feb 15th, 16:56 hippo New project on 4 :)
# Feb 15th, 16:51 admad He could be using < 3.6 though :P
# Feb 15th, 16:50 admad Yup I noticed but better to avoid a suggestion which will need changing when upgrading :)
# Feb 15th, 16:49 ndm Yeah, but `$this->request->data()` looked kinda 3ish :)
# Feb 15th, 16:48 admad @ndm BodyParserMiddleware is the only option in 4
# Feb 15th, 16:41 hippo Middleware is perfect, thanks @ndm!
# Feb 15th, 16:40 hippo Ahh perfect, I knew there has to be something.
# Feb 15th, 16:37 ndm @hippo Built in solutions would be the body parser middleware (https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/controllers/middleware.html#body-parser-middleware) or the request handler component (https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/controllers/components/request-handling.html)
# Feb 15th, 16:32 hippo Does anyone know if there is a way to make JSON data accessible in `$this->request->data()`
# Feb 15th, 16:31 hippo @makubex.tt ```<button type="button" data-id="<?= $movie->id ?>" class="btn-favourite">Favourite</button> jQuery(function ($) { $('.btn-favourite').on('click', function () { $.post('/movies/favourite', { id: $(this).data('id') }).success(function () { alert('success'); }); }); });```
# Feb 15th, 16:27 makubex.tt Thank you.
# Feb 15th, 16:27 makubex.tt Is there a way to pass the value to the controller with JavaScript without using the form submit? For example, there is a favorite button in the movie list, and I want to save the value to the DB by clicking
# Feb 15th, 16:27 makubex.tt Hi everyone
# Feb 15th, 15:55 rudy1976s I am configuring CakeDC Users plugin with ADmad I18n plugin and I am not able to set a login redirect with correct language parameter: anyone here is using Users plugin ?
# Feb 15th, 15:54 rudy1976s Good afternoon to everyone !
# Feb 15th, 13:03 sebastian.krzewinski. Hi
# Feb 15th, 10:58 damiano thanks @ndm
# Feb 15th, 10:44 ndm @damiano The identity is usually an object, an instance of `\Authentication\Identity`. What you are looking at, is probably the formatted debug output, which doesn't reflect the objects interface. The object has a `get()` method for data access (`$identity->get('field')`), it supports property access (`$identity->field`), array access (`$identity['field']`), and using its `getOriginalData()` method you can retrieve all identity data at once.
# Feb 15th, 10:44 slackebot Also the authentication component supports accessing the identity data directly via its `getIdentityData()` method (`$this->Authentication->getIdentityData('field')`).
# Feb 15th, 10:20 damiano is there a way to get the data only without config?