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# Mar 13th, 12:02 challgren I saw #761 but there’s no tests and it kind of breaks bc
# Mar 13th, 12:01 challgren I was going to tackle the allow superusers to change any password #408
# Mar 13th, 11:59 steinkel yep
# Mar 13th, 11:59 challgren Ok cool I’m using the 8.3.x and want to make sure it makes it way into the 8.3 branch at least
# Mar 13th, 11:58 steinkel and BC vs master
# Mar 13th, 11:58 steinkel we have develop branch with the new auth plugins
# Mar 13th, 11:58 steinkel 8.next and master are OK, we'll merge this back to develop
# Mar 13th, 11:56 challgren @steinkel for that repo should new changes be in 8.next or master?
# Mar 13th, 11:43 challgren Thats a bit more managable
# Mar 13th, 11:43 challgren https://github.com/cakephp/migrations/compare/1.8.1...2.0.0
# Mar 13th, 11:41 challgren You can’t read that fast??? I’m already done looking at all the code changes :P
# Mar 13th, 11:41 neon1024 Hah @challgren can you read the 576 commits and summarise for me? ;)
# Mar 13th, 11:40 neon1024 Ah, it’s in the release https://github.com/cakephp/migrations/releases/tag/2.0.0
# Mar 13th, 11:39 challgren https://github.com/cakephp/migrations/compare/1.0.0...2.1.0
# Mar 13th, 11:38 neon1024 Anyone know where to find changenotes between cakephp/migrations ~1.0 and ~2.0 ?
# Mar 13th, 11:23 acosonic So the final decision is my team is going to migrate our CMS and plugins to Cake 3, boilerplates sucked :) crogoo is bloated...
# Mar 13th, 10:59 challgren Can anyone recommend a good plugin for Oauth server in CakePHP?
# Mar 13th, 10:40 unclezoot thx
# Mar 13th, 10:40 unclezoot fair enough, works for me :)
# Mar 13th, 10:40 neon1024 unclezoot, I’d do that in PHP and store it in the Session
# Mar 13th, 10:39 challgren Yep default to on and let the user disable it manually
# Mar 13th, 10:39 unclezoot morning all, what is the correct way of reading cookies within a template/element? I'm trying to detect the currently logged in user's language preference
# Mar 13th, 10:38 neon1024 So it’s been abstracted away from the user into the plugin :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 13th, 10:38 neon1024 So yeah, it’s automatic as long as the plugin declares the hooks
# Mar 13th, 10:38 neon1024 https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/plugins.html#plugin-objects
# Mar 13th, 10:37 neon1024 Maybe your own plugins Plugin.php file declares the hooks?
# Mar 13th, 10:36 neon1024 C’mon @dereuromark put me out of my misery! ;)
# Mar 13th, 10:34 neon1024 Would also indicate that they have to be configured
# Mar 13th, 10:34 challgren Im not 100% sure honestly
# Mar 13th, 10:34 neon1024 https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Core/BasePlugin.php#L91-L95
# Mar 13th, 10:33 neon1024 So yeah, that doesn’t seem to indicate that they’re automatic
# Mar 13th, 10:33 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/plugins.html#plugin-hook-configuration
# Mar 13th, 10:33 neon1024 Is this in BasePlugin’s constructor?
# Mar 13th, 10:32 neon1024 I can’t see any code for it
# Mar 13th, 10:32 challgren Yes it does bootstrap and routing
# Mar 13th, 10:32 neon1024 Or do Ihave to call pluginBootstrap
# Mar 13th, 10:31 challgren Ive seen that
# Mar 13th, 10:31 neon1024 Does the new plugin loading system load plugin bootstrap and routing by default?
# Mar 13th, 10:31 challgren `Maybe Plugin::getCollection()->add(my Plugin())` will work
# Mar 13th, 10:30 neon1024 Thanks @challgren
# Mar 13th, 10:29 neon1024 :man-shrugging:
# Mar 13th, 10:29 neon1024 I don’t like it
# Mar 13th, 10:29 neon1024 Ah, my worst fears are confirmed
# Mar 13th, 10:28 challgren @neon1024 https://cakesf.slack.com/archives/C053DPNGT/p1550767154115200
# Mar 13th, 10:25 challgren Ohh damm it I have the solution but cant find it now for you @neon1024
# Mar 13th, 10:23 neon1024 How do I load my plugin in my plugins test bootstrap php using the new ->addPlugin() method?
# Mar 13th, 10:22 dereuromark I always do the same thing for my apps on login :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 13th, 10:16 challgren Anyone find this useful? https://github.com/CakeDC/users/pull/777
# Mar 13th, 10:09 kaliel hello everyone, i use in my boostrap.php an extra config file (app_dev.php) which ovveride the default datasource when environement is DEV. But when i use CLI (bin/cake migrations migrate), it still use the production database, any idea ?
# Mar 13th, 10:01 neon1024 Ah, must have scrolled past the scope bit
# Mar 13th, 10:00 neon1024 Can I use the Log class to simply log something to a text file, without writing to all the loggers?
# Mar 13th, 09:53 rrd564 I want to set a virtual filed based on the logged in user's data. Can I access that somehow?
# Mar 13th, 09:51 neon1024 Pre-optimisation to the max! ;)
# Mar 13th, 09:50 neon1024 Not to sound silly, but I do agree with @dereuromark worrying about this kinda thing is a little fruitless
# Mar 13th, 09:50 acosonic Hm, yeah I guess storing them somewhere for "just in case" if required, I'm still researching this, preparing for some new projects...
# Mar 13th, 09:49 neon1024 Usually preferred to contribute back to the repo though I’d say
# Mar 13th, 09:48 neon1024 If you think something is flaky I suppose you could fork it and deploy your own fork
# Mar 13th, 09:46 acosonic Yeah I guess
# Mar 13th, 09:46 neon1024 Although it does raise the issue of CakePHP LTS releases
# Mar 13th, 09:46 dereuromark Guideline: Do not care about vendor dependencies. Care only about your stuff and direct used dependencies. The rest will sort itself out somewhere along the line.
# Mar 13th, 09:46 neon1024 ..and on the flip side, you can see from Composer some of the Symfony components coming down too
# Mar 13th, 09:45 neon1024 So at least from a support standpoint, you know the core team will support their own implementations of the tooling provided in the framework for the future :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 13th, 09:44 neon1024 Usually roll your own in Cake, as the core team maintain their own Http stack, rather than using Foundation, and maintain their own HttpClient rather than Guzzle, and took over Migrations to maintain that, and have put their own layer on DateTime
# Mar 13th, 09:43 neon1024 As for lots of packages, well that’s always a balance choice for the core team. Maintain stuff themselves or rely on other people
# Mar 13th, 09:43 neon1024 Perhaps investigate Symfony Flex? That gives you a flexible componentised approach install
# Mar 13th, 09:42 dereuromark @acosonic You are funny. Did you try laravel boilerplate lately? It will install literally the whole universe :slightly_smiling_face: They dont seem to mind.
# Mar 13th, 09:42 neon1024 Perhaps Jordi will get bored and go do something else
# Mar 13th, 09:41 neon1024 Who even knows if we’ll still be using Composer in a decade from now
# Mar 13th, 09:41 neon1024 New standards will be released, fashions will change, new packages will emerge
# Mar 13th, 09:41 neon1024 ;)
# Mar 13th, 09:41 neon1024 That’s why I have a job
# Mar 13th, 09:40 neon1024 I don’t think software will stay in the same state for more than ayear
# Mar 13th, 09:40 neon1024 I don’t think software will stay in the same state for 10 years
# Mar 13th, 09:40 acosonic Hm...
# Mar 13th, 09:40 neon1024 I’d think people will upgrade to Cake 4, and some plugins will not be updated
# Mar 13th, 09:40 neon1024 My gut says, no, of course they won’t be available
# Mar 13th, 09:39 neon1024 Nobody knows the answer to that question.
# Mar 13th, 09:23 acosonic My fear is situation 10y from now and I still need to use it, will those libs be available, or?
# Mar 13th, 09:23 acosonic Hi, so I am testing some cakephp 3 "boilerplate" with composer... Is it supposed to install so many libraries?
# Mar 13th, 09:23 acosonic https://youtu.be/dbgZ15hoL4Y
# Mar 13th, 09:06 roel @dereuromark Thank you for your response, I'll look into that :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 13th, 09:03 dereuromark @roel you could check if https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-translate could be adjusted to your needs. You could also have a separate (non-admin) frontend for those tables for your users, adjusted what they are allowed to do, and you then could merge/approve based on the input you get from them.
# Mar 13th, 08:52 neon1024 Morning all
# Mar 13th, 08:52 roel Hi everyone, Currently I am creating user added translations. Does anyone have experience with this, how I can solve this the "right" way? Create one big table that has all the translations and let it point to other tables and rows? Thanks in advance.
# Mar 13th, 08:50 josbeir probably not db related :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 13th, 08:49 josbeir check your php-fpm / apache error log
# Mar 13th, 08:14 ahmedmuaz0152 hopefully to gain some help here in slack community
# Mar 13th, 08:14 ahmedmuaz0152 based on my error log of cakephp it shows like the connection is being closed
# Mar 13th, 08:14 ahmedmuaz0152 resulted to same error
# Mar 13th, 08:13 ahmedmuaz0152 i have tried to use utf8mb4_unicode_ci and also utf8_general_ci
# Mar 13th, 08:13 ahmedmuaz0152 Hi there, anoyone used croogo 3.0.5 ? i am struggling with an issue while installing it..after setupDatabase it goes to internal server error
# Mar 13th, 03:25 challgren @stephenzgalbraith https://github.com/CakeDC/users is also helpful it has RABC https://github.com/CakeDC/auth/blob/master/Docs/Documentation/Rbac.md
# Mar 13th, 01:47 admad https://github.com/cakephp/authentication
# Mar 13th, 01:46 admad @stephenzgalbraith https://github.com/cakephp/authorization
# Mar 12th, 23:50 stephenzgalbraith Thank you, I'll take a look at that and see if I can use it or adapt what I have :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 12th, 23:39 dereuromark For me roles and permissions are two different things to keep things simple. roles are the basic auth to actions (e.g. using https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-tinyauth ), and permissions can then be sth on top to either display certain parts on the page, or allow certain things inside those actions. That made it posssible for me to not having to use the acl beast plugin^^
# Mar 12th, 23:35 stephenzgalbraith Hi all, fairly new to CakePHP and enjoying it so far. I am at a loss though how to go about my own way to authorize users to different controllers for the website I'm building. Basically, users can have multiple roles that each have their own permissions, and then can also have custom permissions. I know the logic to merge all the various permissions to create one set, but I am confused where I should be building the logic to check
# Mar 12th, 23:35 slackebot for different roles and permissions such as hasAllPermissions([...]) or hasRole() that can be made available across my application beyond just controller authorization. For example, making a custom menu depending on the permissions they have. I had originally separated the logic into a Component, but now realize this can't be or shouldn't be accessed in a Cell. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
# Mar 12th, 21:36 ricksaccous nevermind
# Mar 12th, 21:36 ricksaccous i figured out a workaround