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# Oct 4th, 13:07 neon1024 Hey @narendravaghela Did you ever have an issue with your SendGrid plugin and DebugKit? I’ve done the setup, but I’m seeing `Notice (8): Undefined index: className [ROOT/vendor/cakephp/debug_kit/src/Panel/MailPanel.php, line 55]` just going to look into it. If I turn up anything I’ll open an issue, or a PR :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 4th, 13:06 neon1024 @birdy247 Always moar codez
# Oct 4th, 13:05 vinicius.big I've just seen your fix! Many thanks!!
# Oct 4th, 13:04 steinkel @vinicius.big we just fixed the warning in the cakedc/auth plugin, please do composer update
# Oct 4th, 13:03 birdy247 but maybe the rule just needs more logic!
# Oct 4th, 13:03 birdy247 execpt in a special edit case
# Oct 4th, 13:03 admad having optional application rule is highly suspicious
# Oct 4th, 13:03 birdy247 we want it to run in all scenarios
# Oct 4th, 13:03 birdy247 well, its more when the rule runs
# Oct 4th, 13:03 neon1024 If it’s optional I wonder if you need a rule?
# Oct 4th, 13:02 birdy247 application rule
# Oct 4th, 13:02 neon1024 So that you can set your own context
# Oct 4th, 13:02 neon1024 @birdy247 Validation rule? Perhaps you need a callback in your validation rule for the ‘when’
# Oct 4th, 12:58 ricksaccous you'd have to put in your own logic
# Oct 4th, 12:58 ricksaccous not by default though
# Oct 4th, 12:57 ricksaccous lol
# Oct 4th, 12:57 ricksaccous if you feed an option that disables it
# Oct 4th, 12:53 birdy247 Can an indivudal rule be disabled in a controller?
# Oct 4th, 12:48 btx thanks, I’ll give that try first.
# Oct 4th, 12:47 btx challenge accepted
# Oct 4th, 12:47 btx :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 4th, 12:47 admad you can use all the system memory available
# Oct 4th, 12:47 btx oo
# Oct 4th, 12:47 admad "but I’d hit the same memory issue at the cli level" i doubt it, php in cli doesn't have memory limits like webserver
# Oct 4th, 12:46 admad doesn't need anything extra, diactoros already provides a stream reponse class but you need to understand how to generate a streaming response in php in general
# Oct 4th, 12:46 btx I was also thinking of generating the XML on a CRON but I’d hit the same memory issue at the cli level
# Oct 4th, 12:45 btx @admad is that something that needs special libs? or is it as “simple” as using javascript to keep calling paginated data until the resultset is empty?
# Oct 4th, 12:43 drkhshOy But won't that show the base widget a lot of times? I mean widgetShowAll is recursive
# Oct 4th, 12:43 drkhshOy use imgur
# Oct 4th, 12:43 admad streaming is what you are looking for
# Oct 4th, 12:43 drkhshOy koala_man presented a more compelling use case
# Oct 4th, 12:43 drkhshOy its like a very gay song
# Oct 4th, 12:43 drkhshOy rf?
# Oct 4th, 12:43 admad cake's View will always buffer, if you want to stream than you need to create a streaming response yourself
# Oct 4th, 12:43 btx that’s because I’m not sure what approach is best (or even an option)
# Oct 4th, 12:42 admad first get your terms right: buffering and streaming are kinda opposite :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 4th, 12:42 btx does anyone know if it’s possible to buffer/stream/etc large datasets to a Cake view? I have an XML view that needs to display a large dataset (10k-30k records) and i’m hitting memory errors (as is to be expected)
# Oct 4th, 12:41 vinicius.big they are all in the last version
# Oct 4th, 12:15 vinicius.big I've just checked the versions: ``` cakephp/cakephp: 3.6.12 cakedc/auth: 3.0.0 cakedc/users: 7.0.2 ```
# Oct 4th, 12:14 vinicius.big I did a fresh install for `Cakephp` and `CakeDC/Users` So, Its suppose to do the last version
# Oct 4th, 11:55 admad slack threads are awful
# Oct 4th, 11:54 admad thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 4th, 11:49 nwokigM And pZombie that's what the linked Wikipedia page does
# Oct 4th, 11:49 nwokigM https://i.imgur.com/DS62QMd.png any CAD gurus around?
# Oct 4th, 11:49 nwokigM but when i run it ..
# Oct 4th, 11:47 neothermic @neon1024 You mention swift, we're still using it for sendgrid :|
# Oct 4th, 11:46 devran For work I need to implement a websocket server, but when I looked around I could not really find a proper framework that works with cakephp, have any of you used phpsocket.io in combination with cakephp?
# Oct 4th, 11:44 devran I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question regarding websockets.
# Oct 4th, 11:42 wyrihaximus Cool sure,got back home yesterday so I'll have a look at it tonight ;)
# Oct 4th, 11:40 admad i managed to get bake running with cake 4.x using my `cake-4.x` branch for twigview
# Oct 4th, 11:39 admad please look into getting rid of those phaker error when you have time.
# Oct 4th, 11:38 admad hehe, hi. we had the discussion on GH after this msg.
# Oct 4th, 11:30 Letze I searched and they don't see to exist, sadly :-(
# Oct 4th, 11:30 Letze does anyone know where I can get printed books regarding version 3.x ?
# Oct 4th, 11:27 wyrihaximus I am now :P
# Oct 4th, 11:14 Leeds guides get outdated and inaccurate
# Oct 4th, 11:14 Leeds Pick a copy of DandF for sure
# Oct 4th, 11:14 Leeds if one of the Recursives reaches the end of its catamorphism before the other, i want to return the result of the finished one and the remainder of the other
# Oct 4th, 11:14 Leeds YouMight, try ./join #voyager
# Oct 4th, 11:07 spriz Ah okay - I never thought of anything I’d need over SMTP’ing
# Oct 4th, 11:07 narendravaghela and the requirement itself.
# Oct 4th, 11:07 narendravaghela But it depends on ESP
# Oct 4th, 11:07 narendravaghela For more options and control I guess
# Oct 4th, 11:05 spriz besides some perf I’d guess
# Oct 4th, 11:05 spriz I mean - what’s the benefit on using specific implementations to their APIs?
# Oct 4th, 11:04 spriz Been looking too much into IMAP yesterday it seems :)
# Oct 4th, 11:03 neon1024 :exploding_head:
# Oct 4th, 11:03 spriz lolz - smtp* :P
# Oct 4th, 11:03 narendravaghela :)
# Oct 4th, 11:03 spriz @neon1024 why not just using the IMAP of sendgrid? ;P
# Oct 4th, 11:03 narendravaghela :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 4th, 11:03 neon1024 lol
# Oct 4th, 11:03 neon1024 Ah, 4 hours ago
# Oct 4th, 11:02 btx ugh nope chunk didn’t work :(
# Oct 4th, 11:02 narendravaghela @dereuromark has merged the PR
# Oct 4th, 11:02 narendravaghela SendGrid is also there
# Oct 4th, 11:02 neon1024 Yeah, my mistake. I looked on the cakephp-awesome list, and found this one, https://github.com/narendravaghela/cakephp-mailgun
# Oct 4th, 11:01 neon1024 Thanks @narendravaghela and @admad I’ll implement this :thumbsup:
# Oct 4th, 11:01 narendravaghela > Yes, seems you’ve done this @narendravaghela :thumbsup: I shall follow your plugins technique
# Oct 4th, 11:00 narendravaghela @admad he said that earlier that he found my plugin
# Oct 4th, 11:00 neon1024 Ahhh!
# Oct 4th, 11:00 narendravaghela https://github.com/sprintcube/cakephp-sendgrid
# Oct 4th, 11:00 admad @narendravaghela I blame you for not telling him to just use your plugin :P
# Oct 4th, 11:00 neon1024 @narendravaghela Did you store the repo somewhere else?
# Oct 4th, 11:00 neon1024 https://github.com/narendravaghela?utf8=%E2%9C%93andtab=repositoriesandq=sendgridandtype=andlanguage=
# Oct 4th, 10:59 neon1024 But as we said, we could discuss this all day! ;P
# Oct 4th, 10:59 neon1024 My point is more that the core team are maintaining an email implementation and a framework. The team on SwiftMailer only do email
# Oct 4th, 10:58 neon1024 Well, indeed
# Oct 4th, 10:58 admad > I’d still be deploying code I’m not using though Then stop using any framework
# Oct 4th, 10:58 narendravaghela @neon1024 you said it
# Oct 4th, 10:58 btx woah @neon1024 this might be a game-changer
# Oct 4th, 10:58 neon1024 I could only find MailGun and another one on the Awesome list
# Oct 4th, 10:58 neon1024 I didn’t know he’d done one!
# Oct 4th, 10:57 neon1024 @narendravaghela Was right I think, if I don’t think it’s great, why not PR
# Oct 4th, 10:57 admad Why are you not just using the sendgrid transport @narendravaghela has made?
# Oct 4th, 10:57 neon1024 I’d still be deploying code I’m not using though
# Oct 4th, 10:57 neon1024 But yes, you’re not wrong
# Oct 4th, 10:57 neon1024 Apart from being in the middle of building an email transport class…
# Oct 4th, 10:56 admad @neon1024 stop bitching unnecessarily :slightly_smiling_face: Nothing stopping you from using swiftmailer right now too if you want to
# Oct 4th, 10:54 narendravaghela This is endless ;)