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# Jan 17th, 17:09 jhall ok I think it does
# Jan 17th, 17:09 neon1024 If it provides any shells, yes
# Jan 17th, 17:09 jhall yeah
# Jan 17th, 17:09 neon1024 Do you mean a CLI command?
# Jan 17th, 17:08 jhall yeah
# Jan 17th, 17:08 jhall okay and then I should be able to access this plugin in a Command?
# Jan 17th, 17:08 neon1024 ..and obviously open a ticket for the plugin author to ask for Cake 3.6+ support
# Jan 17th, 17:08 neon1024 If it’s an older one you might try loading it with `Plugin::load()` in `bootstrap.php`, although this might generate a deprecation warning
# Jan 17th, 17:08 neon1024 https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/plugins.html#loading-a-plugin
# Jan 17th, 17:07 jhall ok
# Jan 17th, 17:07 neon1024 I *think* you can sidestep it, but I can’t recall quite how
# Jan 17th, 17:07 jhall ok
# Jan 17th, 17:07 neon1024 The newer plugin system uses a Plugin file
# Jan 17th, 17:07 jhall so I can't use the plugin
# Jan 17th, 17:07 jhall ah
# Jan 17th, 17:06 neon1024 So that might be because the plugin has not been updated for CakePHP 3.7, which is looking for a Plugin class
# Jan 17th, 17:06 slackebot1 <jhall>
# Jan 17th, 17:05 neon1024 Can you show us the error
# Jan 17th, 17:05 jhall okay my next issue is I am getting a plugin class not found
# Jan 17th, 17:03 neon1024 You will still need to use `$this->addPlugin()` in your Application.php, the plugin documentation should give you the relevant details. Such as if it needs routing or bootstrapping
# Jan 17th, 17:03 jhall ah
# Jan 17th, 17:03 neon1024 The /plugins folder is for your own application specific plugins
# Jan 17th, 17:03 jhall oh so then I access it as a vendor and not use plugin load
# Jan 17th, 17:02 neon1024 @jhall If you install a plugin using composer, it will go into /vendors
# Jan 17th, 17:01 jhall If I install a plugin using composer, shouldn't it add the necessary files to the plugins folder? When I installed this plugin, it claimed it was successful but I see nothing in my plugins directory,
# Jan 17th, 16:41 ricksaccous UltimateController.php
# Jan 17th, 16:40 neon1024 Yeah! It’s just got AllTheThingsController
# Jan 17th, 15:55 admad Does your `Controller` folder contain only one controller?
# Jan 17th, 15:31 neon1024 Does it only contain the one command then?
# Jan 17th, 15:27 rrd564 :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jan 17th, 15:27 rrd564 yep
# Jan 17th, 15:27 jhall yep
# Jan 17th, 15:27 rrd564 and there is no "s" at the end
# Jan 17th, 15:27 jhall and singular
# Jan 17th, 15:27 jhall ah yep you're right
# Jan 17th, 15:26 rrd564 however it starts with capital C
# Jan 17th, 15:26 jhall oh sweet thanks
# Jan 17th, 15:26 rrd564 @jhall just create it and that is all
# Jan 17th, 15:26 jhall I noticed my application does not contain a src/commands directory. Can I simply create it myself or is there some sorta backing I need to do to set that up?
# Jan 17th, 15:16 david thank you so much @admad, it works fine
# Jan 17th, 15:09 admad Create `I18nTable` and set connection in that too
# Jan 17th, 15:03 david that table doesn't exists in my current database. Is no way to specify CakePHP to find that table in the new database?
# Jan 17th, 15:00 david I am using two different database connections in a project, with two different databases. In my model I setup a defaultConnectionName to access a different DB than the current one. The new database has i18n, but my current code is looking for the "i18n" in my current database, instead of the new one setted up in "defaultConnectionName"
# Jan 17th, 13:48 Martin` really? did not see that, I will check that in my Application :)
# Jan 17th, 13:47 lubos Found it, we should use Application addPlugin instead
# Jan 17th, 13:41 lubos `Plugin::load('DebugKit', ['bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => true]);` causes deprecated error with 3.7, can't see in the migration guide what to do about this. It says `Plugin::bootstrap()`. Any ideas?
# Jan 17th, 11:34 asdfghj thanks!!
# Jan 17th, 11:34 asdfghj ok so the type in the buildschema is not very important for modeless forms
# Jan 17th, 11:33 asdfghj yes sure neon1024
# Jan 17th, 11:32 neon1024 @ashish_onmobile https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/installation.html#permissions
# Jan 17th, 11:32 neon1024 @asdfghj It’s probably more to do with the FormHelper being able to detect the type of form input perhaps?
# Jan 17th, 11:31 asdfghj i mean...i must set a type
# Jan 17th, 11:31 asdfghj so i thought it was mandatory no?
# Jan 17th, 11:31 neon1024 Don’t beg. It’s unbecoming
# Jan 17th, 11:31 asdfghj neon1024 i do not care about it but in the modeless doc i see there is that method
# Jan 17th, 11:28 ashish_onmobile Please help
# Jan 17th, 11:28 ashish_onmobile I dont know how to fix.
# Jan 17th, 11:27 ashish_onmobile because tmp folder get access via apache and via shell too
# Jan 17th, 11:27 ashish_onmobile any feedback for this
# Jan 17th, 11:27 ashish_onmobile i tried to use this one
# Jan 17th, 11:26 ashish_onmobile sudo chown -R ubuntu:www-data tmp chmod -R 775 tmp
# Jan 17th, 11:26 neon1024 Use chmod and chown
# Jan 17th, 11:26 neon1024 Your cron is probably running as a different user
# Jan 17th, 11:26 ashish_onmobile how to set the proper permissoin
# Jan 17th, 11:26 neon1024 It’s just file system permissions
# Jan 17th, 11:26 ashish_onmobile when i run cron job in the
# Jan 17th, 11:25 ashish_onmobile some time i see this issue
# Jan 17th, 11:25 ashish_onmobile SplFileInfo::openFile(/var/www/html/tmp/cache/models/myapp_cake_model_default_users): failed to open stream: Permission denied in [/var/www/html/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Cache/Engine/FileEngine.php, line 396]
# Jan 17th, 11:25 neon1024 I’ve never done a modelless form so probably the worst person to talk about it :P
# Jan 17th, 11:25 ashish_onmobile Need some help
# Jan 17th, 11:25 ashish_onmobile Hi Friends
# Jan 17th, 11:25 neon1024 So why do you even care about the schema?
# Jan 17th, 11:24 asdfghj model
# Jan 17th, 11:24 asdfghj neon1024 marshalled? it has no modle
# Jan 17th, 11:21 neon1024 Depends what you’re expecting to happen
# Jan 17th, 11:21 neon1024 Just like using _ids
# Jan 17th, 11:21 neon1024 Well yeah I guess right, because each id would be a new entity when marshalled right?
# Jan 17th, 11:20 asdfghj ok
# Jan 17th, 11:20 asdfghj neon1024 integer for multiple ids?
# Jan 17th, 11:18 joris_ I think we'll just go with app_local then
# Jan 17th, 11:16 neon1024 Yeah, if I remember we had some issues with cli vs web, but it was my colleagues who sorted that out, so I don’t know what thier solution was
# Jan 17th, 11:15 joris_ I did some quick testing while a simple .env file takes 0.24ms to load, loading app_local only takes 0.024ms
# Jan 17th, 11:14 joris_ @neon1024 previously we set the variables in the VirtualHost config but they were not set when using cli which made that cumbersome
# Jan 17th, 11:11 neon1024 Oh schema, yes, I’m probably wrong with array as a type then. You’d probably want integer
# Jan 17th, 11:10 neon1024 There is a section on this in the book, https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/core-libraries/form.html
# Jan 17th, 11:05 asdfghj k
# Jan 17th, 10:57 neon1024 Well why does it matter, you’re not marshalling your data for a database anyway
# Jan 17th, 10:56 asdfghj cool :D
# Jan 17th, 10:56 asdfghj neon1024 uh really? is "array" a type
# Jan 17th, 10:53 neon1024 So you’d execute something like `export DEBUG="false";`
# Jan 17th, 10:51 neon1024 We set out ENV in our Ansible configuration
# Jan 17th, 10:51 neon1024 So in production you set those directly in the environment, not using a file
# Jan 17th, 10:51 neon1024 I thought the .env file overrode environment variables
# Jan 17th, 10:39 joris_ We're currently using .env files to set system specific configurations although i just read in this in the comments: `It is HIGHLY discouraged to use a .env file in production, due to security risks and decreased performance on each request.` How is it different from loading a local config file through `Configure::load('app_local', 'default');` ?
# Jan 17th, 10:37 neon1024 Array?
# Jan 17th, 10:35 asdfghj dereuromark, can you help me please?
# Jan 17th, 10:34 asdfghj it is a <select>
# Jan 17th, 10:34 asdfghj guys, what type should i use in buildschema for a field that accept multiple ids ?
# Jan 17th, 10:32 dereuromark See also https://www.dereuromark.de/2015/01/06/acl-access-control-lists-revised/
# Jan 17th, 10:31 dereuromark @justrohu if you dont need acl, dont use it. only use if simpler approaches arent enough.