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# May 26th, 09:35 Neon1024 This seems a conflict to me
# May 26th, 09:35 Neon1024 Why is notEmpty($field, $message, $mode), but requirePresence($field, $mode, $message)
# May 26th, 09:33 Neon1024 steinkel, I’ve actually never used the template extensions, should probably try that out at some point
# May 26th, 09:32 Neon1024 More deps for rendering, but makes the code neater imo
# May 26th, 09:32 Neon1024 https://github.com/davidyell/Cricketeer/blob/develop/webroot/mustache/batting.mustache
# May 26th, 09:31 Neon1024 Exactly as I did in this project, https://github.com/davidyell/Cricketeer
# May 26th, 09:31 Neon1024 So when I add a new hasMany association, I can render the template with JS to rename the fields correctly without having to put markup into my JS
# May 26th, 09:30 Neon1024 So that I can render the template with both PHP and Javascript
# May 26th, 09:30 Neon1024 I might refactor into something like Mustache templates
# May 26th, 09:30 Neon1024 As on my edit for hasMany, I need to be able to render the same form multiple times
# May 26th, 09:30 Neon1024 I’ve gone with elements
# May 26th, 09:24 steinkel @neon1024 Can I render another template inside a template? > Yes you can use template extension
# May 26th, 09:08 kareylo Element is for part of static html
# May 26th, 09:06 kareylo @neon1024 @birdy247 You can use Element or Cell
# May 26th, 08:43 Neon1024 Guess I’ll smash it out and see how I feel about it later
# May 26th, 08:43 Neon1024 Ah well, I can’t refactor what I haven’t written
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 I don’t want to duplicate the code either
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 Just feels a bit messy and inelegant
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 So I can wrap the whole thing in a form
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 So I might need to make elements for just the form fields
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 But I don’t need a whole form
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 As I need to be able to add associations on the same form
# May 26th, 08:40 birdy247 Yes
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 Elements are the way to go
# May 26th, 08:39 birdy247 was no 1 answered lol
# May 26th, 08:39 birdy247 The general answer that came back
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 Not in the mood for work :(
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 I could do with a day off today
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 NOWAIRLY
# May 26th, 08:39 birdy247 I asked this exact question on Wed
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 hides
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 :o
# May 26th, 08:39 birdy247 Neon1024
# May 26th, 08:35 Neon1024 #rubberduck
# May 26th, 08:35 Neon1024 Guess using an element is probably best thinking about it, as I’ll need to render lots of things in various places
# May 26th, 08:35 Neon1024 Can I render another template inside a template? Or do I have to convert it to an element?
# May 26th, 08:25 chris-andre Only way I have been able to bypass that is by using `post`
# May 26th, 08:24 chris-andre I get 403 Forbidden
# May 26th, 08:24 chris-andre Yup
# May 26th, 08:24 kareylo Wow O_o
# May 26th, 08:24 chris-andre Nothing inside the if is returned. Condition fails
# May 26th, 08:23 kareylo you don't have any error on save ?
# May 26th, 08:22 chris-andre `if ($this->request->is(['patch', 'post', 'put'])) {`
# May 26th, 08:22 kareylo `$this->request->allow(['POST', 'PUT', 'PATCH'])` or something similar ?
# May 26th, 08:22 kareylo what do you have in controller ?
# May 26th, 08:22 chris-andre Btw: Now I tested `$this->Form->create($entity, ['type' => 'put'])` which don't saves (updates) the form
# May 26th, 08:21 kareylo seem logic
# May 26th, 08:21 chris-andre Yes, most likely as it's run with a few seconds between only. But I had trouble with that earlier that my lock file was different on prod server than in my repo.
# May 26th, 08:19 kareylo Yes, but have a composer update on the two side will make the same result
# May 26th, 08:18 chris-andre On my prod I would rely on the lock file generated by update on dev. Isn't that "the right way"?
# May 26th, 08:16 kareylo Try to do a composer update in prod AND dev
# May 26th, 08:15 chris-andre @kareylo Okay. What do you mean with "same version"?
# May 26th, 08:11 kareylo You should not have the same version on dev and prod
# May 26th, 08:10 kareylo @chris-andre When you put an entity with data, Form->create use method put, not post
# May 26th, 08:09 narendravaghela :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 26th, 08:08 kareylo @birdy247 What do you call "task" ?
# May 26th, 08:07 kareylo @narendravaghela don't ask to one person, ask to everybody, maybe someone should help you :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 26th, 08:05 chris-andre Hi, I *had* this issue when updating records, which was "simply" fixed (took me some time), but I wonder if someone knows the reason why it is like this. If anyone would have a look: https://gist.github.com/chris-andre/b0ddb0e290d582f7fd111016e4b9383a
# May 26th, 08:00 birdy247 in a shell?
# May 26th, 08:00 birdy247 Can I load a task and use a different name?
# May 26th, 07:33 narendravaghela @admad could you please help me to define the structure for my application?
# May 26th, 07:27 chris-andre Morning!
# May 26th, 06:59 kareylo Hi there !
# May 26th, 06:51 narendravaghela and there will be a reference id to make the relationship
# May 26th, 06:51 narendravaghela and all those store will be stored in database table e.g. stores
# May 26th, 06:51 narendravaghela for example, store admin can create multiple stores
# May 26th, 06:50 narendravaghela and the database is common
# May 26th, 06:47 narendravaghela kind of saas structure
# May 26th, 06:46 narendravaghela each store has it’s own data
# May 26th, 06:46 narendravaghela I mean in the system, there will be many stores
# May 26th, 06:46 narendravaghela Right, but whatever the store admin will do, I need to add its id as a reference in all the entities
# May 26th, 06:39 admad why? it's just a matter of different authorization rules
# May 26th, 06:24 narendravaghela It is about defining the application architecture - Admin panel: It has full access to all the entities and functions - Store Admin Panel: It has full access to all the data associated to that particular store What is the best practice? Should I create 2 different CakePHP applications?
# May 26th, 01:43 jeremyharris @metoyoko no problem!
# May 26th, 01:41 royalty has anyone written a couchbase data source?
# May 26th, 01:41 royalty out of curiosity
# May 26th, 01:41 metoyoko @jeremyharris thanks for response
# May 26th, 01:40 jeremyharris @metoyoko perhaps you’re looking for extending views: https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views.html#extending-views> or, elements: <https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views.html#elements
# May 26th, 01:39 metoyoko hi all, using cakephp 3.4 how to reference additional/another ctp inside default.ctp? because I want to extend my hidden modal. thanks
# May 25th, 23:40 hiromi2424 medel_: not underscore but hyphen
# May 25th, 23:31 jeremyharris bye!
# May 25th, 23:30 obinoob you
# May 25th, 23:30 obinoob ;) see your latter
# May 25th, 23:30 jeremyharris No problem, I'm happy to help!
# May 25th, 23:29 jeremyharris Yowza
# May 25th, 23:27 obinoob need to switch device now bed time and it's about 40ºC
# May 25th, 23:26 obinoob slackebot: jeremyharris you're a nice fellow :) thank you for your patience
# May 25th, 23:26 obinoob I will and the fact that I can't create an unique instance and pass my params drives me a bit crazy I'm self learning person so always looking to find proper answers only rest when I get my answer :)
# May 25th, 23:25 jeremyharris If you need it in the controller, make a getter that just caches the var on first call
# May 25th, 23:24 jeremyharris You don't need out anywhere else, so it's fine :)
# May 25th, 23:24 jeremyharris On the trait
# May 25th, 23:24 obinoob slackebot: yes I was doing that but that felt wrong
# May 25th, 23:23 jeremyharris Make it when you need it
# May 25th, 23:17 obinoob slackebot: not an easy task to me lol
# May 25th, 23:15 obinoob slackebot: where should I create UserData instance?
# May 25th, 23:12 obinoob slackebot: 2) remove AppRules constructor
# May 25th, 23:12 obinoob slackebot: 1) replace Controller constructor by public function initialize() { parent::initialize(); }
# May 25th, 23:10 jeremyharris Then make it a component :P
# May 25th, 23:10 jeremyharris So use initialize instead :) removing the constructor override will help. Then remove the trait constructor and just call a method that sets up the user instead. Problems solved
# May 25th, 23:08 obinoob slackebot: I'm afraid so