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# Jul 30th 2021, 14:46 upgrad3d57 I just want to delete multiple records based off of a non-primary-key field.
# Jul 30th 2021, 14:45 upgrad3d57 Anyone give support on why when I use $this->Model->deleteAll(['non_public_key' => $someId); it tells me that it's looking for the Model.id and can't find the field? (There is no ID field on that table)
# Jul 28th 2021, 10:25 dereuromark @brandon if you want to avoid inline annotation use the props :) Thats why they are typed in annotations, and kept up to date using IdeHelper
# Jul 28th 2021, 10:15 paolo.bragagni boolan filed is not marked as 'required'
# Jul 28th 2021, 09:47 paolo.bragagni how to fire a provider rule only when create
# Jul 28th 2021, 07:07 paolo.bragagni found thanks
# Jul 28th 2021, 07:01 paolo.bragagni ``` $validator->add('title', 'custom', [ 'rule' => 'nosame', 'provider'=>'custom', 'message'=>'custom message' ]); ```
# Jul 28th 2021, 07:00 paolo.bragagni how to pass $model?
# Jul 28th 2021, 07:00 paolo.bragagni for example I'd like to not permit inserting same value so I have to access to model and make a query for $check in $model
# Jul 28th 2021, 06:59 paolo.bragagni public function nosame($check,$model) : bool
# Jul 28th 2021, 06:58 paolo.bragagni but How can I pass to it other variables?
# Jul 28th 2021, 06:58 paolo.bragagni built a Provider and strange but true it works
# Jul 28th 2021, 06:03 slackebot2 ```Access to an undefined property Cake\Datasource\EntityInterface::$type.``` But if I add the following above the code, the error goes away ```/** @var \Inventory\Model\Entity\Attribute $attribute */``` What is the best practice here? Am I missing something?
# Jul 28th 2021, 06:03 brandon I'm working on cleaning up my code with phpstan. One of the things it complains about a lot of `Access to an undefined property object::$var` for things like `Model->get()` where it can return the Model or an EntityInterface. Am I supposed to use the `@var` doc each time? Here is an example: ```$attribute = $this->AttributeValues->Attributes->get($attribute_id); $datetime = $attribute->type == 'datetime';``` phpstan complains:
# Jul 28th 2021, 04:58 brandon Where do you put this config? Also, level 6!? Oof.
# Jul 28th 2021, 03:56 rohit.onus Hi, Anyone using Mpdf library in cakephp 2 ? I'm getting error in load Mpdf library *Class 'Mpdf\Mpdf' not found.*
# Jul 27th 2021, 22:39 cnizzardini Either hardcode on server or if you're using k8s in configmap or Swarm via env in docker compose. Depends on your infrastructure
# Jul 27th 2021, 22:38 cnizzardini Yep that would cause it. Don't sent envars via nginx
# Jul 27th 2021, 19:22 kevin.pfeifer or copy/write the string in a text file and view that file with a hexeditor to see what it actually is
# Jul 27th 2021, 19:10 mrgrimpy I think I just found the problem. It's when I run bin/cake bake model from CLI (no environment variables). What would be the easiest workaround?
# Jul 27th 2021, 19:01 mrgrimpy It's in the environment. What's even stranger is when I go in the env() function and I add `if ($val == 'DATABASE_FOO_URL') {` `dd($val):` `}` I get the DSN string. I'm very confused.