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# Oct 5th, 13:38 neon1024 Ah, I think it is already on our prod domain! lol
# Oct 5th, 13:35 neon1024 Presumably I’d have to write my own handler
# Oct 5th, 13:34 neon1024 I’d like to ensure my cookies have both `httpOnly` and `Secure` flags
# Oct 5th, 13:34 neon1024 I can only find this, https://github.com/cakephp/app/blob/master/config/app.default.php#L353-L356
# Oct 5th, 13:33 tobse @neon1024 Thanks for the hint. I will take a deeper look into Collections.
# Oct 5th, 13:32 neon1024 How do I go about changing the default CAKEPHP cookie config?
# Oct 5th, 13:31 RandomJamofJar smooth move
# Oct 5th, 13:31 RandomJamofJar go easy on the sips solar <3
# Oct 5th, 13:31 RandomJamofJar if keyboard started with electric typewriters something like dvorak probably would have ended up the normal standard
# Oct 5th, 13:24 r00tKl itd probably never return or vaporize on entry but one can dream
# Oct 5th, 13:24 r00tKl the 6th reboot looks good
# Oct 5th, 13:24 r00tKl I mean... right now I literally just want to extend to one location
# Oct 5th, 13:24 r00tKl if you wanna switch V+, you should switch with a pnp
# Oct 5th, 13:24 r00tKl I see what you mean
# Oct 5th, 13:21 neon1024 Sounds like a job for `Collection::indexBy`
# Oct 5th, 13:21 tobse Good afternoon everybody! I like to check if a value-pair exists in a db-table. Like the "isUnique"-rule but in my case, the values may be switched. I.e. I'd like to save "first_id" => 1 AND "second_id" =>2 and my rule should check if there is a pair "first_id" => 2 AND "second_id" => 1. Cake 3
# Oct 5th, 13:20 specialco wsx: try ##windows
# Oct 5th, 13:20 specialco and you can keep the old one and include it in Grub to have the choice that use one day
# Oct 5th, 13:20 specialco if it's broken
# Oct 5th, 13:00 rudy1976s Is possible querying against column as Json ?
# Oct 5th, 12:59 rudy1976s good afternoon
# Oct 5th, 12:35 meepmeepKy the arch mysql start scripts are all broken etc
# Oct 5th, 12:35 meepmeepKy if i do anything to mod my vrm im assing a cooling block
# Oct 5th, 12:35 meepmeepKy z1haze, why don't you check yhourself
# Oct 5th, 12:35 meepmeepKy DrunkRhino[m]: do you already have an X server running? /shrug
# Oct 5th, 12:35 meepmeepKy Tech_8 I'm not doing much and you?
# Oct 5th, 12:09 theCorvusyO oh! i see it
# Oct 5th, 12:09 theCorvusyO 10 times faster to let bash combine the expansions.
# Oct 5th, 12:09 theCorvusyO Soliton but what does built-ins imply in this context
# Oct 5th, 11:22 vipul.onus Welcome ..
# Oct 5th, 11:22 adriencs I've solved, thanks a lot
# Oct 5th, 11:21 vipul.onus @adriencs look at this https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/paginator.html
# Oct 5th, 11:19 adriencs `sortWhitelist` ... fine
# Oct 5th, 11:16 adriencs I have some trouble to order on associated column. Any idea ?
# Oct 5th, 09:18 neon1024 Although in this instance I’m in Cake 2
# Oct 5th, 09:17 neon1024 Do we have a utils for this in the framework?
# Oct 5th, 09:11 neon1024 `filter_var()` seems to be the bad boi!
# Oct 5th, 09:06 neon1024 I could only really think of regex
# Oct 5th, 09:05 neon1024 Does anyone have a good method for sanitising urls? If you’re using a slug from the url for example.
# Oct 5th, 09:02 wolfson292Xi if the existing data is like 1,3,7,23 and you want to make it 1000,2000,3000,4000 then you can do that in a single update using a window function in a subselect
# Oct 5th, 09:02 wolfson292Xi With puppet 4.5.3 (OS), is there a way to use the facts face to find a list of all nodes that have a given fact? Or, other than hitting puppetdb, a way to do so from the master?
# Oct 5th, 09:02 wolfson292Xi TheRealNoob: The NFS manual covers a lot have you looked at it
# Oct 5th, 08:22 thfryT _ymir: <https://weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_plugin_api.en.html>?
# Oct 5th, 08:22 thfryT Hi, I've been using Fedora for a few month. Today, after a kernel update I get "failed to start load kernel modules"
# Oct 5th, 08:22 thfryT It does let andequalprg=andequalprg
# Oct 5th, 08:22 thfryT right phonecall over
# Oct 5th, 08:15 neon1024 Morning everyone! :wave: Happy Friday :confetti_ball:
# Oct 5th, 08:13 rschwebelev I'm amazed you got over 1gb of ram used by irssi
# Oct 5th, 08:13 rschwebelev as long as you have a powered on cell phone, they can track you
# Oct 5th, 08:13 rschwebelev black goes to black
# Oct 5th, 08:13 rschwebelev i didnt ask about a struct
# Oct 5th, 08:13 rschwebelev kobi7: we're seeing delays to your mail service so it may be a little while before you receive the verification message - you won't be able to join registered-only channels until that happens
# Oct 5th, 08:13 rschwebelev the colour is also deceptively close to my background colour, for extra embarassment
# Oct 5th, 07:56 narendravaghela https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html#customizing-the-templates-formhelper-uses
# Oct 5th, 07:55 narendravaghela You can use template to build readonly inputs
# Oct 5th, 07:45 lubos The easier for me was to extend FormHelper and catch field in control method
# Oct 5th, 07:36 lubos FormHelper, Is it possible to set field option in Form->create? I mean I have list of fields which should have readonly attribute and that would be easier for me
# Oct 5th, 07:34 narendravaghela Sometime adding $(shell ...) breaks things
# Oct 5th, 07:23 bleakbriar but still interested by OpenBSD netboot experience feedback :)
# Oct 5th, 07:23 bleakbriar but I still don't get why adding $(shell ...) break things
# Oct 5th, 07:23 bleakbriar amorken: can I use it likte this or must I have check: [ ] too
# Oct 5th, 07:23 bleakbriar nah, ill recover it somehow lol
# Oct 4th, 22:35 sppkyBr yer ill stick it in a loop was faster to duplicate while i was typing it out though
# Oct 4th, 22:35 sppkyBr I do game on linux but i use lutris
# Oct 4th, 22:35 sppkyBr i need to "interact" with lurkers. so please...?
# Oct 4th, 22:35 sppkyBr pj: <foo> <fee> <foo> <bar> <biz> <boz>
# Oct 4th, 22:35 sppkyBr crestfallen: it gets a bit rabbit-holy if you dont already have a fairly decent amount of math under the belt.
# Oct 4th, 22:35 sppkyBr Hi there! Is there a way to pass DNS records along to reverse proxy applications? I'm using IPFS and it relies on a _dnslink TXT record
# Oct 4th, 22:00 dereuromark maybe @lorenzo knows a neat trick here
# Oct 4th, 20:12 dereuromark is there an easier way than $this->...->hasOne('NoTags', ['className' => 'Tags.Tagged', 'foreignKey' => 'fk_id', 'conditions' => ['fk_model' => 'Records']]); $query = $query->contain(['NoTags'])->where(['NoTags.id IS' => null]);
# Oct 4th, 19:13 dereuromark find('untagged') so to speak
# Oct 4th, 19:13 dereuromark Did anyone ever do the opposite of https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-tags/blob/master/src/Model/Behavior/TagBehavior.php#L286 ? All records where there is no tag yet at all? (without using counter)
# Oct 4th, 17:54 der_AlteBV Hi! I'm having trouble with defining custom completions
# Oct 4th, 17:54 der_AlteBV i guess it hasn't been updated.
# Oct 4th, 17:54 der_AlteBV get a better idea
# Oct 4th, 16:39 GlennS bobdobbs: desktop publishing as?
# Oct 4th, 16:39 GlennS works over here, just checked
# Oct 4th, 16:38 GlennS the switch has been great actually
# Oct 4th, 16:38 GlennS Q[²cQÔ÷ìلq!u-Zóý½WWeóœs۝Ãäêayû’3¥K
# Oct 4th, 16:38 GlennS are you asking how to redirect output of specifically the xtrace logging in bash?
# Oct 4th, 16:38 GlennS Wafficus: yup
# Oct 4th, 16:03 ricksaccous or vice versa
# Oct 4th, 16:03 ricksaccous i don't think cake can automatically determine the relationships from two keys to one
# Oct 4th, 16:03 ricksaccous @rudy1976s you could always add another key field to attachments to use it to relate composite keys and split the value for one field to item_id and the other value for the other field
# Oct 4th, 15:58 lagman 12:45 <+solar> >not using regular panties
# Oct 4th, 15:58 lagman less enter more spacebar
# Oct 4th, 15:58 lagman patury, in that case, you might want to try github also; https://github.com/openbsd/src/blob/master/sys/net/if_pflog.h
# Oct 4th, 15:56 rudy1976s I would but just associate it makes it breaking
# Oct 4th, 15:53 wyrihaximus @dereuromark yeah you can, can write up an example how to do that later
# Oct 4th, 15:43 ricksaccous on the other table?
# Oct 4th, 15:43 ricksaccous the composite key
# Oct 4th, 15:43 ricksaccous of
# Oct 4th, 15:43 ricksaccous so in this particular case you are making item_id a concatenation
# Oct 4th, 15:43 ricksaccous i see
# Oct 4th, 15:43 rudy1976s every model on my app has a hasMany relation with Attachments
# Oct 4th, 15:42 rudy1976s yes
# Oct 4th, 15:42 rudy1976s it's a typed table
# Oct 4th, 15:42 ricksaccous based on model and plugin fields?
# Oct 4th, 15:42 ricksaccous so you are grabbing the association based on conditions as well
# Oct 4th, 15:42 rudy1976s yes