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# Jul 27th 2021, 19:22 kevin.pfeifer or copy/write the string in a text file and view that file with a hexeditor to see what it actually is
# Jul 27th 2021, 19:10 mrgrimpy I think I just found the problem. It's when I run bin/cake bake model from CLI (no environment variables). What would be the easiest workaround?
# Jul 27th 2021, 19:01 mrgrimpy It's in the environment. What's even stranger is when I go in the env() function and I add `if ($val == 'DATABASE_FOO_URL') {` `dd($val):` `}` I get the DSN string. I'm very confused.
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:58 kevin.pfeifer but yes, the whole encoding bullshit is such a mess
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:58 kevin.pfeifer you could try https://github.com/neitanod/forceutf8 and see if that helps
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:57 kevin.pfeifer well as the doc says for mb_detect_encoding() ```Detects the most likely character encoding for string string from an ordered list of candidates.```
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:54 greg138 So, this is weird. `mb_check_encoding($filename, 'UTF-8')` returns false. `mb_detect_encoding($filename)` returns "UTF-8"...
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:46 paolo.bragagni I Need or now only dire One tabke and there are not one line logic. The problem Is that i am not able to write a provider...
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:46 greg138 Is that actually in your environment, or using a `.env` file and importing that?
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:40 slackebot2 _Mysql_::class,`  `],`
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:40 mrgrimpy Hi, I'm encountering a weird problem today concerning my database configuration. I set an environment variable via fastcgi_param (DATABASE_FOO_URL) in my Nginx configuration containing a DSN string. Here is my entry in Datasources (app.php): `'foo' => [`             `'url' => env('DATABASE_FOO_URL'),`             `'className' => _Connection_::class,`             `'driver' =>
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:25 vinicius.big I'll check this, it seems the way to go! thanks!
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:24 vinicius.big nice to meet you, Skie! LOL!
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:23 skie956 You can use cakephp-fixture-factories from the seeds. It uses faker in background, and the nice thing that it can be configured to generate dependent data, with the root level entity.
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:23 skie956 I am skie ;)
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:22 vinicius.big Yeah,,, I'm already using Faker. Its a good approach... But I'm lookign for a easy way to create related data. And thats the goal of skie/cakephp-factory-muffin. Here a example of using it.
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:21 cnizzardini Too bad the cakephp adpater is for 2.x
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:19 cnizzardini I've heard of it, but never personally used it.
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:18 cnizzardini @vinicius.big you can try something like this: https://github.com/fzaninotto/Faker
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:10 vinicius.big yeah... I mean loading testing data, seeding the database.
# Jul 27th 2021, 18:07 kevin.pfeifer I guess Vinicius Arantes means loading (test-)data into the “live” database. The fixture factories are only usable inside the tests as far as I know
# Jul 27th 2021, 17:56 skie956 You can take a look into https://github.com/vierge-noire/cakephp-fixture-factories
# Jul 27th 2021, 17:56 skie956 Wow, I even dont remember i did it.
# Jul 27th 2021, 17:48 greg138 It came from the database, which is UTF-8, but I'll check this.
# Jul 27th 2021, 17:47 kevin.pfeifer could be that the è is encoded in something other then UTF-8
# Jul 27th 2021, 17:46 kevin.pfeifer have you tried checking the string if its actually a valid UTF-8 string? ```mb_check_encoding($string, 'UTF-8');```
# Jul 27th 2021, 17:43 vinicius.big hey folks. There is any plugin/solution to create generate dummy data for my entities? For Cake4. The Real World Example App uses skie/cakephp-factory-muffin but its using Cake 3.8 Other examples on Cake awesome List are still using cake3 also.
# Jul 27th 2021, 16:58 greg138 I know this is a little old, but I wouldn't think it would cause this sort of issue.
# Jul 27th 2021, 16:58 greg138 ```intl Internationalization support => enabled ICU version => 64.2 ICU Data version => 64.2 ICU TZData version => 2019a ICU Unicode version => 12.1```
# Jul 27th 2021, 16:53 slackebot2 (/var/www/cake3/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/I18n/Formatter/IcuFormatter.php:56)```
# Jul 27th 2021, 16:53 greg138 I'm running into a problem passing a UTF-8 string as a positional parameter in `__`. Anybody else see this? `$text = __('{0} {1} document {2}', $action, $category, $filename);` When `$filename` has something like "123 Des règles", we get ```[Aura\Intl\Exception\CannotFormat] Invalid UTF-8 data in string argument: '123 Des règles': U_INVALID_CHAR_FOUND
# Jul 27th 2021, 16:51 greg138 If you only ever need the code in one place, then having it in that one place is more elegant; why have a whole separate file just to implement a one-line function? If you need it in multiple places, but all in the same table, then a function in that table is probably most elegant. If you need it across tables, then a provider gets to be a useful thing.
# Jul 27th 2021, 16:13 paolo.bragagni ...and now that I know about providers seems more elegant... :D
# Jul 27th 2021, 16:12 paolo.bragagni Can I put custom logic in a method?
# Jul 27th 2021, 16:11 paolo.bragagni Id like to reuse the custom logic
# Jul 27th 2021, 15:59 tyler.adam.lazenby I finally got my ci to run properly
# Jul 27th 2021, 15:36 kevin.pfeifer as cnizzardini already said above you don’t need to create a custom provider. Just use this approach: ```$validator->add('title', 'someuniquename', [ 'rule' => function ($value, $context) use ($extra) { // Custom logic that returns true/false }, 'message' => 'The title is not valid' ]);``` Custom Providers are just a tool to separate custom rules into its own file.
# Jul 27th 2021, 15:33 paolo.bragagni Il try tomorrow. (Someting easier??)
# Jul 27th 2021, 15:00 cnizzardini Name your class `MyProvider` is the standard
# Jul 27th 2021, 14:59 greg138 Should be `'provider' => 'custom'`, no?
# Jul 27th 2021, 14:53 paolo.bragagni no errors but no validator