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# May 26th, 10:08 Neon1024 I can’t pass context to the association validation
# May 26th, 10:07 Neon1024 With select existing or add new
# May 26th, 10:07 Neon1024 My form has both parent and association
# May 26th, 10:07 hmic steinkel: the idea comes from the possibility to add data to the request as per psr-7, but not beeing able to remove...
# May 26th, 10:06 steinkel it's not part of http://www.php-fig.org/psr/psr-7/ why would you need to remove it?
# May 26th, 10:05 hmic i'd go straight to lastest 2.9. so you only need to check for breakage once
# May 26th, 10:04 NeoTherm1c|Work (I ponder more because 2.7.11's fix was also in 2.8.2, so... should I just go to 2.8.0 from 2.7.10?)
# May 26th, 10:03 NeoTherm1c|Work somewhat simple update question, if I'm on 2.7.10, do I go 2.7.11, 2.8.0 -> 2.8.9 and then 2.9.x? (Assuming that I make each version jump manually to make sure there's no problems with our usage)
# May 26th, 10:00 Neon1024 Guess i’ll just use the deprecated methods
# May 26th, 09:58 Neon1024 So it’s not possible to remove a request data key and value?
# May 26th, 09:57 Neon1024 Speaking of which I can’t find a method for removing request data, other than $this->request = $this->request->withData(), which still sets a value
# May 26th, 09:53 Neon1024 Unless I’m missing it, it’s a pretty big var_dump()
# May 26th, 09:53 Neon1024 I would think context would know how the validation had been called, either directly or as an association
# May 26th, 09:52 Neon1024 Can I make validation conditional on associations based on the parent? Using a closure for the ‘when’ the $context doesn’t have any data from the parent, as the association is validated and merged separatly. So I’ll have to check and adjust the data in the controller before calling patchEntity right? Isn’t there a more elegant way to do this? How can I pass parent context to the associations validation?
# May 26th, 09:35 Neon1024 This seems a conflict to me
# May 26th, 09:35 Neon1024 Why is notEmpty($field, $message, $mode), but requirePresence($field, $mode, $message)
# May 26th, 09:33 Neon1024 steinkel, I’ve actually never used the template extensions, should probably try that out at some point
# May 26th, 09:32 Neon1024 More deps for rendering, but makes the code neater imo
# May 26th, 09:32 Neon1024 https://github.com/davidyell/Cricketeer/blob/develop/webroot/mustache/batting.mustache
# May 26th, 09:31 Neon1024 Exactly as I did in this project, https://github.com/davidyell/Cricketeer
# May 26th, 09:31 Neon1024 So when I add a new hasMany association, I can render the template with JS to rename the fields correctly without having to put markup into my JS
# May 26th, 09:30 Neon1024 So that I can render the template with both PHP and Javascript
# May 26th, 09:30 Neon1024 I might refactor into something like Mustache templates
# May 26th, 09:30 Neon1024 As on my edit for hasMany, I need to be able to render the same form multiple times
# May 26th, 09:30 Neon1024 I’ve gone with elements
# May 26th, 09:24 steinkel @neon1024 Can I render another template inside a template? > Yes you can use template extension
# May 26th, 09:08 kareylo Element is for part of static html
# May 26th, 09:06 kareylo @neon1024 @birdy247 You can use Element or Cell
# May 26th, 08:43 Neon1024 Guess I’ll smash it out and see how I feel about it later
# May 26th, 08:43 Neon1024 Ah well, I can’t refactor what I haven’t written
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 I don’t want to duplicate the code either
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 Just feels a bit messy and inelegant
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 So I can wrap the whole thing in a form
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 So I might need to make elements for just the form fields
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 But I don’t need a whole form
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 As I need to be able to add associations on the same form
# May 26th, 08:40 birdy247 Yes
# May 26th, 08:40 Neon1024 Elements are the way to go
# May 26th, 08:39 birdy247 was no 1 answered lol
# May 26th, 08:39 birdy247 The general answer that came back
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 Not in the mood for work :(
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 I could do with a day off today
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 NOWAIRLY
# May 26th, 08:39 birdy247 I asked this exact question on Wed
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 hides
# May 26th, 08:39 Neon1024 :o
# May 26th, 08:39 birdy247 Neon1024
# May 26th, 08:35 Neon1024 #rubberduck
# May 26th, 08:35 Neon1024 Guess using an element is probably best thinking about it, as I’ll need to render lots of things in various places
# May 26th, 08:35 Neon1024 Can I render another template inside a template? Or do I have to convert it to an element?
# May 26th, 08:25 chris-andre Only way I have been able to bypass that is by using `post`
# May 26th, 08:24 chris-andre I get 403 Forbidden
# May 26th, 08:24 chris-andre Yup
# May 26th, 08:24 kareylo Wow O_o
# May 26th, 08:24 chris-andre Nothing inside the if is returned. Condition fails
# May 26th, 08:23 kareylo you don't have any error on save ?
# May 26th, 08:22 chris-andre `if ($this->request->is(['patch', 'post', 'put'])) {`
# May 26th, 08:22 kareylo `$this->request->allow(['POST', 'PUT', 'PATCH'])` or something similar ?
# May 26th, 08:22 kareylo what do you have in controller ?
# May 26th, 08:22 chris-andre Btw: Now I tested `$this->Form->create($entity, ['type' => 'put'])` which don't saves (updates) the form
# May 26th, 08:21 kareylo seem logic
# May 26th, 08:21 chris-andre Yes, most likely as it's run with a few seconds between only. But I had trouble with that earlier that my lock file was different on prod server than in my repo.
# May 26th, 08:19 kareylo Yes, but have a composer update on the two side will make the same result
# May 26th, 08:18 chris-andre On my prod I would rely on the lock file generated by update on dev. Isn't that "the right way"?
# May 26th, 08:16 kareylo Try to do a composer update in prod AND dev
# May 26th, 08:15 chris-andre @kareylo Okay. What do you mean with "same version"?
# May 26th, 08:11 kareylo You should not have the same version on dev and prod
# May 26th, 08:10 kareylo @chris-andre When you put an entity with data, Form->create use method put, not post
# May 26th, 08:09 narendravaghela :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 26th, 08:08 kareylo @birdy247 What do you call "task" ?
# May 26th, 08:07 kareylo @narendravaghela don't ask to one person, ask to everybody, maybe someone should help you :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 26th, 08:05 chris-andre Hi, I *had* this issue when updating records, which was "simply" fixed (took me some time), but I wonder if someone knows the reason why it is like this. If anyone would have a look: https://gist.github.com/chris-andre/b0ddb0e290d582f7fd111016e4b9383a
# May 26th, 08:00 birdy247 in a shell?
# May 26th, 08:00 birdy247 Can I load a task and use a different name?
# May 26th, 07:33 narendravaghela @admad could you please help me to define the structure for my application?
# May 26th, 07:27 chris-andre Morning!
# May 26th, 06:59 kareylo Hi there !
# May 26th, 06:51 narendravaghela and there will be a reference id to make the relationship
# May 26th, 06:51 narendravaghela and all those store will be stored in database table e.g. stores
# May 26th, 06:51 narendravaghela for example, store admin can create multiple stores
# May 26th, 06:50 narendravaghela and the database is common
# May 26th, 06:47 narendravaghela kind of saas structure
# May 26th, 06:46 narendravaghela each store has it’s own data
# May 26th, 06:46 narendravaghela I mean in the system, there will be many stores
# May 26th, 06:46 narendravaghela Right, but whatever the store admin will do, I need to add its id as a reference in all the entities
# May 26th, 06:39 admad why? it's just a matter of different authorization rules
# May 26th, 06:24 narendravaghela It is about defining the application architecture - Admin panel: It has full access to all the entities and functions - Store Admin Panel: It has full access to all the data associated to that particular store What is the best practice? Should I create 2 different CakePHP applications?
# May 26th, 01:43 jeremyharris @metoyoko no problem!
# May 26th, 01:41 royalty has anyone written a couchbase data source?
# May 26th, 01:41 royalty out of curiosity
# May 26th, 01:41 metoyoko @jeremyharris thanks for response
# May 26th, 01:40 jeremyharris @metoyoko perhaps you’re looking for extending views: https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views.html#extending-views> or, elements: <https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views.html#elements
# May 26th, 01:39 metoyoko hi all, using cakephp 3.4 how to reference additional/another ctp inside default.ctp? because I want to extend my hidden modal. thanks
# May 25th, 23:40 hiromi2424 medel_: not underscore but hyphen
# May 25th, 23:31 jeremyharris bye!
# May 25th, 23:30 obinoob you
# May 25th, 23:30 obinoob ;) see your latter
# May 25th, 23:30 jeremyharris No problem, I'm happy to help!
# May 25th, 23:29 jeremyharris Yowza
# May 25th, 23:27 obinoob need to switch device now bed time and it's about 40ºC