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# Oct 6th, 10:28 BotjeqT type level is compile time, it's not going to be able to make decisions based on runtime
# Oct 6th, 10:28 joopm i have a strange issue because i need to render ajax layout for a select list, but the main project already contain a setlayout in the appcontroller
# Oct 6th, 10:28 BotjeqT play your vid in slow motion
# Oct 6th, 10:28 BotjeqT XDD
# Oct 6th, 10:27 BotjeqT PWNED
# Oct 6th, 10:27 joopm hello all
# Oct 6th, 08:39 fredcyeM asymptotically: prob is, xmrig and stak both use openssl
# Oct 6th, 08:39 fredcyeM are even 4-bit microcontroller roms still copyrighted?
# Oct 6th, 06:37 NULLx76jl i mean, in the sound, not in the video playback
# Oct 6th, 06:37 NULLx76jl it failed before it started xD
# Oct 6th, 05:31 EvanCarroll i'm dating myself here...
# Oct 6th, 05:31 EvanCarroll ChuckWalker: add --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/" to the wget line they recommend
# Oct 6th, 05:31 EvanCarroll I use it to test HDDs
# Oct 6th, 04:43 tehExodusnn media blah mediaopt x-duplex
# Oct 6th, 04:43 tehExodusnn you were based in france?
# Oct 6th, 03:41 vipul.onus Yo WeekEnd :aussieparrot::rightshark::middleparrot:
# Oct 5th, 22:32 f8lRC apparently pretty similar to coax, but about 90 ohm impedence instead of 75.
# Oct 5th, 22:32 f8lRC it doesn't get the resolution right at all
# Oct 5th, 22:32 f8lRC pitti: let's keep the standup in stefw's channel today. I've asked him to update the event, but he's on PTO
# Oct 5th, 22:32 f8lRC if your computer can do any modern CUDA work, it should also be able to run a VM with no issues
# Oct 5th, 22:32 f8lRC https://paste.linux.community/view/1f420a21
# Oct 5th, 22:32 f8lRC crankharder: https://elliotekj.com/2016/11/22/setup-ctrlp-to-use-ripgrep-in-vim/
# Oct 5th, 21:04 GloriousYellow_ there is also info test, which isn't cool.
# Oct 5th, 21:04 GloriousYellow_ My undergrad differential geometry course talked about those subjects, but it did seem to be what others considered grad-level material
# Oct 5th, 21:04 GloriousYellow_ 104F out here
# Oct 5th, 21:04 GloriousYellow_ you need 'fi' to terminate the block, yes
# Oct 5th, 21:03 GloriousYellow_ ayecee: log data of some sensors.
# Oct 5th, 21:03 GloriousYellow_ ohh nice, let me try
# Oct 5th, 20:40 dereuromark darn, 0.10 of phinx might solve the "Specified key was too long; max key length is ..." constraint unique issue.. but migrations plugin is still stuck on 0.8
# Oct 5th, 19:50 itmpls user_groups._ids is the fieldname, ->save($entity, ['associated' => 'SiteUsers.UserGroups']); and $this->belongsToMany('UserGroups', ['className' => 'SiteUsers.UserGroups', 'joinTable' => 'user_groups_users', 'foreignKey' => 'user_id', 'className' => 'SiteUsers.UserGroups']);
# Oct 5th, 19:48 itmpls updated associations and field name too
# Oct 5th, 19:48 itmpls well, renamed the classes to have no prefix and same thing. hmm
# Oct 5th, 19:42 itmpls yeah i suppose i just wanted to differentiate it but i'll try messing around with it
# Oct 5th, 19:41 btx you’re in a plugin, right? so everything is already prefixed with the plugin name
# Oct 5th, 19:41 itmpls it's within the SiteUser plugin, which overrides the Users plugin from cake/dc
# Oct 5th, 19:41 btx is there a reason you’re prefixing everything?
# Oct 5th, 19:40 btx Cake is gonna be looking for `site_user_group_id` so you’ll have to correct your primary/foreign keys on your Join and Tables
# Oct 5th, 19:39 itmpls class name is SiteUserGroupsTable, SiteUsersTable, SiteUserGroupsUsersTable
# Oct 5th, 19:38 itmpls user_id and user_group_id, sorry
# Oct 5th, 19:27 btx what are the columns in the join table? `user_id` and `site_user_group_id` or `user_group_id`
# Oct 5th, 19:25 btx Cake doesn’t care what the db is named, as long as the class names work it can automagic the files/classes to load
# Oct 5th, 19:24 btx is that on `UsersTable`?
# Oct 5th, 19:23 itmpls hah
# Oct 5th, 19:23 itmpls but the className again is SiteUserGroupsUsers not UserGroupsUsers
# Oct 5th, 19:23 itmpls for example
# Oct 5th, 19:23 itmpls currently i have $this->belongsToMany('SiteUserGroups', ['className' => 'SiteUsers.SiteUserGroups', 'foreignKey' => 'user_id', 'joinTable' => 'user_groups_users']);
# Oct 5th, 19:22 itmpls I do a setTable override
# Oct 5th, 19:22 itmpls no
# Oct 5th, 19:22 btx is it prefixed in the database?
# Oct 5th, 19:22 itmpls prefixed by Site
# Oct 5th, 19:22 itmpls if the table is 'user_groups_user' but the class name is say, 'SiteUserGroupsUsers'
# Oct 5th, 19:21 itmpls also, if the class name for my join table was prefixed, would I have to set that in the belongsToMany association?
# Oct 5th, 19:14 btx (plural on second `user`)
# Oct 5th, 19:14 itmpls yeah that makes sense
# Oct 5th, 19:14 btx the join table should be `user_groups_users` I think tho
# Oct 5th, 19:14 btx should be UserGroups first because G < S
# Oct 5th, 19:12 itmpls end goal is to save my entity which belongsToMany('UserGroupsUser', ['joinTable' => 'user_groups_user']);
# Oct 5th, 19:12 itmpls with how cake expects things to be alphabetical, if i have a 'UserGroupsUser' table does it expect 'User' to be plural and in front, or UserGroups since they start with the same word?
# Oct 5th, 18:16 quinquo mescalito: pdksh+openbsd
# Oct 5th, 18:16 quinquo fixes lots of crashes. I have to admit, i don't think I've ever had it crash on me
# Oct 5th, 17:40 flashios09 so the **post entity** will have **my_fake_table entity** `$post->my_fake_table`
# Oct 5th, 17:37 slackebot <flashios09>
# Oct 5th, 17:36 flashios09 and it will generate this query:
# Oct 5th, 17:35 slackebot <flashios09>
# Oct 5th, 17:35 flashios09 then we can do:
# Oct 5th, 17:28 slackebot <flashios09>
# Oct 5th, 17:26 flashios09 ```php <?php namespace App\Model\Table; use App\ORM\Table; class MyFakeTable extends Table { public function initialize(array $config){ // don't use a hard table $this->table(false); // create a fake schema // i don't know, maybe something like this $this->schema([ 'id' => 'MYSQL_CUSTOM_FUNCTION()', 'another_fake_field' => 'ANOTHER_MYSQL_CUSTOM_FUNCTION()',
# Oct 5th, 17:26 slackebot // .. ]); } } ```
# Oct 5th, 17:26 flashios09 is it possible to create a fake table(model/entity), something like this:
# Oct 5th, 17:20 flashios09 hi
# Oct 5th, 16:11 sonicrocketmanFl Hello. Can anyone tell me, what does it mean, Total Hash Rate: (24h) 0.00 H/s (12h) 0.00 H/s (1h) 0.00 H/s (10m) 8.40 KH/s
# Oct 5th, 16:11 sonicrocketmanFl but I think I have the idea of how to fix this one, thanks for the help!
# Oct 5th, 16:11 sonicrocketmanFl OH MOTHER FUCKER
# Oct 5th, 16:11 sonicrocketmanFl dviola, if so, you can set up netconsole and get the kernel messages sent to the other PC when the first crashes
# Oct 5th, 16:11 sonicrocketmanFl System Info: Model: VMware7 · CPU Speed: 2 @ 3.16 GHz · L2: 256 KB · L3: 6 MB · RAM: 8 GB · OS X: Version 10.6.8 (Build 10K549) · Hostname: SnowLeopardVM · User: tron · Client: Linkinus 2.4.3/25089 · Style: Whisper
# Oct 5th, 16:11 sonicrocketmanFl lin_noob: uhmm, support cost _is_ part of the cost. nobody buys stuff at that level without adequate cost. TCO
# Oct 5th, 16:09 unclezoot cheers
# Oct 5th, 16:05 admad unclezoot: you forgot "use Cake\ORM\Query"
# Oct 5th, 15:35 unclezoot my custom finder method looks like this NotificationsTable.php: public function findCrud(Query $query, array $options) { }
# Oct 5th, 15:35 unclezoot afternoon, I'm trying to use a custom finder method, but am getting a Query object error. I'm calling it with: $data = $this->Notifications->find('Crud'); but getting this: "Argument 1 passed to NotificationCenter\Model\Table\NotificationsTable::findCrud() must be an instance of NotificationCenter\Model\Table\Query, instance of Cake\ORM\Query given, called in /app/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/ORM/Table.php on line 2207"
# Oct 5th, 14:51 josbeir mysql6 has some handy json functions anyway these days if you need to do some special stuff
# Oct 5th, 14:51 josbeir i'm all for using an anti pattern like storing that data in a json field
# Oct 5th, 14:51 josbeir if its just metadata for your page
# Oct 5th, 14:49 btx like it seems to me like GPC is supporting a plugin, and not core functionality, so making it touch the Items table directly is not ideal
# Oct 5th, 14:47 btx hey guys - design theory question. is there a maintainable, modular, performant way to go about adding stuff to existing models? For example we have to add `google_product_category` to items so we can link up to FB Catalogue. So I’m wondering should I be adding a column to the main table for fields like this, or do them in join Tables (but even then I have to modify the main ItemTable)
# Oct 5th, 14:35 hhwatson https://github.com/saltstack/salt/issues/45882#issuecomment-423805507
# Oct 5th, 14:35 hhwatson everything is designed to be as ripple- and noiseless as possiblew
# Oct 5th, 14:35 hhwatson do you see them getting the path for git-upload-pack somewhere?
# Oct 5th, 14:35 hhwatson man, you guys are making me hungry :P
# Oct 5th, 14:35 hhwatson it shows only 1 miner
# Oct 5th, 14:35 hhwatson Math is derived from the real world
# Oct 5th, 14:31 slackebot Command sent from Slack by josbeir:
# Oct 5th, 14:31 slackebot ! almost weekend :partyparrot: !
# Oct 5th, 14:11 btx probably by just using File directly..
# Oct 5th, 14:11 btx i guess my actual question is how can i force `Shell::createFile` to auto-overwrite an existing file
# Oct 5th, 14:08 btx is there a commandline option to make the shell `interactive = false`?
# Oct 5th, 14:01 flavius so you can also "force" those values through `app.php` i guess :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 5th, 14:00 flavius you can see the config here -> https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Http/ServerRequestFactory.php#L42
# Oct 5th, 14:00 flavius https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Http/Session.php#L103
# Oct 5th, 13:59 flavius `httpOnly` happens automatically if this condition goes through `if (!isset($sessionConfig['ini']['session.cookie_httponly']) andand ini_get('session.cookie_httponly') != 1)` and secure as well, with this condition `if (!isset($sessionConfig['ini']['session.cookie_secure']) andand env('HTTPS') andand ini_get('session.cookie_secure') != 1)`