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# Jul 16th, 11:16 neon1024 Then try something like `echo 'Hello';`
# Jul 16th, 11:16 neon1024 `bin/cake console`
# Jul 16th, 11:16 neon1024 Does anyone elses console not work any more?
# Jul 16th, 11:02 neon1024 Looks like it’ll be random each time the fixture is inserted though
# Jul 16th, 11:01 neon1024 Oh, cool
# Jul 16th, 10:58 admad @neon1024 https://github.com/gourmet/faker
# Jul 16th, 10:45 neon1024 I guess it’s hard to know the right field to match faker
# Jul 16th, 10:44 neon1024 I should do that :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 16th, 10:44 neon1024 Just a bake theme?
# Jul 16th, 10:43 neon1024 How easy is it to plop Faker into the bake for Fixtures?
# Jul 16th, 10:19 neon1024 I have a `deleted_date` field and bake was populating it with a datetime, so my code thought it was deleted
# Jul 16th, 10:18 neon1024 Ah, I found it!
# Jul 16th, 10:17 neon1024 I’ve loaded the fixtures, and checked that the id’s are correct
# Jul 16th, 10:17 neon1024 Anyone have any ideas why my Rules are failing with controller integration tests
# Jul 16th, 09:41 graziel ```protected function _getBodyAsString() { if (!$this->_response) { $this->fail('No response set, cannot assert content.'); } return (string)$this->_response->getBody(); }```
# Jul 16th, 09:41 graziel its exactly whats in its body ```
# Jul 16th, 09:40 neon1024 @graziel Awesome, that’s a bit better, although I prefer to see it’s coming from the response
# Jul 16th, 09:39 graziel @neon1024 its in tests? there is also `$this->_getBodyAsString()`
# Jul 16th, 09:39 neon1024 `'_existsIn' => string(25) "This value does not exist"`
# Jul 16th, 09:39 neon1024 When doing integration tests, my data rules are failing, and I can’t figure out why
# Jul 16th, 09:37 neon1024 I’m with @dereuromark on this one, it’s a bad choice in the PSR interface
# Jul 16th, 09:36 neon1024 I did
# Jul 16th, 09:36 graziel @neon1024 just cast it to string `(string)$this->_response->getBody();`
# Jul 16th, 09:28 neon1024 `"result": false` seems I have bigger fish to fry this morning! ;)
# Jul 16th, 09:28 neon1024 Ah well :man-shrugging:
# Jul 16th, 09:27 neon1024 I don’t like code which doesn’t describe it’s functionality
# Jul 16th, 09:26 dereuromark also see my old PR for docs: https://github.com/cakephp/docs/pull/5956
# Jul 16th, 09:25 dereuromark i know :slightly_smiling_face: i complained about this a while ago. The apparently documented (string) cast is enough they say.
# Jul 16th, 09:24 neon1024 `var_dump($this->_response->getBody()->__toString());` seems to be the way, which is horrible
# Jul 16th, 09:23 neon1024 There isn’t a clear method for ‘getting the response as human readable string’
# Jul 16th, 09:23 dereuromark ah, actually `bin/cake i18n extract --plugin Queue` does put it into the plugins src/Locale folder :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 16th, 09:23 neon1024 I’m constantly confused by the Response class returning a StreamInterface as a body
# Jul 16th, 09:07 neon1024 With the `IntegrationTestTrait`, how do I set headers for the `post()` method? I don’t see a way
# Jul 16th, 09:05 neon1024 Yes, bake. Migrations? I’m not even migrating :face_palm:
# Jul 16th, 09:05 neon1024 @admad Would you like me to open an issue on cakephp/migrations about the data types for fixtures? Or is that a bake issue?
# Jul 16th, 09:03 neon1024 We certainly don’t have any international projects, I’ve done one I think in my time here
# Jul 16th, 09:03 dereuromark I feel like there is some tooling missing here to make life easier for this kind of thing. But yeah, most backends are kind of default english only anyway
# Jul 16th, 09:00 neon1024 @dereuromark I don’t, but then I’m English and we’re a bit narrow minded on the whole localisation thing
# Jul 16th, 08:57 dereuromark Do people ship their plugins with a default po(t) file? If so, do they do some extraction automation on it regurarly?
# Jul 16th, 08:24 cakephp-slack Hello, I have a CakePHP 2 plugin and I would like to load an app-specific config file. I think this config file should be placed in the app/Config/my-plugin.php (of the app using the plugin) but how do I go about loading this config file in my plugin?
# Jul 16th, 08:21 felix.robaglia ``` public function buildRules(RulesChecker $rules) { $rules->add($rules->isUnique(['email'], 'Ce mail est déjà utilisé.')); return $rules; }```
# Jul 16th, 08:21 felix.robaglia here is the code :
# Jul 16th, 08:21 felix.robaglia Hello, I have a rules in my UsersTable that says mail must be unique, but is there a way to say "email must not exist on another row, unless the 'deleted' column is not null in this case we can use that mail" ?
# Jul 16th, 08:20 neon1024 I have PostcodeType, TelephoneType and EncryptedStringType classes
# Jul 16th, 08:20 neon1024 Yep
# Jul 16th, 08:12 admad @neon1024 so your custom type is called "Telephone" ?
# Jul 16th, 08:03 neon1024 This seems like a bug to me
# Jul 16th, 08:03 neon1024 `'telephone_number' => ['type' => 'telephone', 'length' => 255, 'null' => false, //etc`
# Jul 16th, 08:03 neon1024 I just baked a fixture which has a custom data type, and it came out as
# Jul 16th, 02:20 markstory Fixed now
# Jul 16th, 02:05 markstory bake docs are currently broken, I’m working on fixing them :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 16th, 00:48 yamcomnet Thanks guys for the support!
# Jul 16th, 00:47 yamcomnet my God!
# Jul 16th, 00:15 challgren @ndm with the eagle eye!
# Jul 16th, 00:15 ndm it should be `ADmad` with a capital `D`
# Jul 16th, 00:05 yamcomnet i think that this is again the same problem. Just cannot figure out how paths are different this time
# Jul 16th, 00:04 yamcomnet yep
# Jul 16th, 00:04 challgren Did you `composer install`?
# Jul 16th, 00:04 slackebot <yamcomnet>
# Jul 16th, 00:03 slackebot <yamcomnet>
# Jul 16th, 00:02 yamcomnet i will do that. Just after i have figured out next problem. Moving to another server and when loading that same plugin i get
# Jul 15th, 22:44 challgren File a issue in the git repo for that
# Jul 15th, 22:06 yamcomnet for some reason moveUp/moveDown are inverted but it does not matter.
# Jul 15th, 22:05 yamcomnet got it working. Thanks guys!!
# Jul 15th, 21:31 yamcomnet whoever is behing this wicked plugin system is no more sane than me
# Jul 15th, 21:30 yamcomnet thanks @ndm
# Jul 15th, 21:30 yamcomnet how the hell should one know this stuff ?? *ucked up stuff :)
# Jul 15th, 21:29 ndm `Sequence` behavior of the `ADmad/Sequence` plugin
# Jul 15th, 21:29 ndm `ADmad/Sequence.Sequence`
# Jul 15th, 21:29 yamcomnet how should that be in relation to $this->addPlugin('ADmad/Sequence');
# Jul 15th, 21:28 yamcomnet $this->addBehavior('ADmad/Sequence', [ ...
# Jul 15th, 21:25 yamcomnet my god, this plugin business.. Missing Behavior
# Jul 15th, 21:18 yamcomnet got it!
# Jul 15th, 21:18 ndm The plugin's name is `ADmad/Sequence`, not `Admad/sequence`.
# Jul 15th, 21:17 ndm `Plugin::load()` will invoke the very same method that throws the exception that you've shown. If you're passing the same (incorrect) name, you should get the same exception, unless you're passing a custom `path`.
# Jul 15th, 21:15 yamcomnet actually it does not even work "the old way" -> Unknown method "moveUp"
# Jul 15th, 21:10 yamcomnet @ndm for some reason it only loads the plugin old way. I dont know whats the difference under the hood?
# Jul 15th, 21:07 yamcomnet let me look does it even work :)
# Jul 15th, 21:07 yamcomnet old way => nasty deprecation error
# Jul 15th, 21:05 yamcomnet let me try the old way?
# Jul 15th, 21:05 ndm Plugin names are case sensitive
# Jul 15th, 21:04 ricksaccous or you could submit a PR to the plugin, lol
# Jul 15th, 21:03 ricksaccous you'll get deprecated warning's though
# Jul 15th, 21:03 ricksaccous you could resort to loading it the old way in bootstrap.php
# Jul 15th, 21:03 ricksaccous egh nevermind
# Jul 15th, 21:02 ricksaccous try
# Jul 15th, 21:01 yamcomnet pretty sure its broken
# Jul 15th, 21:00 ricksaccous but not sure
# Jul 15th, 21:00 ricksaccous i think the plugin might need to be updated to be compatible with the latest version of cake
# Jul 15th, 20:59 yamcomnet i was not joking around. Step by step
# Jul 15th, 20:59 yamcomnet thats what i did
# Jul 15th, 20:57 ricksaccous strange
# Jul 15th, 20:57 ricksaccous you were just following the docs
# Jul 15th, 20:57 ricksaccous oh wait lmao
# Jul 15th, 20:57 ricksaccous but probably $this->addPlugin('Sequence'); will just work
# Jul 15th, 20:56 ricksaccous you should learn about namespacing
# Jul 15th, 20:54 yamcomnet not sure how this plugin business goes nowadays. It added $this->addPlugin('Admad/sequence) to Application.php but i keep getting Fatal error: Uncaught Cake\Core\Exception\MissingPluginException: Plugin Admad/sequence could not be found. in
# Jul 15th, 20:39 yamcomnet what do you do when non programmer starts to do business software :)
# Jul 15th, 20:38 yamcomnet made the frontend and was not able to do actual algo :)
# Jul 15th, 20:38 yamcomnet actually thats exactly what i need. Cheers!