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# Yesterday, 14:56 gareth.ellis also things like 403 errors, I'd like to log them but not have them in the main error log
# Yesterday, 14:55 gareth.ellis and if a third party service goes down, this creates a lot of noise in the main error.log file
# Yesterday, 14:55 gareth.ellis e.g. HTTP calls
# Yesterday, 14:55 gareth.ellis in various places in the app we log caught errors
# Yesterday, 14:55 gareth.ellis added a public method `logException(Throwable $e)`
# Yesterday, 14:54 neon1024 You’d want to make sure they were configured to be logged and not turned off in the php settings then I guess
# Yesterday, 14:54 gareth.ellis i've got an extended version of the default exception handler `AppErrorHandler`
# Yesterday, 14:54 neon1024 Not quite sure where you’d hook the exception handler in cake 2 though, it’s been a while
# Yesterday, 14:54 gareth.ellis logging, not rendering
# Yesterday, 14:54 neon1024 I don’t see why not @gareth.ellis would just need to write an exception renderer to do that
# Yesterday, 14:48 gareth.ellis Anyone have any idea if you can configure Cake 2 to log exceptions to different streams depending on the type?
# Yesterday, 14:38 neon1024 :point_up: Difference between empty and null ;)
# Yesterday, 14:37 neon1024 https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C7ojxbSVAAEX9Bt.jpg
# Yesterday, 14:37 jhall well that's true @neon1024 haha
# Yesterday, 14:37 ricksaccous based on type
# Yesterday, 14:36 neon1024 NULL and ‘’ are not integers ;)
# Yesterday, 14:36 ricksaccous in 3.7 allowWhateverEmpty
# Yesterday, 14:36 jhall oh weird
# Yesterday, 14:36 ricksaccous @jhall yeah you pretty much have to specify allowEmpty()
# Yesterday, 14:36 neon1024 Yep
# Yesterday, 14:36 jhall oh so adding a rule as isInteger also assumes you want it to be required?
# Yesterday, 13:25 madbbb Hello! What is the best way to use language param in router? I would like to accept /de/posts/1 urls with en language by default
# Yesterday, 10:27 neon1024 Perhaps someone in the future can change it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 10:27 neon1024 That’ll be @markstory who’ll wake up in about 2h 30m
# Yesterday, 10:22 thomas.meier I just put it here in hope it will hit the person in charge: The lastest release notification has a typo in the title. Probably copy-paste from the old version, maybe someone up to fix it? https://bakery.cakephp.org/2019/01/21/cakephp_373_released.html
# Yesterday, 10:02 neon1024 Personally I would not recommend using Fallback routing in your project
# Yesterday, 10:02 neon1024 Automatic routing will only exist if you include the FallbackRoutes
# Yesterday, 10:02 neon1024 fingoweb, That’s exactly how routing works
# Yesterday, 10:01 neon1024 @spriz I think it’s still `CHAR(32)`
# Yesterday, 10:01 neon1024 Morning all
# Yesterday, 09:59 fingoweb hey, I have a question, I need some redirect module. Is it possible in Cake to auto redirect from auto routes (/controller/action) to predefined routes (defined by $routes->connect) if exists?
# Yesterday, 09:57 spriz Or `VARBINARY` :P
# Yesterday, 09:55 spriz Does Cake support using `BINARY(16)` for UUIDs?
# Yesterday, 09:55 spriz I think you should extend the existing twig template if possible if it’s in vendor/ , and add it there :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 08:45 marwan.salim @spriz do you mean just add the method to existing `*.twig` file ? i.e `add.twig` . Is it the right way ? :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 08:42 spriz @marwan.salim I’d guess you need to extend the existing controllers if you want to add stuff to them :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 08:23 marwan.salim Hi. I'm doing extended bake. How to add new method in existing bake controller ? In my case, I want to create a `history` method. I already added following file src/Template/Bake/Element/Controller/history.twig //below is the code inside history.twig {% set compact = ["'#{singularName}'"] %} /** * Change History method * * @param int|null $id User id. * @return void */ public function history($id =
# Yesterday, 08:23 slackebot1 null) { ${{ singularName }} = $this->{{ currentModelName }}->find()->where(['id' => $id])->firstOrFail(); $this->set(compact({{ compact|join(', ')|raw }})); } When I bake this method not exist in my controller. How to resolve this? Thanks.
# Yesterday, 05:33 admad @akkaweb session exists only when using a webserver, not CLI
# Yesterday, 03:09 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/development/sessions.html#accessing-the-session-object
# Yesterday, 03:08 challgren No and if you are doing so your business logic is in the wrong places
# Yesterday, 03:07 akkaweb Is it possible to use Session in a CakePHP Shell?
# Yesterday, 02:53 marwan.salim @ricksaccous welcome friend
# Yesterday, 02:52 ricksaccous @marwan.salim thanks, you too
# Yesterday, 02:51 marwan.salim Hi Everyone, I'm Marwan from Malaysia . Have a great day ahead, everyone!:)
# Yesterday, 02:05 waspinator right now I have ```$time = Time::parseDateTime($time_string, 'YYYY-MM-DD-H-mm-ss'); $time->subHours(5); $time->setTimezone('America/New_York') ```
# Yesterday, 02:00 waspinator how would you specify the timezone of a string when using `Time::parseDateTime`
# Jan 21st, 22:12 challgren Thanks @dereuromark
# Jan 21st, 21:54 challgren @neon1024 check out https://github.com/bcrowe/cakephp-encrypted-type
# Jan 21st, 19:01 ricksaccous @graziel looks pretty nice
# Jan 21st, 19:00 graziel i like these kind of errors in steppers, clear where they are https://vuetifyjs.com/en/components/steppers#multi-line-error-state
# Jan 21st, 18:55 jhall yep its going pretty good thanks
# Jan 21st, 18:52 ricksaccous I'm sure you're doing alright :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jan 21st, 18:52 ricksaccous lolll
# Jan 21st, 18:52 jhall haha
# Jan 21st, 18:52 jhall and I suck at it
# Jan 21st, 18:52 ricksaccous lol oh
# Jan 21st, 18:52 jhall I am the UX person haha
# Jan 21st, 18:47 ricksaccous tabbed/stepped forms are a pain
# Jan 21st, 18:47 ricksaccous or just ask the client what they want, giving them different options
# Jan 21st, 18:46 ricksaccous prob you can bug the UX person (if you have one) on how they want it done
# Jan 21st, 18:46 ricksaccous up to you
# Jan 21st, 18:46 ricksaccous so meh
# Jan 21st, 18:46 ricksaccous but then they might get frustrated if there are erros in other tabs
# Jan 21st, 18:46 ricksaccous lol
# Jan 21st, 18:45 ricksaccous or you could prob write in jquery a script that on page load, go to first tab with errors in it
# Jan 21st, 18:44 jhall right
# Jan 21st, 18:44 ricksaccous because it could get messy if there are errors across tabs
# Jan 21st, 18:44 ricksaccous you could just resort to displaying errors as flash messages
# Jan 21st, 18:44 jhall ah ok
# Jan 21st, 18:44 ricksaccous but if you wanted
# Jan 21st, 18:44 ricksaccous no i was saying based on if it has x error make x tab active
# Jan 21st, 18:44 jhall like a flash message?
# Jan 21st, 18:44 ricksaccous however it would be weird if they made errors in two different tabs
# Jan 21st, 18:43 jhall oh and display them at the top?
# Jan 21st, 18:43 ricksaccous and based on that show active tab
# Jan 21st, 18:43 ricksaccous in that case you can probably just do getErrors() or something
# Jan 21st, 18:43 ricksaccous oh
# Jan 21st, 18:42 jhall I basically have a tab page style element which by default is not active, so when I attempt to save my entity the client is flagging a field that is missing however is not currently visible
# Jan 21st, 18:33 ricksaccous then you could give it a unique class and insert stuff with jquery if you wanted to
# Jan 21st, 18:33 ricksaccous unless this was for edge cases and not all error messages
# Jan 21st, 18:25 jhall okay
# Jan 21st, 18:24 ricksaccous if you worked for me and insisted on inserting stuff with jQuery I would fire you on the spot, no questions allowed
# Jan 21st, 18:24 ricksaccous formTemplates would be the correct way rather than inserting stuff with jQuery
# Jan 21st, 18:21 ricksaccous so unless you are doing something fancier than inserting stuff there's probably no point
# Jan 21st, 18:21 ricksaccous in that case you could prob just insert with PHP though
# Jan 21st, 18:21 ricksaccous or whatever
# Jan 21st, 18:21 ricksaccous you could prob just give it a class if it has an error and have jquery insert something based on that class
# Jan 21st, 18:20 jhall whats the flow if I want to do something conditional in jquery for an entity field error? So if a field has an error I want to execute some jquery code
# Jan 21st, 17:43 jhall ok
# Jan 21st, 17:43 ricksaccous there's something like that yes
# Jan 21st, 17:43 jhall there has got to be an isnumeric right?
# Jan 21st, 17:43 ricksaccous there is a section near the bottom that linkds to the validation methods
# Jan 21st, 17:43 jhall yeah
# Jan 21st, 17:43 ricksaccous @jhall Validation?
# Jan 21st, 17:42 jhall obviously my zip code can't be aaa
# Jan 21st, 17:42 jhall It must be Monday because I don't see anywhere in the documentation it discusses how to restrict a field to numbers like say its a zip code field
# Jan 21st, 16:16 neon1024 `$unknown instanceof \App\Model\Entity\Example`
# Jan 21st, 16:11 jhall ok
# Jan 21st, 16:11 jhall ah let me check that out