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# Oct 6th, 22:49 dereuromark still, you could set up all the relations
# Oct 6th, 22:48 rightscoreanalysis it's because I need to do some deep filtering
# Oct 6th, 22:47 dereuromark why are you doing manual joins? I always set up my relations in the table classes and then can just use contain()
# Oct 6th, 22:47 rightscoreanalysis similarly I am also getting: Call to undefined method App\Model\Entity\Property::innerJoinWith()
# Oct 6th, 22:44 rightscoreanalysis I am unable to do any joins it seems
# Oct 6th, 22:38 rightscoreanalysis leftJoin - sorry typo
# Oct 6th, 22:38 slackebot <rightscoreanalysis>
# Oct 6th, 22:30 dereuromark lef or left?
# Oct 6th, 22:28 rightscoreanalysis why is that?
# Oct 6th, 22:28 rightscoreanalysis I tried another approach and now I see: Call to undefined method App\Model\Entity\Property::lefJoin()
# Oct 6th, 22:18 rightscoreanalysis do I need to specify the fields in order to see the join, I seems to remember something similar in cake2
# Oct 6th, 22:18 rightscoreanalysis hi guys, I'm doing a simple join on my query - when I debug the result it is empty
# Oct 6th, 21:28 murat I haven't used that before. Thanks.
# Oct 6th, 21:28 dereuromark jep
# Oct 6th, 21:27 murat `Table::schema()`?
# Oct 6th, 21:26 dereuromark you can make it work reading fields of schema()
# Oct 6th, 21:26 murat Is it completely removed?
# Oct 6th, 21:25 dereuromark not in 3.x
# Oct 6th, 21:25 murat When I create a query with fields option, I can't just say `'TableName.*'` in fields array, right?
# Oct 6th, 21:23 murat Thank you.
# Oct 6th, 21:23 murat :,'( Yes.
# Oct 6th, 21:20 dereuromark not reading it. how does your find look like? sounds like you are not querying the id. check your sql query
# Oct 6th, 21:16 murat ``` object(App\Model\Entity\Type)[1243] public 'name' => string '.......' (length=19) public 'dept_id' => int 3 public '[new]' => boolean false public '[accessible]' => array (size=2) '*' => boolean true 'id' => boolean false public '[dirty]' => array (size=0) empty public '[original]' => array (size=0) empty public '[virtual]' =>
# Oct 6th, 21:16 slackebot array (size=0) empty public '[errors]' => array (size=0) empty public '[invalid]' => array (size=0) empty public '[repository]' => string 'Type' (length=4)```
# Oct 6th, 21:15 murat What the hell am I doing to get a null from `$entity->id`?
# Oct 6th, 21:13 murat I get null.
# Oct 6th, 21:12 dereuromark Murat: What do you mean? each hydrated entity has ->id access
# Oct 6th, 21:11 murat Is there a way to get the id of an entity?
# Oct 6th, 20:59 meldrondJ jcrowgey: your issue with this program is that reading from stdin is line-buffered?
# Oct 6th, 20:59 meldrondJ photo/video gear is expensive :/
# Oct 6th, 20:00 UltimaXk although I usppose you could claim it's a type synonym in that case --- but in that case, just use a type synonym, no need for a family
# Oct 6th, 20:00 UltimaXk LordRyan: if the names are truly uncorrelated, then they need to list them in the makefile via syntax such as `potato.bytecode: foo.lua`
# Oct 6th, 20:00 UltimaXk is there any way to get the corresponding line that the error comes from
# Oct 6th, 20:00 UltimaXk You're not actually building nginx as root, are you?
# Oct 6th, 20:00 UltimaXk Do you mean "You look like someone who doesn't try enough and just asks people for answer"?
# Oct 6th, 20:00 UltimaXk is there a way to default an audio device? I have to keep changing the output device every reboot
# Oct 6th, 19:59 tnias greetings, I am seeking help in networking area. I would like to bridge a connection across multiple interfaces and two devices.
# Oct 6th, 19:59 tnias I compute the buy/sell volume of purchases within a certain volume. The objective is to see how much middle class people are buying. And how much the rich are buying
# Oct 6th, 19:59 tnias ping time to koji from here is about 130-140ms - not too bad at least
# Oct 6th, 19:59 tnias well, before I attempt a fix, copying off the files is a wise idea
# Oct 6th, 19:58 tnias i may just have to go on a .wim ... heh
# Oct 6th, 19:58 tnias I do use an english possessive stemmer
# Oct 6th, 19:48 dereuromark AH I found it.. annoying thing
# Oct 6th, 19:34 dereuromark hmm, I just cant get the regression in 3.x fixed for tests ( https://travis-ci.org/dereuromark/cakephp-sandbox/jobs/431215788 ). Any help/tips would be appreciated
# Oct 6th, 19:11 TordekXX it probably broke something else
# Oct 6th, 19:11 TordekXX they're painting themselves
# Oct 6th, 19:11 TordekXX It's not a precise temperature set though
# Oct 6th, 19:10 TordekXX i have never writter before a camera driver well back to hel
# Oct 6th, 18:45 andy-bKW clever: su'd to them from root
# Oct 6th, 18:45 andy-bKW while you're at it, skim https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/HWAccelIntro
# Oct 6th, 18:45 andy-bKW this is my second try at it and so far, I've had trouble stabilizing the latency
# Oct 6th, 18:45 andy-bKW not sure vmware provides it tough
# Oct 6th, 18:34 schleppelsB So ASICs and FPGAs put the adversary at advantage over legitimate users.
# Oct 6th, 18:34 schleppelsB is there a metrically equivalent font to calibri-light?
# Oct 6th, 18:33 schleppelsB Huh that was weird
# Oct 6th, 17:31 azrazaleaBS Aleric, remove the packages that failed
# Oct 6th, 17:31 azrazaleaBS Once that's done you can change your nick
# Oct 6th, 17:31 azrazaleaBS talx: always keep your systems to latest
# Oct 6th, 17:31 azrazaleaBS Hi-Angel: add -u to the command line, so that git will configure it. after that you can do 'git push'
# Oct 6th, 17:31 azrazaleaBS i meant in general, Viper-7
# Oct 6th, 17:26 user_51dk I tried using Data.Text instead of Strings when reading the lines of the file, but as you can see from the images that didn't seem to help. I'm trying to figure out where my getGenomes code and fromText code is getting slowed down
# Oct 6th, 17:26 user_51dk show off
# Oct 6th, 17:26 user_51dk maybe epoxy
# Oct 6th, 17:26 user_51dk this: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
# Oct 6th, 17:26 user_51dk at 6 butes, multiply by 2^16 ;)
# Oct 6th, 17:26 user_51dk birdbolt1: needs more context
# Oct 6th, 16:45 chakypl I tried to install some python libs to help me, but apparently the rpi version of python3 didnt like me tryin to install libs that would help me, they didnt install.
# Oct 6th, 16:45 chakypl Orbstheorem: To be correct UK and VUT are universities, MFF and FIT are their faculties respectfully
# Oct 6th, 16:35 admad What, I can't talk to my own kind now?
# Oct 6th, 15:59 dereuromark admad, are you talking to bots now? :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 6th, 15:56 admad Solution is so simple, stop using winblows
# Oct 6th, 15:41 JudicialWatch must afk
# Oct 6th, 15:41 JudicialWatch And because the key was less than a day old, Microsoft thinks I am re-selling the keys or something so they won't give me a new one.
# Oct 6th, 15:41 JudicialWatch should say earlier in the message
# Oct 6th, 15:10 satazorci you have 3 suppliers, google them for a much larger list.
# Oct 6th, 15:10 satazorci Plus the image of that rectangle is obviously a slice from one of the “sheets” that cover C^*.
# Oct 6th, 15:10 satazorci nice _ymir
# Oct 6th, 15:10 satazorci ne2k: Umm.. f**k doing that manually twice
# Oct 6th, 15:10 satazorci after running for 30 minutes
# Oct 6th, 15:10 satazorci limenius: what tools do you want to write to make your life easier?
# Oct 6th, 15:01 gvvg___ Over 85% of their assets are Chinese money
# Oct 6th, 15:01 gvvg___ yes, those use the bare ESP8266EX chips, not regular modules, but they work the same - although i dont know if the arduino support package can actually utilize that extra flash
# Oct 6th, 15:01 gvvg___ Okay I have chicken wings I can play Dota 2 now
# Oct 6th, 15:01 gvvg___ https://nx3d.org/gnuk-st-link-v2/ I'm following this guide and it says I have to connect the wires from the end of one into the little holes of another
# Oct 6th, 15:01 gvvg___ like the bible
# Oct 6th, 15:01 gvvg___ An algorithm for convex optimization is an algorithm that takes in some specification of a convex program and outputs a minimizer or the minimal value.
# Oct 6th, 14:35 razorzBM so all this data is not for legal purposes like when the fedz asks what this terrorist dude was using his connection for between specific dates
# Oct 6th, 14:34 razorzBM user interface doesn't become better with buttons dynamically appearing and disappearing. In fact, it's the other way around
# Oct 6th, 13:31 DraylorGn yeah, well even they screw up
# Oct 6th, 13:31 DraylorGn imma pee in yur ass?
# Oct 6th, 13:31 DraylorGn kmill: heh I understand
# Oct 6th, 13:31 DraylorGn it dropped to initramfs
# Oct 6th, 13:31 DraylorGn rafasc: which one does that show the log for if there is more than one entry?
# Oct 6th, 13:01 MerlinTd dexterfoo: You end up monitoring the internet as a side effect. So somtimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between a target problem and a network problem.
# Oct 6th, 13:01 MerlinTd wow /caps
# Oct 6th, 12:12 admad @rdd you can just use `where([$field . ' LIKE' => $term . '%'])`
# Oct 6th, 11:05 rrd564 How to use variable in like expression? $results = $this->Cimws->find() ->select('telepules') ->where(function (QueryExpression $exp, Query $q) use ($term, $field) { return $exp->like($field, $term . '%'); }) ->order($field); It seems to drop the "%" at the end
# Oct 6th, 10:30 joopm its seems the admin_layout "burned" into
# Oct 6th, 10:30 joopm $this->autoRender = false; $this->viewBuilder()->layout('ajax');
# Oct 6th, 10:29 joopm seems i can not change if i already add this $this->viewBuilder()->layout('admin_default');