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# Today, 12:40 dereuromark ^^ no kiddin
# Today, 12:38 neon1024 I think that needs a little more emphasis on them having moved house
# Today, 12:37 neon1024 Cool story bro. https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/console-and-shells/helpers.html
# Today, 11:46 neon1024 I thought they had to match the entity passed to the form
# Today, 11:43 dereuromark i wonder what casing u need here
# Today, 11:37 neon1024 Is your Table class called Form @dereuromark?
# Today, 11:36 neon1024 Form?
# Today, 11:17 dereuromark How do you display errors on a saveMany form? I have Form->control('Form.' . $key . '.name') fields, but the errors of the entity dont get mapped into the controls.
# Today, 11:04 scuadra Hello. I am using Cake 3.7 with this Plugin (https://github.com/Holt59/cakephp3-bootstrap-helpers) for the Forms. My problem is that when I add validation rules to my model, the FormHelper does not add required attribute to my input. How can I solve this issue?
# Today, 10:40 yannik.tschan Hi there, I'm struggling with Router::redirect in Cake 2.0 - every time I redirect from /foo/bar to /bar Cake responds with an http:// URL even if the request was on https:// - is there any config missing? By using Router::connect I get HTTPS And we'd like to redirect /bar to /bar/ - is this even possible? Router::redirect('/foo/bar', array('controller' => 'bar', 'action' => 'view'),array('status' => 301));
# Today, 09:56 jbcharron Hi there ! I have an issue with cache writing (didn't want to open an issue on GitHub because it seems related to my environment). I got the `SplFileInfo::openFile` warning, working with Docker on windows, and setting `'mask' => 0777` in my cache config doesn't solve it, as the created cache files on the container still are in 0755 mod. (And manually setting chmod 777 on the files from inside the container is not processed, as the files
# Today, 09:56 slackebot1 stay in 755). Any idea ?
# Today, 08:20 yamcomnet @daniel.upshaw 'style' => 'display:none;',
# Today, 05:50 daniel.upshaw Just ran into that stuff today lol, unlocking fields
# Yesterday, 20:39 yamcomnet i just made style="visibility:hidden;"
# Yesterday, 20:38 yamcomnet dont want to unlock
# Yesterday, 20:18 edgaras.jan you can unlock some fields only https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/controllers/components/security.html#form-tampering-prevention
# Yesterday, 20:09 yamcomnet i dont want to disable security component
# Yesterday, 20:08 yamcomnet so, hidden fields cannot be altered?
# Yesterday, 20:08 yamcomnet cake gives form tampering on hidden field. When field is not hidden no problem. Tampered field 'price-max' in POST data (expected value '' but found '1000')
# Yesterday, 19:50 cosarara hi there! I opened https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/12920 - just wanted to say that I'm here, in case I should add info or something
# Yesterday, 19:39 devito im assuming its more for front end framework intergration like react / angular
# Yesterday, 19:38 devito I see in 3.7 there a bake command to generate a twig template. Are there any benifits of using twig over traditional cake ctp’s?
# Yesterday, 19:38 jhall ok honestly I am going to redo the way it works. I was trying to mirror the client's old application but it works kinda funky
# Yesterday, 19:36 ricksaccous feel free to post the form.ctp
# Yesterday, 19:36 ricksaccous but yeah, that doesn't matter too much
# Yesterday, 19:36 ricksaccous append
# Yesterday, 19:36 ricksaccous i mean
# Yesterday, 19:36 ricksaccous also maybe prepend id to the url rather than passing it in, up to you
# Yesterday, 19:36 jhall yeah something went sour
# Yesterday, 19:35 ricksaccous if you grab the whole form.serialize it should send all data in the fields individually
# Yesterday, 19:35 jhall I'll look into deeper start piece by piece
# Yesterday, 19:35 jhall yeah I have got something not quite right haha
# Yesterday, 19:34 ricksaccous that looks wrong to me
# Yesterday, 19:34 ricksaccous heh wahhh
# Yesterday, 19:33 jhall looks like this
# Yesterday, 19:33 slackebot1 <jhall>
# Yesterday, 19:31 ricksaccous but yeah double checking your field names won't hurt
# Yesterday, 19:31 jhall ok
# Yesterday, 19:31 ricksaccous and see if you get what you think you should have
# Yesterday, 19:30 ricksaccous you can just debug($this->getRequest()->getData()
# Yesterday, 19:30 jhall hmm I am definitely passing the entity into the form let me double check on field names
# Yesterday, 19:30 ricksaccous etc
# Yesterday, 19:30 ricksaccous are your fields named correctly?
# Yesterday, 19:29 ricksaccous are you passing the entity to your form?
# Yesterday, 19:29 ricksaccous @jhall do you have your data formatted like usual?
# Yesterday, 19:10 jhall It's not applying my changes to the database but the save returns success
# Yesterday, 19:09 jhall $deliveryType = $this->DeliveryTypes->patchEntity($deliveryType, $this->request->getData());
# Yesterday, 19:09 jhall @ricksaccous can I not patch entity like usual?
# Yesterday, 19:00 ricksaccous ;)
# Yesterday, 19:00 jhall oh okay let me test that
# Yesterday, 18:59 ricksaccous then you can get it via $this->getRequest()->getData()
# Yesterday, 18:59 ricksaccous $form.serialize();
# Yesterday, 18:59 ricksaccous @jhall you can serialize the whole form
# Yesterday, 18:51 jhall If I am posting serialized form data how do I access it on the controller action side?
# Yesterday, 17:41 ashish_onmobile anybody has any clue?
# Yesterday, 17:41 ashish_onmobile I am getting above error for hitting one of my server with https
# Yesterday, 17:41 ashish_onmobile cURL Error (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate in vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Http/Client/Adapter/Curl.php
# Yesterday, 17:00 neon1024 :rabbit2:
# Yesterday, 17:00 neon1024 ..then we drift into configuration value objects which validate the config ;)
# Yesterday, 16:59 neon1024 :man-shrugging:
# Yesterday, 16:59 neon1024 ..and an exception if a table has been configured and the behaviour isn’t attached
# Yesterday, 16:59 neon1024 Then you could throw a nice `\Devito\MissingConfigException` when it’s called on a Table which isn’t configured
# Yesterday, 16:59 neon1024 So there’s three ways for you at least :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 16:58 slackebot1 <neon1024>
# Yesterday, 16:58 devito yeah
# Yesterday, 16:57 neon1024 Depends how you feel on the setup, might be nicer to have a single place with all the config
# Yesterday, 16:57 neon1024 Or setup global config in one go and consume it from app.php
# Yesterday, 16:55 devito I was also thinking of a table const aswell but im trying not to load in the table if I dont have to.
# Yesterday, 16:55 devito ill try it both ways and see which is better.
# Yesterday, 16:53 neon1024 Just like the Registry class does
# Yesterday, 16:53 neon1024 You could still write to global config, and key using the table class alias
# Yesterday, 16:52 ricksaccous cool
# Yesterday, 16:52 devito im making a trait that handels all the functionality on the entity level for the behaviro so I can try it out in there.
# Yesterday, 16:51 neon1024 But I would probably wrap that somewhere for nice syntactic sugar in the entity
# Yesterday, 16:50 neon1024 `$entity->getSource()->behaviors()->get('devito')->getConfig()`
# Yesterday, 16:50 devito yeah
# Yesterday, 16:49 ricksaccous even then i don't know how you'd infer the correct field
# Yesterday, 16:49 neon1024 `$entity->getSource()`
# Yesterday, 16:49 ricksaccous i wonder if the entity has a method to get all the columns
# Yesterday, 16:48 neon1024 Then you might have no choice but to access the table
# Yesterday, 16:48 devito table a can call the column foo and table b can call it bar which would be specified in the overlaoded behavior configs
# Yesterday, 16:48 neon1024 Then write it into your behvaiour config `$this->setConfig('userField', \Cake\Core\Configure::read('devito.userField'))`
# Yesterday, 16:48 devito but not ever table would have the same implementation so that really wouldnt work out
# Yesterday, 16:47 devito I was thinking that
# Yesterday, 16:47 neon1024 `Configure::write('devito.userField', 'example');`
# Yesterday, 16:47 neon1024 Probably need to move it up to a global config value then
# Yesterday, 16:45 devito and since its specified in the behavior configs id like to just access it and pass it down to the entity
# Yesterday, 16:45 devito yeah
# Yesterday, 16:45 ricksaccous are you trying to make a getter for the entity that involves the arbitrary field?
# Yesterday, 16:43 devito in my behavior config I am specifying the field to store the data so it can be changed by a user. I wanted to carry that field over to my entity / trait so I alwasy reference the correct attribute
# Yesterday, 16:41 neon1024 @devito What is it you’re trying to do? Sounds like an X Y problem
# Yesterday, 16:05 devito aww
# Yesterday, 16:04 jeremyharris it does not
# Yesterday, 16:04 devito hello everyone.Maybe an odd question but here it goes. Does a Entity have access to the Table behavior configurations array?
# Yesterday, 15:08 gareth.ellis and i've had to copy paste most of the super method :,)
# Yesterday, 15:07 gareth.ellis This seems to work... but it's gross
# Yesterday, 15:07 slackebot1 <gareth.ellis>
# Yesterday, 15:00 gareth.ellis cake 2 has "scopes"
# Yesterday, 14:59 neon1024 Isn’t that what the logging groups were for? Perhaps that was a cake 3 feature