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# Oct 8th, 08:49 neon1024 I’m not convinced there are any, but need to test anyway
# Oct 8th, 08:49 neon1024 I need to test my application for injections
# Oct 8th, 08:47 neon1024 `->where(['example' => $escaped]);`
# Oct 8th, 08:47 neon1024 Just to sanity check, the values in a condition array are already escaped right?
# Oct 8th, 08:00 turkles gooday
# Oct 8th, 07:56 josbeir goood morning cakephphphhhhh
# Oct 8th, 07:54 neon1024 Morning all
# Oct 8th, 07:15 turkles I don't see why you would want to lose all that lovely functionality by doing that
# Oct 8th, 07:15 turkles start_date is an object, so is at that level
# Oct 7th, 22:59 rightscoreanalysis [0] => [id => 103, start_date => 'xxxx', 'end_date' => 'xxxx', 'object' => [.........] ]
# Oct 7th, 22:58 rightscoreanalysis it could even be of the format:
# Oct 7th, 22:57 rightscoreanalysis but I would like start_and end_date extracted into the top level index
# Oct 7th, 22:57 slackebot <rightscoreanalysis>
# Oct 7th, 22:56 rightscoreanalysis for example this is my collection after groupby id
# Oct 7th, 22:56 rightscoreanalysis @admad do you know if I can add other fields to the index I have grouped by
# Oct 7th, 20:43 rightscoreanalysis perfect it works just as I need thank you
# Oct 7th, 20:41 admad `debug($roomPricesByPeriod->toArray());`
# Oct 7th, 20:36 rightscoreanalysis I'm not sure why
# Oct 7th, 20:36 rightscoreanalysis which outputs: 'count' => (int) 6
# Oct 7th, 20:35 rightscoreanalysis $collection = new Collection($propertyTest->toArray()); $roomPricesByPeriod = $propertyTest->groupBy('id'); debug($roomPricesByPeriod);
# Oct 7th, 20:35 rightscoreanalysis thanks @admad I tried this:
# Oct 7th, 19:52 admad @rightscoreanalysis check out Collection::groupBy()
# Oct 7th, 19:45 rightscoreanalysis slept on it and this morning wrote the raw sql to fully understand my needs, which made writing the query in cake much easier
# Oct 7th, 19:44 rightscoreanalysis i was burning the midnight oil trying to nail it last night
# Oct 7th, 19:44 rightscoreanalysis btw I nailed that join eventually
# Oct 7th, 19:44 rightscoreanalysis that was an option but I thought I should try the cake way, but I'm happy enough to do my own processing
# Oct 7th, 19:43 dereuromark you dont. i think simple foreach loops are easier
# Oct 7th, 19:37 rightscoreanalysis I want to group the 30 items into 6 indexes
# Oct 7th, 19:36 rightscoreanalysis each of the 30 index items has one of six possible ids
# Oct 7th, 19:35 rightscoreanalysis I have an array of 30 items
# Oct 7th, 19:35 rightscoreanalysis I think I need the Hash class for what I want to do
# Oct 7th, 15:00 adithya @admad Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 7th, 14:44 slackebot Command sent from Slack by admad:
# Oct 7th, 14:44 slackebot ~tell adithya about awesome
# Oct 7th, 14:24 adithya Hey guys, i'm looking for a plugin which will let me generate a PDF, i'm looking for an easy to use plugin, any leads?
# Oct 7th, 12:00 ssalvatori 6.12
# Oct 7th, 12:00 ssalvatori 3.6.x
# Oct 7th, 11:59 isvyas Which CakePHP version are you using?
# Oct 7th, 11:17 ssalvatori and the login/logout works ok
# Oct 7th, 11:17 ssalvatori but if a check any other controller (without admin prefix everything is ok)
# Oct 7th, 11:15 ssalvatori I'm checking the includes and I can´t see the Model under app
# Oct 7th, 11:11 ssalvatori because everything works ok with bin/cake server
# Oct 7th, 11:10 ssalvatori i think its more apache conf issue
# Oct 7th, 11:06 ssalvatori for that controller
# Oct 7th, 11:06 ssalvatori public function initialize() { parent::initialize(); // TODO: Change the autogenerated stub $this->Users = TableRegistry::getTableLocator()->get('DcUsers'); }
# Oct 7th, 11:05 ssalvatori and in the line 54 $users = $this->paginate($this->Users);
# Oct 7th, 11:05 ssalvatori ⟩ Cake\Controller\Controller->paginate APP/Controller/Admin/UsersController.php, line 54
# Oct 7th, 11:05 ssalvatori SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'xxx.dc_users' doesn't exist
# Oct 7th, 10:57 isvyas Can you please post the screen shot of the error?
# Oct 7th, 10:53 ssalvatori so cake said that xx.dc_users doesn´t exist
# Oct 7th, 10:52 ssalvatori class DcUsersTable extends UsersTable (I know it is a bit weird but UsersTable is CakeDC\Users\Model\Table\UsersTable;
# Oct 7th, 10:51 ssalvatori when I try to run inside a docker using apache . cake said that it can't a table but that table should exist because I´m extending the cakedc plugin
# Oct 7th, 10:49 ssalvatori I have a question with cakephp3 and apache ..
# Oct 7th, 10:25 ssalvatori good morning
# Oct 7th, 10:25 ssalvatori hello
# Oct 7th, 06:49 Wobni A mikrotik is fanless, noisless, and uses 2 watts/hr
# Oct 7th, 06:49 Wobni which one do you eat
# Oct 7th, 06:49 Wobni WiseNoob, if you're powering those leds with external supply there's nothing to worry
# Oct 7th, 06:49 Wobni and dollars.
# Oct 7th, 06:49 Wobni it's also pointing out stuff in mingw's headers lol
# Oct 7th, 05:39 adithya Hi, which is a good plugin to generate PDF's ?
# Oct 7th, 01:49 MiningMarsh lopid: I don't follow at all, unfortunately.
# Oct 7th, 01:49 MiningMarsh haasn: unrelated to haskell, it may also be confusing to find words being reused differently like container names
# Oct 7th, 00:05 mapuwp baxx: operator and operation means different things
# Oct 7th, 00:05 mapuwp and true falsehoods
# Oct 7th, 00:05 mapuwp so they rob an apple store?
# Oct 7th, 00:05 mapuwp yes i guess?
# Oct 7th, 00:05 mapuwp but no way i learn it
# Oct 7th, 00:04 mapuwp may have needed \r or \n\r or something like that, it a bit fuzzy
# Oct 6th, 23:16 Ashleeegv with ipv6
# Oct 6th, 23:16 Ashleeegv it looks up the key you give it in the table you give it and finds the next one
# Oct 6th, 23:15 dereuromark using contain they should afaik. otherwise you need to list them in select too
# Oct 6th, 23:15 rightscoreanalysis can I get the parent/main table fields by default without having to list them all?
# Oct 6th, 23:14 rightscoreanalysis that performs the join but I literally just see the joined model id
# Oct 6th, 23:14 slackebot <rightscoreanalysis>
# Oct 6th, 23:14 rightscoreanalysis Ok I am getting closer
# Oct 6th, 23:09 dereuromark try join and selecting the fields you need
# Oct 6th, 23:08 rightscoreanalysis so should I persist with Contain or Join in this case?
# Oct 6th, 23:08 dereuromark I see. yeah, the joins here are wrong then
# Oct 6th, 23:04 rightscoreanalysis Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'Rooms.id' in 'where clause'
# Oct 6th, 23:04 rightscoreanalysis the error I got which lead me to believe contain would not work for me in this case is:
# Oct 6th, 23:04 rightscoreanalysis https://gist.github.com/spacebiscuit/13497a100c2f6c453c4f3d097dd78498
# Oct 6th, 23:04 rightscoreanalysis this is what I was attempting with contains:
# Oct 6th, 22:59 rightscoreanalysis Ok let me post my previous contains to see if I can expalin the issue I had
# Oct 6th, 22:56 dereuromark the join probably doesnt without select() field naming. another reason to use relations and contain :slightly_smiling_face: I guess
# Oct 6th, 22:55 rightscoreanalysis but when I debug $result->first() I do not see the model I have joined on
# Oct 6th, 22:53 rightscoreanalysis ok so moving the 'first()' to the end of the query fixes the error I was seeing
# Oct 6th, 22:52 dereuromark find() and count(), all() are closing ones. after that you get a collection, not a query
# Oct 6th, 22:52 dereuromark you need to understand how the orm works.
# Oct 6th, 22:51 rightscoreanalysis ok so find() should be the last thing
# Oct 6th, 22:51 dereuromark you cannot close a query though and then continue doing things on the resulting entity.
# Oct 6th, 22:51 rightscoreanalysis Or Properties / properties
# Oct 6th, 22:51 rightscoreanalysis should it be singlur Property with table named 'properties'
# Oct 6th, 22:50 rightscoreanalysis I am modelling Properties
# Oct 6th, 22:50 dereuromark the error message tells you that (entity vs table/query)
# Oct 6th, 22:50 rightscoreanalysis I think there maybe some confusion with my model names
# Oct 6th, 22:50 dereuromark where()->leftJoin()->first()
# Oct 6th, 22:50 rightscoreanalysis Ok I'll take a few steps back
# Oct 6th, 22:50 dereuromark also, first() closes a query, why are you doing leftJoin after a first()?
# Oct 6th, 22:49 dereuromark using ->belongsTo(), ->has...() etc