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# Jan 21st, 16:11 ricksaccous you can check if the object implements entityInterface or whatever it is
# Jan 21st, 16:10 ricksaccous instanceof is the basic php function you want
# Jan 21st, 16:09 ricksaccous let me see
# Jan 21st, 16:09 ricksaccous if you are not sure at a given time if it will be an object or not
# Jan 21st, 16:09 jhall ok
# Jan 21st, 16:09 a.didier basic php function but it give lots of details
# Jan 21st, 16:08 jhall oh maybe
# Jan 21st, 16:08 a.didier var_dump() ?
# Jan 21st, 16:07 jhall if I want to see if something is an entity
# Jan 21st, 16:07 jhall Is there anything built into cake to check the type of the object or is it just using basic php functions to do so?
# Jan 21st, 15:18 ricksaccous cool, ye let me know if it doesn't work for you
# Jan 21st, 15:16 a.didier looks good i'll test this
# Jan 21st, 15:16 a.didier thx
# Jan 21st, 15:16 a.didier nah i didn't look more than that, lot of stuff to do between the now and the moment i asked XD
# Jan 21st, 14:44 ricksaccous i have that somewhere but at work now and can't grab it easily
# Jan 21st, 14:44 ricksaccous unless you wanted the whole docker-compose
# Jan 21st, 14:43 ricksaccous you probably found antoehr one by now though
# Jan 21st, 14:43 ricksaccous lol
# Jan 21st, 14:42 ricksaccous @a.didier https://github.com/Modicrumb/dockerfiles/blob/master/Dockerfile just change the php version there and tell me if it works, thanks in advance for being my test dummy
# Jan 21st, 13:50 a.didier Cake 2.10.14 or less but with the support of PHP7.3
# Jan 21st, 13:49 a.didier Hello everyone :wave: Does someone have a good dockerfile for a Cake 2.10.14 with PHP7.3 ?
# Jan 21st, 12:31 spriz I feel like the other thing should work now that is’a accessible
# Jan 21st, 12:30 spriz yurp :P Weird thing though :thinking_face:
# Jan 21st, 12:30 neon1024 Guess that’s why! ;)
# Jan 21st, 12:30 neon1024 I did wonder why I always used `$entity->set('thingies', $newEntity)`
# Jan 21st, 12:26 spriz A little adjustment and it seem to work. Can’t just put it into the newEntity argument it seems :thihnk
# Jan 21st, 12:22 neon1024 Yeah, I reckon that might work
# Jan 21st, 12:16 spriz you mean like that @neon1024?
# Jan 21st, 12:16 spriz https://gist.github.com/Spriz/9b76bcfc07785d578e3c2b8df2581753
# Jan 21st, 12:08 neon1024 You could make a Company entity and assign that?
# Jan 21st, 12:05 spriz Is there some smarter way to do this? Without enabling mass assignment for the `id` field?
# Jan 21st, 12:05 spriz I have a question about the ORM/Marshaller with relations - I hope someone can enlighten me. Whenever I want to save an entity with a relation to an existing BelongsTo entity, but change some data on the BelongsTo I end up making 2 different `patchEntity` because I cannot make this work: https://gist.github.com/Spriz/f6ab3d56219092957cfcef76e28e43a4 for it to work, the `'id'` needs to be mass assignable for the `companies_vendor` entity, but
# Jan 21st, 12:05 slackebot1 I wouldn’t like that in all other actions :thinking_face:
# Jan 21st, 10:56 yamcomnet this is the exact solution. no worries
# Jan 21st, 10:54 neon1024 I knew if I asked, I’d find it. `typeMap()`, was expecting `getTypeMap()` or `getTypes()`
# Jan 21st, 10:53 neon1024 Anyone know if I can get the typemap from the schema? I can see the `$_typeMap` but no accessor method. I’d rather get that property, than get the columns and foreach them calling `getType` on each one
# Jan 21st, 10:49 yamcomnet anyone has good strategy to implement ajax pagination? closest i got to clean solution was https://discourse.cakephp.org/t/how-to-do-ajax-pagination-in-cakephp-3-x/1018/5
# Jan 21st, 10:38 josbeir gives more headaches in the end
# Jan 21st, 10:38 josbeir never liked encryption on the db lvl
# Jan 21st, 10:38 josbeir would also go for that
# Jan 21st, 10:38 josbeir yup
# Jan 21st, 10:38 neon1024 Plus it keeps the encryption in the application, rather than in the database
# Jan 21st, 10:38 neon1024 Yeah, this is the first time I’ve had to tackle it, so figured a custom data type would be easiest and most obvious
# Jan 21st, 10:37 josbeir so overthinking stuff...
# Jan 21st, 10:37 josbeir because you can do encryption on db lvl too :P
# Jan 21st, 10:37 neon1024 :P
# Jan 21st, 10:37 josbeir yup
# Jan 21st, 10:37 neon1024 Coffee for @josbeir!
# Jan 21st, 10:37 josbeir mondays..
# Jan 21st, 10:37 josbeir :)
# Jan 21st, 10:37 josbeir would v been better
# Jan 21st, 10:36 josbeir "Ah, perhaps because my content in the db isn’t encrypted yet!"
# Jan 21st, 10:36 neon1024 > I’ll write a shell to manually encrypt my fields first
# Jan 21st, 10:36 neon1024 > Ah, perhaps because my db isn’t encrypted yet!
# Jan 21st, 10:36 josbeir i'm a developer..
# Jan 21st, 10:36 josbeir i'm probably overthinking the issue at hand :P
# Jan 21st, 10:36 neon1024 Exactly
# Jan 21st, 10:36 josbeir errr, it will just return nothing interesting... :P
# Jan 21st, 10:35 neon1024 :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jan 21st, 10:35 neon1024 How does decrypt respond to being given a string which is not encrypted?
# Jan 21st, 10:35 josbeir uhu, still a string :P
# Jan 21st, 10:35 neon1024 Yes, an encrypted string
# Jan 21st, 10:35 josbeir ?
# Jan 21st, 10:35 josbeir ok but the thing you pass to that function is just a string no
# Jan 21st, 10:34 neon1024 `Security::decrypt('@josbeir', $key)`
# Jan 21st, 10:34 neon1024 This
# Jan 21st, 10:34 neon1024 I’ll write a shell to manually encrypt my fields first
# Jan 21st, 10:34 josbeir what else would it be
# Jan 21st, 10:34 neon1024 `Security::encrypt` says that it returns a string
# Jan 21st, 10:27 neon1024 I don’t want to use blob, I’m not about to refactor my whole database
# Jan 21st, 10:24 mocelle @neon1024 u should use blob type to Save into db(MySQL)
# Jan 21st, 10:22 josbeir i mean.. its encryption lvl in your app, not your db..
# Jan 21st, 10:22 josbeir should it be ?
# Jan 21st, 10:17 neon1024 Ah, perhaps because my db isnt’ encrypted yet!
# Jan 21st, 10:17 neon1024 I’m also seeing `Error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect string value: '\xC0\xBE\x89o\xF5\xF6...' for column 'first_name' at row 1`
# Jan 21st, 10:16 neon1024 Soo, is that actually a string? I’m a bit confused
# Jan 21st, 10:16 slackebot1 <neon1024>
# Jan 21st, 09:32 steinkel we're using the Router itself to extract URL params, so it supports all the available routes the Router could generate
# Jan 21st, 09:18 mocelle I have It allready(custom Data Type). But this is strange. I debug It and Post my result here. Thanks
# Jan 21st, 09:17 neon1024 Which would mean as soon as the data is read out of the database, it’s automatically decrypted
# Jan 21st, 09:17 neon1024 I’m going to implement a custom data type
# Jan 21st, 09:17 neon1024 Well that’s because it’s an entity, so presumably whatever code you have which is doing the encryption and decryption is doing that before the entity is composed
# Jan 21st, 09:16 mocelle But if I use first() i can See all in plain text
# Jan 21st, 09:15 neon1024 As you’ll know the encryption
# Jan 21st, 09:15 neon1024 Otherwise, you’ll need to construct a query with the encrypted string
# Jan 21st, 09:14 neon1024 As I am just about to implement this myself, I would not encrypt all the data, so you can still find by primary key
# Jan 21st, 09:14 mocelle Is allwsys null
# Jan 21st, 09:14 mocelle Hi to all. I have in my table encrypted field, and i use beforeFind into Table. But i can not use where, orWhere to find encrypted Field. Ans idea?
# Jan 21st, 09:05 neon1024 Would that just be a custom data type right?
# Jan 21st, 09:05 neon1024 Anyone tried any inline encryption/decryption?
# Jan 21st, 08:05 yamcomnet how to use debugkit with CSRF middleware`?
# Jan 21st, 08:05 yamcomnet CSRF middleare and debugkit "message": "CSRF token mismatch.",
# Jan 20th, 17:27 asdfgh i have noticed that if i add ->add(\Ajax\Middleware\AjaxMiddleware::class) in my application middleware debugkit does not start
# Jan 20th, 17:27 asdfgh dereuromark are you there?
# Jan 20th, 17:18 asdfgh anyone use elasticsearch ?
# Jan 20th, 14:34 asdfgh i do not get errors, only zero results
# Jan 20th, 14:34 asdfgh how is that possible?
# Jan 20th, 14:34 asdfgh anyone use elasticsearch? when i do compileQuery) and run that query via curl i get results....with cakephp no :O
# Jan 20th, 14:34 asdfgh hello
# Jan 19th, 17:19 graziel no problem