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# Mar 17th, 11:15 birdy247 so get rid of the order?
# Mar 17th, 11:15 edgaras.jan `having(['MAX(CurrentPrices.effective_from) = CurrentPrices.effective_from'])`
# Mar 17th, 11:14 birdy247 presumably I need to select the having field
# Mar 17th, 11:14 birdy247 https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/query-builder.html#aggregates-group-and-having
# Mar 17th, 11:14 birdy247 ->group('published_date') ->having(['count >' => 3]);
# Mar 17th, 11:13 birdy247 how can I write that with the query builder
# Mar 17th, 11:12 birdy247 @edgaras.jan ok, will give it a go
# Mar 17th, 11:06 edgaras.jan group+order doesn't work on mysql, you need group+having max
# Mar 17th, 11:05 edgaras.jan try this sql `GROUP by CurrentPrices.id HAVING MAX(effective_from)=effective_from`
# Mar 17th, 10:57 edgaras.jan check what queries are generated, with DebugKit or query logging
# Mar 17th, 10:54 birdy247 but... I am then not sure what hapens if I find an entity and contain many entities, each with a current_proce
# Mar 17th, 10:54 birdy247 if I am a limit(1) it works
# Mar 17th, 10:54 birdy247 this is the select startegy
# Mar 17th, 10:52 birdy247 Its taking the last on the list
# Mar 17th, 10:52 birdy247 My test fails
# Mar 17th, 10:52 edgaras.jan ok
# Mar 17th, 10:52 slackebot2 <birdy247>
# Mar 17th, 10:51 edgaras.jan and revert to orderDesc
# Mar 17th, 10:51 birdy247 thats what we want
# Mar 17th, 10:51 birdy247 and orderDesc
# Mar 17th, 10:51 edgaras.jan after orderAsc add group()
# Mar 17th, 10:51 birdy247 so add a group in there?
# Mar 17th, 10:50 slackebot2 <birdy247>
# Mar 17th, 10:50 slackebot2 <birdy247>
# Mar 17th, 10:49 edgaras.jan group('hasoneTable.primary.key')
# Mar 17th, 10:48 birdy247 @edgaras.jan how do you mean groupByKey
# Mar 17th, 10:47 edgaras.jan Adding gruop by key should return 1 result for each key
# Mar 17th, 10:46 birdy247 ok tahnks
# Mar 17th, 10:45 savant im headed to bed for now, but hopefulluy someone else can help
# Mar 17th, 10:45 savant i wonder if we have a test for this
# Mar 17th, 10:45 savant ooo that might be it
# Mar 17th, 10:44 edgaras.jan https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/ORM/Association/Loader/SelectLoader.php#L474 I think here last latter duplicate result with same key overwrites former
# Mar 17th, 10:44 birdy247 I am using the select strategy
# Mar 17th, 10:43 savant please show the queries being produced
# Mar 17th, 10:43 savant I wonder if its just unordered
# Mar 17th, 10:43 savant thats for a first() call
# Mar 17th, 10:43 savant well maybe it’ll call limit 1
# Mar 17th, 10:43 savant whats the query it produces?
# Mar 17th, 10:43 savant https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Datasource/QueryTrait.php#L465
# Mar 17th, 10:43 savant seems it’ll call limit(1) on it
# Mar 17th, 10:41 birdy247 I amde a unit test to prove it
# Mar 17th, 10:41 birdy247 It is always the last
# Mar 17th, 10:41 savant I’ve never done this though
# Mar 17th, 10:41 savant probably the first one
# Mar 17th, 10:40 birdy247 the hasOne scenario I wrote above
# Mar 17th, 10:40 savant wat
# Mar 17th, 10:37 birdy247 @savant any ideas?
# Mar 17th, 10:31 birdy247 @lorenzo any ideas?
# Mar 17th, 10:23 birdy247 Does cake always take the last entity in a hasOne if there are many?
# Mar 17th, 10:23 birdy247 the hasOne would then return 1
# Mar 17th, 10:23 birdy247 3,2,1
# Mar 17th, 10:22 birdy247 lets say the finder ordersDesc
# Mar 17th, 10:22 birdy247 I noticed something, and I am not sure if this is expected
# Mar 17th, 10:22 birdy247 I am using the "select" strategy
# Mar 17th, 10:22 birdy247 I have a hasOne association
# Mar 17th, 10:22 birdy247 Hi
# Mar 17th, 07:41 ssalvatori but if I enabled the boostrap cakedc will overwrite my configuration even if I place it after the addPLugin on the application.php file
# Mar 17th, 07:40 ssalvatori I disabled the boostrap and copied https://github.com/CakeDC/users/blob/master/config/bootstrap.php#L25-L49 but then cake is not able to find the finder Auth
# Mar 17th, 07:39 ssalvatori Hi, I'm having troubles with like https://github.com/CakeDC/users/issues/753
# Mar 17th, 04:46 grossolive4 I changed it and it worked, Is there a better way?
# Mar 17th, 04:45 slackebot2 <grossolive4>
# Mar 17th, 03:43 grossolive4 Can you help me, thanks
# Mar 17th, 03:42 grossolive4 Hi all, I want to filter the Translate data but it doesn't work
# Mar 17th, 03:40 slackebot2 <grossolive4>
# Mar 17th, 02:09 chrisshick @markstory
# Mar 17th, 02:03 chrisshick Under the logs folder
# Mar 17th, 02:02 chrisshick @mark.mcwhirter queries.log
# Mar 17th, 02:02 chrisshick The latest version @challgren
# Mar 17th, 01:58 markstory Where are queries being logged? @chrisshick
# Mar 17th, 01:43 challgren What version of cake?
# Mar 17th, 01:40 chrisshick It shouldn’t be logging in our production env but it is
# Mar 17th, 01:39 slackebot2 <chrisshick>
# Mar 16th, 20:58 ssalvatori I'm doing a configure::load right after the addPlugin in the Application.php but then in my app the configure::read is returning the same content from the boostrap not my configure::load content
# Mar 16th, 20:57 ssalvatori what is the best or the right moment to change the configurations ? boostraped by the plugins ?
# Mar 16th, 20:56 ssalvatori question about the plugins and who they load the boostrap conf
# Mar 16th, 20:54 ssalvatori re
# Mar 16th, 19:03 ssalvatori one with CamelCase and the other with -
# Mar 16th, 19:02 ssalvatori I don't know why the difference between the to plugin
# Mar 16th, 19:02 ssalvatori *** /login [ 'plugin' => 'cake-d-c/users', 'controller' => 'users', 'action' => 'login' ] [ '_ext' => [ (int) 0 => 'json' ], 'routeClass' => 'Cake\Routing\Route\DashedRoute' ] /logout [ 'plugin' => 'CakeDC/Users', 'controller' => 'Users', 'action' => 'logout' ]
# Mar 16th, 19:02 ssalvatori but the debug show me this
# Mar 16th, 19:01 ssalvatori $routes->connect('/login', ['plugin' => 'CakeDC/Users', 'controller' => 'Users', 'action' => 'login']); $routes->connect('/logout', ['plugin' => 'CakeDC/Users', 'controller' => 'Users', 'action' => 'logout']);
# Mar 16th, 19:01 ssalvatori Hi, I have a question about the routes I have the following two routes in my file
# Mar 16th, 14:44 martonmiklosqdev_cake so the PR is on the way
# Mar 16th, 14:44 martonmiklosqdev_cake I have managed to make the travis passing again
# Mar 16th, 14:43 martonmiklosqdev_cake thank you both
# Mar 16th, 12:33 challgren @martonmiklosqdev_cake might want to change satooshi/php-coveralls to php-coveralls/php-coveralls too
# Mar 16th, 12:26 martonmiklosqdev_cake @admad thanks you are awesome!
# Mar 16th, 12:21 admad currently it's using the phpunit preinstall in travis VM instead of the specific version cake wants
# Mar 16th, 12:20 admad @martonmiklosqdev_cake change from `phpunit --stderr` to `vendor/bin/phpunit` https://github.com/martonmiklos/cakephp-utils/blob/dc19703268f59da568acb1f5fbaf687757640c76/.travis.yml#L42
# Mar 16th, 12:07 grossolive4 thanks so much !, It seems difficult to integrate with router plugin and app router
# Mar 16th, 11:48 martonmiklosqdev_cake I am new to the phpunit testing so any help would be appericiated
# Mar 16th, 11:48 martonmiklosqdev_cake I got a bunch of Cannot redeclare class PHPUnit\Framework\Test in ... warnings
# Mar 16th, 11:47 martonmiklosqdev_cake my tests failing on Travis
# Mar 16th, 11:47 martonmiklosqdev_cake https://travis-ci.com/martonmiklos/cakephp-utils/jobs/185399841
# Mar 16th, 11:47 martonmiklosqdev_cake however
# Mar 16th, 11:47 martonmiklosqdev_cake I have managed to fix the most of the warnings/errors so the phpunit tests passes on my dev box
# Mar 16th, 11:46 martonmiklosqdev_cake https://github.com/martonmiklos/cakephp-utils/tree/fix_mfr_pr
# Mar 16th, 11:46 martonmiklosqdev_cake to work with cake 3.7
# Mar 16th, 11:46 martonmiklosqdev_cake I am trying to modernize the cakephp-utils plugins from cakemanager
# Mar 16th, 11:45 martonmiklosqdev_cake Hi all!