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# Today, 15:02 this.impetus and as a final detail, if anyone's still listening lol, using `curl` on the generated URL now returns literally nothing, since addressed the deprecated functions
# Today, 14:59 this.impetus enh. fixed the controller to non-deprecated functions. ceases to throw warnings but otherwise unchanged
# Today, 14:57 this.impetus Is it just the deprecation warnings screwing things up? It's easy enough to update the plugin myself
# Today, 14:54 this.impetus I am terribly confused by the output of that, and it's jsut the same as I get by pointing a browser at the route directly; http://kleinlab.psychology.dal.ca/klein2/thumb/ZWVkNzM5ZWRlM2Y5ZWI1N2YzNTVkYWZjNGM3ZjBkODRfMGZkMDRiZjRmZTc0NzcxNjgyYzdhYzk0NmIxNGEwNTguanBn is the actual link, nothing there I'm too worried about exposing if you're willing to take a peak?
# Today, 14:51 this.impetus sec
# Today, 14:51 neon1024 Try hitting it with `curl`
# Today, 14:51 this.impetus The latter rings true
# Today, 14:51 neon1024 Or it could be that the Controller serving the response isn’t setting the correct Content-Type header
# Today, 14:50 neon1024 Well your issue sounds like it might be a web server issue
# Today, 14:49 this.impetus hrmm. maybe I'll look into Invervention directly and see if I can spare myself debugging this, ty
# Today, 14:47 neon1024 Cool, I like Intervention Image anyway :P
# Today, 14:47 neon1024 Who knows, I’m playing devils advocado, as I’ve not used the Thumber plugin
# Today, 14:47 neon1024 If it did point to the file the file would be served
# Today, 14:47 this.impetus thumber *uses* intervention, and is built for cake, which is why I went for it, but you're the second person to suggest that
# Today, 14:46 this.impetus well I gather that's why thumber uses its own routes; the URL doesn't point to the file directly, a string is generated by the plugin that presumably is translated to the actual filename
# Today, 14:46 neon1024 Generating thumbnails is actually very easy with something like Intervention Image
# Today, 14:46 neon1024 Same issue which Glide solved with request side auth
# Today, 14:45 neon1024 Also, if that url is not secured your server is now open to DDoS attacks by someone hammering that url for different thumbnails
# Today, 14:45 this.impetus Left out a key detail; when the plugin generates an img element, however, nothing is displayed
# Today, 14:44 this.impetus morning cake wizards. I'm using a plugin that's supposed to generate thumbnails for images. It uses its own routes to point a generated URL to said thumbnail. If I plug the generated URL into my browser, it redirects to the thumbnail (after a fashion; it's not loading as an image but rather trying to read the file in as a document). I don't expect anyone to be familiar with the ins and outs of the Thumber plugin but perhaps someone can
# Today, 14:44 slackebot help me debug the problem on cake's terms
# Today, 14:35 charolastra i've uncommented the ->registerMiddleware('csrf',..) for the whole / scope but still get that InvalidCsrfTokenException
# Today, 14:32 neon1024 So you wouldn’t enable the middleware in your `/api` prefix for example
# Today, 14:32 neon1024 So I guess you manage it with routing
# Today, 14:32 neon1024 :man-shrugging:
# Today, 14:32 neon1024 > Stateless requests, for e.g. when developing an API, are not affected by CSRF so the middleware does not need to be applied for those URLs.
# Today, 14:31 neon1024 Perhaps the details are in the documentation?
# Today, 14:31 neon1024 https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/controllers/middleware.html#csrf-middleware
# Today, 14:30 neon1024 You could with the component at least, and I bet the middleware has a similar thing
# Today, 14:30 neon1024 You can disable it for certain controller actions if I recall
# Today, 14:21 charolastra i'm trying to POST a JSON. basicly missusing it for a non-web based API where clients just push data
# Today, 14:18 kaio.schmitt :,(:+1::skin-tone-2:
# Today, 14:17 Martin` also i commented it out, I don't see a csrf cookie
# Today, 14:17 Martin` oh yes, I believe it was already there? because I see it in my app too
# Today, 14:13 charolastra saw that mentioned in previous versions. just found it in routes.php but removing it still shows "Missing CSRF token cookie"
# Today, 14:11 Martin` not loaded in application.php ?
# Today, 14:09 charolastra so since 3.7 the CSRF middleware is built in and not even loaded in Application.php? can it be disabled?
# Today, 14:01 kaio.schmitt and instead of articles and comments I have the orders table and using several contains .. when I use this method of subquery it only does the select of the columns of orders and does not bring the rest and still of the error
# Today, 13:59 slackebot <kaio.schmitt>
# Today, 13:38 kaio.schmitt Good morning guys, I'm having a problem using UnionAll and then trying to do a paginate .. I tried to use it in sub query format but I did not succeed I think by the way I use several contains, can someone give me a light?
# Today, 13:33 neon1024 Still not sure why the library needs that to encrypt a field
# Today, 13:28 neon1024 Shame, I liked the EncryptedStringType
# Today, 13:28 neon1024 Guess I’ll use an entity mutator method
# Today, 13:11 asdfgh ok
# Today, 12:49 neon1024 @asdfgh Yes, it should do
# Today, 12:49 neon1024 @admad Oh yeah, I’ve done all that already, this is a library I’m implementing into my table class, but perhaps I can pass data through from the table schema method :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 12:28 asdfgh neon1024 is working your proffer plugin with the last 3.7 ?
# Today, 12:23 narendravaghela @neon1024 Yes, I just need it temporary. Command will run as a shell on actual server.
# Today, 12:08 admad @neon1024 you are supposed to just registry the new type class using `Type::map()` and then specify the type for required table using table schema in `Table::_initializeSchema()`
# Today, 11:53 charolastra what happened to the baking from table definitions in the tutorials?
# Today, 11:45 neon1024 As Type classes don’t know the table or field
# Today, 11:45 slackebot <neon1024>
# Today, 11:44 neon1024 `public function __construct( CipherSweet $engine, $tableName = ‘’, $fieldName = ‘’, $useTypedIndexes = false ) `
# Today, 11:44 neon1024 This is problematic
# Today, 11:44 neon1024 So I’m trying to implement https://github.com/paragonie/ciphersweet/tree/master/docs into a custom data type class
# Today, 11:18 slackebot Action: neon1024 goes back to the corner
# Today, 11:18 neon1024 Oh, for testing. I missed that bit
# Today, 11:18 neon1024 So it would open an attack vector
# Today, 11:17 neon1024 As it’ll execute commands with the same permissions as PHP
# Today, 11:17 neon1024 Isn’t `exec()` dangerous
# Today, 11:14 narendravaghela thanks @admad
# Today, 11:13 admad exec()
# Today, 11:13 narendravaghela I agree, this is just for some tests
# Today, 11:10 Martin` because then it runs in webserver? not really in shell?
# Today, 11:10 Martin` why run a shell from controller?
# Today, 11:08 narendravaghela ``` $shell = new ShellDispatcher(); $shell->run(['cake', 'foo']); ```
# Today, 11:08 narendravaghela The shell can be executed from controller by using ShellDispatcher, is there anything similar for Command?
# Today, 11:05 narendravaghela How do I execute Command from Controller action?
# Today, 10:11 neon1024 As I’m reading https://github.com/paragonie/ciphersweet/tree/master/docs
# Today, 10:10 neon1024 Or would that be a plugin which provides a new crypto engine?
# Today, 10:10 neon1024 Will CakePHP 4 be moving from AES256 to libsodium?
# Today, 09:48 np ok, danke :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 09:39 dereuromark https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-tools/blob/master/src/Controller/Component/CommonComponent.php#L184 should work
# Today, 09:38 dereuromark php issue, do not merge this way. if you debug this array you will now why.
# Today, 09:35 np Hello, quick question; How to add passed params to html link helper:
# Today, 08:37 asdfgh should i "normalize" it ?
# Today, 08:37 asdfgh i can have 1-2019-01-01 or 12345678-2019-01-01 in this way the length vary
# Today, 08:37 asdfgh the hash will be longer but all the hashes will have the same length
# Today, 08:36 asdfgh i have to hash stupid things like ID-DATE somethin like 1235-2019-01-01 the question is, should i hash it or not? i mean does it matter to have a field with the same length in mysql ?
# Today, 08:36 asdfgh hello
# Today, 08:02 COOurb how can I use innerJoinWith with query?
# Today, 07:54 COOurb I need to use Max() function, but it happens thatonly such objects can have it. So I think I can call function right from class
# Today, 07:53 COOurb ?
# Today, 07:53 COOurb what type of objectand
# Today, 07:53 COOurb what find() returns?
# Today, 07:46 remy Hello, Is there more information about CVE-2019-11458? We're trying to evaluate the impact on our users, but the release notes are a bit terse. > The vulnerability affects applications that open serialized content from user input. > SmtpTransport had the potential to create a harmful side-effect in its destructor should an untrusted value ever be deserialized. Anyone has an example on where/how this could be done?
# Today, 07:40 COOurb because distinction doesn't recognize order
# Today, 07:40 COOurb it doesn't work
# Today, 07:40 COOurb nope
# Today, 07:39 COOurb aha, thanx
# Today, 07:21 conehead Sort by date and then apply an distinct for your value? https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/query-builder.html#selecting-data
# Today, 07:06 COOurb hwo to do it in query builder?
# Today, 07:06 COOurb I need to select last (by date) entry from table for every velue of some field
# Today, 07:03 ra7bi Yes i got it
# Today, 07:03 conehead Oh and you wouldnt need the join table anymore
# Today, 07:02 conehead Although it sounds like you could use hasMany as well. But then, the `photos` table would have to have the field `user_id`. Now as you configured it, photos may be "owned" by multiple users
# Today, 07:00 ra7bi i had a problem with the type of relation , it must be `belongsToMany `
# Today, 07:00 conehead Sweet. What did the trick? I am always here and ask questions myself. Looks like I was able to help someone else for the first time ;)
# Today, 06:59 ra7bi Thanks a lot
# Today, 06:57 ra7bi let me confirm that