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# Oct 4th, 15:42 rudy1976s then there is model and plugin to type it
# Oct 4th, 15:42 ricksaccous so item_id relates to many tables at once?
# Oct 4th, 15:41 rudy1976s then hash,size etc
# Oct 4th, 15:41 rudy1976s the attachments table has some rows : item id which is a varchar 255 where I normally store the associated foreign key
# Oct 4th, 15:41 ricksaccous lol
# Oct 4th, 15:41 ricksaccous that's why i want to see the rows
# Oct 4th, 15:40 ricksaccous how does that even work then...
# Oct 4th, 15:40 rudy1976s but that table is also used to store attachments for models which does not use CFK
# Oct 4th, 15:39 ricksaccous you could split item_id into two fields
# Oct 4th, 15:39 ricksaccous or
# Oct 4th, 15:39 rudy1976s I cannot actually print row
# Oct 4th, 15:39 angelxmoreno greeting bakers!
# Oct 4th, 15:38 ricksaccous rather than two to one key
# Oct 4th, 15:38 ricksaccous I think I'd recommend just making it so the relationship is more of a key to key
# Oct 4th, 15:35 ricksaccous I'm not sure i can solve your problem, but i'm curious about it, lol
# Oct 4th, 15:34 rudy1976s sure
# Oct 4th, 15:34 ricksaccous can i see a sample row of both tables
# Oct 4th, 15:34 rudy1976s I see that cake saves CFK using keys plus ";"
# Oct 4th, 15:34 rudy1976s it should
# Oct 4th, 15:32 ricksaccous is item_id a concat of code and category_id or something
# Oct 4th, 15:32 rudy1976s code and category is are in the Products Group table and item_id on Attachments table
# Oct 4th, 15:32 ricksaccous what two fields match in those tables
# Oct 4th, 15:32 ricksaccous ??
# Oct 4th, 15:31 ricksaccous but i'm saying, wouldn't the keys have to correspond
# Oct 4th, 15:31 rudy1976s I have a single table used for attachments
# Oct 4th, 15:30 ricksaccous what logic would you even use for that
# Oct 4th, 15:30 ricksaccous how does code and category id correspond to foreignKey though, heh
# Oct 4th, 15:29 rudy1976s snippet of the table
# Oct 4th, 15:29 rudy1976s https://gist.github.com/rudy1976s/59edd5dbf8940975677d6823822a9fca
# Oct 4th, 15:29 rudy1976s yes
# Oct 4th, 15:29 ricksaccous @rudy1976s correct?
# Oct 4th, 15:28 ricksaccous and binding Key is the array of two keys
# Oct 4th, 15:28 ricksaccous so when you set foreignKey it should be a string value of the field
# Oct 4th, 15:28 ricksaccous ?
# Oct 4th, 15:28 ricksaccous and foreign key is one field
# Oct 4th, 15:28 ricksaccous so binding key is composite
# Oct 4th, 15:27 rudy1976s but in the Attachment table I don't need composite keys
# Oct 4th, 15:27 rudy1976s yes
# Oct 4th, 15:25 ricksaccous have you set them up as suggested?
# Oct 4th, 15:25 ricksaccous they go over setting up composite key options here https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/associations.html#hasmany-associations
# Oct 4th, 15:23 rudy1976s keys
# Oct 4th, 15:23 rudy1976s unfortunately i have to deal with compiste kets
# Oct 4th, 15:23 rudy1976s ah ah
# Oct 4th, 15:23 ricksaccous @rudy1976s migrate to a none-composite key, lull
# Oct 4th, 15:21 rudy1976s I also specified bindingKey on the ProductsGroups model association against Attachments
# Oct 4th, 15:18 rudy1976s today for the first time I had to deal with composite foreign keys : I found some issue regarding associations: I have a model called ProductsGroups which has a composite foreign key with code and category_id: I need to associate this model to attachments model where the foreign key of the association on attachment model is item_id ( which should store the composite key ? ) I have the following error on a query where I use ProductsGroups
# Oct 4th, 15:18 slackebot contain attachments: : error is "Cannot convert value of type `array` to string" could you please help me a bit ?
# Oct 4th, 15:14 rudy1976s good afternoon
# Oct 4th, 15:13 btx what, nooo - look at the Cake example
# Oct 4th, 15:12 clynch It is :(
# Oct 4th, 15:12 ricksaccous with the same logic, lol
# Oct 4th, 15:12 ricksaccous oh, i thought it was the same exact function duplicated
# Oct 4th, 15:12 btx traits would only help if you have the *same* options available in each Task (like a help function)
# Oct 4th, 15:11 ricksaccous @clynch can probably use traits in this case?
# Oct 4th, 15:10 clynch K, good. Like I said, it is just odd having the same exact function on both files in order for it to work. Maybe it is just something I will just have to live with. I am not a fan of redundancy.
# Oct 4th, 15:10 ricksaccous i wonder if this spam is AI trying to learn how to communicate with humans
# Oct 4th, 15:10 btx @admad converted my XML gen to Shell and it worked like a charm - thanks for the help
# Oct 4th, 15:06 btx @mail947 that seems to be how Cake itself does it https://github.com/cakephp/bake/blob/master/src/Shell/Task/TemplateTask.php#L394
# Oct 4th, 15:06 methods_aC CustosLimen: did you manage to solve your packages ?
# Oct 4th, 15:06 methods_aC the1iplay: 1 big tip for you: be careful what version of centos you use, the tests are often older, like 7.1 or even 7.0 instead of 7.5, and for some things specific to the test there IS a difference
# Oct 4th, 15:06 methods_aC Thanks in advance for your help and time
# Oct 4th, 15:05 methods_aC (on phone)
# Oct 4th, 15:05 methods_aC danielbeck: :)
# Oct 4th, 15:05 methods_aC Kashi_, let's say 'ok'
# Oct 4th, 14:58 clynch Hey all, so I have a command shell which has a task. I need to add an option to the console option parser for the task to use. The only way I can seem to get it to work is to have a function that calls the getOptionParser() on both the shell and task. This seems odd to me to have the same function on both. Is there a way to just have it on either the shell or the task? Or am I just adding the option wrong... ```public function
# Oct 4th, 14:58 slackebot getOptionParser() { $parser = parent::getOptionParser(); return $parser->addOption( 'clear', array( 'short' => 'c', 'help' => 'Clear cached folders')); }```
# Oct 4th, 14:52 neon1024 I guess you store when they started?
# Oct 4th, 14:51 dereuromark we have some that dont end after 30min and then run for 2h blocking others.
# Oct 4th, 14:51 dereuromark can i query all currently long running jobs somehow?
# Oct 4th, 14:42 ContifE nope, appaentlyt it was cancelled
# Oct 4th, 14:42 ContifE no..
# Oct 4th, 14:38 kenzierocksMq feel free to crbug.com/new ; cs stuff is just tracked in the regular bug tracker
# Oct 4th, 14:38 kenzierocksMq explain it better
# Oct 4th, 14:38 kenzierocksMq robin_listas: ... OK, good luck to you my friend.
# Oct 4th, 14:38 kenzierocksMq waht's so funny? :)
# Oct 4th, 13:52 ricksaccous @neon1024 are you asking me if i'm roman? probably not, lol
# Oct 4th, 13:40 wyrihaximus @dereuromark you mean https://github.com/php-api-clients/travis ?
# Oct 4th, 13:34 neon1024 Probably from a famous line of inbred village idiots
# Oct 4th, 13:34 neon1024 No idea on my heritage
# Oct 4th, 13:34 neon1024 Well I might be I guess, being in Britainnia
# Oct 4th, 13:34 neon1024 Are you Roman?
# Oct 4th, 13:33 ricksaccous @neon1024 i am, feels bad man
# Oct 4th, 13:32 dereuromark @wyrihaximus Hey, you did the travis PHP api?
# Oct 4th, 13:32 neon1024 I am no pleb!
# Oct 4th, 13:31 ricksaccous @dereuromark gives his time and heart and soul to us plebians, he does it out of his graciousness
# Oct 4th, 13:29 dereuromark rector should be quite complete these days for it
# Oct 4th, 13:27 neon1024 Thanks Mark! :thumbsup:
# Oct 4th, 13:26 neon1024 @dereuromark upgrade plugin with upgrade skeleton worked good for me :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 4th, 13:26 neon1024 Although, full disclosure, I’ve only had a browser of the Rector repo, and not used the tool yet
# Oct 4th, 13:25 neon1024 I’m not sure how far they got but @dereuromark was working with the Re(c|k)tor project to get an update set going
# Oct 4th, 13:25 dereuromark it should actually be super easy
# Oct 4th, 13:24 devito hello all, is there an easy way to upgrade an app from 3.5.5 to 3.6?
# Oct 4th, 13:21 narendravaghela Good to hear you solved it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 4th, 13:19 neon1024 Sorted it out, I had a typo! Not been a successful day for meso far :(
# Oct 4th, 13:16 neon1024 It does. Geez I’m going blind!
# Oct 4th, 13:16 neon1024 It seems to be assigned to later on, but not actually part of the class
# Oct 4th, 13:15 neon1024 The Email class doesn’t have this property
# Oct 4th, 13:15 neon1024 https://github.com/cakephp/debug_kit/blob/master/src/Panel/MailPanel.php#L43
# Oct 4th, 13:15 neon1024 I have followed the code back to a dead end
# Oct 4th, 13:10 narendravaghela Nope, I didn't face it actually