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# Jan 18th, 09:16 k4t so this is normal that paramter in querystring is not overwritten?
# Jan 18th, 09:16 neon1024 Right, so where does the witch come into things?
# Jan 18th, 09:16 k4t and I can turn it off like you siad
# Jan 18th, 09:16 k4t yes, yes, I know
# Jan 18th, 09:16 neon1024 YOu can turn it off with the `hiddenField => false` option
# Jan 18th, 09:15 neon1024 That’s just because by default the Cake FormHelper will create a hidden field
# Jan 18th, 09:15 k4t I think it should be only: suche?trackTopic=1
# Jan 18th, 09:15 k4t I am not sure if this is normal behavior but when I create form with checkbox called "trackTopic" and when I submit that form with checked checkbox via GET then my querystring in url contains duplicated parameters: suche?trackTopic=0andtrackTopic=1
# Jan 18th, 09:13 neon1024 @kat
# Jan 18th, 09:12 Guest85165 Aaaah... if I rename the "Positions" belongsToMany association, it will no longer be removed by the "Users.Positions"
# Jan 18th, 09:12 k4t @neon1024 did you work witch checkboxes in Cake?
# Jan 18th, 09:08 Guest85165 I have a funny case that may or may not have a explanations with it.... I am trying to pulls a list of records that has 4 associations. 3 belongsTo and 1 belongsToMany. The belongsToMany associates to table Positions, while one of the belongsTo associated to Users.Positions. Apparently when Users.Positions (the Positions) is placed first in the contain array, it will nuke the belongsToMany from the record unless it gets
# Jan 18th, 09:08 Guest85165 placed as last in the contain.... Could it be a collision into the same PositionsTable
# Jan 18th, 08:57 k4t @dereuromark, @admad could you please check my question above in ur free time?
# Jan 18th, 08:49 asdfghj guys i have a strange request...the customer is asking me to show random results... it is simple...BUT how to deal with the pagination? the results on first page can be seen on other pages too
# Jan 18th, 08:48 asdfghj hello
# Jan 18th, 08:35 k4t I think that in that situation I still should have one parameter in query string: andtrackTopic=1 instead of trackTopic=0andtrackTopic=1
# Jan 18th, 08:34 k4t query string contain duplicated parameters only when form is submitted with checked trakcTopic checkbox
# Jan 18th, 08:33 k4t I know I can turn it off by setting hiddenFields to false on checkbox but still I am not sure if my current behavior is correct when hiddenField flag i enabled
# Jan 18th, 08:32 k4t as you can see there is duplication
# Jan 18th, 08:32 k4t Hi, is it normal that when I submit GET form with checkbox called "trackTopic" (all created with Form Helper) then contains following query string: suche?trackTopic=0andtrackTopic=1 ?
# Jan 18th, 06:09 rhkz63rky7 @admad Thank you in advance
# Jan 18th, 06:06 admad @rhkz63rky7 fire away
# Jan 18th, 04:01 rhkz63rky7 It is newbie Is it OK to ask questions freely here
# Jan 18th, 02:49 faizalheesyam ic.. so.. use Fallback class, provide the *Default* hasher AND the *Weak* hasher as well (in case Default failed), which we need to specify the hashType that was used before.. am i right? i didnt get the Salt part. do i have to bring the old Salt as well for the Weak to work? how do i set different salt for different hasher?
# Jan 18th, 02:38 admad @faizalheesyam https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/controllers/components/authentication.html#changing-hashing-algorithms
# Jan 18th, 01:56 faizalheesyam i need to move existing user database from cake2 to cake3.. does it use the same hashing for the password? whats the best practise for this? i couldnt get the Auth in v3 to validate the hashed password from v2.
# Jan 17th, 23:38 graziel did you try running it directly using ssh?
# Jan 17th, 23:30 Guest78115 er is there someone? :p
# Jan 17th, 22:52 Guest78115 I just get "this page doesn't work"
# Jan 17th, 22:51 Guest78115 I forgot to tell you I forgot to remove the tmp forlder. I removed it afterwards, but nothing changes
# Jan 17th, 22:50 Guest78115 the permissions must be good, my friend followed the steps
# Jan 17th, 22:50 Guest78115 I checed the error logs, there is nothing
# Jan 17th, 22:46 royalty have you checked your error logs
# Jan 17th, 22:46 royalty have you checked the permissions of your folders/files
# Jan 17th, 22:38 Guest78115 (also sorry, English isn't my first language ^^"
# Jan 17th, 22:38 Guest78115 okay. I made a cake php project. I want to put it on the server, by ftp. But I get an error 500 even though we followed the steps. But errors are not logged. May I get the full steps to put a project on server via FTP? I may have made some mistakes but I am sometimes confused bu the documentation
# Jan 17th, 22:36 Guest78115 oh sorry I hought the message didn't get through
# Jan 17th, 22:33 royalty Guest78115, just ask your question
# Jan 17th, 22:28 Guest78115 hello everyone! can someone help me?
# Jan 17th, 22:28 ryu hello everyone! can someone help me?
# Jan 17th, 22:14 ricksaccous nevermind i got it going with matching
# Jan 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous unless you want to do this at the query level
# Jan 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous @rightscoreanalysis not sure what exactly you want but sounds like collections might be able to help
# Jan 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous aka via join Table
# Jan 17th, 22:07 ricksaccous what's the best way to filter belongsToMany contained association via joinData?
# Jan 17th, 21:50 rightscoreanalysis is it possible to combine objects from two different finds
# Jan 17th, 21:50 rightscoreanalysis you can use threaded to find the top most parent
# Jan 17th, 21:47 ricksaccous sweet
# Jan 17th, 21:46 jhall ah yep that worked nice
# Jan 17th, 21:44 ricksaccous return $reponse->withLocation('whatever');
# Jan 17th, 21:44 jhall yeah I can try that
# Jan 17th, 21:44 ricksaccous imagine*
# Jan 17th, 21:44 ricksaccous I'd imaging you have to return the response
# Jan 17th, 21:42 jhall It ignores this completely
# Jan 17th, 21:42 jhall I tried this @ricksaccous with no luck I am not sure the syntax.
# Jan 17th, 21:37 rightscoreanalysis is it possible to find the top level/oldest parent in a thrad
# Jan 17th, 21:24 jhall but good point on the auto redirect after login
# Jan 17th, 21:24 ricksaccous no problem
# Jan 17th, 21:24 jhall thanks
# Jan 17th, 21:24 jhall ok I may check it out
# Jan 17th, 21:24 ricksaccous haha
# Jan 17th, 21:24 ricksaccous yeah
# Jan 17th, 21:24 jhall oh oh you said you never used it
# Jan 17th, 21:24 ricksaccous I don't know I haven't used it, it might be the way to go
# Jan 17th, 21:23 jhall oh why shouldn't I use beforeRedirect?
# Jan 17th, 21:23 ricksaccous depending on the situation*
# Jan 17th, 21:23 ricksaccous be wary that depending on referer might not be the best way because what if they get to that page because they logged in again and it autoredirected them back to where they were
# Jan 17th, 21:22 ricksaccous you can use session, put it in a get request (some string representing where you want to go), never actually used beforeRedirect
# Jan 17th, 21:19 jhall what's the best way to handle a case where I can get to an edit page from two separate controllers and depending where I came from (referer) that's where I want to return. Do I use before redirect?
# Jan 17th, 21:19 rightscoreanalysis yeah that is what I thought but when I do find path and find children I get singletons
# Jan 17th, 21:16 ricksaccous but i'd imagine a parent should be able to have many children
# Jan 17th, 21:16 ricksaccous i haven't used the plugin that much
# Jan 17th, 21:16 ricksaccous isn't that the whole point?
# Jan 17th, 21:16 rightscoreanalysis any know know if for the 'tree' threaded models can I have nodes with the same parent_id?
# Jan 17th, 21:10 ricksaccous oh well
# Jan 17th, 21:10 ricksaccous that isn't available in collections either :(
# Jan 17th, 21:09 rightscoreanalysis thanks
# Jan 17th, 20:47 ricksaccous @rightscoreanalysis there doesn't appear to be any such option, might have to just go to using the native php way of doing it
# Jan 17th, 20:44 rightscoreanalysis can I specify a second index to sort on should parent_id by the same for two indexes?
# Jan 17th, 20:43 rightscoreanalysis I'm using this to sort an array
# Jan 17th, 20:43 rightscoreanalysis Hash::sort($thread, '{n}.parent_id', 'desc');
# Jan 17th, 20:41 ricksaccous no problem ;)
# Jan 17th, 20:41 drouard.noelie I have a friends how takes care of it, I just need to be sure, thanks :P
# Jan 17th, 20:40 ricksaccous yeah, you should read up on how to set up nginx in general, and where you can find the files that govern it's configuration
# Jan 17th, 20:39 drouard.noelie er English isn't my native language, just to confirm, we need to create something on the server? etc/nginx ...
# Jan 17th, 20:38 ricksaccous no problem man ;) hope you can get it working
# Jan 17th, 20:38 drouard.noelie wowowow Yeah I just found it, II was reading the wring page sorry!
# Jan 17th, 20:36 ricksaccous @drouard.noelie there is a section on it in the cakephp book, have you read it?
# Jan 17th, 20:35 drouard.noelie I think that's the problem
# Jan 17th, 20:35 drouard.noelie hello! I have an nginx server, how do i rewrite Urls? I have an error 500
# Jan 17th, 19:30 joopm basically www-data has only access to webroot folder
# Jan 17th, 19:30 joopm i am stuck with create a config file in config folder
# Jan 17th, 19:29 joopm hello
# Jan 17th, 19:24 pekka_slack When making HTTPS requests using the Http Client of CakePHP, what is the underlying system that it uses? Is it OpenSSL?
# Jan 17th, 17:10 jhall okay have a great evening
# Jan 17th, 17:10 neon1024 Cool, good luck. That’s end of work for me, so I’m off home.
# Jan 17th, 17:10 jhall thank you
# Jan 17th, 17:10 jhall ok
# Jan 17th, 17:09 neon1024 This one :point_right: https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/plugins.html#old-style-plugins