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# Nov 7th, 12:30 peter349 i need to test a POST action
# Nov 7th, 12:29 peter349 Hi , how do I perform integration test for cakephp api
# Nov 7th, 12:28 rajpalsingh.jecrc https://medium.com/@narendravaghela/cakephp-execute-shell-command-from-controller-90c8323558a @jotpe this can help you
# Nov 7th, 12:18 jotpe Is it possible to trigger a console command via controller action/request?
# Nov 7th, 12:14 nayakvradhit Ok thanks
# Nov 7th, 12:05 rochasmarcelo Also if you check the docs there is a page for configurations https://github.com/CakeDC/users/blob/master/Docs/Documentation/Configuration.md
# Nov 7th, 12:04 rochasmarcelo Products controller does not exists in Users plugin
# Nov 7th, 12:04 rochasmarcelo You must add 'plugin' => false
# Nov 7th, 11:23 leonardo.crecente thanks @admad
# Nov 7th, 11:22 alexdd55976 maybe you do some pr(), debug(), whatever due to debugging in your geocoding file which is printed when you include it
# Nov 7th, 11:22 admad None, just need to update rewrite rules in htaccess to ignore URLs starting with /blog/
# Nov 7th, 11:18 leonardo.crecente is there any problem to install wordpress in cakephp 2.x app/webroot/blog/ subfolder?
# Nov 7th, 11:16 ndm No problem... I think I should also note that using `sys.list_drop()` is probably the safest way to modify the mode at runtime, ie something like: `SET SESSION sql_mode = sys.list_drop(@@session.sql_mode, 'ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY')`
# Nov 7th, 11:12 yadav.manu36 @ndm thanks, it is working now
# Nov 7th, 11:05 ndm You can try using the `init` option of your datasource config to run a `SET` query, like `SET SESSION sql_mode='your desired mode'`
# Nov 7th, 11:01 yadav.manu36 it is not possible to off strict mode disable from app.php Datasources
# Nov 7th, 11:01 ndm If you do so, make sure to properly cover your functionality with tests, as MySQL is allowed to pick values of a group at random with `ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY` disabled!
# Nov 7th, 11:01 nayakvradhit I did not get it sorry
# Nov 7th, 11:00 challgren https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/group-by-handling.html
# Nov 7th, 11:00 yadav.manu36 from where? from app.php file?
# Nov 7th, 10:59 challgren @yadav.manu36 turn off ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY SQL mode
# Nov 7th, 10:57 yadav.manu36 How to resolve this issue in cakephp 3
# Nov 7th, 10:55 alexdd55976 you have an output in geocoded that comes before tthe pdf file putput?
# Nov 7th, 10:51 nayakvradhit Hi when I export PDF in in the client network they are getting the error like this FPDF error some data has already output can't send the PDF file (output started at file path pointing to app/Model/Behavior/GeocodedBehavior.php) so whether this renaming would effect or not ? I wanted clarification please
# Nov 7th, 10:34 challgren @nayakvradhit yes, I thought you changed this like 3 days ago when you said renaming the file worked for you
# Nov 7th, 10:28 noel @nayakvradhit what don't you understand?
# Nov 7th, 10:12 alexdd55976 morning
# Nov 7th, 09:47 nayakvradhit Hi any please clarify in cakephp 2.10 app/Model/Behavior/geocoded.php should be changed to GeocodedBehavior.php ????
# Nov 7th, 09:30 javier.villanueva thanks
# Nov 7th, 09:29 jotpe '10 Februar' in my Case
# Nov 7th, 09:29 javier.villanueva works
# Nov 7th, 09:29 javier.villanueva ; )
# Nov 7th, 09:29 slackebot1 <jotpe>
# Nov 7th, 09:29 jotpe Like this:
# Nov 7th, 09:29 jotpe Use i18nFormat()
# Nov 7th, 09:28 jotpe sorry for this.
# Nov 7th, 09:28 jotpe Yes
# Nov 7th, 09:28 javier.villanueva I must use i18nFormat instead format
# Nov 7th, 09:28 javier.villanueva i18nFormat
# Nov 7th, 09:28 javier.villanueva I think that I have found a solution
# Nov 7th, 09:28 javier.villanueva I will check german too...
# Nov 7th, 09:28 javier.villanueva mmm
# Nov 7th, 09:27 conehead do the translations exist?
# Nov 7th, 09:27 javier.villanueva es_ES
# Nov 7th, 09:27 conehead `Configure::read('App.defaultLocale');` returns what?
# Nov 7th, 09:24 javier.villanueva day and month names
# Nov 7th, 09:24 javier.villanueva yes
# Nov 7th, 09:24 conehead So you mean the day names are not translated?
# Nov 7th, 09:24 javier.villanueva xD
# Nov 7th, 09:24 javier.villanueva if I use MMMM or MMM I have NovNovNovNov ...
# Nov 7th, 09:23 javier.villanueva @jotpe ok I try
# Nov 7th, 09:22 javier.villanueva should be Dom Nov
# Nov 7th, 09:22 javier.villanueva but if I use D M for example -> Sun Nov
# Nov 7th, 09:22 jotpe or MMMM
# Nov 7th, 09:22 javier.villanueva in this example yes...
# Nov 7th, 09:22 jotpe d MMM :slightly_smiling_face:
# Nov 7th, 09:22 conehead and it should be?
# Nov 7th, 09:21 javier.villanueva d M is -> 04 Nov
# Nov 7th, 09:21 jotpe https://unicode-org.github.io/icu-docs/apidoc/released/icu4c/classSimpleDateFormat.html#details
# Nov 7th, 09:21 jotpe `$from->format('d M')` is just a Format of Day and Month (like 07 11) like I understand it? There's nothing to translate, or?
# Nov 7th, 09:18 javier.villanueva with APP_DEFAULT_LOCALE es_ES neither doesnt work (dates)
# Nov 7th, 09:12 javier.villanueva I have NO problem in rest of the translations (texts, tables...) with i18n, but dates...
# Nov 7th, 09:10 javier.villanueva ``` I18n::setLocale('es_ES'); $from = new Date($date); $to = new Date($end_week); return $week.' ('.$from->format('d M').' - '.$to->format('d M').')'; ```
# Nov 7th, 09:09 jotpe How do you format it?
# Nov 7th, 09:07 javier.villanueva any idea?
# Nov 7th, 09:07 javier.villanueva I am using Cake\I18n\Date; , and my I18n::setLocale('es_ES'); but dates always are shown in english ...
# Nov 7th, 08:55 challgren Pieceof the chat is in slack
# Nov 7th, 08:45 javier.villanueva morning all
# Nov 7th, 08:02 pieceof im looking for fresh news about jwt
# Nov 7th, 08:01 pieceof yo all, is there anyway to download the logs of the channel from topic url ?
# Nov 7th, 07:53 slackebot1 <dakota>
# Nov 7th, 07:44 conehead Morning
# Nov 7th, 07:42 jotpe Morning!
# Nov 7th, 06:19 Fastidius and one more question you probably have more insight than I on.... Saving a record theres a redirect that happens ....is there a variable for the previous page? im basically trying to make a add form where i have a list hit add then go back to wherever i cam from.
# Nov 7th, 06:18 Fastidius ahh that is very helpful.
# Nov 7th, 04:52 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/development/routing.html#route-elements
# Nov 7th, 04:51 challgren Wouldn’t `$this->request->getParam('id')` have your info?
# Nov 7th, 04:32 Fastidius it seems like a pretty easy thing to do but do i do it in the Controller?
# Nov 7th, 04:29 Fastidius i want to grab the ID used in the URL and put it into a session variable for use elsewhere with 'Val' in selects etc
# Nov 7th, 04:28 Fastidius is there a variable that is passed when you go to an ID via a controller?
# Nov 6th, 22:53 amanfulgence how cane use it please isAuthorized
# Nov 6th, 22:26 dev.cyrusjayson This keep redirecting to /users/products instead of /products/index I am using cakedc ``` $this->Auth->config('loginRedirect', ["controller"=>"Products", "action"=>"index"]); ```
# Nov 6th, 22:02 dev.cyrusjayson @ricksaccous not idea I think. how to change this $this->Auth->redirectUrl() ? maybe you know. thanks
# Nov 6th, 21:58 ricksaccous also related reading
# Nov 6th, 21:57 ricksaccous https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/core-libraries/events.html
# Nov 6th, 21:56 ricksaccous there you go
# Nov 6th, 21:56 ricksaccous @dev.cyrusjayson https://github.com/CakeDC/users/blob/master/Docs/Documentation/Events.md
# Nov 6th, 21:55 ricksaccous I think there are
# Nov 6th, 21:55 ricksaccous extend the plugin, or use the provided callbacks if there are any
# Nov 6th, 21:35 dev.cyrusjayson I want to log when user login and logout in cakedc user. anyone know how to do it?
# Nov 6th, 20:53 maymeow @ckjksl thank you but it was easier :slightly_smiling_face: ``` //... $this->loadComponent('Auth', [ 'authError' => __('You are not authorized to access that location.'), // ... ```
# Nov 6th, 20:52 martonmiklosqdev with an entity which looks correct
# Nov 6th, 20:51 martonmiklosqdev from the model callbacks of the Units only the beforeMarshal got called
# Nov 6th, 20:51 martonmiklosqdev and only the UnitType is got saved
# Nov 6th, 20:51 martonmiklosqdev ``` Array ( [name] => asd [base_unit] => Array ( [name] => asd [short_name] => asd ) ) ```
# Nov 6th, 20:50 martonmiklosqdev my post data is the following:
# Nov 6th, 20:50 twelte I have the problem that, although my max-exec-time is set to 5 via my php-ini, scripts are running forever and are not killed with apache :/
# Nov 6th, 20:50 martonmiklosqdev and this is how I try to save it: ``` if ($this->request->is('post')) { $unitType = $this->UnitTypes->patchEntity( $unitType, $this->request->getData(), ['associated' => ['BaseUnits']] ); if ($this->UnitTypes->save($unitType, ['associated' => ['BaseUnits']])) {```
# Nov 6th, 20:49 martonmiklosqdev this is how I setup the association in the UnitTypes
# Nov 6th, 20:49 martonmiklosqdev ```$this->belongsTo('BaseUnits', [ 'foreignKey' => 'base_unit_id', 'className' => 'Units', ]);```