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# Jul 22nd 2021, 11:46 dereuromark you can execute seeds for demo data afterwards
# Jul 22nd 2021, 11:42 paolo.bragagni trying.. I'd like only to create some tables (users, roles, ..) and fill with default values..
# Jul 22nd 2021, 11:18 dereuromark migrations?
# Jul 22nd 2021, 11:02 paolo.bragagni what is the cakephp 4 corresponding to 'cake schema' ? I'd like to insert some tables in default DB
# Jul 22nd 2021, 10:25 paolo.bragagni thanks!
# Jul 22nd 2021, 08:54 paolo.bragagni (thanks ndm)
# Jul 22nd 2021, 08:53 paolo.bragagni probably is only a theme problem
# Jul 22nd 2021, 08:45 ndm Sure, but select2 already supports that, hence your question was unclear.
# Jul 22nd 2021, 08:36 paolo.bragagni if I erroneusly select something and I want to clear it
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:58 paolo.bragagni so probably is only a bug in Select2 bootstrap theme
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:58 paolo.bragagni an x that 'clear' the input
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:58 paolo.bragagni
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:57 paolo.bragagni if I remove that I see this
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:57 paolo.bragagni humm probably it is the 'bootstrap4' theme
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:55 ndm @paolo.bragagni Why would the "empty" entry stay once you've made a selection?
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:45 ndm @dpaleria Debug your values to figure what exactly they look like (`debug($id); debug($params);`), it's very likely not a type issue, but the value that you are passing is not numeric.
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:44 paolo.bragagni no more 'Vuoto' (Empty)
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:44 paolo.bragagni
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:43 paolo.bragagni it shows, but if I enter something it disappares
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:43 paolo.bragagni when it is Empty (Vuoto)
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:40 ndm @val There's no dedicated method for it, but you can append the existing order to your input and then overwrite the order, like: ```$query->order( ['field' => 'ASC', $query->clause('order')], true );```
# Jul 22nd 2021, 07:21 val hi, is is possible to prepend an `order by` clause to the existing `order by` clauses in 3.x (instead of appending it to the end)?
# Jul 22nd 2021, 06:30 paolo.bragagni if the field is already empty Select2 shows the placeholder, otherwise no
# Jul 22nd 2021, 06:25 paolo.bragagni in add the 'allowClear' and placeholder do the works
# Jul 22nd 2021, 06:25 paolo.bragagni no way to insert empty selection using Select2 in edit
# Jul 22nd 2021, 05:42 slackebot2 `'conditions' => array('artifact_id' => $arti_id)` `));` `$this->set(compact('abc'));` `return $this->redirect(['action'=>'view', $abc['id']]);` `}` But I'm unable to access the params from url. Which gives me the below error: I'm pretty sure that error is not of any data type instead it is a mistake in my function but I'm unable to find the mistake. Any idea on this ? Thanks !
# Jul 22nd 2021, 05:42 dpaleria hey everyone, I'm accessing this url `http://localhost:2354/images/get-imageid/111223` and now I'm using params to access the number `1112233` and put that as an input for a function in the controllers. This is how the controllers look like: `public function getImageid($id=null)` `{` `$params=$this->request->getParam('pass');` `$arti_id=$params[0];` `$abc = $this->Images->get($id, array(`
# Jul 22nd 2021, 00:21 dereuromark best to create then a record per entry, this way the queue can run those in parallel even if that's possible/desired
# Jul 22nd 2021, 00:20 dereuromark ah that was a different person
# Jul 22nd 2021, 00:20 dereuromark and again, you can just run the reset functionality over your records, it will batch process them all without memory issues etc.
# Jul 22nd 2021, 00:19 dereuromark the payload is too big, make sure to use only references, not whole objects here
# Jul 21st 2021, 23:09 tyler.adam.lazenby @dereuromark any ideas on how to troubleshoot that?
# Jul 21st 2021, 23:08 tyler.adam.lazenby 2021-07-21 17:08:32 Notice: Notice (8): unserialize(): Error at offset 64025 of 65535 bytes in [C:\xampp\htdocs\ezBusinessManag er\vendor\dereuromark\cakephp-queue\src\Queue\Processor.php, line 187]\
# Jul 21st 2021, 23:08 tyler.adam.lazenby I ALMOST had it.... almost then this started to get spat out
# Jul 21st 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby maybe if I split up the jobs into groups of records
# Jul 21st 2021, 22:13 tyler.adam.lazenby I am using queue by the way
# Jul 21st 2021, 22:12 tyler.adam.lazenby Any suggestions how to approach the logic of imporing 5000+ histories into the database?
# Jul 21st 2021, 22:06 tyler.adam.lazenby Ungh this is so much slower
# Jul 21st 2021, 22:00 tyler.adam.lazenby I have it in the form of dto's, and unique composite ids
# Jul 21st 2021, 22:00 kevin.pfeifer then I hope you have your loop detection pretty solid :)
# Jul 21st 2021, 21:51 tyler.adam.lazenby instead of making the task go through each history (which there might be hundreds), I am going to make the system just create a new task for each history