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# Jul 21st 2021, 06:52 dereuromark you can reuse templates if you want. it is just simpler sometimes to have them separated, as e.g. admin actions usually offer different/more fields
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:52 Guest45 yes but new habits hihi
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:52 Guest45 grrr that means associated template i suppose
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:52 dereuromark You dont have to go too crazy like Laravel that every action now has its own class. So I think having a class per routing/prefix makes a good compromise :)
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:51 dereuromark yes, nowadays those are separate controllers in /Admin namespace etc
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:50 Guest45 does it means a dedicated controller should be created ?
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:50 Guest45 it seems that it's not possible to have prefixed actions with routing as previous versions of cake eg admin_view, admin_edit
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:50 Guest45 Hi all
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:47 dereuromark this is usually the default of bake templates if your DB has the field to "default NULL"
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:46 dereuromark `'empty' => true` ?
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:43 paolo.bragagni How to allow user to make the field blank?
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:42 paolo.bragagni But I have some problem in edit view
# Jul 21st 2021, 06:41 paolo.bragagni Ive integrated select2 via ajax
# Jul 21st 2021, 05:10 brandon @ndm ^
# Jul 21st 2021, 05:09 brandon Brand new VM, installed PHP, Composer, all that good stuff. Checked out my repo and ran the same rector command. It still hangs in the same spot. So it has to be something with my code then, right? I fixed all the issues with cs - comes back clean. Not sure what else to look at.
# Jul 20th 2021, 21:25 jadelbe418 Yup, I was just doing that. That one is pretty useful!
# Jul 20th 2021, 21:24 kevin.pfeifer you should also look into the https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/084963bd27984e50174fadcbdee91048112231a0/src/Http/Middleware/BodyParserMiddleware.php if you wanna see how the body of the request can be adjusted if e.g. the content-type is json or xml
# Jul 20th 2021, 21:15 jadelbe418 Cool, I have never written any either but my project is at a point where it could really use it so I am attempting to figure it out. I appreciate the help!
# Jul 20th 2021, 21:12 slackebot2 helper function bellow)
# Jul 20th 2021, 21:12 kevin.pfeifer I never looked that deep into these things because I never had to write a custom middleware so sorry :man-shrugging: I have already told you pretty much everything I know about middlewares ^^ But looking at https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/084963bd27984e50174fadcbdee91048112231a0/src/Http/Middleware/CsrfProtectionMiddleware.php#L120 you can see here, that this middleware adds a cookie to the response object (in a
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:58 jadelbe418 But it should be able to edit a response or a request at any position? I am just am not super familiar with the concept and am wonder how the application determines at what stage in the request or the response building process to stop and fire these. Or does where the middle ware get added not effect the functionality on that level? I might be over complicating the issue in my understanding of it.
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:53 kevin.pfeifer well these functions would only allow you to insert your middleware at a specific position in the middleware queue (e.g. if you would be in a plugin where you don't have direct access to the other middleware addition code) If you are happy with the position your middleware gets added inside your Application.php then sure, ->add() is totally fine
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:50 jadelbe418 @kevin.pfeifer Would the way I am just using ->add(new CustomFieldsMiddleware()) in the base application be sufficient? I am looking at other ways to add middleware like prepend(), insertAt(), etc. in the docs. Would these allow me to control the stage of the request handling or response building logic the middleware would be fired at?
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:43 jadelbe418 Cool, I will look at how that works. Thanks
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:41 kevin.pfeifer well maybe you can check something from the 3.X version of the CsrfProtectionMiddleware https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/3.x/src/Http/Middleware/CsrfProtectionMiddleware.php
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:41 jadelbe418 I am going based off on these instructions: https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/controllers/middleware.html
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:41 jadelbe418 Yup
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:41 kevin.pfeifer thats why you used the __invoke method
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:40 jadelbe418 The middlware interface seems to be used on the 4.x docs and not 3.x
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:40 kevin.pfeifer ah ok, cakephp 3 didn’t have that interface yet
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:40 kevin.pfeifer oh ok
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:39 jadelbe418 @kevin.pfeifer I am sorry, I should have mentioned the version number of cake I am working with. The application I am on is on 3
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:37 jadelbe418 I will play with that and see how it works.
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:37 jadelbe418 Great, thanks!
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:36 kevin.pfeifer see e.g. https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Http/Middleware/CsrfProtectionMiddleware.php each middleware should at least implement the `MiddlewareInterface` and therefore the `process($request, $handler)` funciton
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:35 jadelbe418 I assume that I am not putting it in the middle ware que in the right spot.
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:34 slackebot2 route caching // pass null as cacheConfig, example: `new RoutingMiddleware($this)` // you might want to disable this cache in case your routing is extremely simple ->add(new RoutingMiddleware($this, '_cake_routes_')); return $middlewareQueue; } }```
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:34 slackebot2 // and make an error page/response ->add(ErrorHandlerMiddleware::class) // Handle plugin/theme assets like CakePHP normally does. ->add(new AssetMiddleware([ 'cacheTime' => Configure::read('Asset.cacheTime') ])) ->add(new CustomFieldsMiddleware()) // Add routing middleware. // Routes collection cache enabled by default, to disable
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:34 jadelbe418 ```class Application extends BaseApplication { /** * Setup the middleware queue your application will use. * * @param MiddlewareQueue $middlewareQueue The middleware queue to setup. * @return MiddlewareQueue The updated middleware queue. */ public function middleware($middlewareQueue): MiddlewareQueue { $middlewareQueue // Catch any exceptions in the lower layers,
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:33 slackebot2 ResponseInterface A response */ public function __invoke(ServerRequestInterface $request, ResponseInterface $response, callable $next): ResponseInterface { print_r($response); return $next($request, $response); } }```
# Jul 20th 2021, 20:33 jadelbe418 ```<?php namespace App\Middleware; use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface; use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface; /** * CustomFields middleware */ class CustomFieldsMiddleware { /** * Invoke method. * * @param ServerRequestInterface $request The request. * @param ResponseInterface $response The response. * @param callable $next Callback to invoke the next middleware. * @return