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# Today, 20:10 dereuromark depends on your auth setup
# Today, 20:05 chris-andre :) I'm using your auth plugin. Guess it queries that often on dev environment only then :P
# Today, 20:02 dereuromark well, that you dont have to ;) at least if you all combine that into a single "sth changed" flag
# Today, 19:56 chris-andre True. Ill work something out with the db session. That being said, roles are being checked every request, so sometimes we just _have to_
# Today, 19:51 dereuromark if you use a cookie based login, you can also remove the session and let the relogin happen silently, but then you have issues with POSTs fired. would need to preflight ajax then. so that makes it more overkill than a simple and not soo expensive single lookup :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 19:47 chris-andre db query on every request sounds like "overkill". Thanks @dereuromark , Ill look into db sessions
# Today, 19:45 dereuromark with DB sessions you do that anyway :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 19:44 chris-andre Okay. But that means I will have to query the db to check if any changes has been made for the user, right?
# Today, 19:40 dereuromark thats why you need db sessions and a privot table of some sorts to manage those relations from user to session
# Today, 19:36 chris-andre Yes, so actually, I should update user data the same way when the user updates data himself (to update on other devices as well).
# Today, 19:32 dereuromark there are different strategies, e.g. putting in a flag to force updating, once the user refreshes the page
# Today, 19:31 dereuromark you have to have a session_id in your user_... online table, this way you know which user this would be. but this is 1:n as you can be logged in with multiple devices
# Today, 19:30 chris-andre Yes, admad pointed me against updating cache session, but I don't get it. How shall I do the check and if it's different, how should I update it? Is the cache gonna be updated when admin performs an user data update?
# Today, 19:24 dereuromark wasnt this already answered above?
# Today, 19:19 chris-andre Anyone here familiar with cache session? If an admin changes user data of an logged in user, how can I update cache/session so that the logged in user get his session updated as well?
# Today, 19:14 chris-andre Reason I was asking about path and composer was that I suspected you had placed the view file in the vendor folder, then run composer install. But as that is not the case, I don't know why the issue you describes exists.
# Today, 19:11 igreat Is there a chance it could link with composer issue?
# Today, 19:10 chris-andre Allright. Then I have no idea.
# Today, 19:09 igreat As it's not supported
# Today, 19:09 igreat Yea, did not use composer to install
# Today, 19:08 chris-andre I see. You have uploaded your local app to your prod. server with ftp?
# Today, 19:04 igreat I don't understand why
# Today, 19:03 igreat But just uploaded it to my online host and its misbehaving
# Today, 19:03 igreat I run wamp as my local server, and it works well on it
# Today, 19:00 chris-andre Seems like your prod serve repo is different from the local repo.
# Today, 18:58 igreat The view templates are located in root/src/Template/Plugin/cakedc/users/Users
# Today, 18:57 chris-andre Ah, sry. Misunderstood.
# Today, 18:55 chris-andre Where is the template file you created stored? Which path?
# Today, 18:54 igreat The layout is working fine, but the view templates are located in root/src/Template/Plugin/cakedc/users/login.ctp
# Today, 18:50 chris-andre Is the template located in root:src/Template/Layout?
# Today, 18:46 igreat Yea, via the debug kit
# Today, 18:45 chris-andre @igreat have you tried to clear cache?
# Today, 18:39 igreat Can anyone help me with a solution?
# Today, 18:39 igreat >On my app, I used cakedc users plugin, and created new template file to override the plugin templates which are working fine on my local host (offline). >But after putting it online, it wont use the templates I created, instead it keeps using the template that came with the plugin
# Today, 15:09 birdy247 but then gives a missing controller of the sectionname
# Today, 15:08 birdy247 it builds the route just fine
# Today, 15:08 birdy247 www.mydomain.com/:sectionname/:id-:slug
# Today, 15:02 birdy247 i.e. "portfolio"
# Today, 15:02 birdy247 where "blog" is dynamic
# Today, 15:02 birdy247 would connect to Articles::view
# Today, 15:01 birdy247 i.e. www.mydoamin.com/blog/id:-:slug
# Today, 15:01 birdy247 Is there a way to create a route based on a variable
# Today, 14:05 inoas okay
# Today, 14:05 inoas I really hope that 4.x will have non static time objects/configuration/setup
# Today, 14:05 jeremyharris I don't try to avoid them necessarily, just use them judiciously
# Today, 14:05 inoas it pretty much feels like programming with globals
# Today, 14:04 inoas that's my fear
# Today, 14:04 jeremyharris I've worked on big apps that have complex events and it takes a long time to figure out what's going on
# Today, 14:04 inoas I feel like they break the FrontController MVP/MVC pattern
# Today, 14:04 inoas Do you try to avoid them if it is sane?
# Today, 14:03 jeremyharris Events are nice but yes it can be tricky to debug. I use them
# Today, 14:03 inoas 30° C here
# Today, 14:03 inoas :/
# Today, 14:03 inoas But this time I think I have no choice but to use events and cells for mini-applications embedded in content first cms
# Today, 14:02 inoas "I just like to know exactly what's happening" ;-)
# Today, 14:02 inoas Personally I love when I can easily trace where a software runs...
# Today, 14:02 inoas What's your stance on event driven software then?
# Today, 14:01 jeremyharris That's a good plan. I should probably check it out again, it's been a while
# Today, 14:01 inoas it felt like too much obligations... when things are done I may see if I can gain much from using CRUD
# Today, 14:01 inoas I am currently moving away/skipping crud for one thing that I could have crudified...
# Today, 14:00 jeremyharris No crud either haha, good guess
# Today, 14:00 jeremyharris Maybe. I just like to know exactly what's happening
# Today, 14:00 inoas no CRUD for your either?
# Today, 14:00 jeremyharris Yep
# Today, 14:00 inoas maybe something meditative about it (no pun!)
# Today, 13:59 inoas really?
# Today, 13:59 jeremyharris I write them all out hehe
# Today, 13:59 inoas ;-)
# Today, 13:59 jeremyharris Not for me :slightly_smiling_face:
# Today, 13:59 inoas Form->inputs() is <3 for instance :)
# Today, 13:58 inoas I agree that verbosity can help (even without using IDEs) but I also like DRY ;)
# Today, 13:58 inoas well once the feature for the routes settles I will try to stab that...
# Today, 13:57 jeremyharris @inoas yes I imagine so. It'll internally create the array route I'm guessing
# Today, 13:52 inoas then there is no conflict with HtmlHelper::link
# Today, 13:52 inoas aka $this->Html->a('All Articles', 'Blog.Articles::index')
# Today, 13:51 inoas right?
# Today, 13:51 inoas @jeremyharris now that there seems to be an agreement on this https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/10689#issuecomment-304440165 ... it should be rather easy (even in user-land-code) to add HtmlHelper::a('label', 'shortcode', $options) which would use the Router::url() to parse things like $routes->connect('/articles/:id', 'Blog.Articles::view')
# Today, 12:58 chris-andre Ah, okay. Understand. I think I can figure it out. Not very familiar with cache and sessions
# Today, 12:36 admad No, when admin makes changes update the related session record.
# Today, 12:16 chris-andre @admad So that means I have run a query upon every request?
# Today, 12:13 igreat Any idea on how to resolve this?
# Today, 12:13 igreat Good day guy, On my app, I used cakedc users plugin, and created new template file to override the plugin templates which are working fine on my local host (offline). But after putting it online, it wont use the templates I created, instead it keeps using the template that came with the plugin
# Today, 12:10 admad Use db / cache for sessions and update that record
# Today, 11:47 chris-andre On my app, administrator can change a users data. Now, lets say it is changed while that user is logged in, you probably want that update to affect immediately. Does anyone have a suggestion how to do that? Keep checking for updated userdata seems a bit overkill. Any suggestions?
# Today, 09:31 iqu ?
# Today, 09:31 iqu will work on fulltext search with my cake3 app. Any easy alternatives to mysql fulltext
# Today, 09:10 adithya @joshuaso91 you should be able to get that functionality by default when you bake, if you've used the conventions properly
# Today, 04:24 joshuaso91 Hello guys, is there away for me to allow the select input show all the values that belongs to a particular id. For example, if I choose a supplier, i want it to list all the products that's belongs to the supplier in the select option field.
# Today, 04:15 hiromi2424 plus guess a lot of classes google provides will confuse you … like me :P
# Today, 04:13 hiromi2424 See instructions on that github page. It works even If in CakePHP3 app
# Today, 04:12 hiromi2424 is the stuff you should `composer require`
# Today, 04:12 hiromi2424 https://github.com/google/google-api-php-client
# Today, 04:12 hiromi2424 But you are referencing to another github
# Today, 04:09 hiromi2424 That client class works well on my Cake3 app.
# Today, 04:08 hiromi2424 GeoBehr: I guess missing `require 'vendor/autoload.php'; `
# Today, 04:03 GeoBehr do I simply 'use Google\GoogleApiPhpClientServices;'
# Today, 04:00 GeoBehr https://github.com/google/google-api-php-client-services
# Today, 03:59 admad Is the lib namespaced?
# Today, 03:58 GeoBehr Yes, apologies for the newbness.. I found a Composer library and have loaded it. Once that is done, having trouble referencing classes. Seems to be a missing puzzle piece for me
# Today, 03:56 savant GeoBehr: maybe there is a composer library to do that?