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# Jun 19th, 16:31 jeremyharris also, PHPStorm does have some support for javascript, including jQuery, it’s just a PHP IDE first. I think there were a few other IDE suggestions that you can try out if you find PHPStorm’s javascript support not good enough
# Jun 19th, 16:28 jeremyharris all modern frameworks use composer to install them nowadays, so I think it is worth investing time learning how to make composer work with your setup first. Like many people mentioned, cakebox will help with setting up a virtual server that is all ready to go. Otherwise, if you’re using XAMMP you will need to do that configuration yourself, regardless of the framework you choose
# Jun 19th, 16:23 olanowsubomi and find another framework
# Jun 19th, 16:22 olanowsubomi if not that i have invested a lot of time learning it i would have abandon it
# Jun 19th, 16:21 olanowsubomi i dont understand how a big organization like cakephp would not make there application easy to download for the first time, i have never experience this kind of difficulty downloading an app before
# Jun 19th, 16:18 olanowsubomi or do you know any ide that support cakephp, php, javascript, jquery
# Jun 19th, 16:16 olanowsubomi you know after i finished learning cakephp, i got specification for the project i want to use it for, and i drafted my programmes in paper which include jquery which phpstorm does not support
# Jun 19th, 16:07 neon1024 So you use one of those editors to write your code on your desktop, then the folder with your code in is shared to your virtual machine. When you view the code in your browser, it will use the web server in the virtual machine to run your shared code files.
# Jun 19th, 16:06 neon1024 I quite like VS Code also
# Jun 19th, 16:06 neon1024 There are lots of other tools, Netbeans is a free one which works on Windows
# Jun 19th, 16:06 olanowsubomi ok let me view there website about there details and get back to you
# Jun 19th, 16:05 graziel if you cant afford it (its paid) there is also EAP version you can use
# Jun 19th, 16:04 neon1024 Yes, very well
# Jun 19th, 16:04 olanowsubomi does it work with cakephp?
# Jun 19th, 16:04 olanowsubomi ok
# Jun 19th, 16:02 neon1024 @olanowsubomi I like to use PHP Storm :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 19th, 16:00 graziel then no, you can use any ide you want files will be same on windows and vagrant
# Jun 19th, 15:59 olanowsubomi i mean to write cakephp program
# Jun 19th, 15:59 graziel cake has quite a few automation helpers like bake command
# Jun 19th, 15:59 graziel depends on what you mean by 'code'
# Jun 19th, 15:58 olanowsubomi are u saying i wont need to code in command line
# Jun 19th, 15:57 olanowsubomi or is there any solution around it or only best for ubuntu users?
# Jun 19th, 15:57 graziel you code like you want vagrant will use your current files
# Jun 19th, 15:57 neon1024 Your files are shared from your desktop into the virtual machine :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 19th, 15:56 olanowsubomi and i don't think i like to code in command line im not used to it
# Jun 19th, 15:55 olanowsubomi i use 32 bit window
# Jun 19th, 15:54 bravo-kernel hola bakers
# Jun 19th, 15:53 neon1024 Hey dude 8)
# Jun 19th, 15:53 neon1024 Cakebox is a pre-configured environment, so most of the hard work is done for you
# Jun 19th, 15:53 bravo-kernel @neon1024 o/
# Jun 19th, 15:52 neon1024 @olanowsubomi I’d agree with @bravo-kernel also :thumbsup:
# Jun 19th, 15:52 bravo-kernel @olanowsubomi it seems you are a novice in this area, cakebox will be your best choice, everything is tailored to cakephp
# Jun 19th, 15:51 olanowsubomi it even not possible to install xammp on window 32 bit
# Jun 19th, 15:51 bravo-kernel after that... everything will make sense
# Jun 19th, 15:51 bravo-kernel it contains a simple instruction for creating your first website (using cakephp)
# Jun 19th, 15:51 bravo-kernel ?
# Jun 19th, 15:50 bravo-kernel @olanowsubomi did you read the intro on https://github.com/alt3/cakebox
# Jun 19th, 15:49 olanowsubomi ?
# Jun 19th, 15:49 olanowsubomi but can you use cakephp code in vagrant
# Jun 19th, 15:48 olanowsubomi i dont know what a powershell is
# Jun 19th, 15:48 olanowsubomi im typing it into a command window
# Jun 19th, 15:46 olanowsubomi ok, let me ask some questions
# Jun 19th, 15:45 neon1024 See the big grey box about Windows 32 bit
# Jun 19th, 15:45 neon1024 The error with the SSL module is detailed in the PHP manual here https://www.php.net/manual/en/openssl.installation.php
# Jun 19th, 15:44 neon1024 XAMPP is just a nice installer, which will install and configure webserver, php and some other bits for you
# Jun 19th, 15:44 neon1024 As it will allow you to virtualise a Linux computer for you to work in
# Jun 19th, 15:44 neon1024 The reason people were suggesting that you use a Vagrant virtual machine to develop your application is to sidestep many of the issues with developing in Windows
# Jun 19th, 15:43 neon1024 Also, are you typing your composer commands into a command window or powershell?
# Jun 19th, 15:42 neon1024 Is this a development machine or a production server?
# Jun 19th, 15:42 olanowsubomi ?
# Jun 19th, 15:42 olanowsubomi or you have never tried downloading this on window32 bit
# Jun 19th, 15:40 olanowsubomi or what do u suggest i do?
# Jun 19th, 15:39 olanowsubomi or how do i enabled it?
# Jun 19th, 15:38 olanowsubomi i tried remove ';' before it as sugested by someone to no avail
# Jun 19th, 15:37 graziel sounds like composer cant use ssl cause openssl extension in your php.ini isnt enabled/installed
# Jun 19th, 15:37 olanowsubomi somebody later suggest i use vagrant in place of wampp server i dont even understand
# Jun 19th, 15:35 olanowsubomi this is the message i sent to someone earlier
# Jun 19th, 15:34 slackebot1 the ';' before both extension=mbstring and extension=intl in both php.ini files for those extensions to work for cakephp downloading. i would appreciate it if my message is being considered and responded to in good time. Thanks for your patience. .
# Jun 19th, 15:34 olanowsubomi ok. see this,Hi, please can you do a code review and send me an email at olanowsubomi@gmail.com, i am having issue to download cakephp on window 7 32bit let me explain to you that i have successfully downloaded the composer but by typing this ' composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app my_app_name' into it to download cakephp, it is bringing this below: '... [ Composer\Exception\NoSs1Exception] The open ssl extension is
# Jun 19th, 15:34 slackebot1 required for SSL/TLC protection but is not available if you can not enable the open ssl extension; you can disable this error, at your own risk, by setting the disable 'disable-tls' option to true. ...' please i dont understand what all this above means but i have attached a copy of both my php.ini development and production file for you to see, though i have made some earlier adjustment to it based on the information i got that i would need to remove
# Jun 19th, 15:34 neon1024 Yes, please can you share the error message with us using a code block in Slack?
# Jun 19th, 15:33 graziel what message
# Jun 19th, 15:32 olanowsubomi i have been trying to intall cakephp with a error message appearing?
# Jun 19th, 15:31 olanowsubomi ok, i will tell you
# Jun 19th, 15:31 graziel why would you not want to use composer, its great
# Jun 19th, 15:31 neon1024 @olanowsubomi What is it that you’re trying to achieve?
# Jun 19th, 15:30 olanowsubomi do you mean i would be able to access cakephp and use it for project without using compoer?
# Jun 19th, 15:30 neon1024 @olanowsubomi Not me, I don’t use Vagrant :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 19th, 15:27 ricksaccous yeah you could use that one as well
# Jun 19th, 15:27 graziel there is also https://github.com/alt3/cakebox
# Jun 19th, 15:27 olanowsubomi hello, are you still around?
# Jun 19th, 15:26 ricksaccous read the instructions
# Jun 19th, 15:26 ricksaccous it works just fine with cakephp
# Jun 19th, 15:26 ricksaccous @olanowsubomi https://laravel.com/docs/5.8/homestead
# Jun 19th, 15:25 olanowsubomi ?
# Jun 19th, 15:25 olanowsubomi please, is there anyone who has the experience of vagrant to download cakephp
# Jun 19th, 15:22 olanowsubomi ok you mean i would use php install the composer?
# Jun 19th, 15:20 neon1024 @khalid Indeed it is.
# Jun 19th, 15:19 olanowsubomi hi, conehead i have just finished downloading the vagrant, im thinking if im to download the composer i will need to use it rather than the raw php or how do i do it?
# Jun 19th, 15:10 khalid in the same group
# Jun 19th, 15:10 khalid its a conversation above
# Jun 19th, 15:08 neon1024 Or pastebin or something
# Jun 19th, 15:08 neon1024 :point_up: Use a Gist
# Jun 19th, 15:00 khalid anyone? https://cakesf.slack.com/archives/C053DPNGT/p1560945099369700
# Jun 19th, 14:03 ricksaccous yeah, just took a quick look at it, i can see how it would be hard to figure out what types are for each variable
# Jun 19th, 14:02 dereuromark feel free to code a controller lookup for the variables, but even then it will be hard to detect the types
# Jun 19th, 13:57 ricksaccous i see i see
# Jun 19th, 13:57 dereuromark based on conventions
# Jun 19th, 13:56 dereuromark it right now can only guess
# Jun 19th, 13:56 dereuromark read the code
# Jun 19th, 13:53 ricksaccous @dereuromark why did it do pendingDetails for you and not the rest?
# Jun 19th, 13:51 ricksaccous ``` $this->set(compact('new', 'current', 'data', 'pendingDetails', 'status', 'tasks', 'servers')); ```
# Jun 19th, 13:51 ricksaccous oops
# Jun 19th, 13:51 ricksaccous ```
# Jun 19th, 13:50 ricksaccous because in your controller you set
# Jun 19th, 13:50 ricksaccous so it actually doesn't look at what you set
# Jun 19th, 13:48 dereuromark rest is manual work for you
# Jun 19th, 13:47 dereuromark normal templates are supported right now ``` -> index | * @var \App\View\AppView $this | + * @var \Queue\Model\Entity\QueuedJob[]|\Cake\Collection\CollectionInterface $queuedJobs | */ -> 1 annotation added. ``` etc see my queue plugin
# Jun 19th, 13:47 ricksaccous is in a plugin
# Jun 19th, 13:47 ricksaccous actually my layout where i actually use viewVars