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# Apr 17th, 14:38 Coddyx What I didn't get is
# Apr 17th, 14:38 neon1024 When you upgrade the IntegrationTestCase is replaced with a Trait, so keep an eye out for that
# Apr 17th, 14:38 Coddyx That is what I understood from the documentation as well
# Apr 17th, 14:37 neon1024 Or similar
# Apr 17th, 14:37 neon1024 `$this->get('/'); $this->assertResponseCode(503)`
# Apr 17th, 14:37 neon1024 I tend to use the IntegrationTestCase for that, set the settings and do a get request
# Apr 17th, 14:36 Coddyx 3.4.14* sorry
# Apr 17th, 14:36 Coddyx 3.4.11
# Apr 17th, 14:36 neon1024 What version of Cake are you using?
# Apr 17th, 14:36 Coddyx How should I approach this kind of test?
# Apr 17th, 14:35 Coddyx In the PagesController I want to test that I correctly get a 503 if the app is in maintenance
# Apr 17th, 14:35 Coddyx In my AppController before filter I do a database check to see if the app is in maintenance or not
# Apr 17th, 14:34 ricksaccous just ask
# Apr 17th, 14:34 Coddyx Hi, is there anyone available to answer a question cercerning testing a controller?
# Apr 17th, 14:33 ricksaccous it practically freezes up
# Apr 17th, 14:33 ricksaccous i have a linux laptop but it's a bit too slow, when i try running PHPStorm on it for instance
# Apr 17th, 14:33 ricksaccous anyone here develop on slow machines?
# Apr 17th, 14:27 neon1024 That’d be a question for the core team I’d guess
# Apr 17th, 14:27 neon1024 At some point perhaps
# Apr 17th, 14:27 neon1024 It might be deprecated in 4.x though
# Apr 17th, 14:27 neon1024 I don’t believe so
# Apr 17th, 14:26 waspinator yeah, that one seemed a bit more straightforward. I thought it was going away with cake 4 though.
# Apr 17th, 14:25 neon1024 I use the older AuthComponent
# Apr 17th, 14:25 waspinator what do you use instead?
# Apr 17th, 14:24 neon1024 Maybe see if there are test cases?
# Apr 17th, 14:23 neon1024 Not too sure, I haven’t used the plugin in a long while
# Apr 17th, 14:23 neon1024 Perhaps you didn’t do this?
# Apr 17th, 14:23 neon1024 > and using the identityDecorator middleware option
# Apr 17th, 14:22 waspinator again mostly copy-pasted from https://book.cakephp.org/authorization/1.1/en/middleware.html#identity-decorator
# Apr 17th, 14:22 waspinator I thought I did that. This is my User entity https://gist.github.com/waspinator/646012748f747a59e422f9ed9df62e98
# Apr 17th, 14:18 neon1024 PHP Storm should be able to do this for you automatically if you’re using that IDE :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 17th, 14:17 neon1024 Or you did and didn’t implement the interface methods
# Apr 17th, 14:17 neon1024 `class User extends Entity implements IdentityInterface`
# Apr 17th, 14:17 neon1024 Perhaps you didn’t implement the interface?
# Apr 17th, 14:16 neon1024 So it might be that you’re missing a configured type of Identity class?
# Apr 17th, 14:16 neon1024 As it’s a `set*()` method it’s probably looking to have config set
# Apr 17th, 14:16 neon1024 Well if it’s `Authentication\Identity::setAuthorization()` it would be in the `Identity` class
# Apr 17th, 14:13 waspinator more or less copy-pasting from https://book.cakephp.org/authorization/1.1/en/middleware.html
# Apr 17th, 14:12 waspinator I'm in the base application ``` $authorization = new AuthorizationMiddleware($this, [ 'identityDecorator' => function ($auth, $user) { return $user->setAuthorization($auth); }, ]); ```
# Apr 17th, 14:10 neon1024 Are you in a controller? Do you have a missing trait perhaps?
# Apr 17th, 14:06 waspinator I'm trying to get started with the official authentication/authorization system, and I must have missed a step in the guide, but I'm getting a ` Call to undefined method Authentication\Identity::setAuthorization() ` error. any idea what I might have done wrong?
# Apr 17th, 13:58 unclezoot afternoon, does 'cascade' work on belongsToMany relationships? I want to delete specific linked rows but I see the manual specifies only hasOne and hasMany?
# Apr 17th, 13:24 admad no
# Apr 17th, 13:24 xavier981 do you have an date for the v4 release ?
# Apr 17th, 12:35 spriz Those logos with versions should be updated >D
# Apr 17th, 12:31 admad keep the issues coming boys/gals :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 17th, 12:07 rochasmarcelo Yeah, that's what I think
# Apr 17th, 12:04 neon1024 :thumbsup:
# Apr 17th, 12:04 neon1024 Perhaps it just got forgotten about?
# Apr 17th, 12:03 neon1024 @rochasmarcelo Sounds like that would be valuable comment on the ticket :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 17th, 11:58 rochasmarcelo The migration guide says that Email was renamed to email: "Templates have been moved from src/Template/ to templates/ folder on app and plugin root. Special templates folder like Cell, Element, Email and Plugin have be renamed to lower case cell, element, email and plugin respectively."
# Apr 17th, 11:54 xavier981 @neon1024 I comment your tikcet on github
# Apr 17th, 11:50 neon1024 @xavier981 I put a comment in about Email also for you, https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/13129
# Apr 17th, 11:48 megan sure, no prob! :)
# Apr 17th, 11:48 neon1024 Super, thanks @megan
# Apr 17th, 11:48 megan @neon1024 https://cakephp.org/pages/trademark :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 17th, 11:48 steinkel https://cakephp.org/pages/rebranding
# Apr 17th, 11:47 neon1024 Ok
# Apr 17th, 11:47 admad @neon1024 `Flash` should be lowercased ideally, open a ticket :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 17th, 11:47 neon1024 Anyone rememeber where the Cakephp resources are? LIke the baked with cake flag etc?
# Apr 17th, 11:35 neon1024 Yeah, I think so too :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 17th, 11:33 xavier981 but the change .ctp to .php it's good choice
# Apr 17th, 11:33 xavier981 yes i can try lol
# Apr 17th, 11:32 neon1024 I’m sure you could change it if you wanted to, and setup the configuration. Perhaps it’s worth posting an RFC ticket about to discuss with the community?
# Apr 17th, 11:31 neon1024 Yeah, it does seem odd to me too
# Apr 17th, 11:30 xavier981 @neon1024 may be...it's disturbing uppercase and lower cas in the same folder...
# Apr 17th, 11:29 neon1024 @xavier981 Perhaps Email is the same as Flash, because there is an Email class
# Apr 17th, 11:23 neon1024 Because of the FlashComponent?
# Apr 17th, 11:23 neon1024 On the same topic, why is `/templates/element/Flash` uppercase?
# Apr 17th, 11:21 xavier981 do you have an explication for Email ? (it's for my logical :) )
# Apr 17th, 11:17 xavier981 Yes you are right sorry
# Apr 17th, 11:16 admad Error corresponds to ErrorController and hence capital cased
# Apr 17th, 11:15 xavier981 it's only my opinion lol
# Apr 17th, 11:15 xavier981 for me Email forder can write with lower case, and Error too, the other i think it's best in uppercase yes
# Apr 17th, 11:13 dakota :wave: @neon1024
# Apr 17th, 11:13 admad Only folders which match your controller name are upper cases. All other special folders are lowe cased
# Apr 17th, 11:12 xavier981 ok i understand, and why some folder have uppercase and another not ? (in templates folder)
# Apr 17th, 11:12 hollistergraham123 Is the Orders.completed suppose to represent a customer Model.Orders.completed event being emitted?
# Apr 17th, 11:12 hollistergraham123 In the time stamp behavior their is this example `class OrdersTable extends Table { public function initialize(array $config) { $this->addBehavior(‘Timestamp’, [ ‘events’ => [ ‘Model.beforeSave’ => [ ‘created_at’ => ‘new’, ‘updated_at’ => ‘always’, ], ‘Orders.completed’ => [
# Apr 17th, 11:12 slackebot ‘always’ ] ] ]); } }`
# Apr 17th, 11:11 admad @xavier981 because we only wanted to keep classes with autoloading within src folder
# Apr 17th, 11:09 xavier981 why i have separated templates folder of src ?
# Apr 17th, 11:07 neon1024 @xavier981 Be sure to send in your feedback to the core team :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 17th, 11:06 xavier981 @neon1024 It's work Thx
# Apr 17th, 11:06 martin ah I was cleaning it by myself, but it worked :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 17th, 11:05 neon1024 `bin/cake cache clear_all` perhaps
# Apr 17th, 11:05 neon1024 Then I’d agree with @hollistergraham123 perhaps it’s just some cached routes. If you’re using newer Cake routing can be cached
# Apr 17th, 11:04 Martin` checked it, it is the lastest version
# Apr 17th, 11:04 neon1024 Perhaps your DebugKit is out of date? Did you try `composer outdated -D` ?
# Apr 17th, 11:04 neon1024 If you’re using `addPlugin` you shouldn’t need to worry about ‘routing’ option, as it’s handled internally
# Apr 17th, 11:03 dereuromark The current inflector is here: https://sandbox.dereuromark.de/sandbox/inflector
# Apr 17th, 11:03 Martin` last one
# Apr 17th, 11:03 neon1024 @martin How are you loading the plugin? Are you using `Plugin::load()` or `$this->addPlugin()` ?
# Apr 17th, 11:01 hollistergraham123 I had that issue and just deleted the sqlite database by deleting the tmp folder and then when I refreshed the page it worked again
# Apr 17th, 10:58 martin :S
# Apr 17th, 10:58 martin DebugKitController could not be found.
# Apr 17th, 10:58 martin My debugkit does not work anymore, it is missing the debugkit controller. how can this happen? I tried adding the ‘routing’ => true to the loadplugin but that also not changes it
# Apr 17th, 10:57 hollistergraham123 First off AWESOME! Did not know that existed
# Apr 17th, 10:57 neon1024 Equipment is both singular and plural!
# Apr 17th, 10:57 neon1024 Give it a try at https://inflector.cakephp.org/