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# Today, 18:17 devito sorry, is the 3.x orm capable of querying generated columns
# Today, 18:16 devito cm capable of uerying qgenerated columns?
# Today, 16:05 itmpls n/m
# Today, 15:51 itmpls I have 2 listeners and they both have the same implementedEvents key - will both fire or will just the first one fire?
# Today, 09:29 o0h @berarma Thanks! OK, I add ‘noinspection’ and continue to mutate it directly in instance member, until 4.0 come :)
# Today, 09:26 berarma @o0h, I think that flag will be removed so you won't need it after 4.0. If you need to use it now and be future-proof you'll have to check for its existance. The deprecation warning will stay though.
# Today, 08:31 o0h Hi! I try to my app upgrade to cakephp3.7 from 3.6. I have a question. In my app, I set false `View::hasRendered` to re-render view. Since 3.7, View->hasRendered is deprecated but `setRendered` api is not provided. Is there a good way to reset rendered flag ?
# Today, 06:30 slackebot2 shopping carts... Bunch of code piled-up over years :(
# Today, 06:30 acosonic Yeah, I was discussing it here, earlier... My team at first agreed to upgrade our old codebase to cake3, then they started to do it, and quit saying they want to do it in Laravel, because Cake 3 seemed like totally new thing, then they quit Laravel also, because we can't afford to work couple of months only on backend :slightly_smiling_face: It's a CMS/CRM sytem with monthly re-occuring payments, membership plans, landing pages, campaigns,
# Today, 02:58 destinydriven In cake 2.10* is there any downside to using cacheQueries = true in AppModel?
# Yesterday, 20:22 dereuromark nah^^ but i tagged now anyway.
# Yesterday, 20:21 challgren I got dev-master running I just assumed ^3.14 would keep it 3.14.x
# Yesterday, 20:21 dereuromark u want to try dev-master though
# Yesterday, 20:21 dereuromark its called semver
# Yesterday, 19:01 challgren Weird I have “dereuromark/cakephp-queue”: “^3.14", in composer but got 3.15.1
# Yesterday, 19:00 challgren Ok let me push out a new build of my app
# Yesterday, 18:56 dereuromark give it a spin and let me know if u can tag a new minor
# Yesterday, 18:56 challgren Ok cool!
# Yesterday, 18:56 dereuromark auto cleaning processes that died
# Yesterday, 18:55 dereuromark this is also fixed in dev master now
# Yesterday, 18:55 dereuromark there u go^^
# Yesterday, 18:55 challgren Yep that was probably it
# Yesterday, 18:55 slackebot2 <challgren>
# Yesterday, 18:54 dereuromark also clear your processes
# Yesterday, 18:54 slackebot2 <challgren>
# Yesterday, 18:53 challgren `*/10 * * * * ~/bin/cake queue runworker -q` is my cron
# Yesterday, 18:53 dereuromark darn maybe the defaults dont get loaded in your case?
# Yesterday, 18:50 challgren I only run 2 at a time
# Yesterday, 18:49 dereuromark 'maxworkers' => 3 by default
# Yesterday, 18:48 dereuromark this is a protection against >> x workers spawned, overloading the server
# Yesterday, 18:48 dereuromark oh, set your count to a higher value. maybe the default is a bit too low?
# Yesterday, 18:47 challgren @dereuromark any idea on this? All I did was upgrade
# Yesterday, 15:59 zsoro2 Hello Guys! :slightly_smiling_face: I would like to ask a question if it's possible. I have problem with the ACL. I use 2.x CakePHP. I generated the ACO records in the database with ./Console/cake AclExtras.AclExtras aco_sync, command. But it not generated anything in the ARO table. How is it possible to generate data to the ARO table and the AROS_ACOS table?
# Yesterday, 15:11 spriz Ah do’h - yeah ofc with `->toArray()` Bernat :+1:
# Yesterday, 15:08 berarma @acosonic, so you're staying on cake2 because your team didn't agree on anything else? :O
# Yesterday, 15:05 berarma Or `$authorIds = array_unique((new Collection($posts))->extract('author_id')->toList());`
# Yesterday, 15:04 berarma I think it's wrong, you should do: `$authorIds = array_keys((new Collection($posts))->groupBy('author_id')->toArray());`
# Yesterday, 14:53 spriz Usually I’ve done: `$authorIds = array_keys((new Collection($posts))->groupBy('author_id')->toList());` but it just feels wrong ,:)
# Yesterday, 14:52 spriz What am I missing here? Isn’t there some sneaky way to only have unique `author_id`s with collection class from this: https://gist.github.com/Spriz/eceb62e87427830cc72bb14d8945c443
# Yesterday, 14:50 slackebot2 $this->redirect('/onlinecheckout/:slug', ['controller' => 'autoCheckout', 'action' => 'verify', $code]); i had problem with redirect :S sombody can help me ?
# Yesterday, 14:50 kweclawski Hi everybody :slightly_smiling_face: i have question about redirect to alias :slightly_smiling_face: so i create 2 routes for one controler in routes.php : ``` $routes->connect('/auto-checkout/begin/*', ['controller' => 'AutoCheckout', 'action' => 'begin']); $routes->connect('/onlinecheckout/begin/*', ['controller' => 'AutoCheckout', 'action' => 'begin']);``` and i want add redirect to onlinecheckout/begin but when i try used return
# Yesterday, 14:27 ricksaccous I'm sure some people would still be happy to help you out with your cake2 questions
# Yesterday, 14:27 ricksaccous lol
# Yesterday, 14:22 acosonic Could there be like cakephp2 specific support channel? :slightly_smiling_face: Btw, after researching Laravel and Cake3 and going berserk, my team decided to stay on cake2 for 3 new projects, and keep maintaining cake 2 if support gets dropped :)
# Yesterday, 13:13 dereuromark what do you mean? sounds like a non generic issue to me
# Yesterday, 12:47 itmpls really don't want to re-invent the wheel..
# Yesterday, 12:47 itmpls this might be a longshot but is there some plugin that scrapes your supplied tables and fks to do an export of the data based on relations?
# Yesterday, 12:04 johnwayne Ok, Thank you for your aswer
# Yesterday, 12:04 dereuromark usually they only throw deprecations etc, as such you just silence them in production
# Yesterday, 11:57 johnwayne I thought some things in cakephp v3.3 will not work with php v 7.3 (we have also planned to update all the projects to the latest cakephp version - but not until April)
# Yesterday, 11:56 dereuromark but there is usually no reason why it shouldnt be fine.
# Yesterday, 11:55 dereuromark dunno that, we are always using latest minor as one should.
# Yesterday, 11:54 johnwayne Heroku will shut down cedar-14 until APril/2019 and we are still using that one. Now few of projects use CakePhp v 3.3. Can I just upgrade to cedar-18 and php v 7.3 without updating cakephp to 3.7 or?
# Yesterday, 11:53 dereuromark yeah
# Yesterday, 11:50 johnwayne Hi, does anybody use Heroku for cakePhp?
# Yesterday, 10:40 barlas This is how it is, right now. :-/
# Yesterday, 10:35 spriz the end of all our scopes are `$routes->fallbacks(\Cake\Routing\Route\InflectedRoute::class);` though
# Yesterday, 10:35 spriz try inserting `Router::defaultRouteClass(\Cake\Routing\Route\InflectedRoute::class);` before the scopes
# Yesterday, 10:35 spriz the default route should be applied to all scopes AFAIK
# Yesterday, 10:35 barlas spriz, Any idea how to debug / fix it?
# Yesterday, 10:31 barlas (which are just :controller/:action and :controller ones)
# Yesterday, 10:30 barlas It's outside before it. And bin/cake routes show all routes defined in Route::scope('/')
# Yesterday, 10:30 barlas Should the defaultRoute option be with Route::scope?
# Yesterday, 10:29 spriz then it seems InflectedRoute class is not set properly :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 10:28 barlas Yes, myController works
# Yesterday, 10:28 spriz are the routes loaded? Can you see them in `$ bin/cake routes`?
# Yesterday, 10:28 spriz @barlas does /myController, /my-controller og /mycontroller work?
# Yesterday, 10:16 barlas In routes.php, default route class was DashedRoute, I changed it to InflectedRoute, but that didn't help either.
# Yesterday, 10:15 barlas Any ideas?
# Yesterday, 10:15 barlas Requests with _ aren't working. when calling /my_controller, it says Controller class My_controller could not be found.
# Yesterday, 10:13 marius.treu cant you simply delete an entity (to delete all associations "on delete cascase") and resave it as a new one afterwards?
# Yesterday, 10:11 marius.treu while begining a transaction, i start with deleting an entity that was already in the database, afterwards i modify this entity and save it back to the database. Doing that result in the following error "Cannot commit transaction - rollback() has been already called in the nested transaction"
# Yesterday, 10:11 nico946 quick question, does anybody know about a package for integrating Mailchimp to Cake 3.5?
# Yesterday, 10:11 nico946 Hi everyone,
# Yesterday, 10:10 asdfgh a good library to create excel file?
# Yesterday, 10:10 asdfgh hello
# Yesterday, 10:02 marius.treu hello
# Yesterday, 10:01 birdy247 Anyone help with my query?
# Yesterday, 09:56 spriz Yeah it seems obvious now :)
# Yesterday, 09:47 dereuromark but "translate" tbh
# Yesterday, 09:47 spriz Yeah but that list doesn’t work when one search for `cakehp-translate` it seems :,)
# Yesterday, 09:46 dereuromark you should know how to use the awesome list^^
# Yesterday, 09:46 spriz Nvm https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-translate :)
# Yesterday, 09:46 spriz is that a plugin of yours? Google doesn’t give me helpful stuff :anguished:
# Yesterday, 09:45 spriz I will look into `cakephp-translate`
# Yesterday, 09:45 dereuromark ahok, then probably simple regex or alike. As for swapping. You can look into enhancing cakephp-translate to further improve use cases here, both on shell as on web backend level.
# Yesterday, 09:44 slackebot2 <birdy247>
# Yesterday, 09:44 spriz @dereuromark not like that - only strings within the translation functions
# Yesterday, 09:44 spriz Say one started writing the code in Spanish languages and have everything translated to English in `.po`files and now want to “swap around” and have `English` in the `pot` file and `Spanish`as a `po` file
# Yesterday, 09:44 dereuromark all strings is dangerous? many are not to be translated, as code pieces etc
# Yesterday, 09:43 spriz Does anyone happen to have some script/plugin that replaces all strings in the app within `__()` from one language to another?
# Yesterday, 09:38 jan-willem What is the best approach if I want to create multiple CSV import commands: - Multiple console command for each CSV file? - One CSV import console command which calls other console command (is this possible?) - One CSV import console command which calls a CSV factory which returns a model which takes care for all logic for each type of import?
# Yesterday, 09:34 birdy247 I just want to make the 10 dynaimc
# Yesterday, 09:34 slackebot2 <birdy247>
# Yesterday, 09:24 birdy247 I am trying to figure out how to build this in the query builder
# Yesterday, 09:24 birdy247 a member is considered lapsed when their end_date + lapsed_days < today
# Yesterday, 09:23 birdy247 a payment_option has a lapsed_days feild
# Yesterday, 09:23 birdy247 a member has an end_date (DATE)
# Yesterday, 09:23 birdy247 a member belongsTo a payment options
# Yesterday, 09:23 birdy247 :slightly_smiling_face: