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# Today, 06:35 conehead @brian.french ```<?xml version="1.0"?> <ruleset name="Custom Standard"> <rule ref="PSR12"/> </ruleset>`#```
# Today, 00:49 dereuromark sure, just reference it there.
# Today, 00:43 brian.french @dereuromark Codesniff question. Do you know if there is a way to import/extend a ruleset into your own local ruleset.xml? googlefooing isn't producing any answers.
# Yesterday, 17:49 jotpe Hm okay, so thanks @admad. Maybe I'll try upgrading/testing later then.
# Yesterday, 17:46 jotpe _Since this skeleton is a starting point for your application and various files would have been modified as per your needs, there isn't a way to provide automated upgrades, so you have to do any updates manually._ :face_with_rolling_eyes:
# Yesterday, 17:44 admad best create a new app if you want to try 4 https://github.com/cakephp/app/tree/4.x
# Yesterday, 17:43 admad simply bumping up core for existing 3.x app skeleton isnt going to work anyway
# Yesterday, 17:43 jotpe should I change to ^4.0 and then composer update?
# Yesterday, 17:42 jotpe 3.8.*
# Yesterday, 17:42 admad what's the current cake version in you composer.json?
# Yesterday, 17:36 jotpe @admad Did `composer update` and then `composer require --update-with-dependencies "cakephp/cakephp:4.0.0-RC1"` with the same results. Or should I change the version in my composer.json?
# Yesterday, 17:32 admad just do `composer update`
# Yesterday, 17:30 jotpe I did `composer require --update-with-dependencies "cakephp/cakephp:4.0.0-RC1"`
# Yesterday, 17:29 slackebot <jotpe>
# Yesterday, 17:29 jotpe I tried to upgrade to 4x. RC1 and got this composer message:
# Yesterday, 16:54 savant IRC test message
# Yesterday, 16:54 savant slack test message
# Yesterday, 16:22 neon1024 Bake, Crud and CrudView will get most of it done
# Yesterday, 16:22 noel (Still looking for the `->writeAppForMe` method)
# Yesterday, 16:04 neon1024 Worth noting if you’re using `resources()` and you haven’t implemented the methods, the routes will throw missing method errors
# Yesterday, 16:02 neon1024 Outside of this table, you’ll need to create your own routing
# Yesterday, 16:02 neon1024 See the table :point_right: https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/development/routing.html#restful-routing
# Yesterday, 16:01 noel I'm using Accept and Content Headers instead of .json ext
# Yesterday, 16:01 neon1024 The `resources()` method only maps certain things
# Yesterday, 16:01 noel via Postman
# Yesterday, 16:01 jotpe maybe missing .json?
# Yesterday, 16:01 neon1024 @noel Your assumption is wrong
# Yesterday, 16:00 jotpe @noel how did you accessed the url?
# Yesterday, 15:59 noel @jotpe yes
# Yesterday, 15:59 jotpe @noel so index action works?
# Yesterday, 15:56 pieceof rite
# Yesterday, 15:56 jotpe @pieceof it's not a 403
# Yesterday, 15:55 pieceof $this->auth->allow[......'clients'];
# Yesterday, 15:54 slackebot convention would mean that any action in my controller would be mapped?
# Yesterday, 15:54 noel Hi all. I have the following routes set up: ```Router::prefix('api', function (RouteBuilder $routes) { $routes->resources('Users'); })``` This maps the route `/api/users` correctly. I've then added an action to my UsersController like so: ```class UsersController extends BaseUsersController { public function clients() {} }``` However on the route `api/users/clients` it is giving me a 404 error. What am I missing? I thought that the
# Yesterday, 15:51 jotpe Can I use $this->response->body with a callback?
# Yesterday, 15:51 jotpe This is solved with Symfonys Response: https://gist.github.com/damijanc/c23d7358d298898c96d4d7b5eec0d616
# Yesterday, 15:51 jotpe Hey guys. If I want to send a file created by PHPOffice\Spreadsheet without writing the file to disk, how can I achive this?
# Yesterday, 14:47 shifat.it Great
# Yesterday, 14:43 pieceof thx 4 the reference, now listenin
# Yesterday, 14:38 neon1024 Plus Rector will be included in a new future release of the upgrade tool :point_right: https://github.com/cakephp/upgrade/tree/4.x
# Yesterday, 14:37 neon1024 Lots of upgrades already supported :point_right: https://github.com/rectorphp/rector/tree/master/config/set/cakephp
# Yesterday, 14:37 neon1024 Even support for Cake 4 is happening :point_right: https://github.com/rectorphp/rector/pull/2337
# Yesterday, 14:35 shifat.it okay
# Yesterday, 14:35 neon1024 https://github.com/rectorphp/rector
# Yesterday, 14:34 neon1024 You could use Rector to do the upgrade automatically for you
# Yesterday, 14:34 neon1024 They’re deprecated, but not removed. So you can stick with the old methods if you want to and are not interested in updating to 4.0 quickly
# Yesterday, 14:33 neon1024 You want a reason which is more important than the friction to doing the work
# Yesterday, 14:33 neon1024 Means, I don’t want to do all the work, why are they making me do this work?
# Yesterday, 14:33 neon1024 > They did it for a reason...
# Yesterday, 14:33 neon1024 What you’re really talking about
# Yesterday, 14:30 shifat.it 1 keyword : Readable. I agree to this
# Yesterday, 14:29 admad @pieceof meh, he still got nothing over the "27 club"
# Yesterday, 14:29 pieceof you read code you dont know is its setting or getting, now its more readable
# Yesterday, 14:29 shifat.it hmm. ..both
# Yesterday, 14:29 pieceof do you know javascript/jquery ?
# Yesterday, 14:28 shifat.it etc.
# Yesterday, 14:28 shifat.it In terms of performance/coding
# Yesterday, 14:28 shifat.it I was thinking about ... They did it for a reason...
# Yesterday, 14:28 shifat.it please
# Yesterday, 14:27 shifat.it stay relevant
# Yesterday, 14:27 shifat.it seriously man ... it will help me to migrate 3.8 ...
# Yesterday, 14:27 shifat.it :O
# Yesterday, 14:26 pieceof jesus christ died at age 33
# Yesterday, 14:26 shifat.it Tell me something I dont know
# Yesterday, 14:25 pieceof ctrl + h -> search and replace
# Yesterday, 14:25 shifat.it seriously ... hell lot of work
# Yesterday, 14:25 shifat.it I am still working with 3.3 and I was told to migrate to 3.8
# Yesterday, 14:25 pieceof its a conspiracy (tinfoil hat)
# Yesterday, 14:24 pieceof pros will hate
# Yesterday, 14:24 pieceof now they can read code easier
# Yesterday, 14:24 pieceof its for noobs man
# Yesterday, 14:24 shifat.it why method separated with get set methods ? Someone please tell me about problems and benefits regarding this issue.
# Yesterday, 14:21 shifat.it Hello from your link its not clear to me , why they did this.
# Yesterday, 14:18 shifat.it methods create side effects? ? can you explain this line
# Yesterday, 14:15 neon1024 Here you are @shifat.it https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/9978
# Yesterday, 14:12 shifat.it okay.. I will get back to you after seeing roadmap
# Yesterday, 14:12 neon1024 You can find out more in the pull request I’m sure, or on the roadmap
# Yesterday, 14:12 neon1024 Because multi mode methods create side effects, have an unclear api and are harder to understand when reading code
# Yesterday, 14:12 shifat.it Is there any reason??
# Yesterday, 14:11 shifat.it why ??
# Yesterday, 14:11 shifat.it why we are using $request->data; to $request->getData()
# Yesterday, 14:11 neon1024 The change was made across the framework
# Yesterday, 14:11 neon1024 Multi-mode methods were deprecated
# Yesterday, 14:11 shifat.it $this->setTable('my_table'); // Prior to 3.4.0 $this->table('my_table');
# Yesterday, 14:10 shifat.it why the following code changed?
# Yesterday, 14:09 shifat.it One question to ask
# Yesterday, 14:09 shifat.it Hello
# Yesterday, 14:01 cubetto when i run the sql that comes from debugging the query, it works fine, for some reason cake just doesn't execute it
# Yesterday, 14:00 cubetto i need to increment a value in a column of 5 different rows, so i'm trying with $this->query()->update()->set(['field'] => $expression)->where(['user_id'=>$id])->execute();
# Yesterday, 13:58 cubetto Hi, i'm working on a cake 3.4.7 project, trying to write an updateAll query and can't get it to execute, if I use updateAll i just get 0 modified rows, if i use $this->query() ->update() i can see the query is propery produced but it states executed=false
# Yesterday, 13:44 slackebot !
# Yesterday, 13:44 slackebot Command sent from Slack by jotpe:
# Yesterday, 13:36 mocelle It works!
# Yesterday, 13:35 mocelle Done!
# Yesterday, 13:34 mocelle Array
# Yesterday, 13:34 frank @mocelle I think ndm is right, is $data an array or a json_encoded string?
# Yesterday, 13:20 mocelle I habe mi idea
# Yesterday, 13:19 mocelle If I use dump($this->access_token) in Postman is alles Ok.
# Yesterday, 13:18 slackebot $ex->getMessage()); }