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# Jul 16th, 17:11 ricksaccous lol
# Jul 16th, 17:11 ricksaccous no i dunno
# Jul 16th, 17:11 maxxstyle06 Modicrumb do you have an idea ?
# Jul 16th, 17:11 maxxstyle06 Yes but it’s ajax for same domain not verify external urls
# Jul 16th, 17:11 ricksaccous i think you can use tokens to verify whatever, doesn't have to be login
# Jul 16th, 17:10 devito doesnt the cookbook have a way to post tokens via ajax? Could have sworn i seen that in there. Maybe you can leverage that?
# Jul 16th, 17:10 maxxstyle06 My api doesnt need login
# Jul 16th, 17:10 maxxstyle06 Yes but isn’t token just for login?
# Jul 16th, 17:10 ricksaccous i dunno
# Jul 16th, 17:10 ricksaccous create some token and send it over? verify it on the other side?
# Jul 16th, 17:09 maxxstyle06 Now I’m trying to find for alternatives for those components
# Jul 16th, 17:09 maxxstyle06 People will cheat
# Jul 16th, 17:08 maxxstyle06 But it’s not secure you know
# Jul 16th, 17:08 maxxstyle06 yes now I disabled components for that
# Jul 16th, 17:08 ricksaccous disable the components for that action?
# Jul 16th, 17:08 maxxstyle06 But I failed! For the first time !
# Jul 16th, 17:08 maxxstyle06 This error drove me crazy :( I have been searching more than 1 month for solution
# Jul 16th, 17:06 maxxstyle06 they are hard to deal with when trying to send external post request to domain
# Jul 16th, 17:05 maxxstyle06 No it’s because of security + csrf components
# Jul 16th, 16:57 itmpls you'd have to whitelist that domain or use JSONP or other possible solutions
# Jul 16th, 16:57 itmpls XSS?
# Jul 16th, 16:57 itmpls 'blackholed'
# Jul 16th, 16:54 maxxstyle06 hello please I have a problem in cakephp , so I want to send ajax post from an external website , but it keeps giving me the request has been blackholed. please I have been searching for more than 1 month to find solution for it but with no success. thanks in advance
# Jul 16th, 16:45 maxxstyle06 I’m new here!
# Jul 16th, 16:45 maxxstyle06 Hello everyone
# Jul 16th, 15:32 ricksaccous as long as you let it try to save even if you ->getErrors you should be fine
# Jul 16th, 15:32 yamcomnet you should make sequence core component to cake?
# Jul 16th, 15:31 ricksaccous generally you would do if ($this->Model->save()) { redirect}
# Jul 16th, 15:28 ricksaccous if that fits your use case then yeah
# Jul 16th, 15:28 itmpls to show up as a proper validation error when i need
# Jul 16th, 15:27 itmpls i guess i need one in validationDefault too
# Jul 16th, 15:27 ricksaccous to the entity
# Jul 16th, 15:27 ricksaccous after the failed save it attaches
# Jul 16th, 15:26 itmpls how would this work if its triggered on save and not patch entity? does it check for 'errorField' and bind on patchEntity because of that?
# Jul 16th, 15:22 ricksaccous or something like that
# Jul 16th, 15:22 slackebot <ricksaccous>
# Jul 16th, 15:21 ricksaccous so it would look like
# Jul 16th, 15:21 ricksaccous then you just fill out the message param
# Jul 16th, 15:21 ricksaccous @itmpls for some reason i have found it works, if you put the field you want to be the error field first in order in the isUnique
# Jul 16th, 15:18 scuadra Hello. I am trying to migrate my users table from Cake 2 and use it in a Cake 3 project. I changed my password field in the database to varchar(255). Unfortunately I can't make it work. I used this link (https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/controllers/components/authentication.html#changing-hashing-algorithms) but when I checked in vendor\cakephp\cakephp\src\Auth\WeakPasswordHasher.php I found out that in the check() function $hashedPassword is
# Jul 16th, 15:18 slackebot null so maybe that's where the problem it is. Has anyone encountered something similar and where could I be wrong?
# Jul 16th, 15:17 itmpls This doesn't seem to trigger an error for the title field?
# Jul 16th, 15:17 yamcomnet @admad ok. Thanks
# Jul 16th, 15:17 itmpls http://dpaste.com/0T86K70
# Jul 16th, 15:16 admad @yamcomnet you can't. But the sequence behaviour automatically sets the order for a find of you haven't set any explicitly
# Jul 16th, 15:10 ricksaccous scroll down a bit to see the options in action
# Jul 16th, 15:10 ricksaccous @itmpls https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/validation.html#creating-a-rules-checker
# Jul 16th, 15:09 ricksaccous in most rules
# Jul 16th, 15:09 ricksaccous @itmpls there is an option for errorField or something
# Jul 16th, 15:05 yamcomnet Did not find from documentation. How can is set model default order. Like when i have custom field priority and i want default order by that field ?
# Jul 16th, 15:05 itmpls actually, yeah seems like it runs on save but latter question remains
# Jul 16th, 15:03 itmpls is buildRules post-patch entity? if so is there a way to get the validation messages . to show up? it doesn't let me save but doesn't show errors
# Jul 16th, 14:24 neon1024 ..and implement the secutity component to get a token so users of the wrong roll can’t post the fields they’re not allowed to
# Jul 16th, 14:23 neon1024 Probably implement Crud plugin so I didn’t have to write the similar method code twice
# Jul 16th, 14:23 neon1024 Then I could authorize by method, controller, prefix or something else in the request
# Jul 16th, 14:22 neon1024 Although in this situation I’d probably just roll different methods and templates for ease of maintenance and development
# Jul 16th, 14:22 neon1024 I’d think you’ll need a combination of a helper and changes to the entity `$_accessible` property, to prevent users posting changes to entities from elsewhere
# Jul 16th, 14:21 varun I am looking at limiting field access (not actions) for users with specific roles. Not sure if either is this is useful to me.
# Jul 16th, 14:21 slackebot <nk-sonu>
# Jul 16th, 14:16 neon1024 Even the plugin you link abstracts the Authorization away from the controller into it’s own class
# Jul 16th, 14:16 neon1024 I don’t think putting Authorize code in the controller is a good idea, especially when there is a class abstraction exactly for that purpose
# Jul 16th, 14:07 waspinator I'm using https://github.com/cakephp/authorization
# Jul 16th, 14:06 waspinator I think it's best to check for auth in the controller layer, and leave the model to just do the change
# Jul 16th, 13:56 neon1024 So all your need is `if ($user['role'] === 'admin' andand $request->getParam('controller') === 'Users' andand $request->getParam('action') === 'add') { return true };`
# Jul 16th, 13:54 neon1024 I just followed the instructions https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/controllers/components/authentication.html#creating-custom-authorize-objects
# Jul 16th, 13:54 neon1024 Nope
# Jul 16th, 13:48 varun Do you have example somewhere?
# Jul 16th, 13:47 neon1024 I created my own RoleAuthorize class and did it in there
# Jul 16th, 13:43 VarunAgw I am thinking of adding _setRole() method in the model and then check for auth there. Not sure if it's the best solution.
# Jul 16th, 13:41 VarunAgw I have a field "role" in Users table which is default to "user". I want only people with "admin" role to be able to assign role to others. What is the best way to achieve this.
# Jul 16th, 13:41 varun I have a field "role" in Users table which is default to "user". I want only people with "admin" role to be able to assign role to others. What is the best way to achieve this.
# Jul 16th, 13:03 neon1024 Perhaps I should upgrade. Thanks for checking
# Jul 16th, 13:03 neon1024 Ah 3.8.1
# Jul 16th, 13:03 neon1024 @graziel I didn’t think 3.8 had been released yet
# Jul 16th, 12:49 graziel @huynhvuthienloc just ask question if anyone knows answer he probably answer
# Jul 16th, 12:27 nk-sonu https://udaptive.s3.amazonaws.com/test.xlsm
# Jul 16th, 12:27 nk-sonu hi using this https://github.com/sters/cakephp3-aws-s3-datasource plugin i uploaded object in AWS S3 , but with objecturl when i am accessing its giving " Access Denied".
# Jul 16th, 12:24 huynhvuthienloc Thank you so much
# Jul 16th, 12:24 huynhvuthienloc Anyone free?
# Jul 16th, 12:24 huynhvuthienloc I got a problem with my code
# Jul 16th, 12:24 huynhvuthienloc hello
# Jul 16th, 12:19 dereuromark might have been initial one
# Jul 16th, 12:19 dereuromark current 3.8
# Jul 16th, 12:19 dereuromark btw: bin/cake is super slow there, like 7 seconds to display
# Jul 16th, 12:19 dereuromark i will update
# Jul 16th, 12:16 admad i haven't, but looks like an issue due to old version of ssl lib
# Jul 16th, 12:13 dereuromark Does anyone face this locally with 3.8+? "Cake\Core\Exception\Exception: fopen(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:1416F086:SSL routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed fopen(): Failed to enable crypto" when trying to request sth from https via client?
# Jul 16th, 12:12 graziel @neon1024 did quick check on php 7.3.5 dockerized and cake 3.8.1 and woks ok for me
# Jul 16th, 11:29 neon1024 Unfortunately it doesn’t generate any errors, so the logs are not written to
# Jul 16th, 11:23 aivaras.godliauskas you can check cli debug/error log
# Jul 16th, 11:22 neon1024 None, it just quits
# Jul 16th, 11:22 neon1024 Hmm, I wonder what has upset it
# Jul 16th, 11:22 aivaras.godliauskas any errors on console?
# Jul 16th, 11:21 graziel 7.1.5
# Jul 16th, 11:21 neon1024 Are you on PHP 7.3?
# Jul 16th, 11:20 graziel works ok for me
# Jul 16th, 11:20 neon1024 `3.7.9`
# Jul 16th, 11:20 graziel @neon1024 which cake version?
# Jul 16th, 11:17 neon1024 I mean, I can use `php -a`, but I thought that the console worked for basic php stuff also
# Jul 16th, 11:16 neon1024 ..and it’ll just quit immediately to command line