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# Today, 15:28 dereuromark yes it is. should be documented. also queue plugin etc use this custom logging scope.
# Today, 15:19 alexdd55976 when i remember right, there was a way in 2.x to create a log file which is not error.log or debug.log and you could give it an own name… is the functionallity still available? can not remember how this worked
# Today, 07:40 bgrinter @neon1024 @spriz http://www.theshovel.com.au/2019/08/22/australia-offers-to-sell-new-zealand-to-us-%EF%BB%BF/`
# Today, 02:27 brett We are using both the deprecated AuthComponent as well as the Authentication plugin. I ended up just unloading the Auth component if the route prefix was the incorrect one.
# Today, 01:33 brett Is it possible to load the auth component twice? Once with one configuration, then again with a separate configuration?
# Today, 00:04 Cenk21 But getting this error all the time Class 'App\Controller\MengeneinheitenCell' not found
# Today, 00:03 Cenk21 i gone through http://josediazgonzalez.com/2014/03/20/view-cells/ and implemented "Retrieving Cell data from a controller"
# Today, 00:02 Cenk21 hi, can anyone help out with Cells?
# Yesterday, 23:06 kazuna and according to http://kazunanakama.hinterlandroad.org rewrite is working
# Yesterday, 23:05 kazuna the .htaccess in my webroot
# Yesterday, 23:05 kazuna Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/6c8506101a9db176dcebbea40f8c56a0/pasted.txt
# Yesterday, 23:04 kazuna Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/cd51364bb0d07c7f97cf556f8101a32d/pasted.txt
# Yesterday, 23:04 kazuna The .htaccess in my application folder:
# Yesterday, 23:03 kazuna This is my site-enabled .conf
# Yesterday, 23:03 kazuna Uploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/ebebba3d24ef8464b212e64128ab7344/image.png
# Yesterday, 20:35 admad kazuna: make sure URL rewriting is working properly and that you have .htaccess file in your webroot folder
# Yesterday, 18:54 kazuna apache2
# Yesterday, 17:42 admad kazuna: what webserver are you using?
# Yesterday, 17:24 kazuna http://kazunanakama.hinterlandroad.org works just fine
# Yesterday, 17:24 kazuna where do I look to fix?
# Yesterday, 17:24 kazuna and when I go to http://kazunanakama.hinterlandroad.org/articles it says not found
# Yesterday, 17:24 kazuna I did a cake bake all Articles
# Yesterday, 17:24 kazuna I just installed cakephp
# Aug 23rd, 18:59 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/core-libraries/internationalization-and-localization.html
# Aug 23rd, 16:57 mogpusse how can transalte
# Aug 23rd, 16:54 mogpusse I need help I want to internationalize my Cakephp app. I generate the .po file but that does not translate
# Aug 23rd, 16:52 mogpusse Hello
# Aug 23rd, 16:16 admad @davorminchorov unless you really want the mail to travel through the interwebs, you can use something like mailhog on local network
# Aug 23rd, 16:14 admad We should fix that in 3.next
# Aug 23rd, 16:06 dereuromark I would say, yes
# Aug 23rd, 14:43 rchavik it should by default escape the title, isn't it?
# Aug 23rd, 14:36 dereuromark might be historically
# Aug 23rd, 14:35 rchavik BreadcrumbsHelper::add() does not auto escape?
# Aug 23rd, 14:05 davorminchorov I am mainly setting this up for mailtrap for local testing because the rate limit is 3 emails per second, I think it would be fine for other SMTP providers like gmail etc.
# Aug 23rd, 14:03 ricksaccous i dunno, but yeah it's possible
# Aug 23rd, 14:03 ricksaccous or you could also just add taht metadata in and check against it to say worker hold on a bit
# Aug 23rd, 14:02 ricksaccous oh cool then yeah you should be able to mess with the workers and worker timings to set the rates
# Aug 23rd, 14:02 dereuromark if it fails it would just resend. But yeah, you could build in a bit of rate limiting.
# Aug 23rd, 14:02 davorminchorov Yeah, I am currently using cakephp-queue by dereuromark, I'll see the config if it does have any rate limits
# Aug 23rd, 14:01 ricksaccous by default it just attempts to send all emails at once i believe
# Aug 23rd, 14:01 ricksaccous you'd have to set things up so the plugin handles email sending though
# Aug 23rd, 14:00 ricksaccous using the plugin you can specify a rate
# Aug 23rd, 14:00 ricksaccous @davorminchorov if you need something like that I'd recommend the Queue plugin
# Aug 23rd, 13:59 davorminchorov Is there a rate limit configuration for emails in CakePHP?
# Aug 23rd, 13:54 dereuromark I would also think that the route itself is enough in that case
# Aug 23rd, 13:52 neon1024 Only advantage I can see is that the controller method tells me which methods it likes right in the code
# Aug 23rd, 13:51 neon1024 i don’t have fallback routes in this prefix, so I’m guessing checking in the controller is redundant as the route just won’t match right?
# Aug 23rd, 13:51 neon1024 Feels like I’m doing the same thing from different ends
# Aug 23rd, 13:50 neon1024 If I specify an http method in my route as `->setMethods(['get'])` for example, do I need to check `$this->getRequest->allowMethod('get')` in my controller?
# Aug 23rd, 13:34 admad shell classes are deprecated, replaced by command classes. It is planned to make commands lib standalone but markstory hasnt got around to it
# Aug 23rd, 13:32 val @admad Hi, would it be possible to have a standalone 3.x shell classes library like standalone ORM https://github.com/cakephp/orm?
# Aug 23rd, 12:49 admad if you absolutely want to support both uuid and int then make 2 fk fields and configure which field to use in association
# Aug 23rd, 12:48 rchavik solved: ``` diff --git a/FileManager/config/Migrations/20131130074112_AssetsInitialMigration.php b/FileManager/config/Migrations/20131130074112_AssetsInitialMigration.php index 2be8a93f..b1a24282 100644 --- a/FileManager/config/Migrations/20131130074112_AssetsInitialMigration.php +++ b/FileManager/config/Migrations/20131130074112_AssetsInitialMigration.php @@ -64,8 +64,8 @@ class AssetsInitialMigration extends AbstractMigration {
# Aug 23rd, 12:48 slackebot2 ->addColumn('parent_asset_id', 'integer', [ 'null' => true, 'default' => null, ]) - ->addColumn('foreign_key', 'string', [ - 'null' => true, 'default' => null, 'length' => 36, + ->addColumn('foreign_key', 'integer', [ + 'null' => true, 'default' => null, ]) ->addColumn('model', 'string', [ 'null' => true, 'default' => null,
# Aug 23rd, 12:48 slackebot2 'length' => 64, ```
# Aug 23rd, 12:47 admad hehe, it happens, something we get too focused trying to solve things one way
# Aug 23rd, 12:47 rchavik :face_palm:
# Aug 23rd, 12:47 rchavik it never occured to me to change the damn schema
# Aug 23rd, 12:47 rchavik you know..
# Aug 23rd, 12:46 admad ah, noble cause :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 23rd, 12:45 rchavik yeah, this was trying to support integer and char(36) for uuids
# Aug 23rd, 12:45 admad not sure how db db will handle if the value isn't quoted
# Aug 23rd, 12:44 admad overriding field type might creating problems when saving data
# Aug 23rd, 12:44 admad but best is to avoid creating unnecessary problems which you have to solve :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 23rd, 12:43 rchavik noted, i will try to change the field
# Aug 23rd, 12:43 admad you can try overriding the field type in table table schema in Table::_initalizeSchema()
# Aug 23rd, 12:41 admad *same as
# Aug 23rd, 12:41 admad so don't do such wacky things, fk field type should be same and primary key field type
# Aug 23rd, 12:28 rchavik Eg: I have Asset table, with assets.id = integer. And the relationship is: ``` class AssetsTable extends Table { $this->belongsTo('Attachments', [ 'foreignKey' => 'foreign_key', ... ``` This errored out with ```Error: [PDOException] SQLSTATE[42883]: Undefined function: 7 ERROR: operator does not exist: integer = character varying LINE 1: ...achments ON (Assets.model = $1 AND Attachments.id = (Assets.foreign_key)
# Aug 23rd, 12:28 slackebot2 ^ ``` which I think is because postgres does not like it when trying to compare a string field Assets.foreign_key against an integer field Attachments.id
# Aug 23rd, 12:22 rchavik how can i cast the type of the foreignKey in an automatic join created by belongsTo() ?
# Aug 23rd, 12:00 rchavik works!
# Aug 23rd, 11:41 rchavik ah... trying this now https://github.com/cakephp/migrations/issues/370
# Aug 23rd, 11:38 rchavik for sqlite and postgres, mysql is fine
# Aug 23rd, 11:37 rchavik hi, getting "There is no active transaction" error when running seed() for this file: https://github.com/croogo/croogo/blob/4.0/Users/config/Seeds/UsersSeed.php#L25 I found https://github.com/cakephp/migrations/issues/83 but still could not work.
# Aug 23rd, 10:27 alexdd55976 anyone has experience with authenticate against a Domain Controller?
# Aug 23rd, 10:06 alexdd55976 ok
# Aug 23rd, 10:06 conehead did not really help. actually changed the id type of 2 entities now and wrote migrations
# Aug 23rd, 10:04 alexdd55976 did you try a fulltext index on foreign id then? not the solution, but maybe a way to speed it up
# Aug 23rd, 10:03 alexdd55976 yeah.. i thought so... this is why is pointed it out
# Aug 23rd, 09:22 conehead just use `debug` around it
# Aug 23rd, 09:20 chan how to see log of sql query in cakephp for ``` $this->Master->find('all', array( 'conditions' => array( 'AND' => array('Master.client_id' => $client_id), 'OR' => array( array('Master.selected_main_group_id' => null), array('Master.selected_main_group_id' => 88), ), ),
# Aug 23rd, 09:20 slackebot2 'fields' => array( 'name', 'email', ) )); ```
# Aug 23rd, 08:31 val Hi, would it be possible to have a standalone 3.x shell classes library like standalone ORM https://github.com/cakephp/orm?
# Aug 23rd, 08:15 conehead I had/have one table that holds many entities which are linked to one Entity each. Lets say `Documents` and `Users` and the table `Statuses` had the fields `id, foreign_id, model, someData`. So you could link a `Status` with Documents and Users. If Documents use uuids but Users use ids, there is going to be a massive performance drain (timing out for me) when you try to access the linked data
# Aug 23rd, 08:11 mehov @conehead thanks for the tip. what do you mean "do not mix ids and uuids" - as in don't use them in the same query, or maybe same database?
# Aug 23rd, 08:08 lubos How do I paginate union results? I mean is it possible somehow to use `Paginator` with `Cake\Database\Query`?
# Aug 23rd, 07:55 conehead With all of your help ;) But still find it a little strange
# Aug 23rd, 07:54 neon1024 @conehead Good job figuring it out :thumbsup:
# Aug 23rd, 07:47 conehead alex, neon and admad...and everyone else who helped me yesterday: I finally found out...do not mix uuids and ids...ever. This was the only reason everything slowed down a gazillion times
# Aug 23rd, 07:47 lubos `disableHydration` is what I was looking for :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 23rd, 07:45 lubos I am trying to do SQL union, that's why this would be useful
# Aug 23rd, 07:44 lubos Morning, is it possible to adjust query to not have prefix in results, e.g. `$this->Posts->find()` will have `'Post' => [..]` in result set and I would like to have just `[..]`
# Aug 23rd, 07:38 chan handwritten query data count is 4. but cakephp 2 find condition data count is 3.
# Aug 23rd, 07:36 alexdd55976 whats the difference?
# Aug 23rd, 07:36 alexdd55976 where does the data differ from query to find()?
# Aug 23rd, 07:35 chan @alexdd55976 i run on this query with mysql navigate
# Aug 23rd, 07:35 alexdd55976 @chan the query on top is the generated query or is it handwritten?
# Aug 23rd, 07:24 chan how to write with model find condition, query is ok, but cakephp 2 model find all wrong. ``` select id, username, main_group_id, client_id, selected_main_group_id, role_id from masters where client_id = 15 and (selected_main_group_id is null OR selected_main_group_id =88); ```
# Aug 23rd, 07:15 neon1024 Morning everyone! Happy Friday :tada: