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# Jun 18th, 08:53 challgren Are you running on 64bit or 32bit?
# Jun 18th, 08:53 martin I think it has to do with a float indeed, I was hoping that chancing to a float 8,2 would fix that but that does not help
# Jun 18th, 08:53 challgren Does it happen with FLOATs?
# Jun 18th, 08:51 martin I’m just using the default json render thing that is used by crud, do noting specials :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 18th, 08:51 challgren “17763568394002504646778106689453125”
# Jun 18th, 08:51 challgren the weird data comes back in this web page
# Jun 18th, 08:51 challgren https://www.exploringbinary.com/using-integers-to-check-a-floating-point-approximation/
# Jun 18th, 08:50 Martin` 1994
# Jun 18th, 08:50 Martin` ehh
# Jun 18th, 08:50 Martin` hmmm my cpu is newer than 2014 :P
# Jun 18th, 08:48 bgrinter @martin running on one of these? :P https://www.techradar.com/au/news/computing-components/processors/pentium-fdiv-the-processor-bug-that-shook-the-world-1270773
# Jun 18th, 08:47 conehead https://www.php.net/manual/en/language.types.float.php Is it only with DOUBLE? Or is it with FLOAT as well?
# Jun 18th, 08:47 challgren Are you using any _jsonOptions?
# Jun 18th, 08:46 conehead Sounds like a PHP problem to me
# Jun 18th, 08:33 martin When I have a DOUBLE in database, I save 3.95 to it, and get it from database, render it to json I get 3.95000000000000017763568394002504646778106689453125, any way to fix this simple? I was hoping cake rounds it by default :P mysql returns just 3.95
# Jun 18th, 07:54 conehead Morning!
# Jun 18th, 07:52 neon1024 Morning all :wave:
# Jun 17th, 22:31 ricksaccous use code snippet in slack or gist though
# Jun 17th, 22:30 ricksaccous can you paste your getAuthenticationService
# Jun 17th, 22:30 stephenzgalbraith I have all of these:
# Jun 17th, 22:30 stephenzgalbraith use Cake\Core\Configure; use Cake\Core\Exception\MissingPluginException; use Cake\Error\Middleware\ErrorHandlerMiddleware; use Cake\Http\BaseApplication; use Cake\Http\MiddlewareQueue; use Cake\Routing\Middleware\AssetMiddleware; use Cake\Routing\Middleware\RoutingMiddleware; use Cake\Routing\Router; use Cake\Http\ServerRequest; use Authentication\AuthenticationService; use Authentication\AuthenticationServiceProviderInterface;
# Jun 17th, 22:30 slackebot1 use Authentication\Middleware\AuthenticationMiddleware; use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface; use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;
# Jun 17th, 22:30 ricksaccous you have this use statement? use Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface;
# Jun 17th, 22:28 ricksaccous seems like one of those errors
# Jun 17th, 22:28 ricksaccous i think...
# Jun 17th, 22:27 ricksaccous lol
# Jun 17th, 22:27 ricksaccous you forgot a use statement dude
# Jun 17th, 22:27 stephenzgalbraith https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56635969/cakephp-4-x-authentication-2-x-fatal-error-when-initiating
# Jun 17th, 22:26 stephenzgalbraith nope, fresh install of both the app skeleton and authentication plugin
# Jun 17th, 22:26 ricksaccous you aren't still trying to use the auth component are you?
# Jun 17th, 22:26 ricksaccous where are you having trouble?
# Jun 17th, 22:26 ricksaccous oh i have that working with the new plugin
# Jun 17th, 22:18 stephenzgalbraith Ah alright.. I can't seem to get authentication up on a fresh 4.x-dev install
# Jun 17th, 22:18 ricksaccous I'm on 3.7 but making sure there are no deprecation errors
# Jun 17th, 22:17 ricksaccous @stephenzgalbraith no
# Jun 17th, 22:16 rightscoreanalysis oops sorry
# Jun 17th, 22:16 stephenzgalbraith @ricksaccous have you already upgraded to 4?
# Jun 17th, 22:15 ricksaccous i want this thing cake 4 ready
# Jun 17th, 22:15 ricksaccous so that doesnt' apply
# Jun 17th, 22:14 ricksaccous I'm using the new plugins
# Jun 17th, 22:14 rightscoreanalysis highly recommend
# Jun 17th, 22:14 rightscoreanalysis @ricksaccous have you looked at the TinyAuth plugin by dereuromark?
# Jun 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous doh
# Jun 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous it says in the docs that i need to load it after authentication
# Jun 17th, 22:08 ricksaccous wait
# Jun 17th, 22:06 ricksaccous i suppose i don't need that interface after all
# Jun 17th, 22:06 ricksaccous interesting
# Jun 17th, 22:06 ricksaccous authorization should be loaded before authentication...
# Jun 17th, 22:06 ricksaccous so
# Jun 17th, 22:05 ricksaccous interestinggggg
# Jun 17th, 22:05 ricksaccous this is the error i'm getting Error: Identity found in request does not implement Authentication\IdentityInterface
# Jun 17th, 22:05 ricksaccous oh heh
# Jun 17th, 21:58 ricksaccous the identity object does not look correct
# Jun 17th, 21:57 slackebot1 <ricksaccous>
# Jun 17th, 21:57 rightscoreanalysis that makes no sense
# Jun 17th, 21:57 rightscoreanalysis if I debug $query->count() the result is 0
# Jun 17th, 21:57 rightscoreanalysis I have a query - if I debug the sql and pasteinto mysql I get two results
# Jun 17th, 21:56 rightscoreanalysis I have some unexaplained behaviour:
# Jun 17th, 21:55 ricksaccous and my entity has it but the user obect here: $authorization = new AuthorizationMiddleware( $this, [ 'identityDecorator' => function ($auth, $user) { debug($user); return $user['data']->setAuthorization($auth); } ] );
# Jun 17th, 21:55 ricksaccous it's telling me the setAuthorization method doesn't exist
# Jun 17th, 21:55 ricksaccous I'm getting stuck around here: https://book.cakephp.org/authorization/1.1/en/middleware.html#identity-decorator
# Jun 17th, 20:51 ricksaccous woo woo
# Jun 17th, 20:51 ricksaccous i'm about to delve into authorization
# Jun 17th, 18:05 daniel.upshaw Anyone have information on why the "`autoload`" option was removed from `$app->addPlugin()`? https://stackoverflow.com/a/56386760
# Jun 17th, 17:29 neothermic @dereuromark might implement that shim for testing
# Jun 17th, 16:15 phpraven maybe you're right, I will think about it
# Jun 17th, 16:12 admad having the Profiles table in its own plugin is wacky nonetheless :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 17th, 16:11 phpraven I used cake bake all and the className was wrong User.Profiles should be Profile.Profiles just like you said @admad now it works :slightly_smiling_face: thanks guys
# Jun 17th, 16:09 ricksaccous oh he put the class on it, it's probably already just plopping out as a text field, i wonder if his db typing is correct, but yeah
# Jun 17th, 16:08 ricksaccous maybe he over-rode the date type with his own widget XD
# Jun 17th, 16:04 admad since you don't have have it seems formhelper isnt aware of your profile table schema and thus your table class isnt being used
# Jun 17th, 16:03 admad since you are using a JS datetime picker you would generally need `'type' => 'text'` in options to get Form->control() to generate a text field, cause by default cake would give you 3 dropdowns for datefields
# Jun 17th, 16:03 ricksaccous or just validate default
# Jun 17th, 16:03 ricksaccous not sure if you want a custom validation method
# Jun 17th, 16:03 ricksaccous in patchEntity and Form Helper
# Jun 17th, 16:03 ricksaccous @phpraven it's also about settng it up correctly
# Jun 17th, 16:00 phpraven ok I will check, thanks
# Jun 17th, 15:59 admad check debukit and ensure you table class are being used and not `Table` for the 2 models
# Jun 17th, 15:58 admad i see className is set like that
# Jun 17th, 15:58 admad err sorry
# Jun 17th, 15:58 admad then you need to use `User.Users` and `Profile.Profiles` when setting up associations
# Jun 17th, 15:57 phpraven @admad I have two plugins User and Profile
# Jun 17th, 15:57 admad only if they are in separate plugins should they be under separate namespaces
# Jun 17th, 15:56 admad both should be under `App\Model\Table`
# Jun 17th, 15:56 admad @phpraven why are you User and Profile models in their own namepsaces?
# Jun 17th, 15:29 phpraven Hi, how can I validate associated model in cakephp 3.7 ? I have User with hasOne Profile, in registration form I want to validate profile.birthday But I don`t see any validation errors, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong UsersController (register) https://pastebin.com/6PS9czZk UserTable https://pastebin.com/gahYirDA ProfilesTable https://pastebin.com/guhyvuSR register.ctp https://pastebin.com/FZsiw4jp
# Jun 17th, 14:28 scriptstupid actually just realized I'm probably dumb and it's supposed to do that
# Jun 17th, 14:28 scriptstupid Having a problem where Auth->idenfity() is returning an array instead of an entity. Please see https://pastebin.com/6VET1pbr
# Jun 17th, 14:03 swimboy I’m trying to change the default date display format to show 4 digit years instead of 2 digit. I’ve set my defaultLocale in app.php, and tried putting `\Cake\I18n\Time::setToStringFormat('MM/dd/YYYY HH:mm:ss');` in my AppController.php in the beforeRender function, but it’s not working. I also tried putting it in my bootstrap.php with the other date and time settings, to no avail.
# Jun 17th, 13:31 dereuromark Pro-tip: Leverage the shim behavior to add early reporting on this in your 2.x or 3.x app This way you can fix things before they become a real BC break in 4.x. E.g. https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-shim/blob/master/src/Controller/Component/Component.php#L33 as to check certain incoming URL pieces against the expected values etc You can do that for all kind of elements, like controller or plugin name as well in 3.x you can also
# Jun 17th, 13:31 slackebot1 use some middleware here probably, depending on your status of codebase. Deprecation warnings will slowly help you fix all upcoming issues.
# Jun 17th, 13:21 neothermic breaking in 4.0: "Controller method name matching when invoking actions is now case sensitive. For example if your controller method is forgetPassword() then using string forgotpassword in URL will not match as action name." I might need to make a mental note to ensure we're not doing any of that in our 2.x branch for the day we end up in 4.x :)
# Jun 17th, 12:14 dereuromark the newEntity() is on the logs table right? and there it saves it, this is quite clear then. It shouldnt auto trigger stuff on other entities or tables IMO.
# Jun 17th, 12:09 mehov Here's where this comes from: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6575194/php-good-practices-methods-with-too-many-parameters/6575535#6575535
# Jun 17th, 12:08 mehov I normally have the feeling it should be the other way around too, but I came up with `$logTable->initiateLog()->setStoreId(1)->setPrice(9.99)->save()`. In my understanding, `initiateLog` would return a `newEntity()`, and the rest of the chain would be called on it, and the last `save()` being also called on the entity will have to figure out the corresponding table to actually save itself
# Jun 17th, 12:04 dereuromark because it is a convention, but not a requirement to find the right one by inflection.
# Jun 17th, 12:03 dereuromark you shouldnt need to IMO, it is usually the other way around.
# Jun 17th, 11:59 mehov Hey guys, quick question is there an easy way to get a corresponding table class from an entity? I know there's [`getSource()`](https://api.cakephp.org/3.7/class-Cake.ORM.Entity.html#_getSource), but it gets me a string, which is good and, but I was hoping I'd avoid doing the tablelocator stuff
# Jun 17th, 09:39 conehead @office You could still create your own controller with public access that redirects to the files you want (even out of the webroot folder)
# Jun 17th, 09:36 eax Hey Folks. Cake3: I have a Nested Resource Route, that looks like: https://gist.github.com/eaxexe/eeb3b61e58a99885ad9a13805e5d18ce - The issue is that I can’t seem to do a /vehicles/:uuid/vehicle-properties/:uuid - I simply get a 404 on: Action VehiclesController::8c6ca9dcFd1744279c38Ed53cf2a85aa() could not be found, or is not accessible. Any ideas what could be wrong?