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# Today, 07:47 noel Morning all
# Today, 00:38 luizcmarin ops... # 14021, # 14022, # 14023 .... it's novel..
# Yesterday, 23:13 luizcmarin I put the problem in issues. # 14022
# Yesterday, 19:27 slackebot <luizcmarin>
# Yesterday, 19:25 luizcmarin need help solving these two items just
# Yesterday, 19:24 luizcmarin I learned that I should not change the content of 'vendor'. So how to solve it?
# Yesterday, 19:13 luizcmarin The first error are deprecated messages. I don't want to disable them. I want to solve them.
# Yesterday, 19:13 luizcmarin pardon.
# Yesterday, 19:13 luizcmarin o primeiro erro são de mensagens deprecated. Não quero desabilita-las. Quero resolve-las.
# Yesterday, 19:10 luizcmarin @admad @sean.kelly I appreciate your help. I understood how to solve this kind of problem. But there are two I can't. See this picture:
# Yesterday, 18:08 luizcmarin thanks you
# Yesterday, 17:10 sean.kelly Hi @luizcmarin: change `public function middleware($middlewareQueue)` to `public function middleware(MiddlewareQueue $middlewareQueue`. ;)
# Yesterday, 14:27 admad https://github.com/cakephp/app/blob/4.x/src/Application.php#L66
# Yesterday, 14:25 luizcmarin @admad I tried to understand what to do .... but....
# Yesterday, 14:22 admad add the typehints as expected
# Yesterday, 14:21 admad error message already contains the solution to the problem
# Yesterday, 14:20 luizcmarin and now?
# Yesterday, 14:19 luizcmarin */     public function middleware($middlewareQueue)     {         $middlewareQueue             // Catch any exceptions in the lower layers,             // and make an error page/response             ->add(new ErrorHandlerMiddleware(null, Configure::read('Error')))
# Yesterday, 14:19 luizcmarin in my file:
# Yesterday, 14:19 luizcmarin Fatal error: Declaration of App\Application::middleware($middlewareQueue) must be compatible with Cake\Http\BaseApplication::middleware(Cake\Http\MiddlewareQueue $middleware): Cake\Http\MiddlewareQueue in C:\marin\www\ola\src\Application.php on line 63
# Yesterday, 14:19 luizcmarin hi,
# Yesterday, 14:16 admad why should it be integrated into core? the skeleton app already has support for it
# Yesterday, 13:29 dsar When php-dotenv will be integrated in the core?
# Yesterday, 11:07 dsar Automation is usually blind :) of course with some exceptions
# Yesterday, 10:49 noel @dsar I'm talking about continuous integration (CI). This generally means automated deployments via something like Jenkins to an environment. I don't really know what you mean by "blindly".
# Yesterday, 10:42 challgren The initial machine setup shouldn't be blindly setup but after that it should
# Yesterday, 10:41 dsar What do you mean by automate deployments? In my opinion the deployment is not something that is convenient to (blindly) automate
# Yesterday, 10:37 challgren For our app, we use env vars so our app_local mainly includes env(‘var’) in it and we just commit it.
# Yesterday, 10:36 noel So... one can't fully automate deployments then?
# Yesterday, 10:35 challgren Like `app_local.php` you’d create it manually and upload it. app_custom.php would be in git
# Yesterday, 10:34 noel Ok... so then how do I deploy the local config for a given env? E.g. 'app_staging.php`?
# Yesterday, 10:34 challgren https://github.com/cakephp/app/blob/master/src/Console/Installer.php
# Yesterday, 10:33 challgren https://github.com/cakephp/app/blob/master/composer.json#L38
# Yesterday, 10:33 noel oh
# Yesterday, 10:33 challgren when you run composer install its copied from app.default.php
# Yesterday, 10:32 noel @challgren thx – I read it but I'm not really understanding how to deploy `app.php` – it's not part of the shell script. So how would it be created for a given deployment?
# Yesterday, 10:29 noel I'm trying to achieve that when deploying an app I don't have to manually write an app.php file for that environment each time.
# Yesterday, 10:28 dsar What are you trying to achieve?
# Yesterday, 10:25 challgren https://sandbox.dereuromark.de/pages/best-practices is a good doc about Config
# Yesterday, 10:25 challgren Not really because if you have machine specific stuff such as API logins you dont want that in git
# Yesterday, 10:23 noel I'm not understanding `/config/app.php` is in `.gitignore` when the documentation says: "The application skeleton features a config/app.php file which should contain configuration that doesn’t vary across the various environments your application is deployed in." Surely that means one wants `app.php` to be deployed to all environments and therefor it should be in the git repo?
# Yesterday, 10:22 noel @dsar I wanted some custom setting actually, namespace was just an example.
# Yesterday, 10:22 noel Ok found the answer. ```use Cake\Core\Configure; Configure::read('App.myConfigSetting')```
# Yesterday, 10:21 dsar You shouldn't access that variable in views since it defines internal stuff, what are you trying to achieve?
# Yesterday, 10:08 noel App.php defines some stuff like: ```'App' => [ 'namespace' => 'App',``` How can I access these in a view / template?
# Yesterday, 07:59 noel Problem solved. It seems one can't pass config to `crud` via the $components property, only if one sets up the component via `initialize` instead. Resolution shown in the issue linked above in case anyone cares :)
# Yesterday, 07:43 noel Ah.. ok. Thanks for clarifying.
# Yesterday, 07:43 admad that's because the initially the support for jsonapi was implemented within crud plugin itself (which i am a maintainer of) and it was later split into separate plugin
# Yesterday, 07:42 noel Oh.. but you're listed as a contributor on the github repo with 158 commits?
# Yesterday, 07:41 admad i have never used that plugin or been involved in it's maintenance so can't help you
# Yesterday, 07:32 noel @admad I added an issue: https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/crud-json-api/issues/103 Could you please give me some guidance? I'm not sure if it's a bug or just misuse on my part.
# Yesterday, 07:31 noel Ok nevermind. I was able to set the config on the route instead.
# Yesterday, 07:23 slackebot $this->Crud->config(['inflect' => false]); }``` but I'm getting an error: ```Call to a member function config() on bool```
# Yesterday, 07:23 noel I'm trying to set config for `crud-json-api` in my AppController: ```class AppController extends Controller { use \Crud\Controller\ControllerTrait; public $components = [ 'RequestHandler', 'Crud.Crud' => [ 'actions' => [ 'Crud.Index', ], 'listeners' => [ 'CrudJsonApi.JsonApi', 'CrudJsonApi.Pagination', ], ], ]; public function initialize() { parent::initialize();
# Yesterday, 07:13 noel Morning all. Who else is working on Saturday :)
# Yesterday, 00:03 challgren @damiano they can generate it via an app or you can send it via SMS its up to you
# Dec 13th, 20:09 alexander.volle @daniel.upshaw Yeah, thanks, that works. Seems rather "hacky" though. Isn't the point of the option valueSources to select which source to get the field values from? Do you think this is a bug?
# Dec 13th, 20:02 daniel.upshaw @alexander.volle, would it work to redirect the page to start it fresh that way?
# Dec 13th, 19:54 slackebot ```$this->Form->create($entity, ['valueSources' => ['context']])``` when creating the form, but the previous entity value still shows up, as it fetches it from the request data. There is no request method to remove all data, so please, do you guys have a proposal so solve this?
# Dec 13th, 19:54 alexander.volle I have a form that saves a new entity. After saving this new entity, I want the user to be able to add another new entity using the same form. After saving the first entity, I use ```$entity->newEmptyEntity() ``` to remove all previous values from the entity, before rendering the form again. Problem is that the form fetches field values from the request data, which has not been reset/removed. I tried using
# Dec 13th, 19:28 daniel.upshaw https://github.com/cakephp/docs/pull/6323
# Dec 13th, 19:23 daniel.upshaw Thank you much
# Dec 13th, 19:23 daniel.upshaw I was searching for the wrong things in there
# Dec 13th, 19:23 daniel.upshaw I did search the manual, in the wrong places apparently
# Dec 13th, 19:23 daniel.upshaw @admad :,) Really sorry about that
# Dec 13th, 18:50 admad @daniel.upshaw how about RTFMing? https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/views/cells.html#paginating-data-inside-a-cell
# Dec 13th, 18:45 daniel.upshaw I don't really have the option of using the controller to set it up in this case
# Dec 13th, 18:44 daniel.upshaw Lol
# Dec 13th, 18:44 daniel.upshaw ```$paginatorHelper->options([ 'paging' => $paginator->getPagingParams() ]);```
# Dec 13th, 18:44 daniel.upshaw And ```$paginatorHelper = new PaginatorHelper($this);```
# Dec 13th, 18:44 daniel.upshaw Like hacking it into the View ```$paginator = new Paginator; $paginator->setConfig([ 'limit' => 10, ]);```
# Dec 13th, 18:43 daniel.upshaw Trying a few different ways that aren't super clean just yet
# Dec 13th, 18:43 daniel.upshaw Seems like there must be a way to use Pagination from a View Cell
# Dec 13th, 18:06 damiano yes
# Dec 13th, 17:57 admad an easier way would be to use db based based sessions. That would allow you to check if session already existing for user of particular id
# Dec 13th, 17:56 damiano i think this solution should be good but...boring for customer that everytime need to check their email to login
# Dec 13th, 17:50 damiano is that right?
# Dec 13th, 17:50 damiano @challgren ok so i should create a system that generate a new token everytime, but i missed one thing...banks for example, send the code via SMS, so should i generate a new token and send it via email to allow that user...only
# Dec 13th, 17:45 challgren @damiano https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-time_password
# Dec 13th, 17:45 challgren Yeah I saw that
# Dec 13th, 17:44 admad @challgren laravel has started using semver with laravel 6. But they will do new major every 6 months
# Dec 13th, 17:44 challgren the code changes every 30 seconds
# Dec 13th, 17:44 challgren No the user setups an app that generates a code and then when they login it asks for that code
# Dec 13th, 17:43 damiano yes, you are right hmm... so basically i can activate an auth code and put it in a cookie to only enable that device
# Dec 13th, 17:42 challgren since carriers route through multiple DCs
# Dec 13th, 17:42 challgren ip based is bad for mobile devices
# Dec 13th, 17:42 challgren OTP
# Dec 13th, 17:42 damiano i can block multi logins for sure, no problem about that..but i wonder if there is a clever solution ..maybe ip based
# Dec 13th, 17:41 damiano guys do you know a good system to prevent user sharing their login credentials?
# Dec 13th, 17:40 storkovo “we have good devs andand we are using cake” = one can jump right into coding, in almost no time
# Dec 13th, 17:39 challgren Well laravel and not using semver is a big one
# Dec 13th, 17:39 damiano :)
# Dec 13th, 17:38 storkovo it is mostly lack of conventions what bothers me in another swamps ;)
# Dec 13th, 17:37 challgren I love cake and other frameworks just suck IMHO
# Dec 13th, 17:37 challgren Sadly Im going to be taking over a laravel project and Im not looking forward to it
# Dec 13th, 17:33 damiano cakephp is a wonderful framework, i like it very much...i have used laravel too but, cake..is...cake
# Dec 13th, 17:30 challgren I do still have one 2.9 app running but if it aint broke dont touch it!
# Dec 13th, 17:30 damiano ok
# Dec 13th, 17:29 challgren Not a member of cakephp at all
# Dec 13th, 17:29 challgren But Im just a guy that likes to help out