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# Jun 29th 2021, 20:16 tyler.adam.lazenby Working on getting my data first and then going to see if I need to update to alpha... because I need to make sure I have some complex calculations done... by the end of the dasy
# Jun 29th 2021, 20:16 tyler.adam.lazenby @kevin.pfeifer I know I know... especially with abstraction
# Jun 29th 2021, 20:08 dereuromark Try the New alpha, I soon release then stable
# Jun 29th 2021, 19:58 kevin.pfeifer sometimes documentation is not that bad :)
# Jun 29th 2021, 19:57 tyler.adam.lazenby I was poking around in the source code and wasn't seeing that
# Jun 29th 2021, 19:57 tyler.adam.lazenby COOL
# Jun 29th 2021, 19:57 tyler.adam.lazenby oh ok
# Jun 29th 2021, 19:50 kevin.pfeifer https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-queue/tree/master/docs#using-built-in-email-task Here you can see that you can pass on a mailer object when creating the task => therefore yes, HTML mails are possible
# Jun 29th 2021, 19:42 tyler.adam.lazenby Hey @dereuromark Does your queue plugin default email task support sending HTML emails?
# Jun 29th 2021, 19:18 slackebot https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68184422/restrict-query-results-on-beforefind-table-call-back-without-breaking-buildrul
# Jun 29th 2021, 19:18 jadelbe418 I am running into some issues with sorting logic on a beforeFind() getting applied to constraints in the buildRules() when it should not be, on some legacy Cake 3 code I maintain. I was wondering if there is a better approach to implementing this than what I have in place. I wrote my question out with code samples on SO:
# Jun 29th 2021, 16:42 umer936 Yes, i get it while developing on Windows with PHPStorm. Never figured how to fix so I just run phpcs manually instead
# Jun 29th 2021, 16:04 japerlman @kevin.pfeifer Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:31 ndm You gotta be careful with the term "request", that could easily be interpreted as "HTTP request", but I guess you're most likely referring to invoking some kind of read operation on a query/result in one and the same HTTP request? An answer to your question probably depends on how you generate the result set, how/where you apply the mapping, if you possibly reassign results, etc... so a code example might help here.
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:25 kevin.pfeifer @japerlman I would say either way is totally OK, it just depends what you/your customer prefers as a frontend experience and what you as a developer are more used to.
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:23 dereuromark Well, it is possible the the intoduced warning is a bit too harsh for some use cases, sure
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:22 slackebot react just because 'it is the modern way'. am I wasting my time and is there anything 'wrong' with just doing it 100% in cakephp like I've done previously?
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:22 japerlman I have very limited experience in web app dev and want to make sure I'm not approaching things incorrectly. If you were making an app that is just mostly data in/data out forms and reports is there any benefit to doing the backend in cakephp and exposing the api to a react front end? I've done two apps in the past 100% in cakephp 2 and 3 and I'm struggling with all the extra work to do the backend in cakephp and the frontend in
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:11 ndm Of course, I just don't see why it would be a problem in this specific case, unless the association is actually using a different target. Maybe I've overlooked that, and that is actually the case.
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:07 dereuromark npm: Sure, if those were fullly identical. but you could configure them slightly different each time, and in that case it would silently use a different one than you might want. So I guess that might have been the reason for the warning and the core to be a bit more strict since 4.1+
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:05 ndm @conehead Did you check if using `getTarget()` makes a difference, like `$this->Users->Books->getTarget()->find()->...`?
# Jun 29th 2021, 15:03 ndm Didn't follow the whole saga... but that looks a bit weird, why would using the same alias be a problem here when the parent is a different object? Shouldn't that work fine if the target/classname are the same? :thinking_face:
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:35 dereuromark what we wish and reality often dont go hand in hand. While I agree with u, it is not feasible here, unfortunately
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:34 conehead Not convenient to have: Users->contain(['UsersTags']); Employees->contain(['EmployeesTags']); I'd prefer to have: Users->contain(['Tags']); Employees->contain(['Tags']); and use some internal alias
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:33 dereuromark thus the unique names here (aliases).
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:33 dereuromark well, relations (assoc) have to be unique across the project to allow the registry to not confuse them.
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:33 kevin.pfeifer yes
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:33 conehead that sucks :P
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:32 slackebot => 'projects_projects', 'foreignKey' => 'parent_id', 'targetForeignKey' => 'child_id' ] );```
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:32 kevin.pfeifer i e.g. use that to create child and parent projects like that ``` $this->belongsToMany( 'ParentProjects', [ 'className' => 'AlfredProjects.Projects', 'joinTable' => 'projects_projects', 'foreignKey' => 'child_id', 'targetForeignKey' => 'parent_id' ] ); $this->belongsToMany( 'ChildProjects', [ 'className' => 'AlfredProjects.Projects', 'joinTable'
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:32 conehead Ah...but that would mean in every conain I would have to use the Alias name as well?
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:29 kevin.pfeifer the first parameter is the alias. see the example here where hasOne is used to join on addresses multiple times https://book.cakephp.org/4/en/orm/associations.html#hasone-associations
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:27 dereuromark The alias is the name, so yes
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:19 conehead It is not just for behaviors, but for associations as well. Can I set the alias directly when setting an association? According to the documentation it is not a possible key https://book.cakephp.org/4/en/orm/associations.html#belongstomany-associations
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:18 erwane Autoanswer : pass the remember_me data in hidden field : https://github.com/andrej-griniuk/cakephp-two-factor-auth/issues/19
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:13 dereuromark i dont follow. how is setting it through manual table different? its both config. and couldn't this be adapted to some kind of auto-config flag? so it can work across all Tables then as improvement directly on the behavior? sounds useful if you extensively use it.
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:10 conehead @dereuromark Guess tomorrow I will try to create my own table class that will automatically set the alias to $Alias$AssocName for each and every association. Setting in the config does work for your plugin, but won't work for other associations as the alias cannot be set there
# Jun 29th 2021, 14:05 erwane hi, it's me again ;) I'm trying to configure TFA Authentication plugin (https://github.com/andrej-griniuk/cakephp-two-factor-auth) with the `CookieAuthenticator aka remember_me` The request loose the `remember_me` field in the intermediate check form and cookie is not set. Someone already has this issue ?
# Jun 29th 2021, 13:51 slackebot a transaction yourself you will need to dispatch that event yourself too
# Jun 29th 2021, 13:51 kevin.pfeifer this event is being dispatched by • `findOrCreate` https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/ab052da10dc5ceb2444c29aef838d10844fe5995/src/ORM/Table.php#L1624 • `save` https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/ab052da10dc5ceb2444c29aef838d10844fe5995/src/ORM/Table.php#L1875 • `saveMany` https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/ab052da10dc5ceb2444c29aef838d10844fe5995/src/ORM/Table.php#L2266 not anywhere else. So if you do
# Jun 29th 2021, 13:44 birdy247 If saving inside a transaction, does the afterSaveCommit not get called?