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# Jun 26th 2021, 15:44 kevin.pfeifer well a hasMany and hasOne aren't that different from a database structure point of view. I haven't used the proffer plugin till now but I guess this shouldn't be the problem. Either way do you have something in your logs directory that could lead to you to some problem? Or maybe check the DebugKit generated sql when showing the file(s) if everything looks like you expect it
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:38 mokiwaa but no luck
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:38 mokiwaa and echo $this->Form->control('brand_logo', ['label'=>'Logo', 'type'=>'file']);
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:38 mokiwaa I have tried to use echo $this->Form->control('brand_logos', ['label'=>'Logo', 'type'=>'file']);
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:38 mokiwaa in the form
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:37 mokiwaa the image get upload
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:37 mokiwaa but if I use hasMany
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:37 mokiwaa I cant make it work
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:37 mokiwaa with hasOne association
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:37 mokiwaa I have a problem with the proffer plugin
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:36 kevin.pfeifer just ask :)
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:35 mokiwaa :)
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:35 mokiwaa still
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:35 mokiwaa stile there?
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:16 kevin.pfeifer yes
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:10 mokiwaa someone online?
# Jun 26th 2021, 15:09 mokiwaa Hi
# Jun 26th 2021, 14:33 kevin.pfeifer from a quick read through I would also say that this data should be present in the junction table between the 2 main tables. And only the junction table has the foreign keys for the 2 main tables - therefore as Zuluru already said a `belongsToMany`
# Jun 26th 2021, 14:19 greg138 It sounds like this should be a `belongsToMany` association for both models, meaning that Answers is the join table. Am I missing something?
# Jun 26th 2021, 13:48 slackebot Recommendation to the Answer and landed on this current solution. What do you guys and gals think?
# Jun 26th 2021, 13:48 slackebot which has foreign keys for Assessment and Recommendation plus the extra data. When I create an Assessment record I use beforeMarshal to create an Answer for each Recommendation that was selected for the Assessment. While this works, it seems a little 'hacky'. Can anyone see a better way to achieve this outcome? I had originally tried with addition join table data but I couldn't figure out a way to join both the Assessment and
# Jun 26th 2021, 13:48 tomrwaller Hey everyone, just wanted to ask for some advice about how I'm currently doing my associations and whether anyone thinks there is a better way. I currently have Assessments and Recommendations. An Assessment has many Recommendations and a Recommendation can belong to many Assessments. I want to store answers to Recommendations for each Assessment. Just a couple of fields maybe up to 10. At the moment I have a Answers model
# Jun 25th 2021, 17:03 ricmelero Thank @admad and @kevin.pfeifer!
# Jun 25th 2021, 17:01 ricmelero never mind, I got it working now, later this year I expect to have fewer work and I may take a look into routing, I have noticed a few cases that are weird or may be improved (like redirecting to array styles named routes) and I'll loved to help...
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:56 steinkel we usually rely on any of the https://github.com/CakeDC/cakephp-api/tree/master/src/Service/Auth/Authenticate for API based applications
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:56 nick.vanderwoude @steinkel I did see that. Is it working?
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:55 steinkel @nick.vanderwoude we did some work time ago to provide a specific endpoint for ajax login here https://github.com/CakeDC/users/pull/789
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:55 ricmelero although placeholder length is arbitrary... mm
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:54 ricmelero and there is no attemp to trying to check longer first.. even that I understand that it may have placeholders or dinamyc parts
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:53 ricmelero yep, I see that krsort, is present in a few places.. and yes @admad, I get that, and that's why I was thinking about it, inside each path, you may have many routes
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:52 admad But you lose that optimization for lang routes since they start with a placeholder
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:51 kevin.pfeifer i guess you mean that krsort https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Routing/RouteCollection.php#L130
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:51 admad It does sort them by *static* longer parts first.
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:50 ricmelero but besides that case, I was thinking that routes is trying to check longer paths first, ordering that way, but inside each path, this behavior does not apply... wouldn't be that a desired behavior? I mean, inside each path, sort routes with longer names or templates first.. I may work in a PR if that's the case
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:47 ricmelero this way is cleaner
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:47 ricmelero I had moved all inside Plugin::routes() method to my routes.php, also worked, but it wasn't feel rigth
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:45 ricmelero yeah, that did the trick,
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:44 admad you can use `$routes->loadPlugin('Foo')` at the top of your `routes.php` to load the plugin's route first.
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:43 ricmelero I can get it working, but it feel like a hack
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:43 ricmelero so, they are loaded after app routes
# Jun 25th 2021, 16:42 ricmelero I've app routes defined in config/routes.php, but plugin routes are in each plugin's Plugin::routes() method