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# Jun 25th 2021, 14:59 tyler.adam.lazenby I figured it out
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:58 greg138 I mean, for example, when you create the encoded string to post, if that was happening inside an anonymous function and referencing a variable that doesn't exist in that context, then what it encodes to would legit be a blank string, and then what your controller receives would be exactly right.
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:57 staccato123 @ndm my imported shells are super small so I have just deleted them for now and I will rewrite them when the main app is working. That's helped, thanks
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:57 tyler.adam.lazenby That the $this->getBody()->getContents() wasn't going to get what was passed
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:56 greg138 Any chance that some part of [the decode / encode process] is failing to give what you expect?
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:56 tyler.adam.lazenby and no I did eventually figure out what it was
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:56 tyler.adam.lazenby you had another question lol... sorry I scrolled way down
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:55 greg138 And my second question?
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:48 staccato123 @ndm thanks, I will look into that
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:38 tyler.adam.lazenby @greg138 Its because I have to hmac_hash and base_64 encode it
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:27 slackebot therefore neither be be in `/src/Shell/AppShell.php`, not should it have a `Shell` suffix. You have to manually intervene there, either you stick with the shell, then the namespace should be `App\Shell` and the file should be `/src/Shell/AppShell.php`, or you transform it into a command, then the namespace should be `App\Command`, the classname should be `AppCommand`, and the file should be `/src/Command/AppCommand.php`.
# Jun 25th 2021, 14:27 ndm staccato123: That message looks like the namespace and classname do not match the filename, hence the `class_exists()` checks fail, causing the autoloader to try to include the file over and over again. `App\Console\Command\AppShell` is completely wrong, the `Console` and `Command` subnamespaces are two different things, commands go in `App\Command`, not in `App\Console\Command`. In any case a command is not a shell, and should
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:48 kevin.pfeifer the only experience I have is with going from 3 to 4 where also the upgrade tool (based on rector) can be quite finicky to setup
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:46 staccato123 Thanks for trying
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:45 kevin.pfeifer sorry, I can't tell you more here because I never upgraded a cake2 app to 3 ,:) You will have to wait till someone else can maybe help you
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:43 staccato123 I was expecting some problems with the upgrade system, I wasn't expecting it to just not run at all
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:43 staccato123 It isn't huge, but more the point I'm using it as practice for another, much more involved one later
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:41 kevin.pfeifer or if your app isn't that large I would personally just redo everything in cake 4 :)
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:41 staccato123 Exception: Class 'App\Console\Command\AppShell' not found in [/path/to/application/src/Shell/CategoryShell.php, line 4]
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:41 staccato123 I have done that once, but granted I've started again since then. I will again.
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:39 kevin.pfeifer I would also recommend to check your now "transformed" new app with the default cakephp 3 app template https://github.com/cakephp/app/tree/3.x And see where there are differences
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:37 kevin.pfeifer well in cake3 there is no `src/Shell/AppShell.php`, only a https://github.com/cakephp/app/blob/3.x/src/Shell/ConsoleShell.php which doesn't do anything special Do you have custom logic in there? otherwhise i would delete it
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:33 staccato123 https://pastebin.com/AfXSz1fX on the built-in server; similar problem on Apache
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:28 kevin.pfeifer what is the latest error you are now stuck on?
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:25 staccato123 so presumably it it some error introduced in the transformed code
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:25 staccato123 I tried copying my new src dir over a bare install and got the same error
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:25 staccato123 I've done a bare install of cakephp3, and that works, and has both the vendor/autoupload.php file and the zendframework-bridge in, but the latter might not be being called?
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:24 staccato123 which I think is a development of the default one
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:23 staccato123 using dereuromark's upgrade tool
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:23 staccato123 yes
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:20 kevin.pfeifer ah you are going from 2 to 3
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:19 kevin.pfeifer @staccato123 are you trying to upgrade a cakephp app via the rector tool?
# Jun 25th 2021, 13:18 staccato123 I can't see how it could ever work. Including a file that's already been required is always going to cause problems
# Jun 25th 2021, 11:23 Muhammad i am using croogo themes  ,   in the end want to map one theme from the themes plugin to one domain and other theme to another domain while keeping single instance of the croogo.
# Jun 25th 2021, 11:22 Muhammad i am using croogo4
# Jun 25th 2021, 11:21 Muhammad can i map multiple domains on single croogo instance cakephp
# Jun 25th 2021, 11:21 Muhammad hi everyone
# Jun 25th 2021, 10:37 staccato123 should have thought of that
# Jun 25th 2021, 10:37 staccato123 sorry
# Jun 25th 2021, 10:35 staccato123 Ah, it's the /path/to/application/app/vendor/laminas/laminas-zendframework-bridge/src/Autoloader.php file, it calls the vendor/autoload.php again for some reason
# Jun 25th 2021, 10:35 staccato123 )