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# Nov 16th, 08:55 slackebot1 Command sent from Slack by challgren:
# Nov 16th, 08:55 challgren Damm quiet a bit, I could see why it was being punted for flooding
# Nov 16th, 08:54 admad https://irc.cakephp.org/tells
# Nov 16th, 08:54 challgren Yeah Ive been rooting through the source trying to figure it out
# Nov 16th, 08:53 admad earlier users could register too but lot of crap was getting added to we removed ability to add
# Nov 16th, 08:53 challgren Any way to find those out?
# Nov 16th, 08:53 admad the tells are in db
# Nov 16th, 08:53 admad yes
# Nov 16th, 08:52 admad i had to retire the slapper after i joined core
# Nov 16th, 08:52 challgren So tias must be a tell in the DB
# Nov 16th, 08:52 admad :P
# Nov 16th, 08:52 slackebot1 !slap
# Nov 16th, 08:52 slackebot1 Command sent from Slack by challgren:
# Nov 16th, 08:49 slackebot1 !tias
# Nov 16th, 08:49 slackebot1 Command sent from Slack by challgren:
# Nov 16th, 08:48 challgren Ah np. I was honestly just trying to figure out the commands it had when I learned the crash
# Nov 16th, 08:48 admad thx for the report
# Nov 16th, 08:48 challgren Ah ok cool
# Nov 16th, 08:48 admad yes
# Nov 16th, 08:45 challgren For CakeBot?
# Nov 16th, 08:31 admad @challgren not sure if you were notified back but the issues you had reported are fixed
# Nov 16th, 06:33 vipul can we add socket in CakePhp ?
# Nov 16th, 06:33 vipul Hello Connection
# Nov 16th, 03:42 admad https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/releases/tag/4.0.0-RC1
# Nov 15th, 21:26 alexmax I was getting a bunch of deprecation notices about use of `Plugin::` methods and I thought _everything_ in that class was going away eventually.
# Nov 15th, 21:26 alexmax *nods* I see.
# Nov 15th, 21:25 ndm No, application hooks into the global collection
# Nov 15th, 21:25 alexmax doesn't that hook into the old deprecated plugin system?
# Nov 15th, 21:25 ndm `\Cake\Core\Plugin::getCollection()`
# Nov 15th, 21:24 ndm `\Cake\Core\Plugin::loaded()`
# Nov 15th, 21:23 ricksaccous oh yeah that makes sense
# Nov 15th, 21:21 alexmax the one that's created in `index.php` and `cake.php`
# Nov 15th, 21:20 alexmax I want to use the one that's already there - presumably the one that is actually aware of what plugins are accessible.
# Nov 15th, 21:20 alexmax isn't that creating a new application instance?
# Nov 15th, 21:11 ricksaccous i'm just guessing but i dunno if that'll work
# Nov 15th, 21:11 ricksaccous $myApplication = new Application(); $myApplication->getPlugins();
# Nov 15th, 21:11 ricksaccous use App\Application;
# Nov 15th, 21:02 alexmax Like, I'm not sure how to get access to `Application` from within a `Shell` or a `Controller`
# Nov 15th, 20:59 alexmax How should I be getting access to `App\Application`? I need to query the list of loaded plugins, and to do that in modern Cake I think need access to the `Application`, which seems a little scarce.
# Nov 15th, 20:14 kiwi_51 thanks a lot....
# Nov 15th, 20:12 ricksaccous good luck