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# Nov 16th 2019, 08:48 challgren Ah ok cool
# Nov 16th 2019, 08:48 admad yes
# Nov 16th 2019, 08:45 challgren For CakeBot?
# Nov 16th 2019, 08:31 admad @challgren not sure if you were notified back but the issues you had reported are fixed
# Nov 16th 2019, 06:33 vipul can we add socket in CakePhp ?
# Nov 16th 2019, 06:33 vipul Hello Connection
# Nov 16th 2019, 03:42 admad https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/releases/tag/4.0.0-RC1
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:26 alexmax I was getting a bunch of deprecation notices about use of `Plugin::` methods and I thought _everything_ in that class was going away eventually.
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:26 alexmax *nods* I see.
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:25 ndm No, application hooks into the global collection
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:25 alexmax doesn't that hook into the old deprecated plugin system?
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:25 ndm `\Cake\Core\Plugin::getCollection()`
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:24 ndm `\Cake\Core\Plugin::loaded()`
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:23 ricksaccous oh yeah that makes sense
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:21 alexmax the one that's created in `index.php` and `cake.php`
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:20 alexmax I want to use the one that's already there - presumably the one that is actually aware of what plugins are accessible.
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:20 alexmax isn't that creating a new application instance?
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:11 ricksaccous i'm just guessing but i dunno if that'll work
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:11 ricksaccous $myApplication = new Application(); $myApplication->getPlugins();
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:11 ricksaccous use App\Application;
# Nov 15th 2019, 21:02 alexmax Like, I'm not sure how to get access to `Application` from within a `Shell` or a `Controller`
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:59 alexmax How should I be getting access to `App\Application`? I need to query the list of loaded plugins, and to do that in modern Cake I think need access to the `Application`, which seems a little scarce.
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:14 kiwi_51 thanks a lot....
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:12 ricksaccous good luck
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:12 ricksaccous look into paid hosting solutions or try to self-host (but that's a huge pain)
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:11 ricksaccous like you'd host any website
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:11 ricksaccous you'd have to host the application somewhere
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:08 kiwi_51 I mean, if i want to show on the net my "app" how i can get this issue?
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:07 kiwi_51 to another site that's not been the local host?
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:06 kiwi_51 im new to CakePHP, I have finished 2/3 courses about this framework and i have a question, when you finish the app, there's any way to take the app
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:03 kiwi_51 to everyone
# Nov 15th 2019, 20:03 kiwi_51 hi tio eveyone!!!
# Nov 15th 2019, 16:38 shifat.it is there anyone who is contributing in Github project .. php ??
# Nov 15th 2019, 16:18 jeremy.halin @ndm @pieceof thanks I will look into that
# Nov 15th 2019, 16:17 slackebot1 `AuthComponent::redirectUrl()` (assuming you're using that).
# Nov 15th 2019, 16:17 ndm @jeremy.halin If the redirect URL in the query string is correct, then maybe it's being lost with your login request, or your login code doesn't handle redirection properly. You'll have to debug that a little more, check your browsers network console what requests/redirects exactly happen, check what the request looks like in your login action (is the query string present and corect), and check what exactly happens in
# Nov 15th 2019, 16:14 pieceof dont take me very serius but looks like a feature to me, maybe some security activated?
# Nov 15th 2019, 16:05 slackebot1 to default after login page.
# Nov 15th 2019, 16:05 jeremy.halin Hello, I have a very strange bug that I have already tried to fix without success. The redirection after an expired session is not functional on my application. I know it's hard to have a solution like that, without seeing the code, but has anyone ever had the problem? I'm using Auth component, what happens is that I'm redirected to login, with a query parameter, but when I log in I'm not redirected to previous page, always redirected
# Nov 15th 2019, 16:01 kaliel @ndm thx
# Nov 15th 2019, 15:48 ndm `vendor/mobiledetect/mobiledetectlib/namespaced/Detection`