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# Jun 25th, 07:18 imonsei if i want to add a "isAuthorized" template to the "cake bake controller foo" command (so i get a isAuthorized function in my controller in addition to the add-edit-delete etc), should I use a bake theme or a plugin?
# Jun 25th, 06:44 imonsei hia everybooty o/
# Jun 25th, 06:40 sab nnn
# Jun 25th, 06:40 sab moring
# Jun 25th, 06:30 madbbb Good Morning!
# Jun 25th, 05:42 conehead Personally I am passing the data to the view. I think it is more important if you show the data the same way somewhere else and not just on a single page
# Jun 25th, 05:39 sab okay, appreciate the input
# Jun 25th, 05:38 niel45 that's if you want to do the accessing in the template. You could also use elements with the controller passing the data into it. Really depends how you want to do it ;-)
# Jun 25th, 05:37 niel45 if you need access to your models, you'd probably want to use cells
# Jun 25th, 05:34 sab Or none of it
# Jun 25th, 05:33 sab Hi, just a short question: If I'd like to create a dashboard, would I do that with cells or elements?
# Jun 24th, 19:44 jeremyharris oh, there ya go ;)
# Jun 24th, 19:44 jeremyharris this error is saying you are using Query::join as a getter but it doesn’t work as one anymore. You should find any places in your app using Query::join to read the join (rather than set it) and upgrade to Query::clause
# Jun 24th, 19:44 madbbb ha-ha. it is Query::clause("join")
# Jun 24th, 19:36 madbbb upgrading my cake to 3.7 and stuck with ```Using Query::join() to read state is deprecated. Use clause("join") instead.``` where do I put that clause?
# Jun 24th, 19:35 dereuromark the quickest one. if you need it, sure. u can also have many workers this way.
# Jun 24th, 19:12 challgren Start every minute?
# Jun 24th, 19:11 dereuromark i use 2 min interval and shorter life span. always 3 parallel. depends on the max running task.
# Jun 24th, 18:44 challgren This is my config and I have a crontab that starts `bin/cake queue runworker` every 10 minutes, So I always have 2 queue running at one time
# Jun 24th, 18:44 joey.mukherjee Thank you so much!! The line I was missing was use Queue\Shell\Task\QueueTask;
# Jun 24th, 18:43 joey.mukherjee Oh wow, I didn't know I could click on it. Cool. Thank you!
# Jun 24th, 18:42 challgren You queue table might have bad jobs in it too
# Jun 24th, 18:42 challgren Follow my sample I just posted, it works fine for me and I have no issues
# Jun 24th, 18:41 joey.mukherjee No, I had `namespace Queue\Shell\Task;` at the start. When I put App instead of Queue, I get "Class 'App\Shell\Task\QueueTask' not found "
# Jun 24th, 18:40 challgren This is my sample job called ‘SendCustomer’
# Jun 24th, 18:40 challgren Does the file have `namespace App\Shell\Task;` at the start?
# Jun 24th, 18:39 joey.mukherjee Yes! I have that! I think I am doing that part right. However, it only works if I put it under vendors.. with the other examples. :( I am trying to move it in my source tree.
# Jun 24th, 18:37 challgren $queue->createJob(‘Movie’, $data, [‘group’ => ‘email’, ‘reference’ => $entity->get(‘id’)]);
# Jun 24th, 18:37 challgren Your job name when creating the is Movie
# Jun 24th, 18:36 joey.mukherjee My file is called QueueMovieTask.php and is in /src/Shell/Task. But when I run cake queue, I get "Exception: Task `QueueMovie` not found". My namespace is Queue\Shell\Task, and I have "class QueueMovieTask extends QueueTask {" at the start. Is one of those wrong?
# Jun 24th, 18:22 challgren Your Task also needs to be named QueueMyCustomJobTask
# Jun 24th, 18:21 challgren @joey.mukherjee https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-queue/tree/master/docs#writing-your-own-task
# Jun 24th, 18:18 joey.mukherjee Thanks all for your help on my queue issues. I just went with cron and have it checking every minute. Anyway, I made a Queue task using dereuromark/cakephp-queue. However, the only way it works is if I put it in vendor/dereuromark/cakephp-queue/src/Shell/Task. The docs say to put it in src/Shell/Task, but it isn't found if I put it there. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
# Jun 24th, 17:23 daniel.upshaw Thanks @admad
# Jun 24th, 17:21 daniel.upshaw It's a bit confusing confusing
# Jun 24th, 17:21 daniel.upshaw I think that does it though
# Jun 24th, 17:21 daniel.upshaw That works in `beforeRender`, and not in the public method
# Jun 24th, 17:20 daniel.upshaw Wooot! `$this->RequestHandler->renderAs($this, null);`
# Jun 24th, 17:19 admad apparently it skips setting the templatepath if you have already set view classname. So try doing that in your action method
# Jun 24th, 17:18 daniel.upshaw Hmm `_renderType`
# Jun 24th, 17:18 admad https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Controller/Component/RequestHandlerComponent.php#L631=L639