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# Jun 25th, 05:37 niel45 if you need access to your models, you'd probably want to use cells
# Jun 25th, 05:34 sab Or none of it
# Jun 25th, 05:33 sab Hi, just a short question: If I'd like to create a dashboard, would I do that with cells or elements?
# Jun 24th, 19:44 jeremyharris oh, there ya go ;)
# Jun 24th, 19:44 jeremyharris this error is saying you are using Query::join as a getter but it doesn’t work as one anymore. You should find any places in your app using Query::join to read the join (rather than set it) and upgrade to Query::clause
# Jun 24th, 19:44 madbbb ha-ha. it is Query::clause("join")
# Jun 24th, 19:36 madbbb upgrading my cake to 3.7 and stuck with ```Using Query::join() to read state is deprecated. Use clause("join") instead.``` where do I put that clause?
# Jun 24th, 19:35 dereuromark the quickest one. if you need it, sure. u can also have many workers this way.
# Jun 24th, 19:12 challgren Start every minute?
# Jun 24th, 19:11 dereuromark i use 2 min interval and shorter life span. always 3 parallel. depends on the max running task.
# Jun 24th, 18:44 challgren This is my config and I have a crontab that starts `bin/cake queue runworker` every 10 minutes, So I always have 2 queue running at one time
# Jun 24th, 18:44 joey.mukherjee Thank you so much!! The line I was missing was use Queue\Shell\Task\QueueTask;
# Jun 24th, 18:43 joey.mukherjee Oh wow, I didn't know I could click on it. Cool. Thank you!
# Jun 24th, 18:42 challgren You queue table might have bad jobs in it too
# Jun 24th, 18:42 challgren Follow my sample I just posted, it works fine for me and I have no issues
# Jun 24th, 18:41 joey.mukherjee No, I had `namespace Queue\Shell\Task;` at the start. When I put App instead of Queue, I get "Class 'App\Shell\Task\QueueTask' not found "
# Jun 24th, 18:40 challgren This is my sample job called ‘SendCustomer’
# Jun 24th, 18:40 challgren Does the file have `namespace App\Shell\Task;` at the start?
# Jun 24th, 18:39 joey.mukherjee Yes! I have that! I think I am doing that part right. However, it only works if I put it under vendors.. with the other examples. :( I am trying to move it in my source tree.
# Jun 24th, 18:37 challgren $queue->createJob(‘Movie’, $data, [‘group’ => ‘email’, ‘reference’ => $entity->get(‘id’)]);
# Jun 24th, 18:37 challgren Your job name when creating the is Movie
# Jun 24th, 18:36 joey.mukherjee My file is called QueueMovieTask.php and is in /src/Shell/Task. But when I run cake queue, I get "Exception: Task `QueueMovie` not found". My namespace is Queue\Shell\Task, and I have "class QueueMovieTask extends QueueTask {" at the start. Is one of those wrong?
# Jun 24th, 18:22 challgren Your Task also needs to be named QueueMyCustomJobTask
# Jun 24th, 18:21 challgren @joey.mukherjee https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-queue/tree/master/docs#writing-your-own-task
# Jun 24th, 18:18 joey.mukherjee Thanks all for your help on my queue issues. I just went with cron and have it checking every minute. Anyway, I made a Queue task using dereuromark/cakephp-queue. However, the only way it works is if I put it in vendor/dereuromark/cakephp-queue/src/Shell/Task. The docs say to put it in src/Shell/Task, but it isn't found if I put it there. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
# Jun 24th, 17:23 daniel.upshaw Thanks @admad
# Jun 24th, 17:21 daniel.upshaw It's a bit confusing confusing
# Jun 24th, 17:21 daniel.upshaw I think that does it though
# Jun 24th, 17:21 daniel.upshaw That works in `beforeRender`, and not in the public method
# Jun 24th, 17:20 daniel.upshaw Wooot! `$this->RequestHandler->renderAs($this, null);`
# Jun 24th, 17:19 admad apparently it skips setting the templatepath if you have already set view classname. So try doing that in your action method
# Jun 24th, 17:18 daniel.upshaw Hmm `_renderType`
# Jun 24th, 17:18 admad https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Controller/Component/RequestHandlerComponent.php#L631=L639
# Jun 24th, 17:17 daniel.upshaw Thank you for the input though, it just isn't taking for some reason
# Jun 24th, 17:17 daniel.upshaw Ah
# Jun 24th, 17:17 admad it has nothing to do with view class name
# Jun 24th, 17:14 slackebot [protected] _vars => [] }```
# Jun 24th, 17:14 daniel.upshaw ```object(Cake\View\ViewBuilder) { [protected] _templatePath => 'Admin/MenuLinks/ajax' [protected] _template => null [protected] _plugin => null [protected] _theme => 'CoreManager' [protected] _layout => null [protected] _autoLayout => null [protected] _layoutPath => 'ajax' [protected] _name => null [protected] _className => 'App' [protected] _options => [] [protected] _helpers => [ (int) 0 => 'CoreManager.Core' ]
# Jun 24th, 17:14 daniel.upshaw Wow even if I `$this->viewBuilder()->setClassName('App')`
# Jun 24th, 17:12 daniel.upshaw Could be `setClassName()` perhaps
# Jun 24th, 17:11 daniel.upshaw Putting it in `beforeRender()` did at least have an effect.. thanks for the input though, I can keep tinkering with this