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# Mar 19th, 18:20 ricksaccous it's always Table.php
# Mar 19th, 18:20 ricksaccous baked that*
# Mar 19th, 18:20 ricksaccous it should not have backed that
# Mar 19th, 18:20 ricksaccous not Tables.php
# Mar 19th, 18:20 ricksaccous HealthRecordsTable.php
# Mar 19th, 18:20 ricksaccous it should have been called
# Mar 19th, 18:15 jnguyen not sure pasting the code would help because the baking seems to be all correct
# Mar 19th, 18:14 jnguyen ```SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'sparkplug.health_record' doesn't exist```
# Mar 19th, 18:14 jnguyen so my exact problem is I made a table called health_records, baked the model and it produced an entity called HealthRecord.php and the table HealthRecordsTables.php. Tried to save data to it and it threw me this error
# Mar 19th, 18:11 ricksaccous ie it's not finding my MagicRunes table
# Mar 19th, 18:11 ricksaccous and stated exactly what the problem was
# Mar 19th, 18:10 ricksaccous prob would be easier if you pasted the code in a gist or something
# Mar 19th, 18:10 jnguyen ah figured
# Mar 19th, 18:10 jnguyen sorry mean pluarl
# Mar 19th, 18:10 ricksaccous table class should be plural
# Mar 19th, 18:10 ricksaccous no
# Mar 19th, 18:09 jnguyen if im correct the table itself has to be singular correct?
# Mar 19th, 18:09 jnguyen Hey guys, so I just baked a model, the table is plural and the entity is singular, but im getting a base table not found because its looking for the singular version of the table
# Mar 19th, 14:58 emiliano thanks a lot
# Mar 19th, 14:58 emiliano my problem, is the aws elastic beanstalk jeje
# Mar 19th, 14:56 jeremyharris yeah htaccess can do that
# Mar 19th, 14:55 emiliano is there any way to tell you to generate all the urls in https, htaccess?
# Mar 19th, 14:55 emiliano Hi guys, how are you? I'm working with cake 3.5 and aws elastic-beanstalk, is there any way to focus urls to https? When I use a json call, I generate the url in http and I have mixed content, i dont no way
# Mar 19th, 14:40 feLiruc I did exactly what you said guys, I created a string with the correct index, and increment it everytime the user add one more line... but, for me this is so kluge...
# Mar 19th, 14:35 ricksaccous it's really subjective and there's no set example anywhere, so you'll have to find a solution that works for you
# Mar 19th, 14:35 ricksaccous use whatever js solution you think is appropriate to get n inputs
# Mar 19th, 14:35 jeremyharris ^
# Mar 19th, 14:35 ricksaccous and once you know how that works
# Mar 19th, 14:35 ricksaccous one of a hasMany
# Mar 19th, 14:35 ricksaccous yeah, i think that's what you mean, well my advice feLiruc is just focus on getting one to save
# Mar 19th, 14:34 ricksaccous oh, you mean just for duplicating inputs?
# Mar 19th, 14:34 jeremyharris there’s no “official” example I don’t think, but calling any controller action via ajax will load the view into the ajax layout if you are using the request handler
# Mar 19th, 14:33 ricksaccous i'm not quite sure what that would entail
# Mar 19th, 14:32 ricksaccous meh, but yeah, maybe i should try adding it with ajax though to be honest
# Mar 19th, 14:32 feLiruc There is any example of this ajax in the controller?
# Mar 19th, 14:32 ricksaccous i just organize the input into an element where you can specify the index
# Mar 19th, 14:32 ricksaccous not necessarily, think i just needed a foreach to spit out the element, but yeah, it's somehting to consider
# Mar 19th, 14:31 jeremyharris I typically prefer the ajax solution then there’s significantly less JS and it reuses existing pages and proven functionality
# Mar 19th, 14:31 jeremyharris tough when dealing with validation errors
# Mar 19th, 14:31 jeremyharris yeah I’ve done that too
# Mar 19th, 14:31 ricksaccous and then duplicating it with the correct index when "adding"