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# Jan 24th, 14:17 NeoThermic|WorkI https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html ?
# Jan 24th, 13:59 swarson Hi everyone, I would like to know how to add an input into a form (Form->Control type=>select). I've not find anything on the book
# Jan 24th, 06:06 challgren https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/01/pear-php-site-breach-lets-hackers-slip-malware-into-official-download/
# Jan 24th, 04:10 LobsterBaz ...Answering my own question... I was missing php-dom dependency. Thanks anyway :)
# Jan 24th, 03:58 LobsterBaz The autoload.php file is missing from the vendor folder. I followed the tutorial by the letter. What am I missing?
# Jan 24th, 03:57 LobsterBaz Unfortunately I get an error when I try to launch the cake server with the command "bin/cake server". PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/my/path/cms/vendor/autoload.php'
# Jan 24th, 03:55 LobsterBaz Hello all. I'm new to CakePhp and following my first tutorial ( https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/quickstart.html )
# Jan 23rd, 21:10 ricksaccous and viewBuilder->getVar doesn't have the magic to get a globally set var set somewhere else
# Jan 23rd, 21:10 ricksaccous meh, i can never seem to get the viewVars that are set at that point in time for that view probably the viewVar is set in another controller
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous lol
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous please help
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous and can't upgrade to 3.7 which has the method
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous in 3.6 I want to use a method that is on View but not ViewBuilder
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous is there a way to get a view class within a controller
# Jan 23rd, 18:16 yamcomnet i found only limitControl
# Jan 23rd, 18:15 yamcomnet ?
# Jan 23rd, 18:15 yamcomnet any ready system for pagination->sort selectbox
# Jan 23rd, 16:49 neon1024 I guess the hmac changes
# Jan 23rd, 16:49 neon1024 Which makes matching against a database really really hard
# Jan 23rd, 16:48 neon1024 Interestingly I’m getting a different encrypted value each time I refresh the page
# Jan 23rd, 16:40 ricksaccous so yeah it's something that should absolutely be encrypted in all applications
# Jan 23rd, 16:40 ricksaccous it really is sensitive and people could mess with you if they have it
# Jan 23rd, 16:40 ricksaccous well here your SSN is like something you use to get a job, to report taxes, etc and you aren't supposed to share it with anyone
# Jan 23rd, 16:39 ricksaccous lolll
# Jan 23rd, 16:39 neon1024 Last I heard Trump had resorted to Slavery
# Jan 23rd, 16:38 neon1024 Does it matter? Are social services even in work? ;)
# Jan 23rd, 16:37 ricksaccous probably a ton
# Jan 23rd, 16:37 ricksaccous i wonder how many companies here are not encrypting social security numbers
# Jan 23rd, 16:31 ricksaccous haha
# Jan 23rd, 16:31 neon1024 If it was easy we’d all be out of a job:p
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 neon1024 It is what it is :man-shrugging:
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 ricksaccous but that is so lame
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 ricksaccous government should stay out the way, alright enough politics from me
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 neon1024 Congratulations Mr 371461623914613764
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 ricksaccous lmaooo
# Jan 23rd, 16:29 neon1024 Kinda tempted to spit out the encrypted values :P
# Jan 23rd, 16:29 neon1024 Got reporting tooling to build
# Jan 23rd, 16:29 neon1024 Oh I have to do that next :P
# Jan 23rd, 16:29 ricksaccous you can't exactly pull a bunch of names and emails now
# Jan 23rd, 16:28 ricksaccous makes sense security wise but what if you just want an internal application for a company that needs that data on the fly to be efficient
# Jan 23rd, 16:28 neon1024 I mean sure, encryption can be broken, but ‘harder’ at least