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# Jan 24th, 15:43 NeoThermic|WorkI ok, go into Lib, is there a Cake directory?
# Jan 24th, 15:43 adsc yes
# Jan 24th, 15:42 NeoThermic|WorkI adsc, start with the simple questions, is there a app and lib directory in the root directory?
# Jan 24th, 15:41 adsc hey, I took over a cakephp project from a third party, how do I find out which version of cakephp it uses?
# Jan 24th, 14:43 tippexs91 Hi folks - Need to connect to two different DBs with Cake3. 1st DB is select date (MSSQL) 2nd DB write (MySQL). Found two different ways to do this. 1st via ConnectionManager and specify the connection with `ConnectionManager::get('mysql-prod')` 2nd Using `defaultConnectionName()` in the table classes Any ideas whats the better option. Thanks!
# Jan 24th, 14:24 swarson form->select works perfectly but I've not find how to set it required
# Jan 24th, 14:22 swarson what I would like to do is quite special. I would like to put a label in a form->control select type with input and there is nothing like as I would like... Do you see what I mean ?
# Jan 24th, 14:17 NeoThermic|WorkI specifically from https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html#creating-input-elements onwards?
# Jan 24th, 14:17 NeoThermic|WorkI https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html ?
# Jan 24th, 13:59 swarson Hi everyone, I would like to know how to add an input into a form (Form->Control type=>select). I've not find anything on the book
# Jan 24th, 06:06 challgren https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/01/pear-php-site-breach-lets-hackers-slip-malware-into-official-download/
# Jan 24th, 04:10 LobsterBaz ...Answering my own question... I was missing php-dom dependency. Thanks anyway :)
# Jan 24th, 03:58 LobsterBaz The autoload.php file is missing from the vendor folder. I followed the tutorial by the letter. What am I missing?
# Jan 24th, 03:57 LobsterBaz Unfortunately I get an error when I try to launch the cake server with the command "bin/cake server". PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/my/path/cms/vendor/autoload.php'
# Jan 24th, 03:55 LobsterBaz Hello all. I'm new to CakePhp and following my first tutorial ( https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/quickstart.html )
# Jan 23rd, 21:10 ricksaccous and viewBuilder->getVar doesn't have the magic to get a globally set var set somewhere else
# Jan 23rd, 21:10 ricksaccous meh, i can never seem to get the viewVars that are set at that point in time for that view probably the viewVar is set in another controller
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous lol
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous please help
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous and can't upgrade to 3.7 which has the method
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous in 3.6 I want to use a method that is on View but not ViewBuilder
# Jan 23rd, 19:58 ricksaccous is there a way to get a view class within a controller
# Jan 23rd, 18:16 yamcomnet i found only limitControl
# Jan 23rd, 18:15 yamcomnet ?
# Jan 23rd, 18:15 yamcomnet any ready system for pagination->sort selectbox
# Jan 23rd, 16:49 neon1024 I guess the hmac changes
# Jan 23rd, 16:49 neon1024 Which makes matching against a database really really hard
# Jan 23rd, 16:48 neon1024 Interestingly I’m getting a different encrypted value each time I refresh the page
# Jan 23rd, 16:40 ricksaccous so yeah it's something that should absolutely be encrypted in all applications
# Jan 23rd, 16:40 ricksaccous it really is sensitive and people could mess with you if they have it
# Jan 23rd, 16:40 ricksaccous well here your SSN is like something you use to get a job, to report taxes, etc and you aren't supposed to share it with anyone
# Jan 23rd, 16:39 ricksaccous lolll
# Jan 23rd, 16:39 neon1024 Last I heard Trump had resorted to Slavery
# Jan 23rd, 16:38 neon1024 Does it matter? Are social services even in work? ;)
# Jan 23rd, 16:37 ricksaccous probably a ton
# Jan 23rd, 16:37 ricksaccous i wonder how many companies here are not encrypting social security numbers
# Jan 23rd, 16:31 ricksaccous haha
# Jan 23rd, 16:31 neon1024 If it was easy we’d all be out of a job:p
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 neon1024 It is what it is :man-shrugging:
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 ricksaccous but that is so lame
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 ricksaccous government should stay out the way, alright enough politics from me