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# Oct 10th, 01:57 blancessanchez30 how to do beforefilter before ajax call in cakephp 3
# Oct 10th, 01:57 blancessanchez30 good morning
# Oct 9th, 22:17 sdevore I use ‘hidden’ ;)
# Oct 9th, 22:13 rightscoreanalysis great thanks, I think it works now
# Oct 9th, 22:11 bmudda @rightscoreanalysis Yes according to the docs, that's correct.
# Oct 9th, 22:00 rightscoreanalysis in order to update
# Oct 9th, 22:00 rightscoreanalysis @bmudda so if Tags is my hasMany data do I need: echo $this->Form->control('tags.0.id');
# Oct 9th, 21:58 bmudda https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html#creating-inputs-for-associated-data
# Oct 9th, 21:58 rightscoreanalysis is Foo hasMany Bar, do I need to set Bar.id in the request data to update it?
# Oct 9th, 21:54 rightscoreanalysis is anyone here?
# Oct 9th, 21:51 rightscoreanalysis which is this happening? This is an update to an existing record
# Oct 9th, 21:50 rightscoreanalysis if I debug the patch entity i see: '[new]' => true,
# Oct 9th, 21:40 rightscoreanalysis no matter what it always tries to save new records which is wrong
# Oct 9th, 21:40 rightscoreanalysis https://gist.github.com/spacebiscuit/59a4ebbade0ea1e96f8b0a5faaf61735
# Oct 9th, 21:40 rightscoreanalysis this is totally screwed up and I don't see anything wrong with this request data
# Oct 9th, 21:32 rightscoreanalysis https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/saving-data.html#saving-hasmany-associations
# Oct 9th, 21:32 rightscoreanalysis the book's example is not in this format....
# Oct 9th, 21:31 rightscoreanalysis I thought that hasMany data should be model.0.field
# Oct 9th, 21:22 rightscoreanalysis Is that enough?
# Oct 9th, 21:21 rightscoreanalysis $this->Form->input('id', ['type' => 'hidden', 'value' => $periodId]);
# Oct 9th, 21:21 rightscoreanalysis I am setting the id of the PropertyPeriod
# Oct 9th, 21:20 rightscoreanalysis in my case I am saving to PropertyPeriod whuch hasMany PropertyPrices
# Oct 9th, 21:19 bmudda @rightscoreanalysis ^
# Oct 9th, 21:18 bmudda you wouldn’t have to worry about fk in that case
# Oct 9th, 21:18 bmudda if you’re always passing all the records (associated data) during update, you can use the `replace` strategy
# Oct 9th, 21:18 bmudda yes, if you don’t pass the fk, then it will insert it as a new record