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# Jun 13th, 18:04 itmpls i don't have anything special on my end from what I know
# Jun 13th, 18:04 itmpls maybe it changed in 3.6. hmm
# Jun 13th, 18:03 lorenzo Or maybe afterSaveCommit changed in 3.6?
# Jun 13th, 18:03 lorenzo Maybe. You have a callback stopping the events in after save?
# Jun 13th, 18:03 lorenzo Transactions are used by cake automatically
# Jun 13th, 18:00 itmpls the documentation makes it seem like transactions are optional but it seems like you have to use transactions to get the auditQueue to process?
# Jun 13th, 17:46 itmpls @lorenzo - for audit stash, dd('afterSave') at the bottom of afterSave is triggered, but dd('afterCommit') at the start of afterCommit is never reached - though I'm not dealing with a transaction..
# Jun 13th, 16:00 saeideng bye
# Jun 13th, 16:00 lorenzo bye@
# Jun 13th, 15:58 josbeir i'll think of a solution on my commute home, ttl ! ;)
# Jun 13th, 15:57 josbeir yeah, just need a plice to do it outside of the "application layer"
# Jun 13th, 15:57 lorenzo casting the simple types may be just enough
# Jun 13th, 15:57 lorenzo I think a type architecture like that for the ORM is too much
# Jun 13th, 15:57 josbeir ES doesn't assume stuff and takes various kind of date formats
# Jun 13th, 15:56 josbeir yeah, dates are a bit lame too
# Jun 13th, 15:56 lorenzo I guess ints is the only annoying one haha
# Jun 13th, 15:56 lorenzo like ints
# Jun 13th, 15:56 lorenzo I would start simple, and make the marshaller type cast the obvious stuff
# Jun 13th, 15:55 josbeir yeah for instance
# Jun 13th, 15:55 lorenzo in the marshaller you mean?
# Jun 13th, 15:55 lorenzo where’s that?
# Jun 13th, 15:55 josbeir yeah there's that but what if we had a way to configure those types explicitly ?
# Jun 13th, 15:55 lorenzo as in, I guess you would expect the thing to convert very deeply nested properties to the right type, no?
# Jun 13th, 15:54 lorenzo would you expect those types to understand your nested schema?
# Jun 13th, 15:53 josbeir i'm finding myself doing too much basic stuff using entities/beforemarshal
# Jun 13th, 15:53 josbeir @lorenzo here i am again, toughts on implementing something like Types for the ES plugin with a few standard types (like Date) ?
# Jun 13th, 15:51 lorenzo the key is to check if afterSaveCommit is doing the work
# Jun 13th, 15:51 lorenzo alright
# Jun 13th, 15:51 itmpls gonna continue debugging after some yoga :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 13th, 15:50 itmpls @lorenzo well it definitely does the stuff in _afterSave
# Jun 13th, 15:50 neon1024 Thanks for the help :thumbsup:
# Jun 13th, 15:49 neon1024 I’ll make a note in my readme about this :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 13th, 15:49 dereuromark I tried to look into it, not too trivial change to get it done right
# Jun 13th, 15:47 neon1024 I think I agree with your ticket here @dereuromark
# Jun 13th, 15:47 dereuromark which it displays here :)
# Jun 13th, 15:47 neon1024 Hmm, that doesn’t feel very verbose
# Jun 13th, 15:47 neon1024 Hm, so that `- api` is my plugin command then?
# Jun 13th, 15:47 dereuromark the rest is underlying php stuff not relevant IMO
# Jun 13th, 15:46 dereuromark just bin/cake api
# Jun 13th, 15:46 neon1024 Just a namespace in the plugin
# Jun 13th, 15:46 neon1024 File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U1BT622HW/FB67ATD5E/screen_shot_2018-06-13_at_16.46.19.png / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FB67ATD5E-1f44d7f178