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# May 16th, 16:41 pmoraes for example
# May 16th, 16:41 pmoraes not sure.. because if I put the flash message in the index action it works
# May 16th, 16:41 Diego_ you mean load again from database or the one used in the save?
# May 16th, 16:41 flavius @pmoraes you have a problem with displaying the flash then
# May 16th, 16:40 jeremyharris Can you debug the entity after the save call?
# May 16th, 16:37 jeremyharris Hmm ... thinking...
# May 16th, 16:34 Diego_ sql log shows only the main entity update sql
# May 16th, 16:34 Diego_ only Timestamp behavior
# May 16th, 16:33 jeremyharris Check the sql logs in debug kit too. If they're not there, then something is short circuiting the save
# May 16th, 16:32 jeremyharris Do you have any events stopping it? Behaviors?
# May 16th, 16:31 Diego_ loading from database changing values and saving
# May 16th, 16:30 Diego_ https://pastebin.com/VvpCTVLM
# May 16th, 16:30 jeremyharris Oh
# May 16th, 16:30 jeremyharris And how you are creating the entity
# May 16th, 16:30 Diego_ they are in the entity with the correct modified values marked ad dirty
# May 16th, 16:30 jeremyharris Can you gist the data and your association definition?
# May 16th, 16:29 Diego_ ['validate' => false, 'checkRules' => false]
# May 16th, 16:29 jeremyharris Debug should show associations on the entity. If they're not in there, that means they didn't patch in
# May 16th, 16:29 Diego_ i have disabled the associated validation and rules
# May 16th, 16:29 Diego_ its saving only the main entity not the associated one
# May 16th, 16:28 jeremyharris Check application rules if the save isn't saving
# May 16th, 16:27 Diego_ its ok, the issue is that no errors are shown so i dont know where to search :/
# May 16th, 16:25 sdevore Sorry Diego_ not sure how to help other then to make sure you are creating the data structure correctly and try to see if anything is in the $entity->getErrors() that might help. I’ll have to pass this up the expert chain. Sorry
# May 16th, 16:23 pmoraes File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U6X99ATG8/FAQCS4RC1/captura_de_tela_2018-05-16_a__s_13.23.10.png / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FAQCS4RC1-2e8094d094
# May 16th, 16:23 Diego_ im not using newEntity() or patchEntity(), im loading from database changing some fields and saving
# May 16th, 16:22 pmoraes when I click on it, I have 2 messages in the session
# May 16th, 16:21 sdevore I think that it it used in mass assignment done with either `newEntity()` and `patchEntity()`
# May 16th, 16:19 Diego_ arent this only for new entity?
# May 16th, 16:17 sdevore could try as a test to add `['guard'=>false]`
# May 16th, 16:17 Diego_ anyway i have tested setting it same result
# May 16th, 16:17 sdevore yea I only set specific one to true not `*` so not sure, still getting legs under me in 3.6
# May 16th, 16:16 Diego_ acording with the book it should be false: "If the * property is not defined it will default to false."
# May 16th, 16:14 Diego_ its not defined in the entity but debug shows * => true
# May 16th, 16:08 Diego_ '[accessible]' => [ '*' => true], ?
# May 16th, 16:07 sdevore Is it possible that you didn’t add the associations to the `$_accessible` property is the entity?
# May 16th, 15:54 Diego_ how can i debug a associated entity on save()?
# May 16th, 15:38 saeideng >saeideng: i will give it a try nice
# May 16th, 15:38 flavius yeah, click that 302 request then go to the sessions panel
# May 16th, 15:37 pmoraes File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U6X99ATG8/FARQFCL6A/captura_de_tela_2018-05-16_a__s_12.36.58.png / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FARQFCL6A-d44afb98c2
# May 16th, 15:37 alexdd55 saeideng: i will give it a try
# May 16th, 15:34 pmoraes lol