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# May 16th, 15:27 flavius File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U75U0UMR9/FAQ6VLM1N/image.png / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FAQ6VLM1N-959b8720fa
# May 16th, 15:27 flavius File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U75U0UMR9/FAQTBQUKU/image.png / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FAQTBQUKU-4182a6c0b0
# May 16th, 15:26 flavius debug kit history, look for the 302 request (thats the redirect), it should contain the flash in session :P
# May 16th, 15:26 saeideng @alexdd55 `this->Url->image('/images/1.jpg')` works as well
# May 16th, 15:25 neon1024 @alexdd55 Oh right, we use Imgix so we have a whole url saved in the datastore already for that :)
# May 16th, 15:25 saeideng redirect to page 1 and then page 2
# May 16th, 15:24 saeideng I guess you have 2 redirect page
# May 16th, 15:24 alexdd55 @neon1024 i need that url for my json response
# May 16th, 15:24 saeideng or see in debug_kit history
# May 16th, 15:24 saeideng and see pages request
# May 16th, 15:23 saeideng mark the `Persist Logs `
# May 16th, 15:23 saeideng if yes
# May 16th, 15:22 saeideng do you use firefox?
# May 16th, 15:22 pmoraes no
# May 16th, 15:21 saeideng do you have modified response in controller ?
# May 16th, 15:20 flavius the flash message is saved in session, if you redirect it will be displayed after redirection, the render for the flash element should also be in layout by default above the content render, inspect your session with debug_kit after redirect and see if the message is there in SESSION panel
# May 16th, 15:20 pmoraes in cakephp 3.4 its working in the same format.
# May 16th, 15:19 pmoraes I dont think so
# May 16th, 15:18 saeideng because you rendered message before target page
# May 16th, 15:18 pmoraes render flash is in the layout page
# May 16th, 15:18 pmoraes yes
# May 16th, 15:18 bernat does that other page render the flash element?
# May 16th, 15:17 pmoraes its not showing in the other page
# May 16th, 15:17 pmoraes $this->redirect();
# May 16th, 15:17 pmoraes then
# May 16th, 15:17 pmoraes so now if I use $this->Flash->success(__('any message'));
# May 16th, 15:16 pmoraes if I just render the view page it works
# May 16th, 15:16 pmoraes I'm having a really strange issue
# May 16th, 15:16 pmoraes cakephp 3.6
# May 16th, 15:16 pmoraes by a chance, anyone is having any issues with Flash messages?
# May 16th, 15:15 pmoraes good morning guys
# May 16th, 15:15 neon1024 Also you might want to add a rule to your webserver to prevent missing file urls being passed to PHP
# May 16th, 15:15 neon1024 But you can also use `$this->Html->image('/files/example.jpg')` just as @saeideng suggested :thumbsup:
# May 16th, 15:14 neon1024 I tended to use `$this->Html->image('../files/example/test.jpg');`
# May 16th, 15:08 saeideng just add `/` before the `images`
# May 16th, 15:07 saeideng `this->Url->image(`/images/1.jpg')
# May 16th, 15:01 alexdd55 i saved images under files and now i get a warning because “controller files does not exist” .. any idea?
# May 16th, 14:57 neon1024 @admad Thanks again for the tips, I have something functioning now that I can build on :thumbsup:
# May 16th, 14:51 lorenzo right, the thing is that translate behavior can also filter results based on whether or not the translation is present
# May 16th, 14:50 ndm @itmpls You're welcome
# May 16th, 14:50 ndm @lorenzo I see. It was at least unexpected, given that the `*JoinWith()` methods are described to not include the data. And the time it took to debug this to figure out what's causing it was indeed a little annoying ;)