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# May 19th, 12:25 ian_d_h Check for undefined constants (level 1). You must define your constants in an autoloaded file or otherwise PHPStan cannot see them. https://github.com/phpstan/phpstan/releases/tag/0.7
# May 19th, 12:24 kareylo Or startu
# May 19th, 12:24 kareylo Maybe force the const in initialize ?
# May 19th, 12:22 kareylo It just tries the file and don't understand why you use ROOT and APP const which come with another file
# May 19th, 12:21 kareylo I think I understand
# May 19th, 12:20 kareylo @dereuromark Or just force v0.6.4 ?
# May 19th, 12:20 dereuromark I asked in my PR for guidance, otherwise I go with your solution :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 19th, 12:19 ian_d_h I have seen those errors on my project too. I have just add them to the ignoreErrors for now. If someone find a way to fix it I'm happy to hear how
# May 19th, 12:19 kareylo FUCKING STUPID DEV >.<
# May 19th, 12:19 kareylo 3 HOURS !!!
# May 19th, 12:19 kareylo I put a s on my var which was without s
# May 19th, 12:18 kareylo Yesterday, I stayed on a problem for about 3 hours...
# May 19th, 12:17 kareylo Yeah, just saw that
# May 19th, 12:17 dereuromark thats not a mistake, thats a change of behavior of phpstan, as you can easily find out looking into the build history of travis
# May 19th, 12:17 kareylo We're dev, we make lot of mistakes
# May 19th, 12:16 dereuromark why would you think that?
# May 19th, 12:16 kareylo :)
# May 19th, 12:16 kareylo @dereuromark Maybe the problem is between the keyboard and the chair ?
# May 19th, 12:14 dereuromark Did anyone encounter these new errors of phstan? https://travis-ci.org/dereuromark/cakephp-ide-helper/jobs/233990972 And maybe someone found an easy way to resolve them?
# May 19th, 11:39 temp1029 Is the cell inside the form tags on the main page? If not then you shouldn't have an issue (HTML supports multiple forms on a page), if it is inside the form on the main page you'll either need to build logic to conditionally display the form tag inside the cell or rework the layout of your page
# May 19th, 11:32 crazycoder i have a cell with a form, but i am using this cell inside a page where there are another form...so now how can i avoid conflicts?
# May 19th, 11:32 crazycoder hi
# May 19th, 10:17 unclezoot just did a retest, a blank/unselected vanilla multiselect doesnt appear in the POST when you submit the form
# May 19th, 10:16 Neon1024 It’s a bit more work, but I find the extra verbosity easier to maintain later on in the project
# May 19th, 10:16 unclezoot that's what i used to do on cake2 actually
# May 19th, 10:15 Neon1024 Sorry I can’t help more, I struggle myself with belongsToMany, especially the form data formatting. I tend to not use it these days and instead normalise the associations out into a hasMany <-> belongsTo with a concrete join Table class instance
# May 19th, 10:15 unclezoot thanks for your help anyway
# May 19th, 10:14 unclezoot i know that's what i was hoping myself :)
# May 19th, 10:14 Neon1024 it Just Works (tm)
# May 19th, 10:14 Neon1024 It’s not an issue I’ve ever encountered myself
# May 19th, 10:14 Neon1024 Do try different browsers just in case, and use HTML5 doctype?
# May 19th, 10:14 unclezoot that's what i thought, until i tested some vanilla multiselect html code
# May 19th, 10:13 Neon1024 As that’s what the validation rule notEmpty() is for
# May 19th, 10:13 Neon1024 Posted as in , they key will exist in the post array
# May 19th, 10:13 Neon1024 It should get posted, even if it’s empty
# May 19th, 10:13 unclezoot so from looking at the test, the tester is explicitly setting the tags variable to [], and cake obviously says, ahh this is empty, lets delete first. as i see it, the problem here is that the field just never gets posted, so it's never set to the empty array, so it never gets deleted (unless of course, cake notices it's missing in the first place and assumes it's empty, then deletes it - which i dont think it does)
# May 19th, 10:09 unclezoot ill have a read - thanks
# May 19th, 10:08 Neon1024 unclezoot: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/tests/TestCase/ORM/TableTest.php#L3916
# May 19th, 10:07 cgundersson that went as expected
# May 19th, 10:07 cgundersson #join #ubuntu
# May 19th, 10:07 Neon1024 If in doubt check the core tests, as there will be a test for this