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# May 19th, 13:27 Neon1024 Yes, I think it has that, but you need to get the schema iirc
# May 19th, 13:19 rudy1976s I was thinking of something lile $this->table->column(‘name’)
# May 19th, 13:19 eax Ahh, not sure then, sorry! :) Good luck!
# May 19th, 13:19 rudy1976s I am migrating some tables
# May 19th, 13:19 rudy1976s no its just for retrocompatibility
# May 19th, 13:18 eax Oh, hmm, and you want to avoid hitting a situation where the column could be hidden by the entity, or something like that?
# May 19th, 13:18 rudy1976s and I need to make somethin only if te table on whch the behavior is acting on has a column called “column_name”
# May 19th, 13:17 rudy1976s I am in a behavior
# May 19th, 13:17 rudy1976s @eax I need to know if the actual model table has a particular column which in my case could be user_id or created_by
# May 19th, 13:16 eax What do you mean rudy1976s? What do you want to check specifically?
# May 19th, 13:15 rudy1976s is there a way to check against a table column name in a model ?
# May 19th, 12:44 eax Hey folks! Cake3 CRUD question: In the CRUD API, can I edit 2 different models (Articles belongsTo AuthorDescription)? I have a form that saves both the Article and the AuthorDescription, and on edit it consistently try to create a new AuthorDescription
# May 19th, 12:27 kareylo The problem was the new bug... feature.
# May 19th, 12:27 kareylo :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 19th, 12:27 dereuromark that actually works. nice
# May 19th, 12:27 kareylo new "feature"...
# May 19th, 12:26 dereuromark Yeah I am gonna try "autoload_files: - %rootDir%/../../../tests/bootstrap.php"
# May 19th, 12:25 ian_d_h Check for undefined constants (level 1). You must define your constants in an autoloaded file or otherwise PHPStan cannot see them. https://github.com/phpstan/phpstan/releases/tag/0.7
# May 19th, 12:24 kareylo Or startu
# May 19th, 12:24 kareylo Maybe force the const in initialize ?
# May 19th, 12:22 kareylo It just tries the file and don't understand why you use ROOT and APP const which come with another file
# May 19th, 12:21 kareylo I think I understand
# May 19th, 12:20 kareylo @dereuromark Or just force v0.6.4 ?
# May 19th, 12:20 dereuromark I asked in my PR for guidance, otherwise I go with your solution :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 19th, 12:19 ian_d_h I have seen those errors on my project too. I have just add them to the ignoreErrors for now. If someone find a way to fix it I'm happy to hear how
# May 19th, 12:19 kareylo FUCKING STUPID DEV >.<
# May 19th, 12:19 kareylo 3 HOURS !!!
# May 19th, 12:19 kareylo I put a s on my var which was without s
# May 19th, 12:18 kareylo Yesterday, I stayed on a problem for about 3 hours...
# May 19th, 12:17 kareylo Yeah, just saw that
# May 19th, 12:17 dereuromark thats not a mistake, thats a change of behavior of phpstan, as you can easily find out looking into the build history of travis
# May 19th, 12:17 kareylo We're dev, we make lot of mistakes
# May 19th, 12:16 dereuromark why would you think that?
# May 19th, 12:16 kareylo :)
# May 19th, 12:16 kareylo @dereuromark Maybe the problem is between the keyboard and the chair ?
# May 19th, 12:14 dereuromark Did anyone encounter these new errors of phstan? https://travis-ci.org/dereuromark/cakephp-ide-helper/jobs/233990972 And maybe someone found an easy way to resolve them?
# May 19th, 11:39 temp1029 Is the cell inside the form tags on the main page? If not then you shouldn't have an issue (HTML supports multiple forms on a page), if it is inside the form on the main page you'll either need to build logic to conditionally display the form tag inside the cell or rework the layout of your page
# May 19th, 11:32 crazycoder i have a cell with a form, but i am using this cell inside a page where there are another form...so now how can i avoid conflicts?
# May 19th, 11:32 crazycoder hi
# May 19th, 10:17 unclezoot just did a retest, a blank/unselected vanilla multiselect doesnt appear in the POST when you submit the form
# May 19th, 10:16 Neon1024 It’s a bit more work, but I find the extra verbosity easier to maintain later on in the project