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# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:16 steinkel hehe, well you actually don't want that at all in a webhook
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:16 kevin.pfeifer well that would have been a good info at the start of this whole journey :)
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:16 steinkel integration unit tests
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:15 steinkel ```$this->enableSecurityToken();``` you have that for unit tests
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:14 tyler.adam.lazenby and that finally got me to be able to post on unit tests!
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:14 tyler.adam.lazenby Thank you
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:14 steinkel in any case, validate your inputs to ensure they match your expected types and limits
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:13 steinkel yeah, some checksum calculated with a salted hash based on selected params, or similar approach would work just fine
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:13 tyler.adam.lazenby oh I will. I am going to be following woocommerce's secret validation protecol
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:12 steinkel and, for your webhooks ensure you validate your input first thing
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:12 steinkel disable it too
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:12 tyler.adam.lazenby gawwww
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:12 tyler.adam.lazenby ok now i have done that... but now the security component is throwing an error
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:11 steinkel https://book.cakephp.org/4/en/controllers/components/form-protection.html#disabling-form-tampering-for-specific-actions
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:11 tyler.adam.lazenby That is exactly what I am trying to disable... I don't know how
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:10 steinkel you are not posting a form
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:10 steinkel don't enable FormProtection in your webhooks, they are going to be called by an external entity that's not going to get the required tokens configured
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:09 tyler.adam.lazenby Which I don't understand because the action is literally just going to be an endpoint for a webhook
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:04 tyler.adam.lazenby @kevin.pfeifer Form protection. sorry I didn't flag
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:02 tyler.adam.lazenby FormProtection
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:02 kevin.pfeifer @tyler.adam.lazenby this exception only gets thrown by either the SecurityComponent or the FormProtector. Can you tell from the callstack which it is?
# Jun 23rd 2021, 20:00 kevin.pfeifer @sebastiansperandio093 a postlink is just an extra form that only gets submitted after you confirm the alert box So you need to find the corresponding form by the ID and adjust the action it would post to
# Jun 23rd 2021, 19:56 sebastiansperandio093 I need to update $article->id var with jquery (depending of an ajax response)
# Jun 23rd 2021, 19:55 sebastiansperandio093 ```<?= $this->Form->postLink( 'Delete', ['action' => 'delete', $article->id], ['confirm' => 'Are you sure?']) ?>```
# Jun 23rd 2021, 19:55 sebastiansperandio093 I meant
# Jun 23rd 2021, 19:54 sebastiansperandio093 hello there! can someone help me to find a way to update the parameter in a postLink with Jquery o Javascript?
# Jun 23rd 2021, 19:52 tyler.adam.lazenby ```$csrf = new CsrfProtectionMiddleware([ 'httponly' => true, ] ); $csrf->skipCheckCallback(function ($request) { if ($request->getParam('action') === 'sendOrderEmail') { return true; } });```
# Jun 23rd 2021, 19:52 tyler.adam.lazenby Possibly related to Cake\Http\Exception\BadRequestException: "`_Token` was not found in request data."
# Jun 23rd 2021, 19:52 tyler.adam.lazenby So I tried the solution that was given yesterday on how to exclude an action from csrf protection checks... but when I test it... this is the error I get
# Jun 23rd 2021, 15:01 joacir.santos So, I missunderstood the setter concept on entity. Appreciate your help!
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:52 joepferguson Submitted 2 talks. Thanks for the reminder!
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:46 joepferguson Chris: there's some ideas on the submit page https://cakefest.org/submit • CakePHP features • Optimization and performance • Development and deployment techniques • Integration with other packages or platforms • Plugins and extending the framework • CakePHP 4 • Successful projects in CakePHP
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:44 dereuromark Thats what behaviors are for, after all ;) Check out alone my tools ones, a huge list of specific things to modify specific fields with. I always try to keep these things out of entities, as this can only blow up.
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:42 chris301 what sort of things might you be looking for?
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:39 ndm Long story short, if you want to store base64 encoded data, use either `beforeSave`, or a custom database type.
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:39 amanda.goff As soon as talk submissions close! We planned maybe the end of this month but may extend through July. I will PM you each soon to discuss details :cake::cake::)
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:39 ndm The value passed to the getter method is the value as it exists in the entity, the getter method can then return it in a modified fashion, it's intended to work that way. The setter receives the value passed from the outside when setting a property, the modified value will be stored in the entity. The getter/accessor will not only be invoked when you read the value in your code, it will also be invoked when the entity is being
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:39 slackebot saved, ie the decoded value returned from your getter will land in the database. Basically your code is a complex noop.
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:38 joacir.santos Yea, I had use beforeSave too in cake 2, I am migrating to cake 4 and had think now I have should use setter to do it.
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:34 jamison508 I'm really not sure. I've never used an entity setter in Cake, only ever used beforeSave.
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:33 joacir.santos I had imagine the setter had must be used to convert the field and save on database converted. It´s wrong?
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:30 joacir.santos I agree about the args on getters, but I saw it like this in cake book reference.
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:26 jamison508 Secondarily, unless it is critical that the name be base64-encoded on the entity, if you are OK with it being unencoded until you actually save to the database, this might be better handled in the table's `beforeSave()`
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:25 jamison508 Why are you passing a parameter to `_getName()`? Shouldn't that just be a basic getter with no args?
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:24 kevin.pfeifer I was curious about the same question :)
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:23 jamison508 Already submitted, any hints as to when we'll hear back? :)
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:22 joacir.santos Greetings guys! I am have some dificulty to understand why my field do not save like it suppose to, using entity mutetor on field: ```// on entity protected function _setName($name) { if (!empty($name)) { $name = base64_encode($name); } return $name; } // test $user = $this->Users->get(1, ['fields' => ['id', 'name']]); $user->name = 'joacir'; $saved = $this->Users->save($user); $user =
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:22 slackebot $this->Users->get(1, ['fields' => ['id', 'name']]); $this->assertEquals('joacir', $saved->name); // success $this->assertEquals('joacir', $user->name); // fail, why???? I think it suppose to be saved in base64 ```
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:21 martin I’m not really a speaker
# Jun 23rd 2021, 14:17 amanda.goff @channel - REMINDER: if anyone is interested in being a speaker for virtual CakeFest in October, please submit your talk (you just need a quick description) at CakeFest.org. :cake:
# Jun 23rd 2021, 11:32 drashti.b.patel No problem
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:42 drashti.b.patel ok will check thank you for your help
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:35 drashti.b.patel It is showing when I run rector command "sudo bin/cake upgrade rector --rules cakephp40 <path/to/app/src>" It seems because it is using the "https://github.com/phpstan/phpstan" package and when I checked separately through the phpstan command then also showing similar error.
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot Configure::read('Config.CDN_IMG_URL')); Configure::write('App.cssBaseUrl', Configure::read('Config.CDN_CSS_URL')); Configure::write('App.jsBaseUrl', Configure::read('Config.CDN_JS_URL')); $transactionListener = new TransactionListener(); EventManager::instance()->on($transactionListener);```
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot correctly pluralize or singularize * table, model, controller names or whatever other string is passed to the * inflection functions. */ //Inflector::rules('plural', ['/^(inflect)or$/i' => '\1ables']); //Inflector::rules('irregular', ['red' => 'redlings']); //Inflector::rules('uninflected', ['dontinflectme']); //Inflector::rules('transliteration', ['/å/' => 'aa']); Configure::write('App.imageBaseUrl',
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot enables the automatic conversion of * locale specific date formats. For details see * @link https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/core-libraries/internationalization-and-localization.html#parsing-localized-datetime-data */ Type::build('time') ->useImmutable(); Type::build('date') ->useImmutable(); Type::build('datetime') ->useImmutable(); Type::build('timestamp') ->useImmutable(); /* * Custom Inflector rules, can be set to
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot ServerRequest::addDetector('mobile', function ($request) { $detector = new \Detection\MobileDetect(); return $detector->isMobile(); }); ServerRequest::addDetector('tablet', function ($request) { $detector = new \Detection\MobileDetect(); return $detector->isTablet(); }); /* * Enable immutable time objects in the ORM. * * You can enable default locale format parsing by adding calls * to `useLocaleParser()`. This
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot Email::setConfig(Configure::consume('Email')); Log::setConfig(Configure::consume('Log')); Security::setSalt(Configure::consume('Security.salt')); /* * The default crypto extension in 3.0 is OpenSSL. * If you are migrating from 2.x uncomment this code to * use a more compatible Mcrypt based implementation */ //Security::engine(new \Cake\Utility\Crypto\Mcrypt()); /* * Setup detectors for mobile and tablet. */
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot risks * and decreased performance on each request. The purpose of the .env file is to emulate * the presence of the environment variables like they would be present in production. */ // if (!env('APP_NAME') andand file_exists(CONFIG . '.env')) { // $dotenv = new \josegonzalez\Dotenv\Loader([CONFIG . '.env']); // $dotenv->parse() // ->putenv() // ->toEnv() // ->toServer(); // } /* * Read configuration file
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot and inject configuration into various * CakePHP classes. * * By default there is only one configuration file. It is often a good * idea to create multiple configuration files, and separate the configuration * that changes from configuration that does not. This makes deployment simpler. */ try { Configure::config('default', new PhpConfig()); Configure::load('app', 'default', false); } catch (\Exception $e) {
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot exit($e->getMessage() . "\n"); } /* * Load an environment local configuration file. * You can use a file like app_local.php to provide local overrides to your * shared configuration. */ //Configure::load('app_local', 'default'); /* * When debug = true the metadata cache should only last * for a short time. */ if (Configure::read('debug')) { Configure::write('Cache._cake_model_.duration', '+1 years');
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot Configure::write('Cache._cake_core_.duration', '+1 years'); // disable router cache during development Configure::write('Cache._cake_routes_.duration', '+1 years'); } /* * Set the default server timezone. Using UTC makes time calculations / conversions easier. * Check http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php for list of valid timezone strings. */ date_default_timezone_set('UTC'); /* * Configure the mbstring extension to use the
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot correct encoding. */ mb_internal_encoding(Configure::read('App.encoding')); /* * Set the default locale. This controls how dates, number and currency is * formatted and sets the default language to use for translations. */ ini_set('intl.default_locale', Configure::read('App.defaultLocale')); /* * Register application error and exception handlers. */ $isCli = PHP_SAPI === 'cli'; if ($isCli) { (new
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot ConsoleErrorHandler(Configure::read('Error')))->register(); } else { (new ErrorHandler(Configure::read('Error')))->register(); } /* * Include the CLI bootstrap overrides. */ if ($isCli) { require __DIR__ . '/bootstrap_cli.php'; } /* * Set the full base URL. * This URL is used as the base of all absolute links. * * If you define fullBaseUrl in your config file you can remove this. */ if (!Configure::read('App.fullBaseUrl'))
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot { $s = null; if (env('HTTPS')) { $s = 's'; } $httpHost = env('HTTP_HOST'); if (isset($httpHost)) { Configure::write('App.fullBaseUrl', 'http' . $s . '://' . $httpHost); } unset($httpHost, $s); } Cache::setConfig(Configure::consume('Cache')); ConnectionManager::setConfig(Configure::consume('Datasources')); TransportFactory::setConfig(Configure::consume('EmailTransport'));
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 drashti.b.patel Yes, please find that file here: ```<?php /** * CakePHP(tm) : Rapid Development Framework (https://cakephp.org) * Copyright (c) Cake Software Foundation, Inc. (https://cakefoundation.org) * * Licensed under The MIT License * For full copyright and license information, please see the LICENSE.txt * Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice. * * @copyright Copyright (c) Cake Software
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot Foundation, Inc. (https://cakefoundation.org) * @link https://cakephp.org CakePHP(tm) Project * @since 0.10.8 * @license https://opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php MIT License */ /* * Configure paths required to find CakePHP + general filepath constants */ require __DIR__ . '/paths.php'; /* * Bootstrap CakePHP. * * Does the various bits of setup that CakePHP needs to do. * This includes: * * -
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot Registering the CakePHP autoloader. * - Setting the default application paths. */ require CORE_PATH . 'config' . DS . 'bootstrap.php'; use Cake\Cache\Cache; use Cake\Console\ConsoleErrorHandler; use Cake\Core\Configure; use Cake\Core\Configure\Engine\PhpConfig; use Cake\Core\Plugin; use Cake\Database\Type; use Cake\Datasource\ConnectionManager; use Cake\Error\ErrorHandler; use Cake\Http\ServerRequest; use Cake\Log\Log; use
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:15 slackebot Cake\Mailer\Email; use Cake\Mailer\TransportFactory; use Cake\Utility\Inflector; use Cake\Utility\Security; use Cake\Event\EventManager; use App\Event\TransactionListener; /** * Uncomment block of code below if you want to use `.env` file during development. * You should copy `config/.env.default to `config/.env` and set/modify the * variables as required. * * It is HIGHLY discouraged to use a .env file in production, due to security
# Jun 23rd 2021, 09:06 a.vanniel Are you sure that bootstrap.php in config has the paths required/included?
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:46 drashti.b.patel It is there in paths.php Please find its copy here: ```<?php /** * CakePHP(tm) : Rapid Development Framework (http://cakephp.org) * Copyright (c) Cake Software Foundation, Inc. (http://cakefoundation.org) * * Licensed under The MIT License * Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice. * * @copyright Copyright (c) Cake Software Foundation, Inc. (http://cakefoundation.org) * @link
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:46 slackebot http://cakephp.org CakePHP(tm) Project * @since 3.0.0 * @license MIT License (http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php) */ /** * Use the DS to separate the directories in other defines */ if (!defined('DS')) { define('DS', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR); } /** * These defines should only be edited if you have cake installed in * a directory layout other than the way it is distributed. * When using custom
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:46 slackebot settings be sure to use the DS and do not add a trailing DS. */ /** * The full path to the directory which holds "src", WITHOUT a trailing DS. */ define('ROOT', dirname(__DIR__)); /** * The actual directory name for the application directory. Normally * named 'src'. */ define('APP_DIR', 'src'); /** * Path to the application's directory. */ define('APP', ROOT . DS . APP_DIR . DS); /** * Path to the config directory. */
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:46 slackebot define('CONFIG', ROOT . DS . 'config' . DS); /** * File path to the webroot directory. */ define('WWW_ROOT', ROOT . DS . 'webroot' . DS); /** * Path to the tests directory. */ define('TESTS', ROOT . DS . 'tests' . DS); /** * Path to the temporary files directory. */ define('TMP', ROOT . DS . 'tmp' . DS); /** * Path to the logs directory. */ define('LOGS', ROOT . DS . 'logs' . DS); /** * Path to the cache files directory. It
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:46 slackebot can be shared between hosts in a multi-server setup. */ define('CACHE', TMP . 'cache' . DS); /** * The absolute path to the "cake" directory, WITHOUT a trailing DS. * * CakePHP should always be installed with composer, so look there. */ define('CAKE_CORE_INCLUDE_PATH', ROOT . DS . 'vendor' . DS . 'cakephp' . DS . 'cakephp'); /** * Path to the cake directory. */ define('CORE_PATH', CAKE_CORE_INCLUDE_PATH . DS); define('CAKE',
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:46 slackebot CORE_PATH . 'src' . DS);```
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:26 neon1024 Maybe you need to update your application skeleton
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:26 neon1024 Perhaps you’re missing the definition of it in `paths.php`? https://github.com/cakephp/app/blob/master/config/paths.php#L31
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:23 drashti.b.patel Hi everyone, I have one issue while performing the upgrade process from 3.9 to 4.0 When I was running the rector command, it is showing below error: ```Use of undefined constant ROOT - assumed 'ROOT' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /var/www/html/project/src/Controller/Component/MyComponent.php on line 28 PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required 'ROOT/vendor/aws/aws-autoloader.php'
# Jun 23rd 2021, 08:23 slackebot (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /var/www/html/project/ src/Controller/Component/MyComponent.php on line 28``` When I tried to check with the phpstan plugin also showing same error. Please let me know if anyone has any idea about it. Thanks.
# Jun 23rd 2021, 02:03 kevin.pfeifer there is a whitelisting example on https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/controllers/middleware.html#cross-site-request-forgery-csrf-middleware
# Jun 22nd 2021, 23:04 tyler.adam.lazenby I will come back to this tomorrow. if you know a fast way to do that let me know
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:53 tyler.adam.lazenby trying to remember how to allow outside applications to send post requests to my application and allow the action to bypass the csrf protection
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:26 tyler.adam.lazenby my autofill had put that into the address
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:25 tyler.adam.lazenby I am an idiot
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:25 tyler.adam.lazenby oh my gosh
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:24 tyler.adam.lazenby nope that didn
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:23 tyler.adam.lazenby trying a few things with composer
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby and I have a plugin that is called Dashboard
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby Controller class Dashboard could not be found.
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby but now I have a different issue
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby I realized it was my system level php , and not my vhost php
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:13 kevin.pfeifer and check if the tmp/debug_kit.sqlite file can actually be written by your php process
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:07 kevin.pfeifer php extension pdo_sqlite is loaded?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:03 tyler.adam.lazenby has anybody else gotten this?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:03 tyler.adam.lazenby just came back to a project and I am suddenly getting this The datasource configuration "debug_kit" was not found.
# Jun 22nd 2021, 20:15 umer936 Thank you, that seems a good option
# Jun 22nd 2021, 19:04 admad @umer936 you can put all your common code from the "template" website too into a "base" plugin.
# Jun 22nd 2021, 18:20 umer936 Quick question. So we have a "template" website that we build off of for other websites. The majority of the Config stays in that template, as do most of the views. Currently, the whole template website repo is cloned and the sites go in Plugins as "Site A", "Site B", etc. However, I don't like that the base code is duplicated in each deployment. It's not easy keeping things in version control because of it. Would it be better
# Jun 22nd 2021, 18:20 slackebot1 if we make the "template" into a vendor app and composer include it into each "Site A" "Site B" app, correct? Or does the "template" website work better as it's own app and the Plugin "Site A" "Site B" s work better as git submodules and we solely clone the one needed for that build?