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# Sep 20th, 14:22 spriz and I was WTF when doing a review of it
# Sep 20th, 14:22 neon1024 Then you can have an implicit controller method to update the entity
# Sep 20th, 14:22 spriz that's what it does now
# Sep 20th, 14:21 spriz yeah exactly
# Sep 20th, 14:21 neon1024 Maybe have the postlink to go to a new method?
# Sep 20th, 14:20 spriz Oh welp, I'll hack it for now :shrug:
# Sep 20th, 14:20 spriz but getting there with an `''` could mean lots of things
# Sep 20th, 14:20 spriz so all it does is post with `'image' => ''`
# Sep 20th, 14:20 spriz we have a postLink in our case to delete the image,
# Sep 20th, 14:19 neon1024 An extra checkbox feels like an approach which confirms the users intention
# Sep 20th, 14:19 spriz Exactly
# Sep 20th, 14:19 neon1024 Indeed, as empty might mean “I don’t want to change this” instead of “Delete this property”
# Sep 20th, 14:19 spriz Yeah, I'm just not too sure what the best approach would be
# Sep 20th, 14:19 neon1024 Perhaps it’s worth a PR, it does feel like a missing feature
# Sep 20th, 14:18 spriz yeah, it is for our other usage
# Sep 20th, 14:18 neon1024 https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/cakephp-upload/blob/master/src/Model/Behavior/UploadBehavior.php#L121
# Sep 20th, 14:18 neon1024 Well it does but it assumes that the file is an association
# Sep 20th, 14:17 spriz yeah but it feels like it was not intended just to delete whatever the plugin put there in first case :)
# Sep 20th, 14:17 neon1024 Creating a Writer class is an intended customization path with the plugin though
# Sep 20th, 14:17 neon1024 You might be, I’m not an expert with the plugin having written my own :slightly_smiling_face:
# Sep 20th, 14:16 spriz I hoped I was missing something obvious :shrug:
# Sep 20th, 14:16 spriz Yeah, I just feel like this should be easily doable without weird hacks :)
# Sep 20th, 14:16 neon1024 Perhaps implement your own Writer class which copes with this use-case?
# Sep 20th, 14:15 neon1024 Maybe ask @savant
# Sep 20th, 14:15 spriz I could put `0` and make `if (empty($user->image)) { $user->image = null; }`
# Sep 20th, 14:15 neon1024 So in `beforeMarshal` you could fix the request data
# Sep 20th, 14:15 spriz I guess so ,:)
# Sep 20th, 14:15 neon1024 So if you passed a null upload array with `UPLOAD_ERR_OK` set as the error you’d pass the condtion?
# Sep 20th, 14:15 neon1024 `!== UPLOAD_ERR_OK`
# Sep 20th, 14:14 spriz but feels bad not just to use the existing `edit($id)`
# Sep 20th, 14:14 spriz or make a controller action `removeImage($userId)`
# Sep 20th, 14:14 spriz Hmm, feels so hackish, but I guess that;s the way to go
# Sep 20th, 14:13 neon1024 Events have that priority number, so you could put your one higher?
# Sep 20th, 14:13 spriz https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/cakephp-upload/blob/master/src/Model/Behavior/UploadBehavior.php#L90-L96
# Sep 20th, 14:13 neon1024 Er, `beforeSave` even maybe
# Sep 20th, 14:13 spriz it does so in `beforeSave` :S
# Sep 20th, 14:13 neon1024 `afterMarshal`?
# Sep 20th, 14:13 jotpe hm
# Sep 20th, 14:13 spriz the behavior puts the right one back, then :)
# Sep 20th, 14:13 neon1024 Set the property to null and mark it dirty?
# Sep 20th, 14:12 spriz Does anyone have a trick to remove the reference to an uploaded file on a table with `josegonzales/cakephp-upload`? I have `image` on `users` table, and want to remove it with patchEntity
# Sep 20th, 14:12 luizcmarin IMPORTANT Question: After upgrading to version 4, should I regenerate the application? composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp / app? I imagine you have changed things in that regard as well. How would this line look to recreate the application?
# Sep 20th, 14:03 neon1024 Well, I mean on a ‘base url’ rather than a controller obviously
# Sep 20th, 14:03 daniel.upshaw Also tried dc.usersdemo as well
# Sep 20th, 14:03 neon1024 Can I enable fallback routes on a per controller basis without using a prefix?
# Sep 20th, 14:02 daniel.upshaw At the moment
# Sep 20th, 14:02 daniel.upshaw https://localhost:4720/login?redirect=https%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A4720%2F
# Sep 20th, 14:01 rochasmarcelo hey which url you are accessing?
# Sep 20th, 14:01 luizcmarin A question about updating composer.json: the migration manual says "php composer.phar require --update-with-dependencies" cakephp / cakephp: 4.0. * "" how do i do this in composer.json? => "prefer-stable": true, TO "prefer-stable": false, "??
# Sep 20th, 13:58 graziel it all stays in family
# Sep 20th, 13:58 daniel.upshaw I noticed that _Token[unlocked] is empty
# Sep 20th, 13:58 slackebot <daniel.upshaw>
# Sep 20th, 13:55 daniel.upshaw It seems like it should unlock the fields automatically, since it's using the Form component
# Sep 20th, 13:51 daniel.upshaw Hrmm
# Sep 20th, 13:50 rochasmarcelo same behavior using the plugin action
# Sep 20th, 13:47 daniel.upshaw Hmmm, seems to be regenerating something
# Sep 20th, 13:46 daniel.upshaw The first time
# Sep 20th, 13:46 rochasmarcelo Yes I removed
# Sep 20th, 13:46 daniel.upshaw Yeah yours actually match
# Sep 20th, 13:46 daniel.upshaw Ahh
# Sep 20th, 13:46 rochasmarcelo my login action method is empty
# Sep 20th, 13:46 daniel.upshaw Wait you removed the whole pliugin?
# Sep 20th, 13:46 rochasmarcelo I removed the users plugin and got this
# Sep 20th, 13:45 rochasmarcelo https://www.loom.com/share/8e936d70e22c4bd58439b8c5c7df963d
# Sep 20th, 13:45 daniel.upshaw :yum:
# Sep 20th, 13:44 daniel.upshaw I'll try that in my hosts file
# Sep 20th, 13:44 rochasmarcelo https://dc.usersdemo
# Sep 20th, 13:44 rochasmarcelo no I'm using http://dc.usersdemo
# Sep 20th, 13:44 daniel.upshaw Did you unlock Fields? And are you using the Cookie / Remember Me checkbox in your login form?
# Sep 20th, 13:42 daniel.upshaw I'll try purging vendor as well
# Sep 20th, 13:42 daniel.upshaw How come deleting messages is disabled btw?
# Sep 20th, 13:42 daniel.upshaw Out of context
# Sep 20th, 13:42 daniel.upshaw Whoops, please ignore that
# Sep 20th, 13:42 josbeir thanks @admad @neon1024
# Sep 20th, 13:42 daniel.upshaw Whoops
# Sep 20th, 13:41 slackebot <daniel.upshaw>
# Sep 20th, 13:41 daniel.upshaw Shit
# Sep 20th, 13:41 daniel.upshaw Are you using `localhost` as your hostname?
# Sep 20th, 13:41 luizcmarin @ricksaccous It hides the input field. appears only the message
# Sep 20th, 13:41 ricksaccous @luizcmarin look at the tags in the cakephp github repository and edit your composer.json
# Sep 20th, 13:41 daniel.upshaw Hmmm, it actually didn't though
# Sep 20th, 13:40 luizcmarin I am starting to program with cake. I am making my first steps with a single table. So if I can use version 4, no problem. Could I use version 4 to develop slowly? How do I install it? (* As far as I know, version 4 won't be long, so I can follow it slowly ... because fibromyalgia doesn't really let me run ...)
# Sep 20th, 13:40 admad yeah 2.x is taggged off develop branch
# Sep 20th, 13:40 neon1024 Or at least, my bake them in this project is ;)
# Sep 20th, 13:40 neon1024 @josbeir I’m using `"friendsofcake/bootstrap-ui": "2.0.0-beta-4"`
# Sep 20th, 13:40 admad if you want bs4 for cake 3 use the dev branch
# Sep 20th, 13:39 admad @josbeir `cake-4-bs-4` is for cake 4
# Sep 20th, 13:39 rochasmarcelo it should work
# Sep 20th, 13:38 daniel.upshaw I was using `bin/cake server` yesterday :zany_face:
# Sep 20th, 13:38 daniel.upshaw Setting up
# Sep 20th, 13:38 daniel.upshaw That's what I'm trying now too
# Sep 20th, 13:38 ricksaccous @luizcmarin the user can just get rid of whatever he wrote and retype it
# Sep 20th, 13:38 rochasmarcelo using a docker env
# Sep 20th, 13:37 ricksaccous @luizcmarin that's a standard browser feature, if you make field type="password" it doesn't show the password you are typing in
# Sep 20th, 13:37 daniel.upshaw That error is really darn vague though, it was clearing failing POST validation on my end
# Sep 20th, 13:35 daniel.upshaw Sh%t -- that is probably exactly the reason
# Sep 20th, 13:34 daniel.upshaw Ah huh, interesting! I will tinker with that as well... are you using `bin/cake server`? Docker? Vagrant? Etc?
# Sep 20th, 13:33 rochasmarcelo But in my tests the issue is related to https vs http
# Sep 20th, 13:33 rochasmarcelo by vendor cleanup I mean 'rm -rf vendor/'
# Sep 20th, 13:32 daniel.upshaw So you were working on it before, what version of Cake did you have in your `composer.json` at the time?