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# Jul 12th 2021, 15:33 ndm @paolo.bragagni Why don't you iterate `associations`, which already has the keys that denote the type of association?
# Jul 12th 2021, 15:32 ndm @japerlman There's still a component that you can use for retrieving user data: `$this->Authentication->getIdentity()->get('user_id');` This is preferred over accessing the possible storage like the session, as it keeps your code separate from the used authentication method. https://book.cakephp.org/authentication/2/en/authentication-component.html https://book.cakephp.org/authentication/2/en/migration-from-the-authcomponent.html
# Jul 12th 2021, 15:06 japerlman if I look at just getRequest() it's there, just a matter of reading it properly, awesome, thanks for the help!
# Jul 12th 2021, 15:05 japerlman odd, it's like I don't have a session?
# Jul 12th 2021, 15:04 japerlman Call to a member function read() on null
# Jul 12th 2021, 14:40 conehead @japerlman try if you can get it via $this->getRequest()->getSession->read();
# Jul 12th 2021, 14:32 japerlman sorry that phrasing was awful, I just want to know how to read the user_id of the logged in user
# Jul 12th 2021, 14:32 japerlman Can anyone please tell me what is the new authentication middleware version of the old auth component of, not finding it on google somehow ```$uid = $this->Auth->User('user_id');```
# Jul 12th 2021, 10:59 paolo.bragagni in loop I'fd like to check if relation is HM or is BTM
# Jul 12th 2021, 10:59 paolo.bragagni no
# Jul 12th 2021, 10:55 paolo.bragagni ??
# Jul 12th 2021, 10:55 paolo.bragagni {% set myArray =myArray |merge({"HasMany":associations.HasMany}) %} {% set myArray =myArray |merge({"BelongsToMany":associations.BelongsToMany}) %}
# Jul 12th 2021, 10:40 paolo.bragagni how to insert in relation another field?
# Jul 12th 2021, 10:40 paolo.bragagni I'd like to discern if the association is HM or BTM in relations
# Jul 12th 2021, 10:38 paolo.bragagni {% set relations = associations.BelongsToMany|merge(associations.HasMany) %}
# Jul 12th 2021, 10:38 paolo.bragagni in twig I'd like to rewrite this
# Jul 12th 2021, 09:41 conehead Was debugging an array (Session), but when trying to access a specific key it said "not found" one line later
# Jul 12th 2021, 09:31 kevin.pfeifer browser extensions are the devil
# Jul 12th 2021, 09:27 conehead What the hell...thought I was going crazy.... Any german here using the browser plugin: "binnen i be gone"? Absolutely NOT compatible with coding/debugging smaller things
# Jul 12th 2021, 09:18 dereuromark Well, one could always look into CRUD plugin :) As that is designed to do those things more dynamically.
# Jul 12th 2021, 09:15 conehead Let's say, it cannot guess dynamically. Probably it could but that would cause a pain in the ass everytime you want to change tiny things. It is something completely different to generate fields that are declared in a table/model than to load data from the database in the background. Additionally that would totally not fit into MVC pattern
# Jul 12th 2021, 08:42 dereuromark If u bake your Code yes, it will add the needed calls to Controller. It does not work magically :)
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:04 mehov Also, Cake does have `allControls()`, which is the same "guess" concept
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:02 mehov let me try your advice though. thank you!
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:02 mehov yep, manually is how I've been doing this all this time :D
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:02 mehov Since Cake is *convention over configuration*, I actually thought it will "guess", because I did my job following the conventions and declaring the association, so it kind of makes sense for Cake to understand that I want a select box full of Authors and therefore populate them
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:01 conehead manually
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:01 conehead but you could try `echo $this->Form->control('author.id', ['options' => $authors]);`
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:00 conehead yes, it should look it up automatically then if everything is named correctly
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:00 conehead Cake cannot "guess" which data is all required for the form. Especially it does not know it yet in the controller. Controller passes the data to the form.
# Jul 12th 2021, 07:00 mehov Aha, and what should the corresponding Form control look like? Is it going to pick `$authors` up automatically?
# Jul 12th 2021, 06:58 conehead $this->set('authors', $this->Articles->Authors->find('list'));
# Jul 12th 2021, 06:57 mehov I guess I didn't. The CakeBook section I linked to says nothing about that, so I thought it'd load the necessary list 'automagically'. Did I get it wrong? If so, how do I add the required data in controller?
# Jul 12th 2021, 06:55 conehead @mehov Did you add the required data in the controller?
# Jul 12th 2021, 06:51 slackebot2 input with the current `author_id` value. - I have also tried `$this->Form->allControls()`, but the select box it creates is empty Am I missing something obvious? Or do I still have to manually retrieve a list of all authors and pass it to the form control? I thought it was supposed to do that for me automatically?
# Jul 12th 2021, 06:51 mehov Hi everyone, I have configured Article belongsTo Author. I confirmed it works by calling `$this->Article->get()` with a contain for the Author. I'm looking for an easy way to populate a select box with available authors inside the Article form. - Following https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/views/helpers/form.html#creating-inputs-for-associated-data, I have tried `echo $this->Form->control('author.id');`, but that creates a hidden
# Jul 12th 2021, 05:44 conehead nitish you should check your database. cake usually creates the validation based on the database. If I remember correctly, "notEmptString" is only added, if the field may not be null. In this case it should be not that much of a problem, but something you should check in general
# Jul 12th 2021, 05:01 nitish got it. I'd to change 'notEmptyString' to 'allowEmptyString'
# Jul 12th 2021, 04:53 nitish Hello all. I am new to cakephp. I've created a form using 'cake bake all'. How can I remove a required fied from form?
# Jul 9th 2021, 17:11 kevin.pfeifer
# Jul 9th 2021, 17:11 kevin.pfeifer I would say this was partially already answered yesterday :)