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# Jul 6th 2021, 15:47 ndm Depends on what work you need to do. CakePHP ships JSON column support out of the box as far as type conversion is concerned (DB to PHP and vice versa), but that's about it.
# Jul 6th 2021, 15:37 kiwi_13 Hi, what is the best way to work with json-columns (mariadb) in cakephp orm? Couldn't find any documentation on the cake book
# Jul 6th 2021, 15:28 charolastra or look in /etc/apache/modules-enabled
# Jul 6th 2021, 15:28 charolastra no idea about centos but usually you can use a2enmod
# Jul 6th 2021, 15:27 nayakvradhit @charolastra how to enable php 7 module in centos 7 in apache
# Jul 6th 2021, 14:13 charolastra also maby you need to enable the module itself
# Jul 6th 2021, 14:01 kevin.pfeifer google is usually your friend here
# Jul 6th 2021, 14:00 kevin.pfeifer but as charolastra said you could also use PHP in apache via CGI or FPM
# Jul 6th 2021, 14:00 kevin.pfeifer if its using the apache built in PHP module then it should suffice to ```LoadModule php7_module modules/libphp7.so <FilesMatch \.php$> SetHandler application/x-httpd-php </FilesMatch>```
# Jul 6th 2021, 13:56 nayakvradhit I am using apache webserver
# Jul 6th 2021, 12:34 charolastra and how it interfaces to PHP. there's CGI, FPM, ..
# Jul 6th 2021, 11:40 kevin.pfeifer depends on your used webserver
# Jul 6th 2021, 11:33 nayakvradhit Ok then how can I interpret php
# Jul 6th 2021, 11:17 charolastra sounds like your webserver doesn't interpret it as PHP at all
# Jul 6th 2021, 10:50 nayakvradhit Hi can anyone please tell me when I run the file test.php contains phpinfo, Output I am not getting php information instead it outputs the php code? Any idea why
# Jul 6th 2021, 10:05 paolo.bragagni ok thanks
# Jul 6th 2021, 10:04 paolo.bragagni $linguaarray = $lingua->toArray();
# Jul 6th 2021, 10:04 info315 @paolo.bragagni My controllers are doing it like so: https://github.com/it-novum/openITCOCKPIT/blob/development/src/Controller/CommandsController.php#L112-L147 My App is 100% API driven. Basically it's: receive data from post call patch entity return the entity via CakePHP auto json serialize method: https://book.cakephp.org/4/en/views/json-and-xml-views.html
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:55 charolastra if Datasource->timezone is UTC but App->defaultTimezone is something different, should the dates be automaticly converted?
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:52 paolo.bragagni how to send back the data saved (with the primaryKey and the other data?
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:51 paolo.bragagni when I save in this way $this->Lingue->save($lingua)
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:51 paolo.bragagni I have to send back via json the data saved
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:37 paolo.bragagni it works sorry
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:31 paolo.bragagni (I'm creating a bake template)
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:31 dereuromark but your approach should still work as well - see live https://sandbox.dereuromark.de/sandbox/ajax-examples/form working example.
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:31 paolo.bragagni the 'id'=>'addlingue' doesnt works in cake4
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:30 dereuromark depends on how many fields maybe for only 1-2 it could also be manual, e.g. var selectedValue = $(this).val(); var targeturl = $(this).attr('rel') + '?id=' + selectedValue;
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:27 paolo.bragagni data: $("#addlingue" ).serialize()
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:27 paolo.bragagni and when I clicked to submit I called the controlled via ajax whit
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:24 paolo.bragagni <?php echo $this->Form->create('Lingua',array('id'=>'addlingue','novalidate' => true,'url' => false, 'method' => false)); ?>
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:24 paolo.bragagni In my old cake2 project I used to create the form in this way
# Jul 6th 2021, 09:23 paolo.bragagni how to send form data via ajax to a specific controller?
# Jul 6th 2021, 06:21 kevin.pfeifer ok, I think my problem was just, that I believed the default was set to false and I had to manually enable e.g. routes (maybe this was how it was handled in the past)
# Jul 6th 2021, 06:18 admad You can then override it through the option in `addPlugin()`, for e.g. if a plugin has routes enabled but you don't need them you can use `'routes' => false` when adding
# Jul 6th 2021, 06:18 lzz Ok, the testCsrfAppliedOk() was missing enableSecurityToken().
# Jul 6th 2021, 06:17 kevin.pfeifer alright, thx :+1:
# Jul 6th 2021, 06:16 admad Right
# Jul 6th 2021, 06:14 kevin.pfeifer sure, but the default for all these variables is set to true https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Core/BasePlugin.php#L37 So all properties, which I don’t need, should be set to false inside my Plugin.php
# Jul 6th 2021, 05:39 slackebot2 is there.
# Jul 6th 2021, 05:39 lzz Hello. After enabling Authorization in my cakephp baked code, I have some tests failing in the baked PagesControllerTest.php. testMissingTemplate() returns 500 even though the first line in display() is the skipAuthorization() call. Opening from the webbrowser I correctly get the MissingTemplateException. Also, testCsrfAppliedOk() is returning 400 and logging that _Token was not found in request data. But the enableCsrfToken() line
# Jul 6th 2021, 05:30 admad @kevin.pfeifer those properties set the default. For e.g. no point having routes hook enabled if your plugin doesn't set any routes.