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# Jul 2nd 2021, 15:22 staccato123 metum is not the plural of meta, surely?
# Jul 2nd 2021, 15:22 dereuromark You could make a PR for 4.3 here
# Jul 2nd 2021, 15:22 dereuromark meta <> metas (metum doesnt exist)
# Jul 2nd 2021, 15:21 dereuromark Well sry to be a buzzkill, we might have to fix the inflector here though: https://github.com/laravel/framework/issues/26657#issuecomment-442610004
# Jul 2nd 2021, 15:10 tyler.adam.lazenby I have to say that I learned something about English grammar with the pluralization of things like meta to metum
# Jul 2nd 2021, 14:34 admad debugmail.io looks nice, it's free!
# Jul 2nd 2021, 14:17 steinkel btw, we've used debugmail.io as a 3rd party solution
# Jul 2nd 2021, 14:17 steinkel they have a docker container that "just works"
# Jul 2nd 2021, 14:16 steinkel totally, I used it as an imap local server for testing, use it as a last resort
# Jul 2nd 2021, 13:49 admad "enterprise" and "java" are not words I like to associate with stuff for local testing :P
# Jul 2nd 2021, 13:48 admad @steinkel Just skimmed it's about page but JAMES seems quite an overkill for a local SMTP mail trap :)
# Jul 2nd 2021, 11:52 kevin.pfeifer In my opinion the conventions described in https://book.cakephp.org/4/en/intro/conventions.html are not too complicated. Besides the fact, that only entity classes and foreign_key columns have a singular name, everything else is plural
# Jul 2nd 2021, 11:49 dereuromark Semantically it makes actually a lot of sense. Only technically, it is a bit troublesome in some cases maybe.
# Jul 2nd 2021, 11:49 dereuromark You could singularize it all, but I don't think the current way is a big deal.
# Jul 2nd 2021, 11:47 kevin.pfeifer no, why?
# Jul 2nd 2021, 11:44 noel Does anyone else think that the pluralisation thing that the ORM does is a REALLY BAD IDEA?
# Jul 2nd 2021, 07:51 steinkel @tyler.adam.lazenby in case mailhog does not work for you, try this https://james.apache.org/
# Jul 1st 2021, 22:46 khalil A simple dd of the request being sent is the following:
# Jul 1st 2021, 22:45 khalil Example of what I have is the following: ```<?= $this->Form->control('Attributes.value[]', ['type' => 'color', 'label' => false, 'class' => 'form-control']) ?>```
# Jul 1st 2021, 22:45 khalil I'm struggling with writing the template of a form that updates multiple fields at the same time
# Jul 1st 2021, 22:44 khalil Hello guys
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:30 kevin.pfeifer just noticed by chance that the giphy only works in slack :)
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:29 kevin.pfeifer and there is a bot connecting these 2
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:29 kevin.pfeifer there is a extra discord server you can join if you don't have slack
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:28 tyler.adam.lazenby haha are you connecting to slack via discrod?
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:13 tyler.adam.lazenby Well at least I know from risking a push to the dev server that it works
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:12 tyler.adam.lazenby frustration
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:11 kevin.pfeifer but you won't run into so many strange windows problems, thats for sure ,:)
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:10 kevin.pfeifer well if your not familiar with how a webserver/database/mailserver setup works in linux then you still have a lot of googleing to do ^^
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:06 tyler.adam.lazenby i just want it to work
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:06 kevin.pfeifer and I hope i don't stir up an linux diehards here arguing about arch or something like that ,:)
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:05 kevin.pfeifer Ubuntu or Mint is the go to distro for me
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:04 tyler.adam.lazenby it would be my first time using it that way, so which distrubutable would you reccomend?
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:03 tyler.adam.lazenby With this project I might just do that
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:03 kevin.pfeifer well then I would just install virtualbox and do everything inside a VM :,)
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:02 tyler.adam.lazenby I might need a break
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:02 tyler.adam.lazenby I am so frustrated with this. I am bout to lose my mind
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:01 tyler.adam.lazenby workstation 01
# Jul 1st 2021, 19:01 tyler.adam.lazenby I had the same thing happen to me at work
# Jul 1st 2021, 18:56 kevin.pfeifer well **** me, i have a whitespace in my user-path which seems to screw everything up so THANKS WINDOWS :clap:
# Jul 1st 2021, 18:54 tyler.adam.lazenby ok now I am getting SOMEWHERE