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# Jun 30th 2021, 20:03 kevin.pfeifer https://www.php.net/manual/en/language.namespaces.basics.php
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:03 rightscoreanalysis yeah i have been on a cake2 project for some time so I had to un-learn a lot :)
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:02 greg138 That old plugin seems to be about making Twitter "look like" a database, which seems like an abstraction that's not particularly useful.
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:02 kevin.pfeifer and yes, cakephp has nothing to do with that
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:02 kevin.pfeifer thats the magic of PHP namespaces ;)
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:02 greg138 CakePHP is just PHP...
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:02 rightscoreanalysis oh nice didn't realise that was possible
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:01 kevin.pfeifer either statically or create an object, however you like
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:01 kevin.pfeifer well then create a generic PHP class in `src/Utility/MyTwitter.php` , give it a namespace `App\Utility` And call it anywhere you like in your app with `\App\Utility\MyTwitter`
# Jun 30th 2021, 20:00 rightscoreanalysis can helpers work on the backend - in Cake I mostly see them used in the template files
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:59 rightscoreanalysis I guess so yes - if it was a model $this->TwitterApi->send($foo) typ of thing
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:58 kevin.pfeifer so you basically want a Helper Class which serves you as an helper between the Twitter PHP API and your app?
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:57 rightscoreanalysis https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/5390
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:57 greg138 Oh, sorry, table-less models, not model-less forms...
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:56 greg138 Where did you read that about Cake3? https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/core-libraries/form.html
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:55 rightscoreanalysis component is not applicable, a plugin would not solve this, not sure that it is a behaviour
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:55 rightscoreanalysis so I am wondering how I can implement something similar in Cake4
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:53 rightscoreanalysis I read that since cake3 it is no longer possible to use the table-less models
# Jun 30th 2021, 19:53 rightscoreanalysis I am modifying an old Cake2 plugin that integrates with Twitter's API. In the old plugin there is a model file: https://github.com/voycey/cakephp-twitter-api/blob/master/Model/Twitter.php
# Jun 30th 2021, 15:41 gutocf Hello, I'm trying to create fixtures with the vierge-noire/cakephp-fixture-factories plugin for a belongs to many association with data on the join table, but i didn't find how. Can someone help me with this?
# Jun 30th 2021, 15:12 martin but in most cases it is not a problem I guess
# Jun 30th 2021, 15:11 martin or a setting on patchEntity?
# Jun 30th 2021, 14:51 dereuromark Do we need a patchIfModified() one?
# Jun 30th 2021, 14:40 ndm Can you maybe supply a small example setup? I'm wondering whether the check in the core might be a bit to strict, or if it's actually a configuration issue.
# Jun 30th 2021, 14:38 martin ok, I wanted to not send update to endpoint when fields are not changed, but I patch the full array, now I only patch the fields that are changed
# Jun 30th 2021, 14:36 ndm patching a field will always mark it as dirty, no matter whether the content is identical
# Jun 30th 2021, 14:35 ndm I probably shouldn't have said "target", given that this is a special term in associations. I really just ment the table class for the association alias. Associations aren't singletons like tables, so different targets should generally be no problem, as that's association config, not table config.
# Jun 30th 2021, 14:35 martin or does that only happen with the webservice. that is also possible, I see dirty fields but original is empty
# Jun 30th 2021, 14:26 martin hmm does PatchEntity also makes fields dirty that are not changed, I was thinking it would only make a field dirty when it is really changed
# Jun 30th 2021, 13:25 cristianhaunsen xd
# Jun 30th 2021, 13:25 cristianhaunsen also i am running under 8.1alpha 3... usign 4.next branch...
# Jun 30th 2021, 13:24 cristianhaunsen @chrisshick i am running on 8.0.8 without problem....
# Jun 30th 2021, 11:43 chrisshick nvm I had to remove the lock file
# Jun 30th 2021, 11:40 chrisshick is there something special cakephp needs to be install on 8.0.8?
# Jun 30th 2021, 07:18 conehead @ndm Just to let you know: using getTarget() unfortunately does not help. In the belongsToMany file, the targets differ. The alias and the className is always the same. The associations of the targets to be precise. Users/Bookmarks are linked with other Entities, that are linked with Users/Bookmarks as well. And these associations differ
# Jun 30th 2021, 05:56 conehead Good morning everyone
# Jun 29th 2021, 22:44 tyler.adam.lazenby Its ALIVE!!!! my webhooked, hmac_parsed and verified trigger email WORKS
# Jun 29th 2021, 22:42 joey.mukherjee Thank you!! The last condition of the OR was where I was getting stuck!
# Jun 29th 2021, 22:35 ndm ```->leftJoinWith('GroundWaterTests') ->where([ 'OR' => [ 'TEST_TYPE' => 'WATR', 'GroundWaterTests.id IS NOT' => null, ] ]) ...```
# Jun 29th 2021, 22:32 ndm Same query, yes
# Jun 29th 2021, 22:31 joey.mukherjee Ok... if I do a LEFT join, can I do the OR in the same query? Or do I want to union two queries?