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# Jun 23rd 2021, 02:03 kevin.pfeifer there is a whitelisting example on https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/controllers/middleware.html#cross-site-request-forgery-csrf-middleware
# Jun 22nd 2021, 23:04 tyler.adam.lazenby I will come back to this tomorrow. if you know a fast way to do that let me know
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:53 tyler.adam.lazenby trying to remember how to allow outside applications to send post requests to my application and allow the action to bypass the csrf protection
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:26 tyler.adam.lazenby my autofill had put that into the address
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:25 tyler.adam.lazenby I am an idiot
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:25 tyler.adam.lazenby oh my gosh
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:24 tyler.adam.lazenby nope that didn
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:23 tyler.adam.lazenby trying a few things with composer
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby and I have a plugin that is called Dashboard
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby Controller class Dashboard could not be found.
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby but now I have a different issue
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:20 tyler.adam.lazenby I realized it was my system level php , and not my vhost php
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:13 kevin.pfeifer and check if the tmp/debug_kit.sqlite file can actually be written by your php process
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:07 kevin.pfeifer php extension pdo_sqlite is loaded?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:03 tyler.adam.lazenby has anybody else gotten this?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 22:03 tyler.adam.lazenby just came back to a project and I am suddenly getting this The datasource configuration "debug_kit" was not found.
# Jun 22nd 2021, 20:15 umer936 Thank you, that seems a good option
# Jun 22nd 2021, 19:04 admad @umer936 you can put all your common code from the "template" website too into a "base" plugin.
# Jun 22nd 2021, 18:20 slackebot1 if we make the "template" into a vendor app and composer include it into each "Site A" "Site B" app, correct? Or does the "template" website work better as it's own app and the Plugin "Site A" "Site B" s work better as git submodules and we solely clone the one needed for that build?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 18:20 umer936 Quick question. So we have a "template" website that we build off of for other websites. The majority of the Config stays in that template, as do most of the views. Currently, the whole template website repo is cloned and the sites go in Plugins as "Site A", "Site B", etc. However, I don't like that the base code is duplicated in each deployment. It's not easy keeping things in version control because of it. Would it be better
# Jun 22nd 2021, 18:07 madjid.gacem ```$this->customerTable = TableRegistry::getTableLocator()->get('Customers', [ 'className' => CustomerTable::class, ]);```
# Jun 22nd 2021, 18:07 madjid.gacem @kevin.pfeifer thank u for the link, technically i'm working on a separate boundedContext the tables are located inside the infrastructure folder, i managed to make it working by using this approach
# Jun 22nd 2021, 18:05 kevin.pfeifer @madjid.gacem according to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47717720/organize-models-in-subdirectories-cakephp-3 you would have to create your own TableLocator which contains that Subfolder. Instead I would highly recommend to split your code into a plugin instead of using subfolders
# Jun 22nd 2021, 17:57 madjid.gacem Hi there, guys i've a CustomerTable into a separate folder with its own namespace, how can i get an instance of it using ```TableRegistry::getTableLocator()->get('Customers')``` ?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 17:30 kevin.pfeifer I would create a custom finder method in the other model, call that in the controller where I need it and set the result as a separate array in the view. If they don’t actually have any connection at all, why should the data be accessed via an entity field?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 17:20 kevin.pfeifer or use a svg :P
# Jun 22nd 2021, 17:19 dereuromark time upgrade :P
# Jun 22nd 2021, 17:18 kevin.pfeifer uh, fontaweomse 4.6.3 doesn’t have a discord icon…
# Jun 22nd 2021, 17:05 kevin.pfeifer didn't know the cakephp.org page itself is a accessable repository as well :) I will make a PR which adds the discord link in the same area where the slack link is present
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:46 kevin.pfeifer what SQL would you like to represent in such an association?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:45 ndm What would you want that association to use for establishing relations instead? Baked potatoes?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:26 kevin.pfeifer is it possible to add that discord link to https://cakephp.org/get-involved
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:24 kevin.pfeifer well hello there
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:22 kevin.pfeifer well then you got things to learn :)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:21 NMND I don't even know what slack is. :D
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:21 NMND Well I removed all your answer by hitting ctrl which deleted it but as I got most of it, it works now. Many Thanks! :)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:21 kevin.pfeifer and btw: there is a slack channel ;) https://cakesf.herokuapp.com/
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:13 kevin.pfeifer and then just check if that object is empty or not via `if( !empty( $identity ) ):`
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:13 kevin.pfeifer basically you can get the $identity object via `$identity = $this->getRequest()->getAttribute( 'identity' );`
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:12 NMND That message got ripped apart by no markup within the IRC client. (srsly, why is there no discord? :/ ) but I'll try to sort it and figure it out, thanks! :)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 16:08 slackebot1 'controller' => 'Users', 'action' => 'login', 'plugin' => 'CakeDC/Users' ] ) ?> <?php endif; ?>```