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# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:18 david so, if translation doesn't exists, I get the spanish string
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:18 david I only have "/en" translations
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:17 david my default lang is "es", so "/es" doesn't exists
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:17 kevin.pfeifer so do you have ```/src /Locale /en default.po /es default.po```
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:14 david 3
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:14 kevin.pfeifer first of all, are you on cakephp 4 or 3?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:14 david it is correct
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:13 kevin.pfeifer so you are outputting your text via `__('English')` but it is being translated because your current language not englisch
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:12 kevin.pfeifer i guess i know what the problem is
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:12 david Iterating the translations is not a problem, but when I am in a translation, I can't figure how to get the default language string
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:11 david yes, it should be different
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:10 kevin.pfeifer by "each language" i mean each "currently active language"
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:07 kevin.pfeifer and the text shown in your language dropdown should be different for each language, right?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:05 david my current url es mydomain.com/en/categories and I want to change to to mydomain.com/es/categorias
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:04 david for example
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:03 kevin.pfeifer what do you mean by the current section?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 12:00 david I want to change the language, but keep in the current section. So I need to know the url segment of the current url
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:58 david I am trying to do a dropdown menu for changing the language of the current url
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:56 kevin.pfeifer besides the fact, that multiple translation "keys" can have the same translation, so you could run into the problem, that your given "translated text" appears multiple times in your .po file
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:54 kevin.pfeifer maybe you try to fix a problem which can be done easier otherwise
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:53 kevin.pfeifer but what are you trying to accomplish with that?
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:52 kevin.pfeifer and search through that manually if you really really want to
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:52 kevin.pfeifer you can ge tthe whole translation package via ``` $translator = I18n::getTranslator(); $package = $translator->getPackage();```
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:52 erwane the `__` function call ` ```I18n::getTranslator()->translate($singular, $args);``` You can set you own translator, who search in ALL pot files for string and return original.
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:50 erwane but it's very weird request ;)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:50 erwane Maybe you can write you own translator
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:44 david If I set a locale in runtime via I18n::setLocale(), I can get the translation of a string. Is there any way to do in the inverse way? Given a translation, get the original string.
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:42 david morning :)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:39 kevin.pfeifer But I guess all these structures have their meaning and reason, even if we sometimes don't get it instantly :)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:39 kevin.pfeifer to be honest i too had to fiddle with these things quite some time till i got it working :)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:38 neon1024 Success! Thanks again for the tips @kevin.pfeifer appreciate the help
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:35 neon1024 The fact that CookieCollection is immutable caught me out
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:21 neon1024 Might be time for a coffee break ,:)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:19 neon1024 Oh, good spot
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:19 kevin.pfeifer you need to set the CookieColleciton on the response, not the request
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:19 kevin.pfeifer you mixed request and repsonse there FYI
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:18 kevin.pfeifer would be something like ```$cookie_collection = $this->getRequest()->getCookieCollection()->add($cookie); $new_response = $this->getResponse()->withCookieCollection($cookie_collection) $this->setResponse($new_response);```
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:17 neon1024 Thanks @kevin.pfeifer I’ll give this approach a try :bow:
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:17 kevin.pfeifer can ge quite lengthy :)
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:17 kevin.pfeifer and if you want to stick to the getter/setter methods sure
# Jun 22nd 2021, 11:16 kevin.pfeifer thats why I always like to make a copy of the request with `$request = $this->getRequest()` and work with that variable unless i need to set it back