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# Jan 20th, 10:08 challgren Which is why the api docs havent been updated
# Jan 20th, 10:08 challgren Best to use an IDE and “Go to deceleration” I know apigen has issues with PHP 7.2
# Jan 20th, 10:07 neon1024 You can browse the source for the api documentation, as the html is parsed from the souce afaik
# Jan 20th, 10:05 HumanG33k there is no v4 api documentation ?
# Jan 20th, 10:04 HumanG33k @challgren where can i found the $this->request->input options list ?
# Jan 20th, 09:59 marek.sebera While setting up tests, is it possible to generate fixtures for all models, without manually specifying each one?
# Jan 20th, 09:56 HumanG33k i need to change it to arry
# Jan 20th, 09:55 HumanG33k @challgren error 500
# Jan 20th, 09:52 val What would be the best approach in overriding QueryBuilder in 3.x?
# Jan 20th, 09:49 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/4/en/controllers/request-response.html#xml-or-json-data
# Jan 20th, 09:44 challgren Hold please
# Jan 20th, 09:44 HumanG33k yes
# Jan 20th, 09:44 challgren Wait are you on 4?
# Jan 20th, 09:44 challgren Drop the country object and just do name
# Jan 20th, 09:43 HumanG33k and this is the curl request
# Jan 20th, 09:43 HumanG33k curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" -X POST -d "{'country': {'name': 'England'}}";
# Jan 20th, 09:41 HumanG33k @challgren https://paste.debian.net/1126761/ the data value
# Jan 20th, 09:40 alexdd55976 morning fellows
# Jan 20th, 09:40 challgren debug($this->request->getData());
# Jan 20th, 09:39 challgren Whats your request data look like?
# Jan 20th, 09:39 HumanG33k the entity is save without my data
# Jan 20th, 09:39 challgren But your saying its not saving the data, correct?
# Jan 20th, 09:38 HumanG33k @challgren $country->getErrors() is an empty array
# Jan 20th, 09:37 javier.villanueva morning all
# Jan 20th, 09:32 challgren Id say put it around line 8
# Jan 20th, 09:32 challgren does debug($country->getErrors()) output anything?
# Jan 20th, 09:31 HumanG33k @challgren all exept id
# Jan 20th, 09:28 challgren Yep, what fields do you have accessible in the CountryEntity
# Jan 20th, 09:27 HumanG33k because i have the same behavior
# Jan 20th, 09:25 HumanG33k https://paste.debian.net/1126762/ @challgren like that ?
# Jan 20th, 09:22 turkles Argh, why is dealing with HABTM so hard? Why can't I index by contain in v3.8? Why can't I easily add/remove entities and then save at the end :S
# Jan 20th, 09:17 turkles https://book.cakephp.org/4/en/orm/saving-data.html#merging-request-data-into-entities for v4, but it is samesame ;)
# Jan 20th, 09:16 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/orm/saving-data.html#merging-request-data-into-entities
# Jan 20th, 09:15 challgren You need a patchEntity() in there humang33k
# Jan 20th, 09:15 HumanG33k do you need i had my curl request ?
# Jan 20th, 09:14 HumanG33k https://paste.debian.net/1126759/ and https://paste.debian.net/1126761/
# Jan 20th, 09:11 marek.sebera Since docs lack the info, is Datasource "persistent" setting enabling this PHP feature? https://www.php.net/manual/en/features.persistent-connections.php
# Jan 20th, 09:10 slackebot !gist
# Jan 20th, 09:09 slackebot Command sent from Slack by challgren:
# Jan 20th, 09:09 HumanG33k let me paste code/output
# Jan 20th, 09:08 turkles if you debug() your entity before you try to save does it have errors then?