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# Jun 19th, 13:50 ricksaccous so it actually doesn't look at what you set
# Jun 19th, 13:48 dereuromark rest is manual work for you
# Jun 19th, 13:47 dereuromark normal templates are supported right now ``` -> index | * @var \App\View\AppView $this | + * @var \Queue\Model\Entity\QueuedJob[]|\Cake\Collection\CollectionInterface $queuedJobs | */ -> 1 annotation added. ``` etc see my queue plugin
# Jun 19th, 13:47 ricksaccous is in a plugin
# Jun 19th, 13:47 ricksaccous actually my layout where i actually use viewVars
# Jun 19th, 13:43 ricksaccous let me give it a go
# Jun 19th, 13:43 ricksaccous actually i think i'm using things in my layout
# Jun 19th, 13:43 ricksaccous lol
# Jun 19th, 13:43 ricksaccous i haven't tried it out too much yet, most of my app is just plugins
# Jun 19th, 13:43 dereuromark app itself is sure working fine right?
# Jun 19th, 13:42 dereuromark so inside plugins, that is important to know
# Jun 19th, 13:42 ricksaccous ```/** * @var \App\View\AppView $this */```
# Jun 19th, 13:42 ricksaccous but the only annotation i get is
# Jun 19th, 13:42 ricksaccous bin/cake annotations templates -p CompanyStaff
# Jun 19th, 13:42 dereuromark whats your issue? what command do you run? they should be added
# Jun 19th, 13:41 ricksaccous is there something i'm missing to get that going?
# Jun 19th, 13:41 ricksaccous anyone have any luck getting the ideHelper to create the view variable annotations for you in the template?
# Jun 19th, 13:37 waspinator @olanowsubomi you can also try docker. I have an example set up here https://github.com/waspinator/cakephp-quickstart
# Jun 19th, 13:13 steinkel @olanowsubomi check https://github.com/alt3/cakebox too, additionally we use this VM in training sessions > https://www.cakedc.com/jorge_gonzalez/2018/01/17/using-a-vagrant-box-as-quick-environment-for-the-getting-started-with-cakephp-training-session
# Jun 19th, 13:02 olanowsubomi ok, thanks for your suggestion
# Jun 19th, 12:54 conehead as Modicrumb statet
# Jun 19th, 12:54 conehead Yes, if you don't know what to do, Xampp is probably the easiest. Vagrant can be a good choice as well
# Jun 19th, 12:38 olanowsubomi im still trying to resolve downloading xampp
# Jun 19th, 12:38 olanowsubomi ok, thanks
# Jun 19th, 12:25 olanowsubomi ok, you mean xampp would be better?
# Jun 19th, 12:24 conehead Yes it is a good alternative. Imho docker on windows is like 5x slower than xampp
# Jun 19th, 12:24 ricksaccous i prefer vagrant personally
# Jun 19th, 12:22 olanowsubomi but would docker be a good alternative for such work because im getting to know it for the first time?
# Jun 19th, 12:21 olanowsubomi ok thanks
# Jun 19th, 12:21 conehead 7.3.0 is still on 32 bit
# Jun 19th, 12:20 conehead https://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/files/XAMPP%20Windows/7.3.0/
# Jun 19th, 12:20 conehead Well...
# Jun 19th, 12:19 olanowsubomi because it wont do me any good if cake just install n not run
# Jun 19th, 12:18 olanowsubomi ?
# Jun 19th, 12:18 olanowsubomi please, i would have prefer xammp but there is no version for 32bit window or do u know any
# Jun 19th, 12:16 conehead This should at least install the app. But probably it wont run
# Jun 19th, 12:16 conehead for now this is not an cakephp error. composer won't let install you. Probably because the extension needs to be installed in IIS. you can try to run this `composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app my_app_name --ignore-platform-reqs`
# Jun 19th, 12:13 olanowsubomi iis
# Jun 19th, 12:13 conehead what are you using to run php files? xampp? docker?
# Jun 19th, 12:11 slackebot1 before both extension=mbstring and extension=intl in both php.ini files for those extensions to work for cakephp downloading. i would appreciate it if my message is being considered and responded to in good time. Thanks for your patience. .
# Jun 19th, 12:11 slackebot1 SSL/TLC protection but is not available if you can not enable the open ssl extension; you can disable this error, at your own risk, by setting the disable 'disable-tls' option to true. ...' please i dont understand what all this above means but i have attached a copy of both my php.ini development and production file for you to see, though i have made some earlier adjustment to it based on the information i got that i would need to remove the ';'