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# May 22nd, 17:46 admad @xavier83ar 1. take a look at cakedc/users for example of how to manage config. 2. Take a look at bake to see how to handle plugin dependency. Bake depends on twigview plugin
# May 22nd, 16:44 slackebot plugin A if plugin B is loaded and thrown and exception if not, but the question is: Is there a way to load plugin B from plugin A? is this a good thing? or is better just throwing a exception and let the developer take care of it?
# May 22nd, 16:44 xavier83ar Hi guys, I'm making some cakephp plugins (for cakephp 3.6+) and I'm facing to issues (or decisions): 1.- configs: What's the recommended way to do plugin configurations?, in order to provide some nice defaults but allowing the app to configure most of the plugin's behaviors 2.- dependencies: Some plugins depends on others. I can handle the install (require) part with composer, but then them have to be loaded. I found a way to check in
# May 22nd, 16:22 manthan.budheliya Guys, anybody have idea?
# May 22nd, 16:22 neothermic Might throw 7.4's current state against the tests and see what breaks vs 7.3
# May 22nd, 16:21 niel45 and January, and maybe Feb too :-)
# May 22nd, 16:20 slackebot Action: neothermic adds this to her todo list for December
# May 22nd, 16:18 dereuromark if you get the tests to pass, nothing blocks the PR
# May 22nd, 16:18 neothermic I'm sure you're itching to strike down cake2 from support :)
# May 22nd, 16:18 neothermic Well, it's one thing to make the PR, the other half would be if it gets accepted :P
# May 22nd, 16:17 dereuromark come on, you should know better than to ask this :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 22nd, 16:17 dereuromark if you make the PR
# May 22nd, 16:17 neothermic If 7.4 drops before 4.x does, will 7.4 be added to the supported PHP versions of cake2? :P
# May 22nd, 16:16 neothermic @neon1024 ahh, smart idea
# May 22nd, 16:13 manthan.budheliya @beakman I have implemented same way, but still my toDatabase function is not called.
# May 22nd, 16:03 manthan.budheliya Hey @admad are you around?
# May 22nd, 14:46 neon1024 https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/2.x/.travis.yml
# May 22nd, 14:46 neon1024 Have a look in Travis
# May 22nd, 14:45 neothermic Question about PHP7 and cakephp2, what's the highest supported PHP version for cake2? :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 22nd, 13:58 neon1024 Yeah, I think you’re right. As I figure if you pass the wrong data you’d want to know
# May 22nd, 13:46 junker37 I'd say throw an exception. I'm of the opinion it's better to blow-up early and often, otherwise it seems to hide issues
# May 22nd, 13:45 neon1024 Speaking of custom data types, I can’t decide if a value fails to cast to my chosen value if I should return null or throw an exception
# May 22nd, 13:43 junker37 perfect, thx!
# May 22nd, 13:43 neon1024 https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/saving-data.html#saving-complex-types
# May 22nd, 13:42 neon1024 Yeah, you configure it in the schema
# May 22nd, 13:42 junker37 thanks @neon1024 Do you specify the field type in the Table class?
# May 22nd, 13:39 neon1024 https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/database-basics.html#data-types
# May 22nd, 13:39 neon1024 @junker37 Use the built-in Json data type
# May 22nd, 13:39 junker37 In my database table, I have a text field which is a json string. In the entity I json_decode the field so that it's an object and not a string. However, I'm running into an issue when trying to save the entity to the database. It is also pulling the json_decoded value and not the string. Is there a way to differentiate between representation and storage of the data?
# May 22nd, 12:50 k4t thx
# May 22nd, 12:48 admad @val I dont remember @k4t none that i know of apart from logging them yourself
# May 22nd, 12:46 k4t @admad is there an easy way to log also catched exceptions?
# May 22nd, 12:45 val @admad so Log::info behaves differently in cake 3.x than in cake 2.x?
# May 22nd, 12:39 admad it will be logged only if it reaches the error handler, which wont be the case if you catch it
# May 22nd, 12:37 k4t hi, maybe a bit stupid question. When I catch an exception in CakePHP it won't be logged, yes?
# May 22nd, 11:54 val Hi, does `Log::info($message);` in Cake 3.x is supposed to output to the console like `CakeLog::info($message);` does in Cake 2.x?
# May 22nd, 11:10 neon1024 Creating a custom data type class, the `toDatabase()` method should be casting values right? But the parent Type class method implements the deprecated `_basicTypeCast` method, but if I update my own class with a typehint I get a method signature mismatch. How should I be coping with the deprecation?
# May 22nd, 10:31 neon1024 From the core I guess?
# May 22nd, 10:31 neon1024 I’m starting a new plugin, which tests/bootstrap.php file is the one to copy?
# May 22nd, 09:42 challgren And tendon surgery wa a success!! 95% reattached won’t have feeling in my finger
# May 22nd, 09:41 challgren @kieran.bowler you probably need some JS help to keep the input to a fixed Length aka `parseFloat($('#price').val()).toFixed(2)`