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# May 22nd, 12:50 k4t thx
# May 22nd, 12:48 admad @val I dont remember @k4t none that i know of apart from logging them yourself
# May 22nd, 12:46 k4t @admad is there an easy way to log also catched exceptions?
# May 22nd, 12:45 val @admad so Log::info behaves differently in cake 3.x than in cake 2.x?
# May 22nd, 12:39 admad it will be logged only if it reaches the error handler, which wont be the case if you catch it
# May 22nd, 12:37 k4t hi, maybe a bit stupid question. When I catch an exception in CakePHP it won't be logged, yes?
# May 22nd, 11:54 val Hi, does `Log::info($message);` in Cake 3.x is supposed to output to the console like `CakeLog::info($message);` does in Cake 2.x?
# May 22nd, 11:10 neon1024 Creating a custom data type class, the `toDatabase()` method should be casting values right? But the parent Type class method implements the deprecated `_basicTypeCast` method, but if I update my own class with a typehint I get a method signature mismatch. How should I be coping with the deprecation?
# May 22nd, 10:31 neon1024 From the core I guess?
# May 22nd, 10:31 neon1024 I’m starting a new plugin, which tests/bootstrap.php file is the one to copy?
# May 22nd, 09:42 challgren And tendon surgery wa a success!! 95% reattached won’t have feeling in my finger
# May 22nd, 09:41 challgren @kieran.bowler you probably need some JS help to keep the input to a fixed Length aka `parseFloat($('#price').val()).toFixed(2)`
# May 22nd, 09:23 ZoeB Hi! Is there a way to log database queries to files in CakePHP 2.0? I'm trying to extend Mysql and its logQuery method to do so, which works in debug mode 2, but I need to do it in live mode 0 as well.
# May 22nd, 09:12 kieran.bowler :thumbsup: @neon1024
# May 22nd, 09:11 kieran.bowler Thanks a lot
# May 22nd, 09:11 kieran.bowler Brill, that did it :slightly_smiling_face: `<?= $this->Form->control('price', ['type' => 'number', 'label' => ['text' => 'Price <span class="note">£</span>', 'escape' => false], 'step' => '0.10', 'value' => number_format( $product->price, 2)]); ?>`
# May 22nd, 09:09 neon1024 Yes, number format! Cast to string :flushed:
# May 22nd, 09:09 kieran.bowler Oooh ok I'll try that
# May 22nd, 09:08 kieran.bowler Can `number_format` be used in the form helper
# May 22nd, 09:08 neon1024 `'value' => number_format($item->get('price', 2)`
# May 22nd, 09:08 neon1024 Or just use `number_format()`?
# May 22nd, 09:08 neon1024 Also, is the value `1.1` or `1.10`? You might need to cast it to a string instead of float
# May 22nd, 09:08 kieran.bowler It's not so much that @neon1024 It's more to do with the full 2 decimal place number displaying
# May 22nd, 09:07 neon1024 Or do you only want rounded to nearest 10p
# May 22nd, 09:07 neon1024 So it can go up in individual pennies?
# May 22nd, 09:07 neon1024 @kieran.bowler Did you try `'step' => '0.01'` ?
# May 22nd, 09:04 kieran.bowler Any help much appreciated
# May 22nd, 09:04 kieran.bowler There's nothing in https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html
# May 22nd, 09:01 neon1024 Thanks for looking into the issue with bake :clap:
# May 22nd, 09:01 neon1024 Sorry @dereuromark I must have missed it!
# May 22nd, 09:00 dereuromark @neon1024 I use it to reach phpstan 7 in some plugins. but also in general as safe handler.
# May 22nd, 08:57 kieran.bowler The value is `1.10` in the database too
# May 22nd, 08:57 kieran.bowler I can't find anything in the docs
# May 22nd, 08:57 kieran.bowler Hi all, I'm having trouble getting this to render as `1.10` Here is the code `<?= $this->Form->control('price', ['type' => 'number', 'label' => ['text' => 'Price <span class="note">£</span>', 'escape' => false], 'step' => '0.10']); ?>`
# May 22nd, 08:56 dereuromark morning, I send you sth yesterday in terms of controller request handling
# May 22nd, 08:37 neon1024 Hey everyone :wave:
# May 22nd, 07:54 luisdelamo @admad right
# May 22nd, 07:39 manthan.budheliya Sorry @admad I was out of reach that day I will share things today
# May 22nd, 07:24 welo.lamacchia ahah OK :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 22nd, 07:24 admad I am not going to respond to questions relating to basic PHP :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 22nd, 07:23 welo.lamacchia it's correct?