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# May 17th, 09:03 slackebot provide access to a collection of objects, entities represent individual rows or domain objects in your application. Entities contain methods to manipulate and access the data they contain (https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/entities.html)
# May 17th, 09:03 slackebot read that because I naturally thought the code related to acting on an entity would go to an entity, and code related to retrieving entities goes to a table. E.g. $article->setAuthor() sets and saves $this->author and there's no point in cluttering the Articles table code with it. Makes sense to me, but the guy above says that inverts the architecture. Is that right? Because the documentation isn't as strict. > While Table Objects represent and
# May 17th, 09:03 mehov Hey everyone, I have an app-architecture question. > First, I would not do any business logic operations inside an entity. Especially not placing the code inside the entity. <..> An entity is thought to be a data object, nothing more. So doing save operations inside the entity inverts the architecture. (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35697514/cakephp-3-0-using-mysql-functions-in-entities/35697791#35697791) I was somewhat surprised to
# May 17th, 09:00 slackebot <neon1024>
# May 17th, 08:51 nils Is dereuromark in here?
# May 17th, 08:28 neon1024 You’d search by hash
# May 17th, 08:24 welo.lamacchia so, when i'll search by foreign_key i have to decode the hashId ?
# May 17th, 08:21 admad your relations would break
# May 17th, 08:21 admad you can't obfuscate foreign keys,
# May 17th, 08:21 welo.lamacchia :S
# May 17th, 08:21 welo.lamacchia and not work well
# May 17th, 08:21 welo.lamacchia but only obfuscate primary key
# May 17th, 08:21 welo.lamacchia i tried this one: https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-hashid
# May 17th, 08:20 admad @welo.lamacchia https://github.com/usemuffin/obfuscate
# May 17th, 08:19 welo.lamacchia hello everyone! Is there a way to obfuscate all primary keys and foreign keys for my tables ?
# May 17th, 06:36 admad np, thanks
# May 17th, 06:33 hmic thanks for clarifying.
# May 17th, 06:32 hmic there you go: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/13249
# May 17th, 06:22 admad In the meantime you can do the fix in your app and use your own ActionDispatcher. Override Application::getDispatcher() to return your own dispatcher instance
# May 17th, 06:21 admad Please open an issue
# May 17th, 06:21 admad Fix is easy, ActionDispatcher::_invoke() should check and set return value of invokeAction() call.
# May 17th, 06:20 hmic either i need that be accurate in the afterFilter callback, or I need access to the resposne that has been returned from the action in the event data somehow
# May 17th, 06:20 hmic yep
# May 17th, 06:18 admad that's the problem you are facing right?
# May 17th, 06:17 admad hmm.. yeah Controller::$response never get's updated if an action explicitly return response. It's updated only when render() is called
# May 17th, 06:13 hmic it's jsut weird that it has no access to the response object that has been returned bz an action, but is able to return a response that will be send...
# May 17th, 06:12 hmic admad: each controller, same per action. thats why i wanted to use afterFilter
# May 17th, 05:35 admad are the headers different for each action/controller?
# May 17th, 05:18 hmic i need to add for post/put/delete too
# May 17th, 04:52 admad Err instead of afterFilter I mean
# May 17th, 04:52 admad hmic: can't you use beforeRender instead of beforeResponse? Or so you need to add the header for post/put too?
# May 17th, 04:16 hmic is there a way to access the resposne returned from an action in a afterFilter callback? - of course I can access $this->response from it, but that does not (necessarily) reflect whats returned from the controller action. - or any other solution how to change the response of any action (i just want to add additional headers)?
# May 17th, 04:14 hmic moin moin
# May 17th, 03:06 bgrinter easy fix for your instagram foodie friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0aIAwGoEmU
# May 16th, 22:27 ndm Have you tried my suggestion to send the token in a header instead of in the post data?
# May 16th, 20:22 aldodelgado Anyone have suggestions on some automated gem/tools that help figure out what JS libs are being used in a very large legacy rails app? There is a lot of unfinished code, commented out code, libs not being used, etc from an application I just inherited.
# May 16th, 18:27 np https://cakesf.slack.com/archives/C053DPNGT/p1558016585256600 same today
# May 16th, 18:19 dereuromark dont forget to add it to https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/awesome-cakephp then :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 16th, 18:18 rafaelqueiroz @dereuromark Sure, just checking... Thanks!
# May 16th, 18:17 dereuromark just use https://github.com/webonyx/graphql-php (what I found via google), and maybe you can even create plugin with convenience wrappers for Cake.
# May 16th, 18:15 rafaelqueiroz Hi folks, someone know about some plugin/package for GraphQL and CakePHP ?